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Uni Watch Observes Memorial Day

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Today is Memorial Day. Obviously, it will be very different this year — no parades, no large gatherings, no MLB holiday uniforms. Just one of countless things that the pandemic has affected.

But the important sentiment behind Memorial Day remains: If you are mourning a fallen member of the military, please accept my sympathies. I’ve added a black band to our logo as a gesture of remembrance.

Many people make an annual habit of visiting a loved one’s grave on Memorial Day. For some people, that may not be possible this year, which may make the sense of loss all the more painful. Ditto for veterans who normally gather to remember fallen comrades but may not be able to do so this year. If you fall into either of those categories, please know that I am thinking of you.

That’s it for today. See you back here tomorrow. Peace. — Paul

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    I hope you’re right about no large gatherings. Here’s a great take from Dan Levy about being kind during this time…

    Thanks, Paul. The black band is quite appropriate, looks like you “get it” about non-uni stuff too (but we already knew that).

    Nice to be thought of.

    I think of my friend Captian Gabriel “Gabby” Magrane. Classmate, fellow pilot, warrior. Survived by his wife and two children

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