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Matthew Drake Redesigns MLB – AL Central & NL West Edition

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By Phil Hecken, with Matthew Drake

I hope everyone is hanging in there as we continue to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

Last weekend, I introduced you to the design concepts of Matthew Drake (AL East & NL Central Editions). If you missed that post, pretty much everything you need to know is explained there.

As I explained at the time, with all the designs and writups, it’s probably too lengthy and unwieldy to include every concept from each league, as I usually do when showing off league-wide redesigns. What I’ve decided to do, then, is to break these out into the six different divisions, and I’ll run two divisions each time.

Here’s Matt:

• • • • •

And now the AL Central:

+ + + + + + + + + +

Chicago White Sox

I decided to eliminate the pinstripes from the home uniform to get rid of any Yankees comparisons, and I flipped the colors around on the away wordmark to call back to past Sox designs. The rightful pants stripes also return, along with the 50’s number font.


The black alternate has a “White Sox” wordmark added, and I decided to keep the home pinstripe look for Sunday home games.


The Cooperstown Collection revives the 80’s set but with the iconic black & silver, while the Spring Training jersey inverts the colors.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Cleveland Indians

I took the sock pattern Francisco Lindor wears and applied it to the sleeve stripes, which gives this set some connections to the Browns. Along with keeping the red-heavy home, I brought back the 1920 arched font for the road and gave the team a custom number font based on the Block C.


I flipped the colors of the red alternate’s wordmark, and put the Block C on the navy uniform.


The Cooperstown Collection combines the Indians cream uniform from the 2010’s with their uniforms from the 1910’s. The Spring Training set adds a red front-paneled cap.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Detroit Tigers

I decided to add some orange in the home uniform to liven it up, and I removed the white outline from the away set.


The Cooperstown Collection takes inspiration from the one-year 1960 set, and the Spring Training embraces orange.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Kansas City Royals

I decided to go with royal & powder blue for the color scheme to further differentiate from the Dodgers. The striping is inspired by the throwback uniforms. I went with a modified Clarendon font to match the KC cap.


The alternate is inspired by old Royals BP uniforms.


The Cooperstown Collection is inspired by the Kansas City Monarchs, and the Spring Training uniform adds a white cap.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Minnesota Twins

The home uniform drops the gold (except for the patch), and the away mimics the dual-striping pattern based off of the cap logo. I also created a custom number font and “TC” logo inspired by @SFGiants58’s version.


The navy alternate now has white letters with a red outline, along with a white-front panel cap inspired by the old batting helmets. The off-white pinstripe throwback is brought back for Sunday afternoon games.


For the Cooperstown Collection, I kept the new powder blue uniform in the set, and I’m reserving the red jersey for Spring Training.

+ + + + + + + + + +

And now we wrap things up with the NL West:

Arizona Diamondbacks

Sand is dropped from the set entirely and replaced with turquoise, giving the team a more Southwestern feel that is reminiscent of their original color scheme.Sedona red takes prominence over black, as it did in the 2007-2015 set. The “A” logo also replaces “D-BACKS” on the home.


The alternates pretty much follow the same format they do in real life, with turquoise being minimized on the black uniform to allow it to really “pop” when it’s used in the logos and numbers.


The Cooperstown Collection is based on the purple alternate from their original 90’s set, while the Spring Training jersey embraces the new turquoise color.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Colorado Rockies

A brighter, richer purple is embraced as the team’s true color, which now fills in the letters on the home uniform. A new custom number font is implemented to match the cap logo. The two-stripe design on the sleeves & pants of the away is reminiscent of Colorado’s original road design.


Both alternates feature the interlocking “CR” logo with headspoon piping, as well as an added snow white pants option for when the purple jersey is worn at home.


The Cooperstown Collection is based on the old Denver Bears, which doubles as a Colorado flag tribute uniform. The Spring Training uniform showcases the mountain logo.

+ + + + + + + + + +

Los Angeles Dodgers

The piping is dropped on the away uniform to match the clean look of the home – without the need for an unnecessary “Dodgers” away alt.


The Cooperstown Collection throws back to the Brooklyn Dodgers’ 1944 satin blue uniform. The Spring Training utilizes the cursive “D” logo from the home script. To be honest I wouldn’t mind this royal jersey be used occasionally as an alternate in the regular season, but I’ll let each of you decide on your own.

+ + + + + + + + + +

San Diego Padres

I think the Padres finally pretty much nailed their identity in their recent redesign, so no real changes to the main set. The sand uniform they’ve designated as the “Away Alternate” becomes the primary road, however.


The brown alternate takes the striping pattern from their previous set, one good thing to hold over from the navy years, complete with the new “SD” on the chest, as well as plain pairs of white & sand pants.


The Cooperstown Collection throws back to the 1978 design. The Spring Training uniform embraces the gold and puts the Swinging Friar logo on the cap.

+ + + + + + + + + +

San Francisco Giants

I reverted to the 1994 wordmarks, as they stand tall and “giant,” which works better for me. I also dropped gold from the identity, and gave the team a new alternate patch based on the 2010 World Series Champion logo


The orange alternate features the orange brim, and the black alternate removes the unnecessary dropshadow.


The Cooperstown Collection keeps the “SF” away alternate with the headspoon piping, as a fauxback to the late 80’s road uniform. The Spring Training set adds an orange cap for home games, and the team would use the gray crown cap for away games.

• • • • •

Thanks, Matt! Some of those “Cooperstown Collection” (and BP/SP uniforms) are pretty interesting. Readers? What do you think?

I’ll be back with Matt one more time, when we look at the AL West, and NL East.

Fixing The Cards

Uniform designer “Suns Jersey Designs” (twitter handle @SansfordAndSuns) has been tweeting a number of concepts my way lately, but yesterday he embarked on a wholesale remake of the Arizona Cardinals. If ever there was a team in need of a redesign who isn’t getting one for the 2020(?) season, this team certainly qualifies.

So far, the Bucs have done a good job (addition by subtraction), while the Falcons have gone backwards. Next week we’re supposed to get a look at the Browns (it’s gonna be good!) and the Chargers (this one could be bad…), and we know the Rams will unveil sometime in May. We also know the Patriots (possibly returning to a white helmet shell??? among other tweaks) and Colts (likely changing the shape of their horseshoe logo and adding a couple tack holes, along with possibly tweaking their pants) are coming too.

But the Cards. Man, the only thing worse than this is this. They’ve had one of, if not THE worst, uniform sets since they switched to that wretched template way back in 2005. Yeah, the time for a redesign is long passed.

Anyhoo…here’s a few concepts for the Cardinals that would definitely improve their look:







Pretty nice, right? I’m not sure I love the mono-red, and the fonts could probably be a bit better, but I would say if the team trotted these out next season, most would say it’s a vast improvement over the shite they’ve been wearing for the past 15 years. I will have a lot more from this designer in the future, so stay tuned!

Your thoughts?


Got another beautiful piece of art from the incredible Gene Sanny this week. I’ve run a few sub-ledes featuring artwork by Gene Sanny, done using a Gouache technique, which basically means applying watercolor colors to an image and then removing (or erasing) them to create a new image. You can see this technique used on an earlier painting by Gene.

Here’s one of slightly more recent vintage:

Anyhoo, here’s what Gene sent along earlier this week:

Joe Schmidt painting I did yesterday. I loved these unis… No silver on the jersey, just simple white and blue… No white on the helmet or pants, just silver and blue… Wonderful.

This is one of those anti-paintings I do, where I paint a swatch of color, and then use a wet brush, or q-tip, or paper towel to wipe away paint, and then eventually add other color over the top in areas.

Gene Sanny

And here it is, from “start” to finish (click any image to enlarge)

And voila, the finished product:

How awesome is that?

Thanks, Gene — keep ’em coming!

Guess The Game…

from the scoreboard

Today’s scoreboard comes from Mike Styczen. Yes, this is a legitimate game — if for some strange reason no one solves it, I’ll post a full explanation from Mike tomorrow.

The premise of the game (GTGFTS) is simple: I’ll post a scoreboard and you guys simply identify the game depicted. In the past, I don’t know if I’ve ever completely stumped you (some are easier than others).

Here’s the Scoreboard. In the comments below, try to identify the game (date & location, as well as final score). If anything noteworthy occurred during the game, please add that in (and if you were AT the game, well bonus points for you!):

Please continue sending these in! You’re welcome to send me any scoreboard photos (with answers please), and I’ll keep running them.

Andy Brown’s Yankees “Dream Team”

The terrific artist Andy Brown (whom I’ve featured several times on UW) has been working on his latest work, a “Yankees Dream Team” if you will, over the course of the past week. Basically Andy asks his Twitter followers for suggestions for a position player, then he posts a poll, and paints the winner into his canvas. So far, he’s got a full outfield and infield (see if you can name all the players for each of the 7 spots — although Andy does reveal them all in the video). Yesterday, he solicited suggestions for a catcher — and Yogi better win! As is his wont, he posts a daily video of the work in progress and a still of the painting. Dig:

Here’s a look at the work so far…

(Full shot of the studio here.)

If you don’t follow Andy, you really should. He’s a great guy and a tremendous talent. You’re welcome.

Signs Caps of the times…

Looks like a new Brewers cap spotted in the wild on a voter queued up to vote this past Tuesday in Wisconsin (here’s a comparison of the old vs. new logos — it’s tough to tell but I’m pretty sure it’s the “new” logo), with appropriate social distancing…sorta. Looks like around half of the voters have a mask or bandanna (and one guy looks to be wearing a serious industrial strength mask). I’m not sure what the face covering protocol is for the State of Wisconsin, but it’s good to see at least half of the people are taking proper precautions.

Of course, it’s a shame people were forced to vote in person during a viral pandemic, as the WI legislature refused to delay the primary.

I can’t imagine what voting will be like in November if the pandemic persists. But let’s worry about that when the time comes. Of course, allowing mail-in voting for all 50 states would help prevent any unnecessary spread of COVID-19, but again, that’s neither here nor there for now.

The Ticker
By Anthony Emerson

Baseball News: Okay, everyone else can stop now: the Pirates have come up with the best social distancing/COVID-19 logo (from multiple readers). … In this amazing clip of a Red Sox/White Sox game from 1981 — actually Carlton Fisk’s first game back in Fenway — Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersall discuss uniform design contests and custom designs by famous designers, which is something Paul wrote about 13 years ago (from Jeff Wilk). … Speaking of the White Sox, NBC Sports Chicago has ranked the best ChiSox players at each uni number (thanks, Phil). … According to Vin Scully, the grounds crew used vegetable dye to to make the grass look green for the first opening day at the new Dodger Stadium. … ran a feature asking its beat writers to speculate on what their team’s next retired number will be. Each team has its own article with several options — great reading (thanks, Phil). … The Hillsboro Hops, the Class-A Short Season affiliates of the Diamondbacks, have revealed their — pretty nice — new alternate cap (from Sev Flores). … The Tupper Lake River Pigs, an expansion team in the Empire League, have unveiled their logos (from Cory Harrington).

NFL News: Jay Blaskovich notices that in this video of several Bucs players unboxing their new jerseys, two players do not have orange accents in the numbers — Donovan Smith and Sean Murphy-Bunting. Hmm. Since Paul’s leaker showed him images of the jerseys without obvious orange accents, maybe the orange was added later in the process and the jerseys sent to Smith and Murphy-Bunting were prototypes? Or maybe someone just fucked up? Excellent spot by Jay. … Buccaneers QB Tom Brady — good God I hate typing that sentence — has trademarked “Tompa Bay” and “Tampa Brady” for use on clothing. Man, Tom’s kinda corny (from multiple readers). … USA Today has ranked all 32 NFL team uniforms. Since this list has the Chiefs at 30 and the Bears at 29, I assume most of you will have very strong opinions about it (from Cyrus Wittig). … The investment firm that purchased Vicis plans to keep it alive (from Timmy Donahue). … New Falcons RB Todd Gurley will wear No. 21.

College Football News: Cincinnati is apparently considering adding a new helmet to the mix, and is running a poll on Twitter with a handful of options (from Jacob Holton). … UNC appears to be teasing a new…something or other in this video. Whatever it is will launch on Monday at noon EST (form Andy Johnson).

Hockey News: An piece discusses how modern, lighter goalie pads have changed the way goalies play (from Wade Heidt). … WFAN has ranked the best and worst unis in Rangers history (thanks, Phil).

Soccer News: Craig Burley was interviewed about Chelsea’s infamous 1997 match against Coventry City, when the Blues’ kitman forgot the team’s away shirts, and were forced to wear Coventry’s (from Greg Riffenburgh).

Grab Bag: The announcement of Umbro as the new kit provider for the English rugby union team has been “complicated”, as the announcement was set to happen after the conclusion of the Six Nations Championship, which has been suspended indefinitely (from @stumpy7780). … Lewis-Clark State College in Idaho has unveiled its new athletics logo (from Kary Klismet).

And finally…

Hope everyone is doing well and hanging in there as we continue our social distancing and fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the deaths in New York (and my own County — Nassau County on Long Island) keep increasing every day, it looks like we may have reached the apex of our curve (or at least a plateau), and it’s due in no small part to the social distancing measures we’ve been taking. I don’t want to say my village is a ghost town, but the amount of folks out as well as cars has dramatically decreased, allowing us to slow the spread. It’s working people! But we can’t let up now or we face a repeat of this. To all who are in the thick of this or expecting an apex/plateau soon — it will get better (hopefully soon) but we can’t relax now. We’re all in this together, and together we’ll get through this.

Be safe everyone. Catch you guys tomorrow.



Comments (66)

    Those Indians concepts make me happy as an Indians fan. The use of red as a primary color for the stirrup-style piping, and undershirts gives them a great nostalgic feel to their World Series runs in the 90’s. i think the C was used correctly as well with the throwback, and the navy alternate. They are 100 times better than what we have now as uniforms.

    Agreed. My favorite part of the uni that you didn’t mention was the white outline around the C on the caps.

    Yep! That was a callback to earlier 70’s uniforms, I think it’d help the logo “pop” a little more and be more visible.

    Thank you Luke! The 90’s teams were definitely a huge source of inspiration, as well as the recent run with the red-heavy home uniforms. People have argued that the Block C logo is a little boring, but I think a classic baseball identity can be built around it so long as they choose interesting style choices to surround it.

    As a Twins fan I love most of the jersey and pant tweaks, but that updated TC logo made me both cry and throw up in my mouth a little bit. I also believe one of the alternates should celebrate the 1987-2009 home uni, complete with M cap to honor the two World Series titles they won in Minnesota in 1987 and 1991.

    Thanks Collin! I’m actually a Twins fan as well, so I understand your attachment to the TC as well as the World Series uniforms. The TC was altered in order to distance from the Reds, as well as match stylistically a little bit more with the rest of the set. I also hold the (seemingly unpopular) opinion of not being a fan of the 1987-2009 uniforms aesthetically, though I can see how many people see that as classic “Twins.” Maybe it could be another “Cooperstown Collection” design in the future!

    Thanks for the reply, Matthew, and for the clarification on the updated TC. Paul actually did a piece on the wishbone C awhile back (link). I’m not so much against an updated C, maybe I’m just OCD about the T being symmetrical.

    I wish I could say “Cooperstown Collection” for their old road greys because I personally like them compared to the home set in that era, it’s just they were 0-6 in the World Series with them so it would be weird to celebrate them.

    Since you are a Twins fan, I thought I would ask, do you find it odd that they totally omit the Washington Senators history? I feel bad that Walter Johnson spent his entire 21 year career with one team and is not recognized in any ballpark for it. Do you think they’re afraid of the racial backlash since Calvin Griffith more or less relocated to Minnesota because of it’s small African American population at the time?

    Anyway, I’ve been enjoying the mock-ups!


    Re: TB12
    Keep in mind that those trademarks may just be an attempt to get out in front of a portion of the array of unauthorized merchandise which will inevitably take Florida by storm. Brady’s team recently did something similar in attempting to trademark “Tom Terrific”; not so they could produce merch with that phrase, but so they could stop other parties from doing so.

    I wouldn’t have bothered trademarking Tompa Bay. Anyone seriously going to wear that?

    I’m frequently amused to see some of the absurdities which actually are produced and hawked outside Fenway or the Garden on game days, but I agree that this one is a whole new level of silliness.

    The Dan Patrick Show was already selling Tompa Bay tees


    Brady has applied for the trademark, not yet processed & approved

    Whoa – not sure what happened to my link, but if you care about hearing Harry and Jimmy discuss the unis, the correct starting point is:


    Re: Brewers cap in voting queue

    I’ll disagree with you. The cap in line to vote looks like the old logo to me. The give away is the baseball being off-center within the “b” portion of the glove. The new logo has it dead center.

    I’ll disagree with the in-person WI voting. If it’s deemed safe, given social distance and mask guidelines, to wait in line to enter/check out of a supermarket…a exercise of choices, why wouldn’t it be OK to wait in a similar fashion to vote…a exercise of rights?
    If we discard duly-passed election law every time there’s a crisis (there were in-person elections held during the polio and measels outbreaks of decades ago, right?), we slowly, but surely(?), become a nation not of laws but decrees.
    And many counties/states have fragile ballot security under normal conditions…mail-in ballots would compound that and potentially create other integrity issues.

    Well, you didn’t disappoint! With Chicago in white socks I can officially declare this to be a successful project (even though we’re only halfway through). Is it perfect? No… but pretty close!

    If Manfred League Baseball adopted this whole set I would be totally on board (even with the Pirates’ unfixed number font and the orange on the Tigers’ home unis). LOVE what you did to Arizona.

    Speaking of Arizona…
    Pretty nice, right? I’m not sure I love the mono-red
    I’d rather the Cards wore it than the Chiefs. Cardinals in all red makes as much sense as the Ravens in all black.

    Another great day by everyone on here today!

    I agree with this take. The whole White Sox set is really good.

    I pretty much would want to use all of the primary sets in today’s concepts and replace the actual uniforms. Except one. The Tigers uniform having the orange trim in the white uniforms. The uniform looks good, but can’t mess with the tradition of the Tigers in navy and white at home.

    Thanks Wade! I totally understand the sentiment of not wanting to mess with the Tigers’ tradition. To be honest, I’d be perfectly fine if they kept the navy & white, I just wanted to try something a little bit different rather than just replicate what they actually wear.

    The White Sox beach blanket in the Raiders-like motif? I dig it!

    Those Arizona Cardinals concepts are superb! If you throw in a throwback red home uni it would almost be a perfect upgrade. I have a replica jersey from Larry Fitzgerald’s rookie year. It was a red/white version of the Raiders. Classy, plain look. Always was a fan of it.

    1. MLB concepts: far more good than bad. Tigers’ home is a downgrade, Rockies’ number don’t is a downgrade, White Sox “1950s style” font is identical to what the Yankees use, NOB for the Giants are my only complaints. Everything else, I like a lot. Well done.
    2. NFL Cards concept: too much navy (jerseys, pants), would minimize as a trim color. Otherwise an improvement.
    3. I hope UNC’s only announcement involves shoes. After years of screwing it up, my Tar Heels look good again.
    4. STAY SAFE, ALL.

    Thanks MJ! Although the 50’s White Sox font is the same as what the Yankees, Tigers, and Braves use, it is a bit thinner due to the outline. I figured it’d be better than the Standard MLB Block font the team uses currently. The same goes for the Rockies number font.

    As for the Tigers, I have no problems with the navy & white look, I just wanted to try something new.

    Also, I didn’t realize the Giants are a NNOB team at home! I guess I haven’t watched a game from them in a while. I’ll probably go and fix that.

    Small detail that was done to the Cleveland uniforms that makes a huge difference was to add white outline to the block C on the caps. It makes them 100% better.

    Thanks Jon! Yea, that was a detail that I think helped the logo “pop” a lot more.

    I’d love for the Diamondbacks to go back to their original colors, but if they are adamant about not wanting two purple because of having two teams in the same division with purple (an actual reason given), then I’d love for them to drop the red and embrace the turquoise with black.
    Interesting take on the Arizona Cardinals using the State flag as inspiration for their uniforms. However I’m not a fan of them using blue, since their bird logo is red, black, and yellow. I like the red helmet, and it’s interesting that there is only one red helmet in the NFL (KC), or possibly two (Washington) if you count burgundy. However I highly doubt that the Bidwell family would go for a change in the helmet color. I’d actually like to see them go more conservative and go back to an earlier look, or maybe something like the Colts look but obviously in red and white.

    I think it could work if Arizona maybe went with a more reddish shade of purple, and the Rockies more of a bluish shade. Turquoise and black could be cool too! Maybe a little bit of copper should be added in there to distinguish from the old Florida Marlins.

    Why is it that every football uni reveal or mock-up poses the players looking like they’re (A) trying to touch their chins to their chest, and (B) positioning their arms to be “socially distant” from their waist/hips?

    Thanks Christopher! I’m fond of the “Southwestern” feel it gives to them.

    Overall, congrats for a great effort. some uneducated take-aways;

    1. add black pants to the White Sox set, to go with a monochromatic black uni set. there’s a historical precedent for this, both in their early 1900s uni + their zany, crazy, Bill Veeck 1970s hockey shirt/ shorts era.
    2. the Royals KC Monarchs mash-up, if put into play, could instantly be the best looking uni in all of MLB – an absolutely stunning look
    3. the indians black pinstripe / red letters & numbers makes for a great color contrast—
    4. a big thumbs-up to the Dodgers satin blues and the script D cap
    5. If MLB goes thru with their weird FLA- AZ covid schedule, it would be a good time to roll out many of these uni’s

    Thanks Mike!

    1. It’s interesting, I almost went with an all-black look for the Cooperstown Collection, it was an inverse pinstripe set based on the Sox early 1900’s sets. An all-black uniform might be worth a revisit!
    2. Thanks! It was inspired by @SFGiants58 on the Concept boards, you should go and check him out!
    3. I just want to clarify that the pinstripes are navy, but thanks!
    4. & 5. Thanks and thanks!

    Great job Matt on all the concepts! Especially the Diamondbacks and the White Sox!

    Watching some of the Sox/Red Sox game from 1981 is enjoyable. Especially those untucked Sox jerseys. You can tell some players are wearing the mesh version rather than the double knit polyester. Goofy collars aside, they look super comfortable but also classy in clean blue and white.

    I grew up in Arizona and the Cards didn’t arrive until I was in junior high. I resented such a garbage franchise being our NFL squad. I now live in Vegas and experiencing something similar. Nevertheless my contempt for the Cardinals began to wain through time. I’d love to see them embrace their heritage as being one of the two longest tenured teams in the league. The helmet and new uniforms never mixed well. They should keep the updated logo but meld older eras of their simpler and straightforward uniforms. Arizona flag on the sleeve. St Louis striping (similar time Ohio State) with perhaps a thicker stripe down the leg. The Cardinals could look exquisite and flaunt their 1920 birthdate but they look as bad as the Bungles. That’s a shame.

    The Cardinals already had their NFL uniform right when they came from St. Louis: simple, clean, perfect. The bird on the white helmet didn’t need to be “stretched” and all the ridiculous piping we’ve endured since 2005 should’ve been DOA. The St. Louisl all-whites with the red-black alternating stripes on the sleeves were an iconic accent that should at least be part of a throwback uni now. Seems to me, in many cases, teams got it right in the 60s & 70s with mostly mediocre and downright fugly designs after that.

    +1 to that! It’s time to go back to the clean and simple look of the Big Red football Cardinals.

    Those Arizona Cardinals concepts give me a strong University of Arizona vibe wth all that blue added to the red.

    Like those Card concepts, but change the blue to black. Give the helmets a yellow beak. Er, facemask. Been wanting the them to do red helmets for years.

    Regarding the Tigers’ home uniform tweak, they do not, under any circumstances, need to “liven it up.”

    Thankfully they’ve been a fire emoji-free franchise to this point….

    I agree Liam, they don’t necessarily “need” to liven it up, the navy & white is a great look as-is. I just figured adding some orange was worth a shot! But I definitely see your viewpoint, you’re definitely not the only one that feels that way.

    I’m beginning to see why the rest of the country was not a fan of Tom Brady all those years….

    I see it as a mix of trying to make up for lost time/$$$ and preparing for life after football. Sell merch, get pub, become the male Gwyneth Paltrow. (She has plenty of detractors and plenty of money.) I gather he would have preferred a CA team, but the key was leaving NE to establish his independence and generate buzz.

    Those MLB redesigns are awesome. Chi Sox without pinstripes on home white looks great. AL Central has stronger uni-possibilities than I realized. Well done!

    That WFAN article about the Rangers unis kinda messed up with the photos… they put a shot of the 1999-2007 tie-up white jersey when discussing the 1990-99 V-neck version, and then they show a shot of Tie Domi in a regular blue V-neck from the 1991-92 season when discussing the 1940-style crewneck throwback they wore that year.

    For my preference, I prefer the 1990s versions with the V-necks, wider stripes on the white jersey, and matching, separated stripes on the blue.

    For my money, Fred Shero got it right in 1979. I liked the V-neck collar and the “New York” on the blue road uniforms. Current NHL sweaters have ugly, bizarre collars and unnecessary waffle texture on the shoulders.

    Yeah, I just don’t understand the “performance benefit” of the Adizero “lay-flat” collars, and they just make the Edge collars look good by comparison.

    I especially love the Giants’ Cooperstown away alt, except for the gray cap. Those didn’t look good on the Orioles not-so-way-back then, and they wouldn’t look good on the Giants now.

    That’s fair Chris. I honestly kept the gray hat on more to be a Spring Training cap for when the Giants play road games. I don’t think it has to be a necessary part of the Cooperstown uniform.

    As much as I love turquoise, that AZ alternate is a bit of overkill. It looks great as a trim color though.

    I truly hope the Patriots don’t go back to a white helmet. I’m a sucker for a silver helmet and I think theirs is the best in the league.

    I definitely understand that Patrick. I honestly was debating whether to go forward with it myself for the same reason. I figured it was worth a shot though.

    God help me, I don’t hate those Arizona Cardinals mock-ups. I feel like I should, but I checked again, and nope, I don’t hate them.

    I feel like while they’re modern and updated, they left some design elements on the table, like they designer didn’t need show me everything they were capable of just to show me how stylish they are.

    At the end of the day, they’re not my style, but they’re certainly a worthy effort that show that modern and stupid can periodically be separated.

    For the Scoreboard, it’s either August 3rd or 4th, 1992, as evidenced from this Baltimore Sun article.

    I really wish the Cardinals had a red version of the Colts uniform set. I know it wouldn’t be original but the Colts keep it simple, but clean. Considering the Cardinals are the oldest NFL team (yep I’m not joking look it up) it’s a shame they don’t pounce on that more.

    Lifelong White Sox fan. I was barely alive for the winning ugly unis and do not remember the cursive set afterwards. The current set, used for the past 30 years, are near perfect. Removing the pinstripes would be a BIGGGG mistake. The designers intentionally chose the pins to mimic the classic Yankees unis. And now those are classics as well. Don’t mess with a good thing. I also did not care for the black amd white version of the winning ugly unis. Seeing those was like I was viewing them on a black and white tv. The Sox have more varieties of uniforms and colors than any other franchise, so why be lazy with that set?

    Re – Kansas City Royals redesign:
    I said it before about the Orioles concept and it’s worth repeating…the only team that should use (or more correctly, resurrect) that number font is the Nationals.
    Re – Arizona Cardinals concept:
    I can’t tell if the gray facemask has been retained or not, but I really hate that they went modern and kept those. I think we (that their fans?) would be better served if they’d consider going full-on throwback…plain red home jerseys, white on the road, maybe sand-colored pants, revive the 1960 logo and, yes, continue using the gray masks.

    Love the MLB redesigns!

    I don’t get the pessimism with the Chargers new uniforms. They already dumped the navy blue for the 1960s color scheme. They know people love the powder blue throwbacks and I think they will deliver. That would be the one thing the team has gotten right since leaving San Diego! There is a powder blue helmet floating around the Internet but I am fairly sure it is a concept helmet. At least I hope it is. This is the one team that should make its throwback the permanent look. Put numbers on the helmet and this will be a win.

    Agreed. I am optimistic. Get rid of the 14 layer numerals and the crazed Ying/Yang in the six shades of Blue worn since Fouts.

    Re scoreboard
    Place Camden yards Baltimore MD
    Date Aug, 3 1992
    Game DET @ BAL
    BAL won 6 – 3
    Scoreboard is in reference to the movie DAVE being filmed prior to the game.

    Hi Matt,
    I really enjoy the MLB re-designs.
    I like how they are mostly subtle changes like the number fonts and the white outline on the letter “C” for the Cleveland hats, but there are some fun designs like the Arizona Diamondbacks Spring Training jersey. I think you could do an alternate uniform with the pants being the same color of turquoise.
    The Colorado Rockies’ Cooperstown Collection uniform is great too.
    I am also a big fan of baseball hats and I really like the white front panel Minnesota Twins hat with the alternate uniform.
    I am a Mariners fan, so I am looking forward to their re-design. Thanks again Matt.

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