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Happy Thanksgiving

I’ve always liked Thanksgiving more than most other holidays. But it means a bit more to me this year, mainly because of you folks. Here’s why.

As most of you know, this has been a complicated year for me. But throughout all of it, the response and support from the Uni Watch comm-uni-ty — sometimes financial, sometimes just emotional, but always sincere and heartfelt — has been tremendous, and has made a challenging period a lot more manageable than it would otherwise have been.

So many of you have told me how much Uni Watch means to you, how it’s part of your daily routine, how you feel connected not just to the site and to me but also to the each other and to the larger Uni Watch project. I can’t properly express to you how much that means to me. It’s all very, very humbling.

Some of you have expressed concern about my future, my prospects, and so on. Don’t worry — I’m okay. One reason for that is that I’m a career freelancer and know how to hustle and survive. But another reason is that you folks have provided me with so much amazing support and feedback, which has been nourishing and inspirational in all sorts of ways.

There’s a word I use for things that seem particularly revelatory and remarkable. That word is Special. And in case it wasn’t obvious by now, Uni Watch is Special — not because of what I put into it, but because of what we all put into it. That’s definitely something to be thankful for, on Thanksgiving and on every other day.

In the spirit of the holiday, I’d like to take a minute to give thanks to all the people who continue to make Uni Watch possible, including Ticker assistants Lloyd Alaban, Anthony Emerson, Alex Hider, and Jamie Rathjen; “Collector’s Corner” columnist and Facebook editor Brinke Guthrie; membership card designer Scott M.X. Turner; weekend contributors Terry Duroncelet, Jr., Michael Malinowski, Rex Henry, Dennis Bolt, Kyle Acker, and Ethan Dimitroff; webmaster John Ekdahl; proofreader Jerry Wolper; Photoshopper Nic Schultz; cap fulfillment manager Mark LaFountain; and, especially, deputy editor Phil Hecken, the world’s hardest-working bench coach.

Big thanks also to Zac Neubauer, who provided the vintage postcard image that I’ve been featuring on these Thanksgiving posts for more than a decade now.

If you’re traveling today, travel safe. If you’re working today, thanks for keeping the world spinning while the rest of us take the day off.

As for me, the Tugboat Captain and I will be driving out to Long Island to spend Thanksgiving with my brother and my indestructible mom. We all have a lot to be thankful for.

Everyone have a great holiday. Peace. — Paul

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    And I am thankful to you and everyone you mentioned for providing this site. Safe travels!

    Just a little anecdote. I’m not a US natural, I live in South America and as you might expect, sports graphics and uniforms are not a big area of interest here. However, in my only US trip, I bonded with my friend’s in-laws over sports anecdotes and at some point we said in unison “UNI-WATCH”! It’s obvious you have great love about the subject, and it shows. Greetings from Chile.

    Thanks for all you do Paul. Enjoy the time with your family! Same goes for the rest of you Uni Watchers!

    Nice piece, but you shouldn’t really be humbled by the community you’ve created here…you should be honored.

    Happy Thankgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone here … Paul, Phil, everyone else involved with UW and fellow readers. Take care …

    Happy ThanksGiving to everyone at Uni-watch, everyone who reads the site and everyone who “gets it”. Safe travels, enjoy the feast and remember to stretch before playing that Turkey bowl game. Stay safe out there and enjoy the holiday!

    Thanks, especially, to all the Uni staff who keep Paul and the Tugboat Captain upright so he can share incredible pix of his prowess at the grill, and also hot dogs with capers.

    Thank you, Paul and company. Look forward to reading Uni Watch every morning. Happy Thanksgiving.

    Happy Turkey Day to ALL!

    Paul forgot to add “White meat is for suckers!” and today, I’m gonna suck big time.



    Happy Thanksgiving to you Paul and all uni watchers out there….many thanks for all you and everyone do to make my daily uni fix possible..!

    Thankful for this site. A great break from the usual things I peruse on a daily basis. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    Thank you Paul, Phil, and everybody.

    I’ve bonded with so many people over this site. My family specially. And friends I’ve made through this stuff: Dave, Archie, Vic, and Matt.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

    A little comic relief…if you have never seen this:


    So in the tone of Sheldon, posters:

    It is not Uni-Watch
    It is not Uni-watch
    It is not Uniwatch
    It is not uni watch
    It is Uni Watch!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. And something to consider not just on this holiday, but everyday: If you only had tomorrow what you gave thanks for today, what would you have?

    Thanks Steve D. for the clarification. Still, I’m reminded, “A rose is a rose is a rose,” and quite aptly as Uni Watch often is the sole editorial blossom I come across on a given day. Excellent & entertaining work, Mr. Lucas et al. Thanksgiving indeed.

    The Lions deserve to lose for wearing these atrocities on Thanksgiving instead of their throwbacks

    Happy Thanksgiving Paul, Phil and all the readers. Grateful to be a part of the uni-verse

    Happy Thanksgiving to Paul, Phil and all of my fellow Uni-watchers south of the border.

    It’s a shame that the Lions dressed in their grey pajamas today. It could have been a good looking game.

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