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Monday Morning Uni Watch

The Jets wore their mono-kelly alternates against the Vikings yesterday. They also set what I assume is an NFL record by wearing their fourth different facemask color — kelly green — in only their seventh game of the season. They had previously worn white, dark green, and grey. And hey, the season is still young!

Speaking of the Jets’ helmets, yesterday they didn’t bother to cut the striping tape on Riddell SpeedFlex helmets the way they usually do:

Or at least that’s what I initially thought. But after I posted that tweet, a sales rep from the helmet manufacturer Schutt got in touch and told me that the Jets’ standard dark-green helmet stripes are actually painted onto the shell. So they applied yesterday’s kelly striping tape over the painted stripes (which you can actually see under one of the kelly stripes). There’s still no excuse for not cutting the tape as it crosses the flex panel, but it’s interesting to learn that detail. The Schutt rep said the Saints’ stripes are painted on as well.

In other news from around the league yesterday:

• The Jaguars wore their teal alternates — clearly their best look:

• Speaking of the Jags, defensive back Jalen Ramsey wore white socks, while everyone else wore black.

• The Panthers rolled out yet another first-time uni combo — white jerseys, black pants, and black socks (click to enlarge):

They had previously worn that same jersey/pants combo with blue socks, but not with black.

• The Chargers wore their powder blue alternates against the Titans, who wore white over navy. The result was a bit confusing:

• Mayo vs. mustard: The 49ers debuted their mono-white throwbacks against the Rams, who went mono-yellow:

• Those Niners throwbacks, incidentally, featured their retro wordmark on the nose bumper (instead of the helmet logo, which usually appears there) and their standard wordmark on the neck bumper (click to enlarge):

• Speaking of the Niners, they unveiled their Dwight Clark statue and also added an “87” marker in the end zone, designating the spot where Clark made The Catch in the 1982 NFC Championship Game (click to enlarge):

• In a truly revolting development, the Ravens went mono-purple:

• The Chiefs went mono-red:

• Speaking of the Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who’s the son of former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes, wore his father’s old Mets jersey to the postgame presser:

• Patriots coach Bill Belichick wore an upside-down headband:

• Four teams wore white at home: the aforementioned 49ers plus the Dolphins, Bucs, and Washington.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Gabe Cornwall, Mike Chamernik, and our own John Ekdahl and Brinke Guthrie.)

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UNI watch: For years now I’ve critiqued the sports world’s tendency to pander to cheap notions of rah-rah faux-patriotism by celebrating the military to the near-exclusion of all other sectors of society. As I’ve said many times, where are the special uniforms and patches for teachers, civil servants, social workers, and other everyday heroes?

So let’s give credit where it’s due to the University of Northern Iowa (one of my favorite schools, for obvious reasons, even with all the purple), whose basketball team is supporting teachers this season by wearing an “Elevating Educators” patch. It’s part of a larger UNI initiative “that seeks to recognize and elevate professional educators in Iowa, nationwide and throughout the world.” UNI even made free tickets available to Iowa-based teachers for the university’s Nov. 17 football game against Missouri State.

Good for them. Remember, kids, not all soldiers are heroes and not all heroes are soldiers. Nice to see there’s a school out there that recognizes that.

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Rugby Kerfuffle
By Jamie Rathjen

Rugby union teams Cardiff Blues and Glasgow Warriors played a rather odd matchup of Cardiff’s grey and sky blue European kit and Glasgow’s sky blue and white hoops in the European Rugby Champions Cup yesterday. The kits were by no means identical to each other, especially from certain angles (though they may have been difficult to tell apart on TV), but that didn’t stop various UK media outlets from describing the teams as either clad both in blue or both in the same color, neither of which was really the case.

Adding to the confusion, Blues fly-half Gareth Anscombe said he complained to the officials about the clash but was told that his team, as the hosts, would have to change. Cardiff’s other kits are white and two shades of blue, so it’s perhaps better they stuck with what they had.

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Courtesy of Daniel Duffy/ArtOfWords; click to enlarge

rafflet ticket by ben thoma.jpg

ITEM! New raffle: We’ve occasionally run Ticker items about Dan Duffy, who creates amazing artwork consisting of written words (including his depiction of Wrigley Field, shown above, featuring the name of every Cub ever to play for the team). Now Dan is generously raffling off one of his prints to a lucky Uni Watch reader. The winner will be able to choose any unframed print from Dan’s website, Art of Words.

Here’s another one of Dan’s pieces — a depiction of Astros star Jose Altuve, comprised of the date, opponent, score of every game in Houston’s 2017 championship season (courtesy of Daniel Duffy/ArtOfWords; click to enlarge):

Pretty cool, right? To enter the raffle, send an email to the raffle address by this Friday, Oct. 26, 7pm Eastern. One entry per person. I’ll announce the winner next Monday.

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Discount reminder: In case you missed it last Friday, we’re currently offering a special discount code from our friends at Nostalgia Cases, a company that sells smartphone cases with designs based on old soccer jerseys. They have over 650 designs to choose from, each available for over 100 phone models, and worldwide shipping. If you want a kit design that they don’t currently offer, you can request it and they’ll produce it at no extra cost.

Uni Watch readers can get a 10% discount to Uni Watch readers for this week. To get the discount, just go to their site and use the checkout code UNIWATCH by the end of this Friday, Oct. 26.

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Merch that doesn’t suck: Anyone who likes striped sleeves as much as I do is going to love the new college football collection that Ebbets Field Flannels just launched. The ones shown above are, clockwise from top left, Penn, Princeton, Brown, Cal, Morgan State, and Missouri.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the whole collection here (and while you’re over at the Ebbets site, remember that our Uni Watch Classic Cap is available in all fitted sizes).

Frankly, I’d love most of these jerseys even more without the uni numbers. Striped sleeves for the win!

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Lord of the flies: We’ve had a fruit fly problem here at Uni Watch HQ, so I set out a trap the other day. As you can see above, it was extremely successful.

There’s something very satisfying about making something that works, especially when it’s so simple. A glass, a strip of paper shaped into a cone, and a single grape tomato. Voila!

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The Ticker
By Jamie Rathjen

Baseball News: Pinktober uniforms for Dominican team Águilas del Cibao (from Jorge Cruz). … We’ve Tickered this in the distant past, but some may not have seen that Mariners CF Ruppert Jones wore “Rupe” as an NOB at least in 1979 (from Johnny Garfield).

Football News: Former NFL kicker Shayne Graham now works with Michigan State’s special teams and is putting together a mini-helmet collection of every helmet in the team’s history. … Reader Sean Marenkovic’s wife knitted him a pair of white Bears socks. … Looks like Florida might be wearing white helmets against Georgia (from Moe Khan). … The CFL’s Calgary Stampeders wore black alternates for the last game of the season (from Wade Heidt). … Some college teams use giant placards with pictures on them to call plays, so of course Hawaii’s have ads on the back (from Joseph Andersen). … Reader Jake Snyder sent us pictures of a good-looking game between Cazenovia HS and Homer HS in New York. … Tris Wykes spotted a Vermont youth football team with ads for a certain insurance company. It’s ironic because “so many parents today won’t let their kids play the sport because of the perceived risk,” he says.

Hockey News: Two QMJHL teams wore Pinktober uniforms: the Saint John Sea Dogs and the Blainville-Boisbriand Armada (from Wade Heidt). … The Sharks wore Los Tiburones warm-up jerseys (thanks, Phil). … Here’s a Capitals jersey concept from Tyler Duchaine.

Basketball News: The Thunder are honoring NBA photographer Layne Murdoch, who passed away this summer, by painting his initials on the baseline (from Mike Chamernik). … Warriors F Kevin Durant has started the season wearing mismatched shoes (from @Zanerzas).

Soccer News: Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana had a vertical tear on his shorts Saturday (from @akaggie). … Manchester United apparently wore red/white/red in a competitive game – if you count the socks as red – for the first time since 1971. … English National League team Leyton Orient revealed a fourth kit which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I and is to be worn Nov. 17. It’s a throwback to the kit the team, then called Clapton Orient, wore in 1918 (also from Josh Hinton). … This picture shows Scottish team Aberdeen, who normally wear red, in blue and white at home in a 1971 league game against white-clad Airdrieonians. Changing at home isn’t the weird part, as that was the practice in Scotland at the time, but it’s unclear why they would have changed against a non-red team.

Grab Bag: Shirts with logos from Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign are currently popular in South Korea for no discernable reason other than people like how they look (from Rob Walker). … Formula One team Red Bull continued the ’Murica theme at the United States Grand Prix in Austin (for more, see Saturday’s Ticker) with cowboy-themed firesuits (from Chris Foster).

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What Paul did last night on Saturday: On Saturday the Tugboat Captain and I had the pleasure of attending a pig roast hosted by Mets by the Numbers poobah Jon Springer and his lovely wife, Heidi. The Captain and I wore our Meats T-shirts for the occasion and were surprised to see Jon also wearing one when we arrived — nice. That’s Jon and me about to remove the guest of honor from the roasting box. He turned out beautifully bronzed and mighty tasty:

But man cannot live on pig alone, so I made a new friend while roasting marshmallows over at Jon’s fire pit:

It was a swell time — good people, good food and drink, perfect weather. Big thanks to Jon and Heidi for hosting!

Comments (70)

    Minor ticker item correction to the CFL item I submitted. The Calgary Stampeders wore their black alternate Outlaw uniforms for their last regular season home game. It is not their last game of the season. Still have 2 more road games and have secured a home game in the playoffs.

    Based on the stadium designs and marketing materials that have been pushed this year, I’d be shocked if they didn’t take this route.

    My main fear is they incorporate grey, as that has also been heavily involved in their designs as of late. I pray they stay just green and white.

    On Mahomes’ Mets jersey, was the sleeve patch missing or is it hiding behind his bicep?

    A small container of vinegar and dish soap works really well to eliminate on fruit flies as well.

    In what world are two teams wearing blue not clad in the same color? Press reports to that effect were in fact true.

    I’m not a fan of mono color football uniforms in theory, but the Jets all-green getup worked for me. Maybe it’s easier to execute when a team really only has one color to begin with.

    Both contained sky blue, which I mentioned, but everyone was saying that the shirts were the same color, when one is clearly predominately sky blue and white and the other is clearly predominately grey. In the picture you can tell the teams apart.

    IMO, this wouldn’t be considered a blue-vs.-blue matchup. Yes, the grey kit has lots of sky blue accents, but that doesn’t make it also sky blue.

    Cardiff themselves describe the shirt they wore as “anthracite.”

    Looking at the link, it is a tough watch. It especially doesn’t help that Glasgow’s rear numbers were white on a black square, when Cardiff’s numbers were white on “anthracite”, and that Glasgow’s ad on the front was on a dark green background.

    Good thing that game wasn’t played in muddy conditions.

    Those Ravens uniforms are awesome. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    I notice you both removed your mitts for the “thumbs up” photo. Not necessarily necessary. Just noting.

    -Washington wearing white over burgundy at home. Cowboys having to come in as visitors wearing the blue. The look to that game felt comfortably good.

    -So the 49ers can put 3 stripes on the sleeves of their throwback. Why can they not do this properly on their regular uniforms?

    -Love the purple pants for the Ravens – but just with their white jersey. Remember a time in football when pants intended for the road were just worn with the white jerseys? Seems like teams can’t control themselves now and insist on having to switch it up and go mono-colour. Usually not a good result.

    Not sure why, but it looks like the “Meats” is photoshopped onto your shirt in the marshmallow roasting pictures.

    RE: why don’t teams honor teachers and other civil servants, just military and first responders?
    I think that is a pretty easy answer, military and first responders put their lives at risk. The cynical part of me assumes it is because military and first responder themed merchandise sells. However, being a civil servant myself, I don’t really feel like I should particularly be honored, I get paid, that is enough for me as someone who doesn’t have to put their life in danger as part of my job.
    However, non uniform honoring, I can recall countless times I’ve seen teams honor teachers, volunteers, and other members of the community with free tickets, throwing out the first pitch, being on the field for the anthem, or numerous other forms of recognition.

    However, non uniform honoring, I can recall countless times I’ve seen teams honor teachers, volunteers, and other members of the community with free tickets, throwing out the first pitch, being on the field for the anthem, or numerous other forms of recognition.

    But on the uniforms?

    I became a uniform aficionado because of your old page 2 column, so I feel I am traditionalist in terms of uniforms. But, a part of me has always thought that New York teams have tradition just because of being from New York not on winning. I am talking about the Mets, Jets, and Knicks.

    I LOVE the Mets uniforms, and I like the jets and knicks, I just don’t understand why the color palette have to be engraved in stone.

    The patriots and broncos found championships AFTER radical design changes.

    All I’m saying is that losing teams can change their identities.

    I get it cubs and Red Sox couldn’t change their uniforms really.

    The patriots and broncos found championships AFTER radical design changes.

    Yes, and there are dozens of other teams whose on-field success *didn’t* spike after design changes. There are also lots of teams who won championships after not changing their designs.

    Simply put, changing a design has zero bearing on on-field performance, and I see no reason why on-field performance should have any bearing on design either.

    When people try to connect design to performance, I always think of the Mets. From 1962 through 1968, the Mets were one of the worst-performing teams in sports history. Thankfully, they stuck with their uniform design, because it’s a very good one.

    In short: Good design is good design, and bad design is bad design, irrespective of the team’s win-loss record.

    Absolutely agree! Sometimes you write how teams and suppliers dig a little to deep to incorporate tradition in new uniforms. A great design is a great design that’s all that matters.
    I guess what I’m asking is, would you be against adding a different color palette if the design is beautiful?

    Paul, I’m just being pedantic but the comment “changing a design has zero bearing on on-field performance” should state that it has a “near-zero” bearing on performance.

    Although I don’t have time to find it (hopefully I’m remembering it correctly), there was a study of hockey jersey logos which found that goalies wearing large round centered jersey logos had a better save percentage. The thought being that the players were subconsciously shooting at the “target” in the middle of the jersey.

    Additionally, Paul Brown used orange helmets for both the Browns and Bengals because he thought it helped his QBs see his WRs better. I’m not sure there were any studies about helmet colors.

    Of course, you’re completely right that currently team “re-branding” doesn’t take any of this into account.

    I became a uniform aficionado because of your old page 2 column, so I feel I am traditionalist in terms of uniforms. But, a part of me has always thought that New York teams have tradition just because of being from New York not on winning. I am talking about the Mets, Jets, and Knicks.

    I LOVE the Mets uniforms, and I like the jets and knicks, I just don’t understand why the color palette have to be engraved in stone.

    The patriots and broncos found championships AFTER radical design changes.

    All I’m saying is that losing teams can change their identities.

    I get it cubs and Red Sox couldn’t change their uniforms really.

    Ps-I know no one said they had to, I was just surprised that only white and greens uniforms made it to the espn column.

    Oh you are correct. I was just saying, perhaps the reason only military/first responders get the uniform honors is because the line for such a thing is people who put their lives in harm’s way? Or perhaps it is because they are good for merchandise sales? Maybe both, I’m guessing it started as the former and turned into the latter.
    My point was simply there is a legit reason why military/first responders tend to get honored more, and also that other deserving groups do get honored by sports teams, just not on the uniform. And if we are going to be cynical, it is probably because camo merchandise will sell better than something with a teacher’s association patch on it.

    The military during wartime is one thing. But outside of the armed forces when engaged in combat, it’s not actually true that military, police, and fire personnel put their lives at special risk. There are plenty of jobs that are more dangerous to those employed in them. Where are the stadium-wide tributes to America’s loggers, ocean fishers, commercial pilots, aircraft maintenance workers, construction workers, trash haulers, truck drivers, farmers, and landscapers, all of whose jobs are more likely to result in death or crippling injury than cops, firefighters, or peacetime military personnel? We all like to eat, right? Pretty important part of our lives, in that if we don’t eat for a few days in a row, we die. Well, the farmers and ranchers who grow our food and the truckers who deliver the food to our grocery stores take a bigger risk with their lives to feed us than do the cops who protect us. Which I don’t intend as a dig against police officers – their risk and sacrifice is real and worth honoring! But it’s also not singular or extraordinary. Lots of people risk their lives to do their work, so the risk to life and limb does not explain our culture’s preference for honoring cops and first responders.

    The jets seem to be testing face mask for next year uniforms, no?

    Quick question:
    Why do the jet’s New Uniforms have to be white and green? What winning history are they holding on to?

    I would like to see a gold and green combo
    (Only one in the league)

    I don’t think anyone has said that the Jets’ new uniforms have to be white and green.

    But why *shouldn’t* they be white and green? Those have been the team’s colors for more than half a century. Literally generations of fans have rooted for those colors. And no other team in the league has that color scheme. I’d say there’d need to be a compelling reason to change those colors.

    “I would like to see a gold and green combo
    (Only one in the league)”

    Pretty sure the Packers would disagree. And despite what many on here argue, they do NOT wear “yellow.” Their colors are, and have been for decades, link.

    I know the packers will disagree!
    I meant a literal gold shell.

    Niners-red and gold
    Saints-black and gold

    Sorry for repeating replies Paul! My connection was shoddy. First time Phil and you responded! I feel like I started reading your work since high school but I don’t want to give the wrong amount of years. (I don’t comment much)

    Ariel: FYI, Phil is very insistent on referring to athletic gold as “gold” and disagreeing with people who refer to it as “yellow”, even though that color is much closer in appearance to yellow than it is to Vegas gold or old gold. In my opinion, the term “gold” should not be used by itself without one of those modifiers when referring to uniform colors, because of that very confusion.

    What you are suggesting for the Jets is a color scheme similar to the Colorado State Rams, which would be different from what the Packers wear. link

    I get why people are sticklers about “athletic gold”, and I’ll do better to make the distinction. Appreciate it.

    Just because you call it gold, doesn’t make it gold. The Packers wear YELLOW. Check your vision.

    They don’t need to “hold on to” a “winning history”; just history will suffice.

    It’s hard to argue against the idea that the Jets have a losing history, but to the extent that’s true, the eight years in which they had a third/trim color (1990-97) was the losing-est era of that losing history. For a franchise whose moments of greatness or near-greatness have been few and far between, none of them, not one, occurred during that time span, in that uniform. (It’s been a while since I’ve watched it, but IIRC the Jets history DVD that came out in 2007 has practically no film highlights from that era.)

    It’s also no small fact that the Jets are currently the only team in the NFL whose entire primary uniform, home and road, helmet to socks, has only two colors (notwithstanding the NFL and American-Flag decals). And it bears pointing out, again, as I’ve done many times, that New York teams in particular have historically done very badly with “modern” redesigns, always reverting to the traditional in short order (note that every team in New York is currently wearing essentially the same uniforms it wore in 1965, save the Islanders and Nets who didn’t exist then and whose current designs are nonetheless traditional).

    The Jets are the Green and White. I agree with Paul; they would need a reason to change that, not a reason not to.

    It’s also no small fact that the Jets are currently the only team in the NFL whose entire primary uniform, home and road, helmet to socks, has only two colors (notwithstanding the NFL and American-Flag decals).


    I agree – the gray of the Colts face mask is not a team color to me, but I’m old enough to remember when gray was the only face mask color (outside of a few plastic ones in a whitish color).

    They don’t need to “hold on to” a “winning history”; just history will suffice.

    That makes sense to me. Thanks!

    The black-trimmed era will also always have a bit of an air of melancholy over it, after Dennis Byrd’s career-ending injury in 1992. Not helped by the fact that they were the opponent when Detroit’s Reggie Brown suffered his own career-ending injury, in what proved to be the last game for those black-trimmed Jets unis.

    Including the Thursday night game, there were five different teams wearing mono-color uniforms this week (Cardinals-black, Jets-green, Ravens-purple, Rams-yellow, Chiefs-red). That seems like a lot. I can’t find a way to search this on the Gridiron Uniform Database, but I was wondering how many times there have been that many monochromatic uniforms in the same week in the NFL. I know that Paul wrote an ESPN column about monochromatic uniforms a few years ago, but I can’t find that, either.

    (Side note: Five other teams wore mono-white this week, but that seems much less unusual.)

    In regards to the comment about the Titans and Chargers looking like each other, I made the following comment on Wednesday’s entry and nobody replied to it at the time:

    NFL Uniwatching Preview: On Sunday, the Titans will play the Chargers in London. This will be the 10th meeting of these two teams who each wear both navy blue and powder blue.


    This will be the first time for the Titans in their navy blue helmet. In those ten games, each team will have worn both navy blue helmets and white helmets. They each have worn navy blue jerseys, powder blue jerseys, and white jerseys against each other. They each have worn both navy blue pants and white pants against each other. The Titans have also worn powder blue pants against the Chargers. (The Chargers have never worn powder blue pants). Quite a number of combinations of the three colors have been worn between the two teams in the ten games.

    As a teacher, I actually do see a lot of self-promotion among my colleagues – particularly on social media – and I find it pretty off-putting. There’s no question that what we do is important, and I certainly like to think that I’m making a significant contribution to society, but it bothers me when I see so many posts of the “Teachers are the best things ever!” variety, posted BY TEACHERS.

    I’m not sure why we feel the need to toot our own horns. (Maybe we feel like we’re underappreciated by society in general?) But it’s not a good look IMO.

    I have so many family members and friends who are teachers. I don’t think any of them believe they deserve a medal. All I know is I enjoy ribbing them when they complain about the summer ending and having to go back to work… :)

    I’ve never seen that particular fruit fly trap before. We wiped out our last infestation with a shallow dish of apple cider vinegar with a couple dabs of dish soap.

    Not a lawyer but how is your Meats shirt not copyright infringement? Is it because it’s a parody? Just curious…

    Short answer: If it’s infringement at all it would be trademark infringement, not copyright infringement, and it’s not trademark infringement because there’s no likelihood of confusion. Meaning, no one makes or sells “Meats” t-shirts in order to confuse and deceive consumers into believing that they are made or sold by the Mets.

    Not a lawyer, either, but took some media-related law classes as part of my undergrad degree.

    My cred having been established, I think the basic answer is that the “Meats” shirts could be considered trademark (not copyright) infringement if the Mets were to sue whomever created and sold the shirts (IIRC it’s not Paul Lukas himself) and a court ruled in their favor.

    I think usually in such cases the Mets legal team would send a “cease and desist” letter to the maker of the shirt and if the maker agreed to stop producing/selling them that would be the end of it.

    Trademark/copyright infringement is a civil matter, not a criminal one, so in this case as long as the Mets either remain unaware of the Meats shirts or aren’t bothered by them, then it’s a non-issue.

    IIRC, there was in fact a C&D. Not sure if it was the Mets, or one of the other teams whose logos got the food treatment, though.

    Maybe it’s just me, but much like the Titans/Chargers confusion, as I was scrolling down today’s entry and saw the Jags in teal I thought “Panthers”…

    In regard to the pig roasting, I’m wondering at the difference in qualitative results you’d get from the way you guys did it and using an imu (in the ground).

    “so many parents today won’t let their kids play the sport because of the perceived risk,” he says.

    One word too many there (hint: rhymes with “received”).

    So am I the only one who, at first glace, thought that Paul was hanging out with Jon Stewart?

    All the squads who went mono-color were dang near perfect. Just take the stripes off the britches and all will be right in the world.

    Anybody know off hand when the Red Sox hanging socks cap was decommissioned? I don’t miss it at all, but I also don’t remember when I’ve had a TV!

    The Cowboys in navy versus Washington in burgundy pants and white tops is the best looking NFL matchup that exists.

    You should send that shirt (or a facsimile thereof) to Dan Patrick for his “Meat Friday” gig.

    Can’t believe no one underscored Washington going back to the Joe Gibbs era (he brought wearing white at home with him from San Diego) wearing white at home. There were many memorable Redskins-Cowboys games at RFK with the ‘Skins wearing white on burgundy, making Dallas wear their “unlucky” blues. I believe Washington has worn burgundy at home every game for the past eight seasons, until Sunday. Also, looks like they have ditched the gild pants.

    Yes, I saw, Paul, but it was just that – simply that the Redskins wore white – no additional detail (first time in 8 years, after wearing white at home for almost 30 years (? – estimate), that it was against a team that wears white at home making the Cowboys go blue, and that it appears they have ditched the gold pants).

    Are the Redskins gold pants officially dead? I guess we will never know since teams can change pants without saying anything. And can someone officially call out the Atlanta Falcons for screwing up their fauxbacks. The 1990s helmet and jersey with the 1960s pants, this ain’t Madden folks! Unless you are the Carolina Panthers. The 1990s look had gray/silver pants.

    Is Mahomes going to make a tour of all of his father’s teams? When is he going to wear his Twins jersey. That is the team he got his start with and the team he spent the most time with.

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