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49ers Introduce New Throwback Alternate

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation and will return on May 30. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is running the site until then.]

By Phil Hecken

Late last evening, during their “State of the Franchise” event, the San Francisco 49ers unveiled a new alternate uniform set — which is a throwback to the throwback they wore during their 1994 Super Bowl Championship season. That year, you’ll recall, the team wore both red (at home) and white (on the road) jerseys as the NFL was celebrating its own 75th Anniversary Season. Those unis looked like this:

Yesterday’s uniform introduction brings back the white jersey of the 1994 (which itself was a throwback to the 1955) set. Here’s how the Niners introduced it…


The uniforms are pretty clean and simple. White jerseys with three red stripes on the shoulder caps, red numbers with black drop shadow, white pants with a red/black/red stripe down the side. Basically an exact duplicate of the 1994 throwbacks. The one major change, unfortunately, has to do with a very stupid NFL gimmick: Color Rash. The 1994 uniforms had red undersocks. These, in order to meet the monochrome mandate of color rash, will have white socks. It’s not a bad look (if there is one monochrome look I like, it’s an all-white one), but it’s not the same as having the red socks.


The new throwbacks replace the dreadful all-black uniforms the 49ers wore for color rash outfits the past couple seasons. In this sense, these are a VAST improvement.

Here’s more looks at the unis:

Yeah, I know — seeing Richard Sherman in a 49ers uniform is pretty jarring. Get used to it.

Quarterbacks, of course, get a slightly different cut for the jersey. And the 49ers even brought back a legend to model the unis (and he looks like he could still catch 20 TDs and get 1,000 yards receiving):

I like what the 49ers are doing — and they have the New York Football Giants as a model — creating a throwback uniform that satisfies the ridiculous Color Rash parameters. Interestingly, both teams made the all white uniform the designated CR uni. I’m not 100% certain if the team will wear the uniform just once or more (and with red socks?).

Here’s a slightly more detailed look at the elements:


The helmet itself is the same shell (due to the one helmet rule), but with two differences: a throwback decal and a throwback nose bumper:

You can see more photos here. You can see video of the event here.

OK. I like these a lot. Interestingly enough, I didn’t especially like them when the team introduced them (and then proceeded to win the Super Bowl) back in 1994. But nostalgia has a way of wearing off on one, and I must confess, I’m pleased with this (re)incarnation. But even better is the fact that the team finally ditched that awful BFBS uni (which the team wore with red socks in a non-CR usage). So in that sense, this is also addition by subtraction.

Your thoughts?

Big thanks go out to our own Brinke Guthrie and Roger Hacker, Director of Corporate Communications at the 49ers, for his help with the images.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

Baseball News: As the C-Flap becomes more popular with Big Leaguers, Little Leaguers have begun copying their favorite players — so much so, that Little League Baseball is sending emails to parents asking them not to install C-Flaps onto helmets, as the modifications could void manufacturers’ warranties (from Brian Rowland). … The Red Sox will give away Mensch on a Bench bobbleheads on June 5 (from Phil). … William F. Yurasko stumbled upon this video of the Senators Opening Day in 1955. The video appears to show manager Paul Richards wearing a cap with what appears to be an Old English “B.” Marc Okkonen’s database makes no mention of this cap. Anyone know anything about it? … Good photo of Red Sox legends Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky boxing during Navy training during WWII (from James Gilbert). …  Padres P Cory Spangenberg’s name was so long, scoreboard operators at Nats Park needed to render it in a smaller font (from David Raglin). … A Mexican restaurant in LA sells T-shirts inspired by both the Angels and the Dodgers (from Chris Cruz). … The Portland Sea Dogs will wear Iwo Jima jerseys on Memorial Day (from Ryan Rudman). … The Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp will wear fauxbacks on May 31 for ’90s night (from Phil). … The New Jersey Jackals of the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball have a new scoreboard (from John Cerone). … Houston Baptist University will wear Santa Fe High School caps during their conference tournament this week to honor the victims of last week’s school shooting (from Steven Key). … The American flags on the sleeve’s of Baylor’s jerseys are backwards, per the flag code (from Shannon Breaud). … VCU has some big ol’ numbers (from Greg Pitts). … Roy High School in Utah is poaching the Yankees logo (from Brice Wallace). … Jake Yergert recently visited the Colorado History Museum’s “Play Ball” exhibit, which has some great uni-related stuff. He took a ton of photos for your viewing pleasure, which you can find here. … The 2018 MLB Draft logo suffers from an apostrophe catastrophe (good spot by Joe Baka).

NFL NewsThe NFL has signed a deal that Fanatics to make all team merchandise, including jerseys, for the next 10 years. Even though Fanatics will be making the jerseys, they’ll still carry the Nike logo, and Nike will continue to make on-field jerseys (from Richard Hindle). … Someone put together a GFGS concept for the Dophins (from Phil). … NFL owners have agreed to adopt a policy that will allow for teams to be fined if players make political demonstrations during the national anthem, and will also allow for players to stay off the field during ceremony. … The 49ers and Jets were the only two teams whose owners did not vote for the proposal. [I have two new favorite owners — PH] In fact, Jets chairman Christopher Johnson said he will pay any fines for players who choose not to stand!

Hockey NewsWe have our first look of what the Stanley Cup Finals patch will look like on the Golden Knights’ home and road jerseys (from Moe Khan). … Speaking of the Kinghts, here’s a good recap of that copyright standoff between them and the Army (from Dave Kottler). … New uniforms for Bay High School (Ohio) (from Phil). … Rheingeist, a brewery in my hometown of Cincinnati, makes good beer in bitchin’ cans. Turns out those bitchin’ cans make one bitchin’ hockey sweater.

NBA NewsThe Rockets will welcome survivors of the Santa Fe High School shooting at their next home playoff game and wear a ribbon on their jerseys to honor the victims (from Ignacio). … I think we missed this last week: At the NBA Draft Lottery, Nick Gilbert, son of Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, wore a bow tie made out of a piece of the floor the Cavs played on during their 2016 championship season (from James Gilbert).

Soccer NewsTwo new 2018-19 kits for Scottish Championship team Ross County (from our own Jamie Rathjen). … Couple of kit leak updates from Josh Hinton: Southampton’s 2018-19 third kit (also from Chris Morris) and Arsenal’s 2018-19 sleeve advertiser (also from Moe Khan). … Here’s a ranking of all the kits that will be worn during this year’s World Cup (from Phil). … This may have been ticked before, but every year since 2012 (including this year’s kit), the Canadian National Team has included stitching that mimics the soundwave made when singing the first line of “O Canada.” (from Ryan Farrar).

Grab BagFor Goodyear’s annual salute to the U.S. military, all tires at this weekend’s race in Charlotte will be branded with “Support Our Troops” instead of the customary “Eagle.” … The Marines sent Lids a cease-and-desist letter asking them to stop using their name to sell camo baseball jerseys (from WB Young). … Friend of the site Todd Radom did an interview with the Chicago Tribune about his new book, which you should totally pick up (from Jerry Kulig). … Here’s an all-inclusive “ugliest uniforms in sports” ranking (from Phil). … Etihad Stadium, a stadium just outside of Melbourne, Australia, is being renamed Marvel Stadium in partnership with the comic book brand (from William Blevins). … Apparently the Golf Channel had been using the wrong “Block A” for the Arizona Wildcats. That changed yesterday (from Selena Castillo).

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Comments (128)

    Niners are my favorite team. Give me red socks and this is an A+ throwback for me!

    Also, I wish they would go back to that word mark full time!

    Wow; these 49ers uniforms are exactly what I would have asked for!

    Clean, timeless, perfect.

    And is it just my imagination, or does #74 have slightly smaller digits on his jersey in an effort to make his body look bigger? Or is it an optical illusion?

    I think it’s just because they’re kerned to be closer together so that the top right corner of the 7 occupies some of the space to the upper right of the 4.

    I was just complaining about Majestic’s link a few weeks ago; I should have spotted this too.

    I don’t think you ever saw digits overlapping like that in any sport until just recently. (Of course, you never saw the number 74 on baseball uniforms much until recently.) It doesn’t add to the aesthetic of the jersey and looks like it only makes the sewing more complicated. Why do they do it?

    #1, pretty sure 1955 Niners did not use drop shadow numbering.
    #2, when a bunch of women beaters, dope smokers, gang bangers, child abusers, steriod users don’t want to stand for our nations anthem it only proves the point that they were not Americans to begin with.

    It was block shadow, but yes, many teams had shadowed numerals in those days. It’s something that went out of fashion, then came back, and now seems to be going out again.

    (The New York Rangers have retained their block shadows through the years whether they’re in or out. I love when teams do this.)

    Never noticed that.Stupid mall store ruined my NYR Liberty jersey by screwing up block shadow lettering. Very few teams pull it off without looking to busy. Put some color socks and could be best looking SF set ever.

    Yes, American history only contains a record of morally upstanding people who never protested.

    #2 is almost impressive in how ignorant and illogical it is. They are from this country, they live in this country; they are, by any reasonable definition, “Americans”. Your feelings being hurt by their decision to not participate in a performative act of symbol worship does not change that.

    Only NFL players are women beaters, dope smokers, gang bangers, child abusers, steroid users, no one else in society has ever done those things.

    Animals, right?


    Can’t believe they went through all that detail , then didn’t deliver what coulda been some awesome red/black/red striped socks …
    … fine the players for their individual selfishness, not the team – it’s just a set up for the owners to look like social heroes by paying the fines themselves …

    As noted, the union is already reviewing this decision. The league instituting new fines against players unilaterally without going through the collective bargaining process would just open them up to a new round of labor strife.

    But the league is not fining the individual players, they are fining the teams and then giving the team the ability to fine their players, if they wish.

    I liked the red version of these better than the white.

    Technically, that’s block-shadow, not drop-shadow. I like the former better than the latter.

    Agree that red, or even gold, socks would be a huge help.

    I had “block shadow” in my original writeup. But the link says “drop shadow” so I used that. I agree it’s block shadow, but for consistency, I changed it.

    This graphic link. Basically drop shadow is “unattached” to the number/letter, while block shadow is anchored to it.

    I always liked the throwbacks that the Niners used in 1994 and they’re finally back. I didn’t have a problem with them having a black alternate uniform, but it wasn’t designed very well IMO.

    Not to start a whole thing, but I think what needs to be pointed out vis-à-vis the NFL’s new policy in relation to its Washington franchise, is not so much the hypocrisy of mandating “respect” for rituals and symbols but not for people, it’s that the former is no less “politically correct” than the latter.

    The 49ers got it right. These new unis are beautiful, and the all-white really works. This is definitely one of the better color rash uniforms.

    I don’t like admitting when the Jets do something right, however I salute and agree with the chairman’s decision to pay the fines. Protest on.

    Glad that the Niners went with the traditional three-stripe sleeve pattern for these — which only proves to illustrate just how dumb/pointless having the truncated stripes on their standard home/road uniform is.


    The 49ers regular uniforms no longer have the truncated stripes, they now have 2 stripes, not truncated.


    “The Marines sent Lids a cease-and-desist letter asking them to stop using their name to sell camo baseball jerseys”

    Fantastic!! I love it!

    The block “shadow” makes them look like a solid 3D “block”.

    So it’s really portraying the sides of the block (that happen to be away from the imaginary(?) light source).

    In 1995 UNC added extra thick Navy Blue outlining to the uniform stripes and helmet logo but not to numbers. In 1997 they added a shadow to the numbers, which stayed through 2001. I’ve always assumed these shadow numbers were because of the 49ers change to this full-time in 1996 (according to GUD).

    Perhaps readers know of more changes like this.

    1994- (notice the College Football 125th Anniversary patch)
    1997- (direct link to same pic in above reply)

    Rutgers did the exact same thing (with their colors which are identical to the Niners), as did UCLA, Syracuse, and several other schools. I think the 49ers’ throwbacks were the inspiration for all these teams.

    Great to see three stripes instead of the lame 2-stripe compromise the Niners went to last year. Go back to three stripes on the traditional Niners unis already! Even when truncated, three looks better than two.

    Good job, Marine Corps, protecting the Corps’ name from MLB merchandising! And thanks for linking to the Sports Brand Jury article on the Golden Knights. I have a new second-favorite sports-related site.

    I thought color rash was no longer mandatory. If that is the case there is no need for the white socks.

    Great set by the Niners, echoing others here, just add the red socks and it is perfect for an alt/throwback. Perhaps its just the old (mid-30s) man in me, but man do those players look childish with their poses.
    Good to see the NFL drop the ball on this whole protest thing again. If they are concerned about fan backlash, just go back to how it used to be and do the anthem before the players take the field. They are free to institute any policy they want, but this is sort of tone deaf.

    I have seen that orioles hat from 1955 being sold, in fact i use to have one but never understood why they sold it, if they never wore it. I have even seen it sold at Camden Yards. The logo is not even on orioles website of logos and mascots. This is first picture i have ever seen of it, being worn other then recent merchandise.



    As I recall, the Old English B was only used on the batting helmets during the 1955 season.

    And that is certainly a batting helmet that Richards has resting against his hip at 0:17.

    You are correct; the Old English B was a batting helmet logo only.

    I’ve perused my copies of “The Orioles Encyclopedia” & “Baltimore Orioles: 60 Years of Magic” to see if there is any reason (i.e. head injury that year) Paul Richards would be wearing a batting helmet & can find none. On page 48 of the 60th anniversary book, at least 1 player was still using the Old English B helmet during spring training in 1956.

    A little off topic, but in flipping through these 2 books, it seems the Orioles recycled their 1954 uniforms for use during spring training as late as 1959 (page 37, “The Orioles Encyclopedia”).

    So Fanatics will have complete control of NFL merchandise, control of all MLB except New Era caps, and everything except the on-court/ice NBA and NHL jerseys. Just a bit of a monopoly there.

    I’m glad the Niners went with these. I’ve always liked the look, and I always thought the 1996 version with the gold trim on the numbers was overdoing it.

    Curious, though, as to why my reply to Mark in Shiga ended up in moderation. Strange.

    Stranger still, Chrome on my desktop for some reason is not saving my name and data, forcing me to have to re-input it every time today. And it’s just the desktop version – the post I’m replying to was put in on my phone, and my data is saved there. I’ve even cleared all my browsing data on my desktop and submitted another reply above, but my data didn’t save.

    Very strange. I’ve never had this kind of an issue before with the comments, and I’ve had a few oddities show up now and again. And nothing’s really changed since yesterday – I left this machine in sleep mode when I left for home.

    I’ll stop ranting about my site issues now.

    No browser on either my PC nor my iPad is saving my name and email as of sometime after 9am EDT today.

    Like many, the article about ugliest uniforms in sports had to include the “Flying V” Vancouver Canucks uniform.

    However, this is not the worst Canucks uniform in my eyes. Give me the “Flying V” any day over the truly godawful 1995-96 third uniform with the solid black socks.


    I actually didn’t mind the third jersey when it debuted, though the black socks were a bit much. As for the Flying V, I’ve had a weird fascination with it for the last two decades. It’s a So Bad It’s Good thing for me.

    Lame list, ASI. If you don’t include the Colorado Caribous and instead take a shot at Ohio State, then it’s a bunch of self-serving claptrap.

    I agree. And I hate Ohio State, but I don’t usually have any issues with their uniforms. Some of their one-offs are worse than others, but I don’t think there’s been any as bad as Michigan’s all-maize.

    Case in point: I hate the Flyers and Capitals. The only bad uniforms the Flyers have had, in my opinion, are the 2000s orange alternates with the 3D logo, and the original Edge jerseys from 2007. The only complaints I have about the current uniforms are the contrasting nameplates (which I find silly) and the current Adizero “lay-flat” collar design (which is universally ugly across the league). And I wouldn’t rank any of the Caps’ unis on any worst lists either.

    Point: personal feelings about a team shouldn’t be a defining factor in sartorial evaluations.

    Several teams I care for have uniforms I do not much like, and many teams I dislike with passion have uniforms I very much admire. It’s the curse of the uni-watching fan!

    The only upshot is that when a team I dislike changes its uniforms to make them worse, my pleasure at the team’s self-mutilation somewhat offsets my displeasure at the world having become a slightly uglier place. Looking at you, 2008-present Atlanta Braves!

    Yep – that was not really a great third uniform either, mike 2.
    Too much dark red and was missing the sky blue trim compared to the primary uniform used at the time.

    Was pleased when that third turd was retired and the vintage uniform to took over as the regular third in 2006-07. Part of the evolution back to blue and green full time.


    With Goodyear using “Support Our Troops” instead of “Eagle”, I guess you can say troop pandering has officially become…….tired.

    Great job by the 49ers! I wish they would go back to using that original helmet decal and wordmark full-time. Such a classic look!

    I keep wanting to read it as “Ethiad”, and have to stop myself each time I see the logo.

    Still weird to see that airline using a derivative of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture font.

    I would go so far as to say that the white tights/socks completely ruin the 49er’s uniform. It looks like they’re walking around in long underwear. They need a contrasting uni element to visually anchor the bottom of the uniform.

    At least they have pants stripes to break it up a little bit, though looking at them standing head-on obscures that.

    Nothing prevents them from using red socks, or even breaking out their regular gold pants with these jerseys if they felt so inclined (though given that the white pants are part of the throwback effect, that one seems unlikely).

    My thoughts exactly. Looks like they are wearing long johns and the white socks absolutely, 100% ruin what could have been outstanding.
    I also find it very interesting that an element of their uniform that has nothing to do with merchandise sales (plain white socks) are to blame. So often we complain about the disasters of uniforms occurring because teams are chasing the almighty dollar. This was simply a poor aesthetic choice.

    I would not say the socks ruin it for me – but for the point you made I was surprised to hear Paul say all-white was his favorite mono-look. Only team I think white really works for is the Cowboys. Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I’ll take the Colts (blue), Jets (green), Chiefs (red) or even the Rams (yellow) over all white.

    Regarding the Golden Knights Saga – how is it that multiple collegiate and professional teams are using “Tigers” or “Wildcats” without issue if name-sharing is such a problem for Vegas? Throwing “Golden” in front changes something? I’m assuming someone on here is more knowledgable on patent law than myself..

    I find it strange, personally, that the London Knights can dictate that an NHL team can’t be just the “Knights”, yet another OHL team, the Kitchener Rangers, are still permitted to straight up copy the New York Rangers.

    I don’t know the answer for certain, but I think it has to do with the timing and ubiquitous nature of the name. Wildcats, tigers, hawks, etc are more common, so one (or two) organizations can’t claim ownership because there are so many that already use it. Additionally lots of the teams/schools that are using those names had them for years, long before the merchandising and other aspects took hold that made it much more valuable to have specific name and trademark in sports.

    “Speaking of the Kinghts, here’s a good recap of that copyright standoff between them and the Army”

    – Are the Kinghts somehow related to the Washington Natinals?

    I too have seen the Old English “B” on peoples’ caps around town and at Orioles games. I wonder if it was used early in the season and then scrapped. I found a better picture that appears to be on a flocked helmet.


    At about 20 seconds into the video, Nationals* manager Chuck Dressen and Paul Richards as standing next to Ike and Clark Griffin along the box seats as Ike is throwing out the first pitch. Richards is fiddeling with headgear against his leg, and it’s rigid, which would probably mean that he was wearing a batting helmet at the time.

    * The team was officially titled the Nationals until 1956, when the Senators nickname was adopted.

    Cory Spangenberg plays second base. It looks like they brought him in with a double switch and moved the pitcher’s spot to third in the order.

    Don’t worry Phil. Many of us now have 30 new favorite owners.

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man who demands politics be kept out of something actually wishes that his own politics be included in the thing, and no one else’s.

    It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a man who demands politics be kept out of something actually wishes that his own politics be included in the thing, and no one else’s.


    Perhaps you need a lesson on the fine art of sarcasm.

    So how does mandating a player to stand show respect to anything? It’s forced and thus an involuntary action. Respect isn’t involuntary and you can only truly show it if you’re given a choice. DUH!

    I like it in all white. Glad they aren’t doing it with the red jerseys. I was never a fan of this before because I think the SF uniform with the gold helmet and gold pants is arguably one the best uniforms in the NFL. Teams with gold or silver helmets look best with pants that match the helmet. However an all white look can be good, like the color rush look last year of the New Orleans Saints. And yes this would look better with red socks. Even better would be red socks with say 3 white stripes.

    I agree. If you have a gold helmet, you should have gold pants. But white pants and jerseys works with any color helmet.

    Normally, I am not a fan of the ” Let’s capitalize on a holiday thing ” that most of the league’s ( especially MLB ) do, but I am going to make an exception for the jerseys the Sea Dogs will wear on Memorial Day. Those are outstanding and I want one.

    Of course, the jerseys have nothing to do with Memorial Day, (well, unless they’re specifically memorializing the men in that photo who were KIA), but sure, let’s conflate the holiday even further.

    I give the Sea Dogs credit here. Memorial Day is about honoring war dead, not “the troops” or veterans in general. Iwo Jima was the sixth-deadliest battle in American history, and for American servicemen, the third-deadliest of WWII. And while the Sea Dogs jerseys feature Joe Rosenthal’s famous photo of the second flag-raising (two of the six Marines in the photo would be killed in action on Iwo Jima within a few days of the flag raising), that photo was the inspiration for the Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, which is the national monument to Marine Corps war dead. The image, that is, symbolizes American war dead for many Americans, making it precisely appropriate for Memorial Day.

    I concur, if you are going to do a memorial day tribute in jersey form, this seems pretty appropriate. Far more so than camo, or any other flag based design. It seems fairly obvious they are paying tribute to those who died in combat with this design, as opposed to simply being patriotic or paying tribute to the military in general.

    Regarding that 1955 Oriole helmet, it was mentioned in a Baltimore Sun article dated April 10, 1955, written by Lou Hatter:
    “The Orioles yesterday sported for the first time a new set of plastic protective helmets-black with a script “B” emblazoned in orange just above the peak. While many Birdmen in the past have worn such protective devices, under their regular woolen cap, it marked the first appearance on an Oriole of the space-cadet type caps, calculated to save somebody, some day, from a beaning. “We’ve asked the boys to try them,” explained [manager Paul] Richards. “But wearing them is not going to be mandatory on this club. If one of the boys said it handicaps his play, well, we’re not going to make it a law that he’s got to wear it.”

    To me (and this is merely an opinion) it seems like a sifting of the “ego” from the National Anthem situation.

    Absence is a protest. If you stay in the locker room during the National Anthem, you’re making your point.

    However if you have to do your protest in public, perhaps it’s not about the protest, it’s about the player.

    My second opinion is that teams should just go back to waiting until after the National Anthem to come out. Would have solved everything.

    The main reason that point fails is because protests that are not boycotts need to be seen to have an impact.

    Can you see the problem with the following scenario:
    Imagine a bunch of individuals wanted to raise money for cancer research, similar to the ice bucket challenge, they’ll use a physical challenge to spur monetary donations. Here’s the plan: in the morning, with no cameras, no one else watching, and no witnesses, they’ll do 50 jumping jacks. Hopefully, the idea will spread!

    However if you have to do your protest in public, perhaps it’s not about the protest, it’s about the player.

    This is nonsense precisely equivalent to complaints from some protesters about police or government agents film rallies and marches. The whole point of a public protest is to be seen by the government! That’s why the right of peaceable assembly is included in the First Amendment, and it’s why the right of assembly is linked to the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. “Petition” in the First Amendment, as in prior Anglo-American law, means the broad right to make one’s opinion known in public, not merely the narrow act of signing a written document. The public airing of grievances isn’t just a Festivus tradition, it’s one of the foundations of American liberty.

    And on a personal note, since the whole eruption of ire against NFL anthem-kneelers, I’ve witnessed several ugly incidents of public bullying against people during the anthem at events. Including one in which a Jewish man was repeatedly yelled at to remove his yarmulke, and another when an elderly man I know to be a combat veteran wearing medically prescribed headgear was all but assaulted by strangers demanding that he bare his head. In all such cases, those demanding compliance completely disrupt and distract from the singing of the anthem. I’d never witnessed anything like this before in any of the thousands of public performances of the anthem I’ve attended, yet now it seems to occur at about half of the anthem performances I attend. I’ll admit that the kneeling thing kind of annoys me. I’ve got my problems with our laws, public policies, and leaders, yet I sort of think ceremonies like the anthem are bigger than that. But the abuse and invective directed against protesters or those who don’t fully comply with the ritual, that offends me deeply. It violates the core values of any patriotic American, and it also violates the core values of any believing Christian. I consider myself both, so for me the hectoring and condemnation of protesters or non-compliers is the real problem, an insidious poison that threatens public order and morality.

    As a proud American and Christian, I feel very similarity, RS. When the Saints would kneel before/after (I forget which, and it may have been both) the anthem, and stand during the anthem, I felt like that was a good compromise. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case… At this point, (in Lexington, KY, anyway) instead of being able to engage in a conversation about it, you either support kneeling or are “racist”…

    49ers’ throwbacks.

    If they had excluded the black trim, it would have been perfect!

    All white football uniforms always look so crisp and clean. Love ’em. 49ers nailed it with this. Other teams, Colts (always) and (sometimes) teams like the Chiefs, Jets, Bills, etc. get it. Ditch the colored pants!

    So do I have to start liking the Jets or 49ers because they abstained from the forced nationalism vote and (at least) aren’t stomping on the 1st amendment?

    Colored pants are fine for the Raiders, Cowboys, Steelers, Packers and Redskins (burgundy over gold).
    People are talking about this as a First Amendment issue. Is it really?
    It’s completely legal for employers to insist on a set rules/conditions about how employees behave while on the job, and in some cases, while off the job; employees (union or otherwise) can be encouraged to suspend the expression their rights once they agree to work for someone else.

    Funny that the Orioles “B” hat topic came up today. Recently saw this card and the “B” definitely caught my eye. Tried to link it, unsuccessfully. Topps 1964 card 364 Joe Gaines.



    Different B, but it shows up on several players’ heads in the 1964 set, including Dave McNally:


    According to Okkonen, the O’s wore that B at home in the ’63 season.

    So what happened to the gold outline around the Golden Knights logo on those images of their jerseys with the Stanley Cup patch? Why is it silver? Go home Photoshop, you’re drunk.

    I like how all these faux patriots clamoring for forced nationalism are more than likely sitting on their tushes at home when the anthem plays… but why? You hear the song and see the flag on TV, why would your “attendance” matter? If you tell me you stand, I’ll know you’re lying.

    I have a problem with the protests, but not the act of the protest itself. Everyone should be free to do as they want (and likewise the NFL owners are free to enact any employee policies they wish). It may be disrespectful, but as many have noted, if you are being forced to show respect, you aren’t really showing respect. It just another thing various media outlets are using to get people riled up and divided.
    My issue is more with narrative coming out of the protests. Some players like Malcolm Jenkins are able to intelligently articulate their concerns the justice system. Other players just pass along a message that police are agents of racial oppression. That is a dangerous narrative that paints a target on their backs and does nothing to help the problem, only further divides people. The fact that the NFL couldn’t be bothered to simply issue a well worded statement that supports the need for more work to be done towards equality and justice while simultaneously showing support for law enforcement just shows how inept they are when it comes to any issue of substance.
    Then again, why would anyone be surprised a league that seeks to profit from people’s feelings about breast cancer would be unable to properly handle difficult social issues.

    Okay, Arsenal’s sleeve ad (which, by the way, that’s an actual announcement, not a leak).

    First, this reduces the number of PL teams without sleeve ads to two (Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur) plus any promoted teams that decide not to have one.

    Second, the guy quoted is more interested in the players being a walking billboard for people watching on TV than anything else, which I know is the point of all ads on uniforms, but it’s reached the point where they can be pretty brazen about it. The new shirt looks like it was designed with red stripes in the exact places where any patch would go.

    Indeed, I’m not sure if that’s a Puma template or not, but Dortmund’s is the same.

    As for the sleeve ad, it’s only a matter of time until Man United and Spurs sign one. While I’m in the minority on this, I don’t mind the sleeve ad. Ideally the PL patch is on both sleeves, but imo nothing looks dumber than seeing a game with a team with one PL patch and a sleeve ad playing against a team with both PL patches.

    Regarding the C-Flap letter from Little League. Many helmet manufacturers have the C-Flap available for purchase. In the case of Boombah, which my son wears,the holes are already pre-drilled. I believe that most others do the same as cages are also available at the youth level.

    FWIW, according to Creamer on SportsLogos:

    “The new uniform will replace the 49ers all-black alternate uniform they had been wearing since 2015, it will also be used as their Thursday Night “ColorRush” set where applicable. This is not a one-season, one-game special it’s an bonafide alternate uniform which can be worn twice per season and going forward into the future.”

    So my guess would be the Niners May wear it once as mono, and once with the red socks. Either way, I think even the mono look is a home run.

    saw that. I don’t believe it’s been determined that this is Color Rush, from what I was told last night when gathering the images.

    Might be the only time you see Richard Sherman in that uniform. It’s still not guaranteed that he’ll recover from Achilles Tendon surgery on both ankles.

    That Nats post in the tickler…

    That’s not a different font. It’s a different font size.

    The popular “C-Flap” accessory made by Markwort is banned by Little League (not a request) as it makes all helmets non-compliant with the NOCSAE requirement. Boombah’s version is only compliant when attached to their helmets without alteration.

    Absolutely love the 49ers throwback jerseys, I own the Deion Sanders Mitchell and Ness one in red. I couldn’t quite put my finger on why they look slightly off until I realised that it is indeed the socks. Deffo would look better with the red and white socks. BTW I think I’m correct in saying that the 1994 team wore stripey socks and ones with a block red “collar” during that 1994 season (obviously not at the same time!)

    Confused on the Baylor entry in the Ticker baseball section. Shouldn’t the star field be on the right (facing forward) on a right sleeve US flag patch?

    FWIW Etihad Stadium is not “just outside” of Melbourne. It’s right downtown in the docklands district. You can walk there from the Central Business District.

    Looks like even the Niners were confused between their ‘94 and ‘96-‘97 looks…in that announcement video, they included a clip of FS Merton Hanks (doing his famous “chicken dance”) and he’s obviously wearing the 1996 uniform that had a darker shade of red and additional gold trim on the numerals. There was also a clip of the ‘96-‘97 white pants that had black-cardinal red-black striping.

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