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Toronto Maple Leafs Unveil VERY White Stadium Series Uni

By Phil Hecken

Yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs unveiled their Stadium Series uniform. Let’s get the most glaring thing out of the way straight away: it’s VERY white. How white? (For all photos, you can click to enlarge):

That’s a white bucket and a white jersey. So far, pretty white. But no teams wear white breezers do they?* Well not for their regular uniforms they don’t — in fact the last team to wear white pants was the Washington Capitals, who wore those in their inaugural season with red sweaters.

*More recently, we had the Los Angeles Kings wearing white pants in their Stadium Series game vs. the Sharks (in 2015). And, if you were one of the three people who watched the NHL All Star Game this year, the Pacific Division wore white helmets, white jerseys and white pants. Would the Maple Leafs wear white pants as well?

Cue the Magic 8 ball. The answer is…

decidedly “YES.”

Here’s a look at the FULL uniform (which, disappointingly, includes black skates). I mean, if you’re going to go full white, you go full white:

The only color besides white is Maple Leaf blue, which is present on the collar, as well as two bold stripes across the chest and sleeves, but it does not appear to continue across the back (amazingly not a single photo of the uniform shows more than a glimpse of the back). The pants also have a single blue stripe on each side, and a couple of “slit stripes” zippers on the inside of the pant leg. Socks are mostly white with two blue strips. That’s it.

Before we get into the little do-dads that adidas gave these unis, I need to first go on record as saying that…while I STILL need to see this in action and on the ice…I think I love it.

Which is odd, because I hated the Kings and the Pacific Division uniforms. But for some reason, if there was ever a team to pull off an all-white look on ice, it would be the Leafs.

Let’s take a look at the features…

First off, the design pays tribute to the Royal Canadian Navy. On the neckline are the words “Ready, Aye, Ready,” the motto of the Royal Canadian Navy.

I have no problem with this, even though no one will see it, since it will be hidden from view during play. Of course, if you drop $300 on a jersey, you’ll see it too. The Leafs current motto is “Honour Pride Courage” which has been put on the blue sleeve stripe in what appears to be gray. The motto was inspired by Hockey Hall of Famer Conn Smythe. It appears on the top stripe on the left sleeve of the jersey:

This of course is barely visible from two feet away. No one will be able to read it from any sort of distance. But it’s not a bad saying and it doesn’t detract from the uni in any way (fortunately).

I mentioned above there are no photos of the uniform back — the closest we come is this shot of the player NOB and number — but judging from this, it looks like the front and sleeve stripes do not wrap fully around. NOB & number are both in blue:

Many of the Stadium Series uniforms of recent vintage have had gigantic TV numbers. It looks like the Maple Leafs have not quite gone this route (though they are plenty big):

The Maple Leafs themselves put together a webpage describing the uniform (with the requisite corporate speak). Some gems include this, which helps explain the language on the collar:

True to its motto “Ready, Aye, Ready”, the sailors of the Royal Canadian Navy stand always ready to defend Canada and proudly safeguard its interests and values whether at home or abroad.

It embodies the RCN motto “Ready Aye Ready” and the RCN mission of being Ready to Help, Ready to Lead, Ready to Fight.

There is some decent information on that page about the Canadian Navy, which you might want to peruse.

On the right sleeve of the jersey, between the stripes, is the Stadium Series logo for this game:

Interestingly, this will be the first time the team will wear white sweaters for an outdoor game. “Not only will the Maple Leafs wear white sweaters for the first time in an outdoor game, they will also wear white helmets, socks, gloves and pants. For the first time in club history we will wear the traditional home white badge on the white road sweater.”

And that badge (or logo) is a beaut. It’s probably my favorite part of the whole uniform:

Here’s how the whole jersey looks. Damn I love this:

The Washington Capitals will play host to the Toronto Maple Leafs for a regular season outdoor matchup at the Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland, on March 3, 2018. This is the reason adidas has gone all in on the Royal Canadian Navy imagery and verbiage. The Capitals have already unveiled their Stadium Series uniforms, which Paul covered about a month ago. So far, it seems the Leafs have the edge in the uni-battle. We’ll see when they’re both on the ice.

It will be interesting, to say the least, if this outdoor game features snow. As we’ve seen recently, snow games can camouflage teams wearing all white uniforms. But with white ice, it could be even *more* camouflage-ier.

It probably won’t matter too much to the players, who should be close enough to each other to not lose sight of teammates (or opponents). On TV, and in the stands, it could be another story. It’s a 8:00 pm start, to the glare of the sun won’t be an issue. Let’s hope it’s a beautiful evening.

I have yet to like an NHL uniform where a team has worn white pants — but I may be in love with this one. It will be interesting to see, for sure, and something we’re not used to seeing. But maybe this one will be one for the ages. If only they’d worn white skates. (OK, maybe not.)

Your thoughts?



Two quick reminders from Paul: Hi there. In case you missed it on Friday, I have a new ESPN piece that looks back at notable moments in Winter Olympics uniform history. Check it out here.

Also, on the Naming Wrongs front: Our L.A. Coliseum shirts, which were originally available in Rams and USC color schemes, are now available in silver and black. You can see all of them here.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled Phil-tacular.



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• 7-11 PM ET: Figure Skating – Team Event Gold Medal Final (LIVE); Men’s Free Skate; Ladies’ Free Skate; Ice Dancing Free Dance; Women’s Alpine Skiing – Giant Slalom Competition (LIVE); Women’s Freestyle Skiing – Moguls Gold Medal Final; Women’s Snowboard – Slopestyle Gold Medal Final; Men’s Luge – Singles Gold Medal Final Runs

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• 7-9:30 AM ET: Women’s Ice Hockey – Canada vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia (LIVE)



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Comments (25)

    Fun facts:

    UVa’s football program began in 1888.

    UVa’s colors became blue and orange in the same year.

    Auburn’s football program began in 1892.

    Auburn’s first coach was a UVa grad and is responsible for Auburn’s colors being blue and orange.

    Come to your own conclusions.

    Another fun fact about UVa football: no UVa football coach ever chose to kick a field goal to tie a bowl game instead of going for the win (pre sudden death) against Syracuse

    It’s a shame that’s not true for Auburn (link)

    Yeah, I carry a grudge

    Other than being navy and orange they are nothing alike. You are comparing a 2 stripe pattern to a northwestern stripe? Maybe this blog isn’t for you. Details, bud.

    For those of you who fell asleep watching curling beforehand, here’s some footage of the all-white uniforms in the NHL All-Star Game: link

    In the long shots, it can take a second to find them on the ice.

    Almost wish the OAR athletes wore a bright neon color instead of a color that is mainly Russia anyways.

    By the way, the version of the Dolphins logo the team was actually wearing at the time is the one on the cheerleaders sweater, not the helmet cart…

    Thanks for the cool picture.

    Any idea who the guy is sitting among the cheerleaders?

    Also, I thought the temperature for Super Bowl VI was in the high 30’s; no one seems to be bothered by the cold.

    Maple Leafs uniforms showcased here.
    Slit stripes on the breezers? No sir, those are zippers, because some players put their skates on first and put their pants on through open zipper ultra wide leg channels to accommodate their skates that are already on. I submit that you’re not seeing a design element. That’s purely equipment.
    As for skates, they take a good amount of time to break in, and nobody will stand in it for new skates just for a photo shoot. That being said, skates are also equipment. CCM Super Tacks are generally black with yellow accents, Bauer Vapors are generally black with red accents, etc. Personally, I don’t discount hockey looks because “skates don’t match.” It’s baked into the cake. That being said, I predict that a Leaf will wear a special pair of white skates. I won’t think of him being mismatched, but I’ll be curious to see how it looks.
    As for the collar motto, cool. They’re playing at the US Navy campus, so why not shout out the Canadian navy?

    I would say quite unlikely that the Leafs will wear white skates. Players are really particular about messing with the skates if they have a pair they like. Are there are even any skates out on the market right now that are mainly white? There used to be because one thing I remember about Wayne Gretzky in his last game in 1999 was those mainly white skates:


    It has been a regular trend for teams to wear their outdoor uniforms 1 or 2 more times after for a regular game at home. Leafs, if you do this you cannot wear the white pants and gloves in Air Canada Centre. Sub in the blue pants and gloves for sanity sake. This full white look has to remain a one-off for this outdoor game, because it is out there.

    PK Subban had special vintage inspired brown skates for the Foxboro Winter Classic…I wouldn’t discount the possibility.
    But yes, that’s a fantastic hypothetical third look, bringing traditional Leafs blue equipment to the white jersey.

    I totally forgot about the Subban skates. True – possible that some players may follow suit for this game with some custom skates.

    bob dylan = baseball fan

    wrote this tune about Catfish Hunter


    Lazy stadium night
    Catfish on the mound
    “Strike three,” the umpire said
    Batter have to go back and sit down

    Catfish, million-dollar-man
    Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can

    Used to work on Mr. Finley’s farm
    But the old man wouldn’t pay
    So he packed his glove and took his arm
    An’ one day he just ran away

    Catfish, million-dollar-man
    Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can

    Come up where the Yankees are
    Dress up in a pinstripe suit
    Smoke a custom-made cigar
    Wear an alligator boot

    Catfish, million-dollar-man
    Nobody can throw the ball like Catfish can

    Note to the Leafs, that is the ideal width of the sleeve stripes.

    I really like their most recent uniforms but it bugs me that the hem stripe and sleeve stripes are not the same width. It’s not a deal breaker but it bothers me. Seeing sleeve stripes in hem stripe width look much better.

    The Maple Leafs unis are gorgeous. I’ve been waiting a while to see when a team would experiment with an outlined chest stripe, and it worked perfectly. Yes, I even love the white pants, which puts these over the top for me. Without them these uniforms would be relatively unremarkable. They would still look very good though, as it is hard for any jersey to look bad with that gorgeous Leaf logo adorning it.

    One quick question though: Are the numbers and letters on the back outlined in navy blue, or is it just an illusion created by the lighting? I would love if it wasn’t an illusion, as that would be a great and subtle way to salute the navy (on top of what they’ve already done).

    I love all-white uniforms in football, but really they should not be allowed in hockey because they play on an all-white surface.

    These Leafs uniforms look great but likely will not work well during actual game time, for the “camouflage” reasons Paul mentioned.

    I think what sets these unis apart from other white-on-white kits that the NHL has tried over the years is that, while the overall look is a bit outside the box, none of the individual elements are particularly unusual. In fact, the jersey itself (which is always the focal point of a hockey uniform) is pretty conservative.

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