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Taking a Breather

Uni Watch is closed for the Laborious Day weekend. Have a great holiday and we’ll meet you back here on Tuesday, okay? Okay! — Paul

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    Enjoy this 3 day weekend and keep all those who have sufrfered in the Hurricane Harvey in our thoughts.

    Just got around to reading your post about the greyhound track. I’ve rescued to greyhounds, they’re wonderful dogs. The tracks suck. Once I had a greyhound as a pet, I swore I’d never patronize a dog track again. You’re right, the dogs don’t live great lives then they’re tossed aside like trash.

    Thoughts don’t mean anything unless you act upon them. Do something.

    Off your high horse get you.

    What part of his comment was “high horse?”
    Seems like reminding people that actual money/food/clothing donations are needed might not be such a bad thing.
    But I’m sure happy thoughts and well wishes are just as good, right?

    Watching the UCLA-Texas A&M game last night (wow!), while I like that UCLA solved their shoulder stripe situation as well as can be expected with modern jersey cuts, I have to say that I think I prefer the dark blue application of their helmet script.
    While this version matches the blue everywhere else on the uniform, the lightness seems to get a bit lost on the gold helmet.


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