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Lakers and Spurs Unveil New Unis

By John Ekdahl

Subtle changes for two of the most consistent uniforms in the NBA last night, with both the Lakers and Spurs unveiling their new uniforms. First up the Lakers:

As you can see, the purple and gold Icon and Statement jerseys have the same look and color scheme that the franchise has used for the past 50 years, with the notable exception of a large Nike swoosh on the right side. The Lakers kept their white uniforms, which they introduced in the 2001-02 season, but we’ve yet to see whether Nike will continue the “Hollywood Nights” black jerseys that the team has worn sporadically since the 2013-14 season as the team’s fourth option.

And the Spurs:

The Spurs have consistently boasted one of the NBA’s best jersey sets, rarely undergoing changes. Of course, it helps that they’ve been consistent title contender with their current design.

Their new Nike jerseys retain much of the same overall look. Their “Association” jersey is a slight re-design of the home white with the black away jersey becoming their “Icon” jersey. The only big change is the font of the name and number.

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Stripe changes on the Niners jerseys last night:

The 49ers made a slight alteration to their jerseys for 2017 that offers a significant upgrade.

San Francisco’s uniforms, when done correctly, are among the best in the NFL. Their simplicity is classic while the red and gold combination has an iconic pop. No other team in sports can pull off those colors like the 49ers.

Be sure to check out the all-red Indians unis being worn tonight.

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It’s only because Paul is on vacation that I’m able to get away with posting this:

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Apologies for the light coverage this morning. We’ll have much more about the NBA changes tomorrow and this afternoon.

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    The Spurs switching from radial to vertical arching for their front wordmark feels like a kind of big deal, relatively speaking. I’m sure Paul has thoughts on this

    Aren’t the Lakers the first team to bring out 3 uniforms? I mean everyone knew it was coming but still.

    They are the first. The Clippers said that they’ll be releasing their statement edition in September.

    NHL gets some saturday afternoon uniwatching done in charlottesville as red wing logo prominently displayed.


    AHL Belleville Senators unveiled their uniforms today:



    This uniform design should have been used by their parent club in Ottawa when the new Adidas uniforms were unveiled. Would have looked good for the NHL Senators combined with this as the new primary logo:


    CFL Montreal Alouettes wore a rainbow flag decal on back of their helmets last night in the game against the Toronto Argonauts. In support of Canada Pride Montreal celebration:


    Watching the Rams/Cowboys pre-season game. Rams look like their jerseys got stolen off the bus, and had to borrow jerseys from some other local team. The jerseys look horribly mismatched…can’t believe they decided to change the pants/helmet at this stage.

    Of course, when they finally do change the jerseys, they are going to look so plain and so drab, the mis-matched look might actually be better. No idea who with the Rams has such a hard-on for eliminating the yellow/gold from their wardrobe, but they are insane. (Which probably means its Kroenke himself. Moron.)

    Complete and utter lies from the Lakers calling those “classics” and the “same look” from the past 50 years. The classics are the 3D numbers and no distracting, diluting, and sloppy side panels. The Lakers used to have the most unique look in the sport but they lamely gave it up for a generic number font. They could have had a look like the Yanks that united generations of greatness but they’ve stubbornly insisted with this watered-down look.

    I may just be old school, but….. The traditional away, or dark uniforms, were traditionally used by teams to have their city designated on the chest. While the traditional, or white, uniforms had the teams “Nickname” across the chest. Some teams go against the grain with this. But, it’s going to be a little odd to see the Grizzlies wear “Memphis” at home and “Grizzlies” on the road.

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