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It’s T20 Time

T-20 550

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By Phil Hecken, with Jimmer Vilk

Quick story: I spent a semester (“J-Term” actually) in England during January of 1987; being Americans, we were used to “our” sports, and were of course somewhat surprised at the TV offerings when we arrived across the pond (remember, Al Gore hadn’t yet invented the Internet, people still got their news from pulp and radio transmissions, and many of you may not yet have even been born…it was a different time). Anyway, we immediately notice there were four sports, broadcast in somewhat (especially for the mid/late 1980s) heavy rotation on British telly: Snooker, Darts, Soccer, and Cricket. The first two were “indoor” (I suppose I should put “sports” in quotes too), and were being broadcast from England. The other two, because it was January, were being piped in from Australia and elsewhere.

I won’t get into the other three sports (save to say that snooker is similar to pool, but with a lot more balls and many of them get removed from pockets once they’re shot in…and darts was interesting because on British TV you could show people drinking; it was kinda cool to see some big fat huge dude pound a full pint of bitters before putting three darts in quick succession in the “treble 20” slot). But the fourth sport, Cricket, I found strangely enticing. It was played in a huge stadium, kinda laid out like baseball but with no foul lines (and no foul balls), the scoring was weird, and everyone wore white. There was much more to it of course, but as a 21 year old I was fascinated. Unfortunately, once my month across the Atlantic ended, so did my infatuation with cricket. We couldn’t really get any games on our TVs here, and there was no internet or youtube on which to view games. Basically the game to me was games that took four days to complete, with tea time in the middle, and lots of guys wearing white.

Fast forward to a year or so ago when Jimmer Vilk started getting (me) into Cricket. I learned there are versions of the game that don’t take several days to play, and more importantly, the uniforms are no longer all white. In fact, they make use of some interesting color combos we don’t use here in the States on any of our sports (and we should). So I asked Jim if he’d like to do a Cricket piece — this one has been a few months in the making — because the season only just started. And without further ado…here’s Jimmer with…

• • •

T20 Time
By Jimmer Vilk

Baseball may be back from its All-Star break, but today I am here to celebrate the beginning of a different bat-and-ball season. Happy (belated by nine days) Opening Day to England and Wales’ T20 Blast! As frequent readers of the Uni Watch ticker’s Grab Bag section know, I have become quite enamored with the wonderful sport of cricket. For the past two years I watched highlights from leagues around the world and listened online to English County Cricket in all three of its forms. There is the County Championship, nicknamed “Proper Cricket.” That is the traditional four-day version where everyone wears white. Then, there is the One-Day Cup, where the same 18 counties face each other in colorful uniforms (mostly dark monochrome, with some exceptions) and play roughly six-hour games. Then, there is the uni-watcher’s delight…the explosion of colors and designs that is the T20 Blast. “T20” is short for Twenty20 cricket, a 21st century innovation where teams only get 20 overs in which to bat. An over is 6 deliveries, so each team has 120 chances to hit the ball. These games are typically played in two or three hours and are very popular with spectators and television networks.
Now that you have the most basic of introductions to the sport, let’s get on to the important part: my review of the league’s uniforms! Instead of ranking them, I will go in alphabetical order for both the North and South groups.

. . .

North Group

Birmingham Bears front

We begin with the North Group’s Birmingham Bears, whose uniforms kits are made by PlayerLayer (folks in North America may not be familiar with most of these makers).

Birmingham Bears back

Nice backdrop, eh? You will see that again later in this article. Birmingham is the only club that uses its city name. In the County Championship they are the Warwickshire County Cricket Club. Both versions have a bear as the mascot, but this one looks particularly nasty. The logo shows up on the jersey and on the batting/wicket-keeping helmets.
Birmingham Bears action shot

I like the yellow over blue, so I will grade this as a nice solid kit.

. . .

Derbyshire Falcons front

Derbyshire Falcons, kits made by Samurai.

That’s pronounced “Darb-a-sure.” Anyway, I. Would. Wear. That. Even with the giant ad blocking the light blue, yellow and brown sash, I love that jersey. Last year the Falcons had those same colors in a quarter-panel design. This year’s version is my vote for Most Improved Jersey. I also love the big light blue striping on the sleeves and pants.
Derbyshire Falcons action 1 Derbyshire Falcons action full shot

Derbyshire started the season 2-0. It must be the unis!

. . .

Durham Jets front

Durham Jets, kits made by Gray-Nicolls.

Durham Jets back

As you can see on the helmet, the Durham County Cricket Club logo is blue and yellow. So the red and black of the Durham Jets’ kit is, well, different. Also different are the side panels on the jerseys, but I have to say I like them.
Durham Jets side

Another very solid kit. And hey, if you *have* to have jersey ads, at least you have an airline advertising on a team called the Jets.

. . .

Lancashire Lightning front

Lancashire Lightning, kits made by Kukri.

Lancashire Lightning full shot

If you are a Manchester United fan, this is the club for you. The club plays in Old Trafford (the cricket ground, half a mile from United’s stadium of the same name) and shares the same color. The “Proper Cricket” logo for Lancashire is the red rose, which is visible on the club’s helmets.
Lancashire Lightning back

You may have noticed by now the league has a standard number font. It’s another of the many things I like about these uniforms, given my love of big legible numbers.

. . .

Leicestershire Foxes front

Leicestershire Foxes, kits made by Kukri.

Leicestershire Foxes back

That is a lot of black. The gold and red set it off nicely, though.
Leicestershire Foxes full shot

Probably too much superfluosity for Phil’s taste, especially on the pants striping. I’ll rate it as another solid look.

[Is superflousity even a word, Jimmer? — PH]

. . .

Northamptonshire Steelbacks action

Northamptonshire Steelbacks, kits made by PlayerLayer

Northamptonshire Steelbacks back

Last year’s champs wore vertical stripes with gray (steel?) numbers. This year the stripes are gone and the numbers are gold.
Northamptonshire Steelbacks front

That jersey ad really sticks out without the stripes, but I gue$$ that i$ the point. Not bad, but it’s a step down from 2016.

. . .

Nottinghamshire Outlaws front

Nottinghamshire Outlaws, kits made by Masuri.

Nottinghamshire Outlaws back

Why John Deere isn’t an advertiser on these jerseys is a mystery to me! Last year the kits were made by Puma, so they had a leaping puma on one side and a leaping deer on the other. I miss that. This year they added a neat image of the club’s stadium,Trent Bridge, on the jerseys.
Nottinghamshire Outlaws action

I’d rate this one as almost up there with Derbyshire.

. . .

Worcestershire Rapids front

Worcestershire Rapids, kits made by Canterbury.

Worcestershire Rapids back

Remember the nice backdrop in the Birmingham photos? That was the Worcester Cathedral, which is across the River Severn from Worcestershire’s New Road cricket ground. Its silhouette is what you see on these jerseys. As with Leicestershire, that’s a lot of black.
Worcestershire Rapids action

However, the blue is a nice touch, especially when they wear the helmets.

. . .

Yorkshire Vikings front

Yorkshire Vikings, kits made by Puma.

Yorkshire Vikings back with logos

Yorkshire’s “Proper Cricket” logo is a white rose. Their big rival is Lancashire, so the matchup is called “the Roses Match,” a reference to the 15th century Wars of the Roses.
Yorkshire Vikings action

I’m a fan of double blue, and the rose, while big, is still somewhat subtle. I’d definitely wear that.

. . .

South Group

Essex Eagles front

Now we move on to the South group, beginning with the Essex Eagles, with kits made by Surridge.

Essex Eagles back

There’s a nice V pattern on the jerseys. Take a few steps back, though, and you don’t see it. From where the fans sit they look like plain blue jerseys with a little bit of yellow striping.
Essex Eagles action

I need more yellow, or I’d like the V pattern to be more pronounced. It’s not a bad uniform, but it’s probably my least favorite.

. . .

Glamorgan front and back

Glamorgan, kits made by Gray-Nicolls.

Not every club has a T20 nickname, so, same as the “Proper Cricket” version, Glamorgan is just Glamorgan. This is the only team from Wales in the league, and the club proudly displays the Welsh flag on the collar of the jerseys.
Glamorgan action

I told Essex I needed more yellow, and here it is! For a club whose Twitter handle is @GlamCricket, that’s a pretty glam kit. Maybe a little too glam, with the sublimated daffodils and lettering. The daffodils on the helmet and jersey crest are more than enough. From a distance, I like this kit.
Glamorgan full

Speaking of yellow…

. . .

Gloucestershire front

Gloucestershire, kits by Gray-Nicolls.

Gloucestershire back

Just “Gloucestershire.” Wow, that’s a lot of yellow! In this case, though, that’s a good thing. The black is a perfect complement, and I like the pattern. Oh, and the club is well aware of how bright these are.
Gloucestershire knows they're bright

These are tied with Derbyshire for my favorite new kits.

. . .

Hampshire front

Hampshire, kits by Puma.

Hampshire back

I like these. Either they or Birmingham should have done something different, though, because if they meet on Finals Day it’s going to be like looking in a mirror. Last year Hampshire looked like Glamorgan, only with thinner horizontal stripes.
Hampshire last year

Maybe they should have kept the stripes and made them vertical.

. . .

Kent Spitfires front and back

Kent Spitfires, kits made by Samurai.

The first thing that comes to mind is Dave Bowman piloting a Spitfire into the Monolith. Here’s a closeup if you need it.
Kent Spitfires closeup

The second thing that comes to mind is, why did you get rid of last year’s completely awesome jerseys?

Those were not only in the “I’d wear that” class, but in the even rarer “I’d buy that” class. The club shop ran out, so if anyone has one in a U.S. extra large, let’s talk.

. . .

Middlesex front

Middlesex, kits made by Nike,

2017 Middlesex front 2017 Middlesex back

The biggest rival of my favorite team, so I don’t like them. But I can’t say I dislike those kits. You know how your favorite North American team goes pink in October? Middlesex’s T20 jerseys went pink for breast cancer ten years ago and they’ve kept the color ever since. Phil always says there’s room for a full-time pink team in sports…well, here you go.
2017 Middlesex full (w/ pyrotechnics and Pumas!)

Missed the color yellow? Don’t worry, here comes another one…

. . .

Somerset front and back

Somerset, kits made by Tyka.

Last year the jerseys were red and black hoops with white numbers. This year, because the dragon crest wasn’t enough, they added a big red dragon.
Somerset front

Thankfully, they went with black pants. Unlike with Gloucestershire, I think all-yellow here would have been taking it too far.

. . .

Surrey trio

Surrey, kits made by adidas.

From the day I first saw them on YouTube, this has been my favorite team. No one, and I mean no one wears the duck egg blue and black with brown helmets better than Surrey. I just wish they wore brown caps as well, the way they do in the County Championship. For T20 and for the One-Day Cup, though, they wear black caps but keep the brown helmets.
Surrey closeup Surrey action

Last year Under Armour made the kits, with black side panels and an off-center black vertical stripe to the left of the jersey ad. This year adidas gave them a cleaner look, while of course adding the three stripes. I think I’d like to see brown pants someday. In the meantime, this kit will more than do.

. . .

Sussex Sharks bowler

And we close out the South group with the Sussex Sharks, with kits made by Surridge.

Sussex Sharks back

It looks as if someone wiped their dirty hands on the front and back of these jerseys, right? Wrong, it’s a pattern.
Sussex Sharks closeup

It’s a somewhat nice pattern at that. Too bad it’s not bigger, because from a distance it’s really hard to appreciate it.
Sussex Sharks batter

. . .

The Indian Premier League, the Australian Big Bash League and the Caribbean Premier League may be more popular worldwide, but in my opinion the T20 Blast is the best-dressed cricket league in this format. I also think it’s just as much fun to listen to or watch. Hopefully, whether you agree or disagree, you’ll give cricket a try in one form or another.

• • •

Thanks, Jimmer! Who knew cricket could be so, ahem, colourful. With this uni primer, I’ll have to find this somewhere out there on the cyberwebs. Cheers, mate.

line of cricket bats



You See LA’s New Unis?

Now that UnderArmour has taken over as the uniform supplier for UCLA, the eagerly awaited(?) unveiling of the new football uniforms (or at least two of them) took place yesterday…

From UCLA’s official release:

UCLA and new athletics apparel and footwear partner Under Armour unveiled the Bruins’ 2017 football uniforms today.

Maintaining UCLA football tradition was key to the design of the uniforms. The home blue jersey is in “Powderkeg Blue”, the official blue of UCLA Athletics, and the home pant remains in the “Mighty Gold” color scheme. The jersey is built with Cordura rip stop yarns to resist rips and tears. Strategically-placed non-stretch panels make the jersey virtually impossible to grab. Front and back mesh panels at the bottom of the jerseys provide moisture management and breathability, and the upper portion of the jersey has four-way stretch knit for maximum mobility.

The traditional UCLA stripe, which was introduced to the football uniforms by Red Sanders in 1949, remains on the shoulder. The stripe can also be found on the white away pants.

Some personalized details have been added to the jersey. The UCLA Athletic Department motto “Champions Made Here,” framed by a pyramid inspired by Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success, can be found on the hemline. Under Armour’s motto “Protect This House” will be on the neckline inside the jersey. The numbers and names on the jersey are made using the custom typeface Bruin Block.

The “Mighty Gold” color of the helmet is accented by the original UCLA Football script with the tail. The helmet is the only place where that logo will be used. One change to the helmet, however, is the color. All wordmarks, including the helmet decal, are now “Powderkeg Blue” to match the home jersey.

Accessories will be anthracite gray, along with white, to mix and match with the uniforms. There are five styles of cleats and three different types of gloves from which the players can choose.

Nice, right? I like how they actually gave UCLA a “UCLA stripe” and that “powderkeg blue” (ugh) is actually a pretty nice color. The only thing that would have been better is if the new unis had had clarendon font for numbers, but these are nice and legible. I fear there will be an anthracite or black alternate at some point (maybe this season), as UCLA has been wont to have one or two of those types of unis (or at least they did under adidas).

If you want to see more large pics, this article has some good ones.

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Lukas b&w

In Case You Missed It…Paul’s Latest ESPN Piece

In case you missed it on Friday, Paul’s latest ESPN column takes a look at MLB teams that have worn zippered jerseys (including Cleveland, shown here, whose 1969 zippered vests featured the MLB centennial patch on the chest, instead on the sleeve).

If you didn’t read Paul’s latest piece, here ya go.

Good stuff there!

line of cricket bats



Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this one before, but once more can’t hurt: from 1977 Seattle Mariners part-owner Danny Kaye w/players, during Spring training at Tempe Diablo Stadium (from Vintage Baseball). … “I was at the James Taylor/Bonnie Raitt concert at Nats Park last night and they were selling this shirt based on the Nats circle logo (actually closer to the old Nats D.C. Circle logo),” says David Raglin. … Here’s a look at the great “Shoeless” Joe Jackson (ironically, with footwear) warming up with the Savannah Indians, in 1909. (South Atlantic League) Hit .358 in 118 games before be recalled. From Alex Cheremeteff. Love that sweater! … From Robert Hayes: More news on Wahoo’s future in Clevo. … brandon ® thinks the Air Jorday baseball shoes are awesome. … Yeah, the Everett Aqua Sox make those tequila sunrise jerseys look mighty-good (from JayJay Dean). … From the “That was quick” files: “I have attached three pics of the MLB Network banner located behind home plate during (yesterday’s) Yankee/Red Sox game,” says David Rakowski. “Top of the 1st, it was falling off. Bottom of the 1st, it was removed. By the 2nd inning it was replaced or fixed.” … Mississippi Uptown Toodle-oo too? “Interesting half stripe on the pants of the Aberdeen Ironbirds (short season A Orioles affiliate),” notes David Raglin. … The Frisco RoughRiders were sporting some Retro Game Show Night jerseys yesterday (via RoughRiders). Here’s another look. And another. … Saturday night, the Charlotte Knights celebrated their delicious barbeque history by changing their name for a day. The White Sox Triple-A affiliate went with the Pitmasters, complete with the obligatory specialty jersey and hat. … A bit tough to see here, but the A’s and Indians went navy vs. hunter at the Rickey Henderson Field at the Oakland Coliseum last evening (from Benjamin Kassel).

NFL/CFL/College/High School Football News: In a move that will likely surprise no one, it looks like the San Diego Chargers have revealed their Color Rash jerseys for this season (from Coach Dave). Of course, the Chargers had one of the better Color Rash kits last year, so, if yer gonna CR, might as well look aight doing it. … Former Ohio State linebacker Chris Spielman is suing his alma mater over its promotion of the university by using players’ likeness through its marketing department. Honda and Nike are co-conspirators in the suit ”” Nike’s involvement is for its “Legends of the Scarlet and Gray” vintage jersey licensing program and other apparel contracts with the school. … WTF! This old article notes these “Saskatchewan newlyweds (were) fined for not wearing Roughriders jerseys in wedding photos,” (nice find from Mike Styczen). I’m pretty sure this isn’t an Onion-esque article, tho there’s so much “fake news” out there I might be duped. (Oh, wait — apparently it is). … Check out these chrome helmets for East Mississippi Community College (from △⃒⃘”). … Check out this great video from Sports Funhouse from 1970: showing the First Steelers game at Three Rivers Stadium. Preseason vs. #NYG. Note the “GIANTS” in one end zone. Terry Bradshaw’s first game also. … Pj Kuzdal writes, “Notre Lame pants seem to have interesting folds on the thighs. They both are the same so can’t be how he put them on.”

NBA/College/G-League/Summer League High School Basketball News: It’s now official. Chris Paul is a Houston Rocket. Here’s a look at him in his (still swoosh- and ad-less) uniform (from Nick Lineback). Of course, we won’t be seeing any *official* Nike uniforms on players until October. … I have no idea how accurate this is nor if it’s even legit, but this is apparently a look at the Cavaliers new unis via 2K18 (from justin berdar). If true, it looks like there will be a black alt in the rotation.

Soccer News: Here’s a really nice colorization by Marina Amaral of Prime Minister Winston Churchill shaking hands with members of Newcastle United before the 1952 FA Cup final (from James Gilbert). … “The ‘national’ soccer team of French Guiana was eliminated from the regional championships (CONCACAF Gold Cup) [Friday] night,” says Mark McGinnis. “Since it is part of France they can’t be part of FIFA, so this tourney was their no stage. It included brothers Loïc and Ludovic Baal. Their kits went two very different ways in distinguishing them.”

Grab Bag: During yesterday’s Wimbledon Ladies’ Final, Venus Williams’ coach was seen wearing a Jacksonville Jaguars jacket (from Douglas Ford). … Interesting article from Esquire (spotted by Tommy Turner) focusing on Carhartt, “What it means to be a Working Class clothing brand in America today.” … The International vegan flag has launched: “A team of designers have created a new International vegan flag that shows our love as vegans to the Earth, and our battle to a create better and cleaner world” (from K.C. Kless). … There are other Naming Wrongs? “Someone, somewhere in Indiana has adapted your (Paul’s) IP,” says Jordan Cutler. “Photo is from a friend’s Facebook page at {Friday} night’s Chicago Phish show.” … Spalding, get your foot off the boat (via MrMichael).

line of cricket bats



And that’s it for today. Thanks to Jimmer Vilk (who should be making a return engagement for “Vilkmas in July” later this month) for the Cricket rundown! I’m not sure if I’d buy any of those kit tops, but I’d wear plenty. I’ll be back next weekend, but until then, everyone have a great week and I’ll catch ya in six days…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Bleu cheese is for wings, not ranch. But we’re talking about drinking it though a straw here, people!”

— Jon Rose

line of cricket bats



Comments (46)

    Re: Notre Dame footbal pants, those aren’t folds, those are seams from the panels of fabric between the thigh pad holder and the bottom of the pants.

    Great article on the cricket. Just thought it was of interest that Durham Jets are only named the Jets because of the sponsorship deal that they made with Emirates air line for naming rights for the stadium and for the T20 team. Prior to the deal, the nickname was Dynamos.

    Emirates corporate colours I think are red and black and that is the reason for the red on the kit. Durham’s traditional colours are navy and yellow as seen on the helmet which explains the mismatch between the kit and the helmet.

    Jaime, taking your comment on a bit of a tangent, this is why ads on jerseys confuse me. They could use any nickname because the team name isn’t anywhere prominent on the uniform. I see the “Durham Fly Emirates.” Same thing with soccer kits – the team identity is lost in search of the money for the ads.

    Thanks for your background on the teams and stadium sponsor info!

    Completely agree Kevin. At least officially they are not Fly Emirates Durham Jets but in other sports over here such as with British Basketball, the sponsors are becoming part of the team name such as the Esh Group Eagles Newcastle (formerly known more sensibly as Newcastle Eagles!)

    The naming rights of grounds is definitely the worst part of corporate sponsorship in cricket. Most grounds had the same names for over 150 years before the corporate renaming. I suppose Durham’s ground is younger at least, I’m still calling it Chester Le Street not the Emirates International Cricket Ground though. And I still refer to my own local ground as The Rose Bowl, although that ground is only 16 years old.

    Enjoyed the write up Jim, as a southerner I rarely get to see what teams up north are wearing. The diversity in T20 Uniforms is getting more dynamic each year. When I go to county matches there are always far more people wearing T20 gear than whites or RL One day stuff.

    Glad you liked, Michael.

    And if I ever make it to a Surrey game, I want a duck-egg blue “I Still Call It The Oval” shirt.

    Good work UA on the UCLA uniforms. I agree, Clarendon would have made this an A+. But they nailed it mostly. Solid A.

    Agreed. No complaints here, although I do think there was no need for the white pants, sticking with gold would have been better but the white doesn’t look bad.

    It’s sophomoric, borderline anti-Catholic, and below even this site’s standards. Do better.

    David Bloomquist,

    What did you think about those Frisco RoughRiders retro gameshow night pieces of shyt?

    I think they should have gone with StarWars night, if you want my honest opinion but I will defer to whatever you write (but it has to be at least 20 words when you comment.

    Have a good Sunday, Mr B!

    I skipped the link, lol. I think the straw that broke my back was the Conspiracy Theory jerseys from three days ago.

    The first friggin time I click one of those links in months, and those appear. 😖

    I made up the word, so I’m keeping it.

    Not near a dictionary now but I think the way I wrote it has a precedent with other words.

    You missed my point: YOUR word and spelling (superfluosity) is fine, but the response to it (superflousity) is misspelled.

    It seems the vegans ripped off the design of the North American Vexillological Association. I mean I know there are only so many (good) designs available but maybe not copy the guys who are most likely to notice?

    I remember being able to watch test cricket from the West Indies via C band wild feeds back in the late ’80s, took a couple of days to piece together the rules just from watching.

    T20 cricket is an abomination, so at least the uniforms are consistent in that regard.

    I prefer the term “Improper Cricket ” ;)

    Reminds me of the time someone said “Indoor soccer is a bastard child of The Beautiful Game.” I said “Yeah, but it’s my beautiful bastard.”

    I love every form of cricket, so T20 is my beautiful abomination. I’m just glad all three versions can coexist peacefully.

    I always remember the Monty Python sketch about village idiots; one of the final jokes was that idiots gather en masse to watch displays of “ritual idioting;” quick cut to film of a cricket match at Lords.

    If anybody is watching F1, get a screen grab of Bottas cockpit cam: he wears gloves that have a watch where it would be on his wrist.

    You still can’t beat Fresno’s The Price is Right jerseys from several years back. What show was Frisco doing?

    I really like these UCLA uniforms. Even though I’m a USC grad, I’ve always liked their traditional uniforms. I thought Adidas did many things wrong that UA appeared to correct. Adidas “True Blue” seemed too dark, and when they used it on the white jerseys it looked turquoise. The last few years they used navy on their white road uniforms, making them look like Notre Dame or Cal. I like the white pants with the white jersey, but I still prefer the gold pants matching their helmet. And being consistent with their blue is a huge improvement. Funny that they keep calling it something different. I like that they went back to calling it “Powderkeg” from the original name given when Red Sanders changed their navy to light blue. I’ll be interested to see their basketball uniforms.

    With the exception of a couple of years under Karl Dorrell and the new UA unis, UCLA has ALWAYS had navy blue on the white away unis. These new ones look just as turquoise as the KD era whites. Not a good look and certainly not traditional.

    The Spielman lawsuit needs deeper UniWatch analysis. How many other schools have similar “legends” deals? The NCAA sells no name on back jerseys for current players but the Legends slap the NOB. Could be start of wave of lawsuits.

    I agree that this deserves more attention. The NCAA needs to realize they can’t just perpetually exploit people because they were once talented college athletes. I did think it was interesting that he says any monetary gain will be donated to OSU athletic dept. Isn’t there a better place to give the money than right back where it is coming from?

    Really enjoyed the rundown of the T20 kits. Thanks Jim!

    The jersey of the Derbyshire Falcons is cool and unique. Not going to see North American teams wearing their colour scheme of navy blue with light blue, yellow and brown trim – unless the Chargers add brown to their colour scheme ;).

    And thank you!

    The Memphis Grizzlies could add brown, too, but you’re right – they won’t.

    You may know this but thought I’d throw out my two cents on that guys naming wrong t shirt. It’s referencing Deer Creek music center. Had been named that forever. Then it was changed to Version music center for a while and is now called Klipsch music center. It’s an outdoor concert venue just out side of Nobelsville Indiana. there’s a few places around the area that pay homage to it. There’s a Deer Creek brewery not to far away, side note they have some pretty good beers. Also a little boutique in the downtown area that sells shirts and what nots with the phrase on it.

    Everyone from Indy or near Indy of a certain age still calls it Deer Creek anyway.

    Shit I’ll accidentally call Lucas Oil the Hoosier Done every once and a while.

    I’m pretty sure that Pittsburgh-Giants game was also the first Monday Night Football game (a “test” preseason game for the announcers & crew, not the official first game in Cleveland a few weeks later, but it was broadcast). You can see an “ABC Sports” banner briefly in the clip.

    Yeah the abrieviated shoulder stripes looked bad. Really a nice job by UA. I just hope they don’t break out a black or gray alternate.

    Re: Everett Aquasox.

    Are the Frogs jerseys available for purchase or are they going to just auction them off at the end of the season?

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