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‘Movie Jersey’ Contestants – Part II

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By Phil Hecken

Back today with Part II of the “Movie Jersey” contest — if you missed Part I, you can look here.

As mentioned yesterday, I received a total of 46 submissions ”” I ran 23 yesterday and the final 23 (all alphabetically) are below, with a single set of voting each day. So as you scroll through the submissions today, make notes (or write down) the jerseys you like. At the end of all the submissions, I will have a poll where you can vote on as many of the efforts as you’d like. The top five from each day (yesterday and today) will move on to the finals next weekend. Some of the entrants did provide short descriptions, which I said I would include if they were given to me.

Big thanks go out to Steve Rosenbeck of Garb Athletics, who will provide the reader with the winning submission a custom-created jersey based off of his/her creation!

Lots to get to today, so let’s get started. Again, DON’T FORGET TO VOTE after all the day’s submissions are shown. There will be a lot of choices, so make sure you select the correct entrant(s). To make it easier, I’ll number each entry and include the Movie/Jersey in the voting. OK? OK”¦here we go (you should be able to click any image to enlarge):

• • • • • • • • •

Lineback, Zach - Knights

1. Zach Lineback
Movie/Jersey: The Natural/NY Knights

• • •

Mandile, Tom - Beavers

2. Tom Mandile
Movie/Jersey: Teen Wolf

• • •

Mayor, Chris - Browns Draft Day

3. Chris Mayor
Movie/Jersey: Draft Day

• • •

McLaughlin, Kevin - Gashouse Gorillas

4. Kevin McLaughlin
Movie/Jersey: Bugs Bunny/Gas House Gorillas

If the funny little “alternate” jersey is not allowed, let me know and I can get rid of it. Thanks! I know you’re being bombarded today!

• • •

Mills, Hunter - Mud Dogs

5. Hunter Mills
Movie/Jersey: The Waterboy

• • •

Moore, Quentin - Invincible

6. Quentin Moore
Movie/Jersey: Invincible

“I chose to redesign the Philadelphia Eagles jerseys from the movie Invincible. It gave me a great opportunity to design my favorite team’s jersey, use Kelly green and enter another great contest.”

• • •

Mueller, Joseph - Knights

7. Joseph Mueller
Movie/Jersey: Like Mike

• • •

Nir, Dylan - California Atoms

8. Dylan Nir
Movie/Jersey: Gus/California Atoms

“Here is my entry for the movie jersey contest. I updated the California Atoms jersey from the 1976 Disney movie Gus. These two links show the uniform from the movie and the team logo.”

• • •

O'Keefe, Angus - Rockford Peaches

9. Angus O’Keefe
Movie/Jersey: A League of their Own

“Did a modern day take on the Rockford Peaches from A League of Their Own. Obviously influenced by the Card’s throwback jerseys, using the scales from the Peaches’ original logo.”

• • •

Pass, Blake - The Rookie

10. Blake Pass
Movie/Jersey: The Rookie

“I call this a “retro update” since so many college and minor league teams are wearing these as a new style these days. The link is the only pic I can find of him wearing the original in the movie.”

• • •

Peterson, Justin - Springfield Isotopes

11. Justin Peterson
Movie/Jersey: The Simpsons/Springfield Isotopes

“I didn’t read the rules close enough and picked a team from a TV show. My bad.”

• • •

Piechota, Tyler - Chiefs

12. Tyler Piechota
Movie/Jersey: Slap Shot

• • •

Ramirez, Romulus - Kekambas

13. Romulus Ramirez
Movie/Jersey: Hardball

“Classic clean approach. Heather grey modernized fabric pattern. Updating the logo and numbers with a clean custom sans serif font. Side panel design not distracting from the logo. Honorary G-Baby sleeve patch. Custom button. Kofi, G-Baby’s older brother and protector was chosen as the player name on the jersey.”

• • •

Rocklein, Alex - Tune Squad

14. Alex Rocklein
Movie/Jersey: Space Jam/Tune Squad

“I redesigned the jersey for the heroes of Space Jam, the Tune Squad. In keeping with the spirit of the contest, I chose LeBron to be featured on the jersey. I pulled out the Looney Tunes bullseye and used that as a modernized accent.”

• • •

Rogers, Matt - Waterboy

15. Matt Rogers
Movie/Jersey: The Waterboy

“Kept the adidas sponsorship and added elements that most adidas schools have. Updated the Bourbon Bowl patch to reflect the bowl that would be played as a result of the 2017 season.”

• • •

Shriver, Tim - MASH

16. Tim Shriver
Movie/Jersey: M*A*S*H

“A complete redesign, here’s my entry from the 1970 film, MASH. In the movie MASH, the unit wears plain, unadorned red jerseys with white numbers…how unamerican! For 2017, the 4077 goes BFBS with OD green trim and stencil numbers/letters, with no contrasting outline because legibility is optional these days. Of course there’s a ubiquitous flag patch as well.

• • •

Sinnott, Will - Mystery Alaska

17. Will Sinnott
Movie/Jersey: Mystery, Alaska

• • •

Smith, Mike - Bears

18. Mike Smith
Movie/Jersey: Bad News Bears

“The back stays blank only with CHICO’S BAIL BONDS. ‘let freedom ring'”

• • •

Smith, Steven - Gotham Rogues

19. Stephen Smith
Movie/Jersey: Batman: Dark Knight Rises

“Here is my entry for the contest: a reboot of the Gotham Rogues from the Dark Knight Rises Batman movie. This is an attempt to simplify the uniform, as well as update the font to something that still has a modern feel, but stays relatively fitting to the name and logo.”

• • •

Thomas, Brett - Kekambas

20. Brett Thomas
Movie/Jersey: Hardball

• • •

Trattner, Jesse - Tune Squad

21. Jesse Tratner
Movie/Jersey: Space Jam/Tune Squad

“I have selected to do the “Tune Squad” jersey from Space Jam.”

• • •

Worthington, M - Blackhawks-Griswold

22. M. Worthington
Movie/Jersey: Christmas Vacation

“We’re gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest season since Pit Martin skated with Jimmy f’n Pappin. You mean you didn’t order the Metallic Pea Green and Simulated Wood Grain DI-NOC?”

• • •

Yancey, Matt - Sharks

23. Matt Yancey
Movie/Jersey: Any Given Sunday/Sharks

• • • • • • • • •

And now”¦cast your votes ”” remember, you can vote for as many submissions as you’d like (top 5 move on to the finals), but you can only vote once.:

Movie Jersey Contest – Part II free polls

• • • • • • • • •

And there you have it — Part II. I’m pretty impressed with the entries, and I think this was a pretty fun contest to host. Give the participants your thoughts (props, jeers, etc.) in the comments below. I’ll have the top 5 today, added to the top five vote getters from yesterday, for our final voting next weekend.

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crabcakes and football

…and Baseball & Horse Racing

The Orioles’ newest promotion, “Celebrate Maryland Day,” was done to coincide (I am pretty sure) with the running of the Preakness Stakes. It should not be confused with actual “Maryland Day”, which is a legal holiday and celebrated on March 25 (the landing of the first European settlers in the Province of Maryland). Maryland was admitted to the Union on April 28, 1788. So … it’s gotta be a tie in to the ponies, right?

Anyway, in celebration of “Celebrate Maryland Day,” the birds wore custom hats and jerseys with Maryland Flag script on Saturday in their game against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Reader Will Shoken sent in some pics and added the following:

“The Orioles wore special Maryland flag jerseys and caps. J.J. Hardy and Hyun Soo Kim also wore Maryland flag socks. Replica jerseys were given away to the fans (as seen in the background in the view of Adam Jones at bat).”

You can click to enlarge:

Screenshot (12)

Screenshot (15)

Screenshot (18)

Screenshot (21)

Screenshot (24)

FullSizeRender (4)

FullSizeRender (5)

Nice, right? So much nicer when teams decide to do their own self-promotion instead of having “theme” unis/jerseys forced upon them by MLB.

I’d actually hoped (and planned) on seeing this game, but circumstances, and finances (plus a car that won’t currently pass inspection and needs a new windshield — really didn’t feel like tempting fate and a ticket) conspired against me. So…I still have to cross Camden Yards off the stadium bucket list. Hopefully at some point later this season. If anyone’s up for a road trip (or is from/near Ballmer…let’s talk).

Thanks to Andrew Cosentino for one of the tweets and the final two flag socks photos used in this section.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: “I was really impressed with my local high school’s baseball and softball uniforms,” says Sean Gibson. “Our high school colors are Maroon and Gold. I think they did a decent job this year with the maroon (they go from ketchup red to too purple maroon). The high school is Juab High School in Nephi, Utah.” … In a crossing the rubicon split Jimmer Vilk would *love,* check out new Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott getting set to throw out the first pitch at a Buffalo “Bissons” game (from Michael Blake Raymer). … This was discussed in yesterday’s comments, but Kenneth Turner had this to say about Jaime Farr’s M*A*S*H “Texas Rangers” cap: “Being from Toledo, OH like Jamie Farr, his love for his hometown is well known and legendary. He frequently wore caps and jerseys on the show from his beloved city and team, as in this picture. He is actually wearing a cap from the Toledo Mud Hens, not the Texas Rangers.” … More “foreign team” fan license plates: A Miami Giants fan (from Chris F.). … Here is all that remains of the Polo Grounds today (from Glorious Tentacles). … Here’s a beautiful signed print of Le Grand Orange as an Expo (from Gregg Inkpen). … START ‘EM YOUNG Part II: “That’s my boy rockin’ the stirrups in 2015. Coach loved it, even if one stirrup went rogue,” says 3-6-3 DP). … Neat bobblehead giveaway at Wrigley Field yesterday: “The Final Out” featuring Kris Bryant & Anthony Rizzo (from Bruce Menard). … There are “tons of awesome photos of House of David in this story,” says our own Alex Hider. … The author of this article seems to think the Durham Bulls “Bull City Blues” unis are the best in MiLB. I do like them a LOT. … WHOOPS!!! These are NOT the jerseys you’re looking for San Jose Gaints (great spot by Jason Knapp). However, in their defense, the Giants had a great reply. … John Muir is a big fan of the Cubs infield tarp covering, saying “The product placement on the infield tarp is pretty close to perfect.” … “We’re heading to the MiLB Bowie Baysox for the game to(day), and noticed that they will be wearing special uniforms celebrating a cartoon my son watches on tv,” says Daniel J. Sym. “Definitely one of the more unique uniforms I’ve seen and I thought you might be interested.” … Major baseball find on Antiques Roadshow: Ned Hanlon’s Baltimore #Orioles championship awards (1894-96); from Bruce Menard. … Paul knew I’d love these Omaha, NE Westside high school blood red uniforms with vertical name down black placket. Runner ups in Class A baseball yesterday (from Jeff Jensen). … Stirrups all day long (from danny). I’m guessing that comes from the Wilmington Blue Rocks game. … James Gilbert writes, “I don’t know why #26 is standing with a #46 framed jersey and why it’s a 2-yr old jersey style (old script/# typeface).” … It doesn’t quite top Salty’s 14 letter surname, but Check out the new Cincy Red (just called up from the minors), with a 13 letter last name (from Guybrush).

NFL/CFL/College/Football News: OK, this is kinda odd — check out this locker photo from Mitch Trubisky instagram. Beau Parks asks, “Bears changing pant stripe?” Those sure look like Denver Broncos pants. And Trubisky went to UNC, so clearly those aren’t something the Tar Heels would have worn. I’m like 99.9% sure those aren’t Bears trou, but why are they in his locker then? … This photo (from Broc) show teams who’ve dumped the Nikelace in favor of the updated template. … Was the two-stripe Niner update just a tease? Gabriel Alvarado asks, “Maybe the Niners are still using the old template after all?” — I’m betting that’s just old stock, but clearly that’s a Nikelace. Also shown with the old template are the Bengals, who we know are updating. … One team we KNOW are switching to the new template are the New York Football Giants (from Alejandro DeJesus). … If you look in the back row (third from left), is that a Lions throwback? (nice spot by Delmz). … An arcade in Pigeon Forge with some outdated NFL team logos on their cups (from Pat Anello). … I’m pretty sure we’ve seen these before, but Southern Miss has some new unis (and combos) for 2017 (from Adam Sullivan). … Another team without the Nikelace: The Eagles (from Nick M.). …”Check out this vintage 1970’s Cowboys trash can I found at a yard sale today for 50 cents!” exclaims Forward Progress Tees. “There’s one on Ebay priced at $120!!!” … Our pal Jimmer Vilk would absolutely love these Cedar Rapids Titans jerseys (from Kevin English).

Soccer News: Following up on a ticker item from yesterday, Mark Higgins writes, “The five boroughs listed on the new Crystal Palace shirt are actually the five boroughs that the area of Crystal Palace straddles – much like a tri-state area. The Selhurst Park stadium is located entirely in South Norwood in the borough of Croydon and not in Crystal Palace, however – and the Crystal Palace the club is named for no longer exists. It was moved to Sydenham Hill in London in 1854 before burning down in 1936, and was originally located in Hyde Park, in the borough of Westminster. In short, this is a shirt and club with some interesting history!” … The leaked Barcelona kit shows a new stripe pattern for 2017-18 season. Submitter Josh Hinton adds, “The club’s new sponsorship deal with Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten kicks in, but that doesn’t appear to be the only change.” … From Ty Smith: Bayern Munich makes the gameday mascots cover up Nike swoosh on boots. … Big Nike leak today, “Inter Milan the pick of the bunch for me” says Mikey Traynor. … Kacper LaskoÅ› plays without WisÅ‚a Kraków’s advertiser (@LVBETpl ) because he’s under 18. Wearing would violate Polish law (good spot by Ed Å»elaski”).

Grab Bag: USA Luge has launched an online vote to decide which of two helmet designs their athletes wear at next year’s Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang. … The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed Pakistan’s jersey for the upcoming ICC Champions Trophy 2017 in England and Wales. It’s quite good looking, (just not a fan of the contrasting side panels), but great colors. … Check out Jimmie Johnson’s “Hamilton” helmet (from Mike Bilder).

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And that’s it for today. Thanks to everyone (both days) who contributed to the “Movie Jersey” contest. If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to vote for your favorites! I’ll be back next weekend with the ten finalists. Everyone have a great week and I’ll catch ya next weekend…but until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Baseball pants are the same color as the shirts. Anything else is softball.”

— Jon Rose

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Comments (28)

    Tim Shriver’s M*A*S*H jersey comment (“…legibility is optional these days”) flat-out fractured my funny bone. One can’t help but weep for the unfortunate press box spotters who have to make split-second identifications of players when their names and numbers are navy-on-black without any contrasting outline whatsoever. Or silver-on-white, for that matter.

    As far as the Mud hens go, I spent a little time looking at the Toledo Blade archive and found

    April 17, 1951 link
    April 16, 1952 link

    So it looks like the Hens were using an Old English T in the Korean War era. That said, a soldier wearing a minor league jersey and cap of any sort is probably a bigger anachronism than wearing the uniform that was current during filming instead of the era-appropriate one. (And M*A*S*H seems to have survived the error.)

    We can assume that Klinger received the Mud Hens cap and jersey as a present from home on one of the ten Christmases the 4077th celebrated during the three winters of the Korean War.

    If they ever reboot M*A*S*H, they need to set it in Afghanistan. It’d be extremely unlikely that the show would run longer than the actual war.

    I was hoping one of our skilled designers would choose to rework Abbott and Costello’s St Louis Wolves uni worn in the movie Naughty Nineties in which the duo performs “Who’s On First”

    Nobody wants to deal with the mess that would ensue if they decided to use NOB and assigned uniform numbers to certain players. I once saw a product on sale where uniform T-shirts gave Who #1, What #2, and I Don’t Know #3. Which, of course, is wrong. Sticklers would insist that players be given numbers according to their position numbers in scorecard notation; then again, I Don’t Care (#6).

    The Mitch Trubisky “locker” said it was in LA Coliseum. Since he is not a Ram, this would seem to be some NFL Rookie event, either under the auspices of the league or the NFLPA. Either way, it’s not his actual locker… right? Still no explanation for Broncos pants.

    Here’s Mitch Trubisky’s tweet promoting his football card, with ‘regular’ Bears pants. link Front view (stripes not visible) link

    If I had any knowledge about how to do it, I’d do a redesign of the Caprica City Buccaneers.

    Anyone else think that the song they sang pre-race, “Maryland my Maryland”, sounds a lot like “Oh Christmas Tree”?

    “Maryland, My Maryland” was adopted as the state song of Maryland in 1939. The lyrics originated from a nine-stanza poem that was written by James Ryder Randall in April 1861. A native of Maryland, Randall was teaching in Louisiana in the early days of the Civil War, and he was outraged at the news of Union troops being marched through Baltimore. The poem articulated Randall’s Confederate sympathies. Set to the traditional tune of “Lauriger Horatius” (“O, Tannenbaum”), the song achieved wide popularity in Maryland and throughout the South.

    Concerning the maroon uniforms in Juab High School in Nephi, Utah, this color can be a problem. Arizona State and Minnesota seem to finally have their maroons correct, after many years looking more red. When ASU plays USC (cardinal red), the fans are hard to differentiate. My high school is cardinal red, but lately their uniforms look more maroon. And what’s the difference between maroon and burgundy?

    I was surprised that no one wanted to redo jersey from either Friday Night Lights or Varsity Blues.

    I thought about them… I think that baseball and hockey jerseys lend themselves to a larger canvas for a re-design (instead of uni numbers on the front), which is probably why those two sports are doing better in the voting.

    Little observation about Teen Wolf (the movie): all the basketball teams wore their nicknames on their uniforms, except for one team whose town name appeared on their uniform; even the military school in one game had “Cadets” on their uniform! This must have led the NewYork Times reviewer to wonder if this was actually intramural competition, since Mick was able to harrass Scott in school one day, and go up against him in a championship game on another day.

    As far as tarp advertisers go, nothing can beat the Braves using Morton Salt in the mid-1980s.

    The rebuilt Brush Stairway is one nice way the Polo Grounds has been remembered in recent years.

    Ken Griffey Jr. played for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team, not the Isotopes.

    Boy, I certainly hope someone got fired for that blunder.

    Paul, I think a Uni-Watch meeting is in order at Camden Yards. Please see if you can make it happen.

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