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Most ‘Murica: Your Redesign The USA Jersey Finalists

Design contest finalists

By Phil Hecken

If you’ve been reading Uni Watch the past two weekends, you know we held a “Redesign the USA Baseball Jersey (and cap)” contest, in which more than 50 participants battled it out in three preliminary rounds (if you missed any or want to see all the entries, you can click here for Part I, here for Part II and here for Part III). Over the course of three days and six pools, 12 finalists have made it through to the final round of voting, which takes place below. I’ll re-post the 12 finalists, after which there will be a poll — you can vote for as many of the entries as you like — and the top vote getter will be declared the “winner”. I’ll post the results next week.

We already knew our first four contestants (Andrew Stone, Bryan Spangenberg, Aaron Ganci and Trayton Miller) won Set I and Set II respectively. Our final eight were determined by the votes in four separate groups (click to enlarge):

USA Baseball Redesign Contest winners set three

USA Baseball Redesign Contest winners set four

USA Baseball Redesign Contest winners set five USA Baseball Redesign Contest winners set six

Please join me in congratulating Ron Verrecchio & Mason Fiske (Set III), Brendan Gargano & Ben DeRosa (Set IV), Jesse Alkire & Peter Wadja (Set V), and Dan Kennedy & Charles Noerenberg (Set VI). They’ll join our first four finalists to round out the Big XII.

One last time, here are each of the participants’ entries (you can click on each image to enlarge). The poll will follow. You know what to do:

• • • • • • • • • •

Andrew-Stone-USA Home

Andrew Stone


Andrew-Stone-USA Road

• • • • • • • • • •

Bryan-Spangenberg-USA Baseball Redesign Contest

Bryan Spangenberg

• • • • • • • • • •

Aaron-Ganci-USA Baseball Redesign Contest-01-overview

Aaron Ganci

Aaron-Ganci-USA Baseball Redesign Contest-02-home

Aaron-Ganci-USA Baseball Redesign Contest-03-away Aaron-Ganci-USA Baseball Redesign Contest-04-altaway

Aaron-Ganci-USA Baseball Redesign Contest-05-starsNstripes

• • • • • • • • • •

Trayton-Miller-USA Baseball Redesign Contest

Trayton Miller

• • • • • • • • • •

Ron Verrecchio-USA Baseball

Ron Verrecchio

• • • • • • • • • •


Mason Fiske

• • • • • • • • • •


Brendan Gargano

• • • • • • • • • •

Ben DeRosa-USA baseball-01

Ben DeRosa

Ben DeRosa-USA baseball-02 Ben DeRosa-USA baseball-03

Ben DeRosa-usa home robertson Ben DeRosa--usa road jones

• • • • • • • • • •

Jesse Alkire-USA Baseball home

Jesse Alkire

Jesse Alkire-USA Baseball road

Jesse Alkire-USA Baseball alt

• • • • • • • • • •

Peter Wajda USA Baseball Redesign Contest

Peter Wajda

• • • • • • • • • •

Dan-Kennedy-USA Baseball Redesign Contest

Dan Kennedy

• • • • • • • • • •

Charles Noerenberg-Home 1

Charles Noerenberg

Charles Noerenberg-Home 2

Charles Noerenberg-Road 1 Charles Noerenberg-Road 2

Charles Noerenberg--WBC-jersey-crest-mockup Charles Noerenberg-Cap WBC Cap Mockup

• • • • • • • • • •

You may vote for as many as you would like
(You may only vote once)

USA Baseball Jersey Redesign Contest – FINALISTS free polls

• • • • • • • • • •

Good luck to everyone and thanks to all who participated in the contest and who voted.

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Vilk One Shining Vilkment

He’s baaaaack. This time it’s only after a short hiatus, as Jimmer Vilk graced us with a WBC 5 & 1 not too long ago. But now that his favorite tournament is almost to its conclusion, the one and only rater of good & bad (non-college football) unis is here to give you a rundown of the ten best, and two worst, uni matchups for the NCAA tourney.

Here’s Jimmer:

• • •

As always, I give you college hoops music to play in another tab while you go through my picks. This year I give you the CBS theme…no, not the current earworm that’s worn out its welcome. This one. Or, if you’d rather hear One Shining Moment, here’s the Best. One. Ever. Love that ending! Now, on to the countdown.

Honorable Mention to UNC-Wilmington/Virginia – The Seahawks have slightly downgraded in recent years and still they find their way here.

And to Princeton/Notre Dame – I may not be a Notre Dame fan but I’m a script Irish jersey fan.

10. Kansas State/Wake Forest – Normally I don’t recognize the First Four’s existence (64 teams forever!), although I’ll make an exception for the list.

9. Xavier/Maryland – Color vs. color, plus it was the one Xavier game where you could see the big X on the shorts.

8. South Dakota State/Gonzaga – The usually BFBS Jackrabbits look so much better in school colors.

7. Florida Gulf Coast/Florida State – If only the Minnesota Timberwolves looked and played more like Dunk City.

6. Rhode Island/…Oregon? – Funkiest matchup of the tournament.

5. Saint Mary’s/Arizona – Even though I’m going to lose many of you here, I think the Gaels’ side panels go VERY well with the Wildcats’ Tequila Cloudrise.

4. East Tennessee State/Florida – After ‘Nova lost I really wanted to see the Gators’ road jerseys, diagonal block numbers and underhanded free throws this weekend.

3. UCLA/Kentucky – Nice thing about the Bruins being the lower seed is having more of that wonderful blue to enjoy.

2. Winthrop/Butler – Getting an old Atlanta Hawks vibe from the Eagles, and I like the Bulldogs’ home whites.

1. Kentucky/North Carolina – I was hoping to have no repeat teams (especially one with fans who do stuff like this), but it’s all about the unis here and Argyle + Checkerboard = Awesome.

&2: Michigan/Louisville – From a distance (and a short one at that) it looks like MicroscopicFont-igan and Lousy-ville.

&1: New Mexico State/Baylor – Who knew that a black hole and a supernova could exist that close to each other?

Thanks to USA Today for all but two of the photos, to Sportsnet for Winthrop/Butler and to McClatchy for the &2 pic. Enjoy the final shining moments of the season, everyone. Get ’em next year, Wildcats!

• • •

Thanks, Jimmer. We may not always agree on your selections, but your efforts in choosing them are certainly second to none.

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And now a few words from Paul…

Contest reminder: In case you missed it during the past week, Paul is running a new ESPN design challenge to redesign the Raiders for their move to Las Vegas. Full details here.

• • • • •

StripeRite sale: In honor of North Carolina making it to the Final Four, nicely symbolized by our Carolina blue sock with the “4” on it, we’re running a sale on our StripeRite socks. From now through April 7, use the discount code FINALFOUR to get 10% off. This applies to any order from our first or second batch of StripeRites. Thanks for your consideration.

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April Fool’s Day Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Here’s a great colorized photo from Bruce Menard of Jack Roosevelt Robinson and Leo the Lip posing before a Brooklyn Dodgers vs Montreal Royals game in Havana, Cuba (March 31, 1947). A mere 15 days later, Jackie would make history. Sadly, Durocher was suspended for the ’47 season by Commish Happy Chandler. Durocher may have been known for the “Nice guys finish last” quote (which he actually never said — it was a condensation of several quotes by journalists), but my favorite quote of his was this: “I do not care if the guy is yellow or black, or if he has stripes like a fuckin’ zebra. I’m the manager of this team, and I say he plays. What’s more, I say he can make us all rich. And if any of you cannot use the money, I will see that you are all traded.” … Also from Bruce, here’s a copy of the Dodgers Spring Training Program from 1947 — they trained in Cuba that year. … I know many of you fear the UA takeover of uni manufacture (including the UA logo placement on the chest), but if these Orange Lutheran unis are any example of their future look, I’m liking the possibilities (from Colin Nicholas). … Here’s a look at the Portland Sea Dogs’ Saturday & Sunday caps (from Ricky St. Clair). … Neat billboard in Milwaukee unveils more of the Opening Day logo each day, made to look like grounds crew tarp (from Alex Hider). Interesting Reddit thread on it too. … We’ve seen stuff like this before (in fact, I’m pretty sure I had something like this for a weekend lede back in the late 2000s), but here are divisional logos in rivals colors (from Mike Chamernik). … Two great giveaways for the Tigers this year (from Jared Kurtti): As part of the club’s promotional efforts, the team has introduced a ticket bundle that includes a red-and-black flannel Tigers ballcap for the Aug. 19 “Yooper Night” game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the April 30 game against the Chicago White Sox includes a ticket package that aids the Jewish Historical Society of Michigan, and includes a Tigers yarmulke, miniature Hank Greenberg Hall Of Fame plaque and a $5 donation to the society. … Why “Yooper”? Jeremy Troia explains. … More great giveaways: on June 20th the Cleveland baseball team will give away this black jersey based on the Cavs’ black sleeved outfit from game 7 to honor the Cav’s 2016 NBA Championship. Hey Jimmer Vilk, I’m a medium/large (from Jay Mantis). Tweeter Conrad Burry thinks they should have used a different font. … Here’s a look at the official, MLB ON FIELD gear for the Yanks, including Majestic logos on the jerseys and NOBS! (from Jon Rose). … Oops yesterday’s New York Post included an insert that featured a reversed image of Elston Howard (from Eric). Aside from the obvious flipped “NY,” how odd is it to see a lefty catcher! … CBS has ranked the 2017 MLB unis, from 1-30. … The Baltimore Orioles have announced their new food items for 2017 (from Andrew Cosentino). … From the land of the lost logos, “This is a (Cardinals) anniversary logo we haven’t seen before. No patch?” says Josh). … Here’s a GREAT upgrade! Remember how shitty the turf at Tropicana Field has looked recently? Well, this almost looks like a ballfield! (great news from John Sabol). … How many things can you spot that are wrong with this cap? (from Ethan Novak). … The Library of Congress has an exhibit about the music of baseball (from Andrew Hoenig). He notes that in 1908, they were still spelling baseball as two words. … The Indians are selling a hot dog inside of a taquito. (It’s not a sandwich). … Did you know the Indianapolis Clowns wore blue uniforms because they played so many games & dirt didn’t show as easily between washes? (h/t Old Baseball Photos). … The Round Rock Express will be wearing these powder blue “fauxback” @Rangers 70s-style uniforms on August 4-5. … Here’s a really good article on the history and evolution of Umpire attire (from Lou Sherwood [aka “UmpLou”] via Paul). … On May 5 and June 29, the Nashville Sounds are becoming the Nashville Honky Tonks (via Nashville Sounds). … “From Stillwater OK – perhaps the worst digital camo in baseball history from West Virginia,” says Vince Mullins. … Last evening, the Braves wore their spring training helmets with regular season caps (from FINAL FOUREGON). … Speaking of the Atlanta club, check out this beautiful display of Braves Uniform history at the New Stadium (from Jorge Cruz). … The UNC Tar Heels went full powder yesterday (from James Gilbert). … Looks like *some* ChiSox fans can’t let their crosstown rivals revel in their World Championship glory (from Matt Bond). … Paul mentioned some new teams will have matte helmets & 3D logos this season. Here’s a look at the Miami Marlins new hat with both (from Seaver Sheets). … An American Legion baseball team based in Garner will be able to wear patriotic jerseys that were briefly at the center of controversy. … Whoa, check out this 1953 Springfield High School uniform (from Ray Hund). He asks, “Is the dark backing behind the lettering on the jersey unusual? First time I’ve seen it, but that’s not saying much.” I love that AND the zipperfront jersey. … Didn’t know they were so “close”: The Kansas City Royals and Oklahoma City Thunder are offering a ‘joint’ tee shirt which will be available in the Royals store this summer (from Jason Bray). … Because we simply don’t have enough “rankings” today, USA Today has ranked the 10 weirdest minor league baseball team names (from Andrew Cosentino). … Good spot by Andrew Greenblatt who notes new A’s pitcher Santiago Casilla still has his Giants glove, and adds, “SF commentators mention he said he just hasn’t gotten A’s one yet.” … It’s never too early in the year for EMU Baseball to break out the ‘murica lids (from EMU Baseball).

NFL/College/Football News: Good spot by John Turney who noticed the odd sock striping for the Chiefs. That comes from this tweet which shows the normal stripe pattern. … Hard to believe it was so long ago: Here’s a good ESPN article reminiscing on anniversary of day the Patriots introduced their new logo, which we lovingly call “Flying Elvis” (from CP). … The NFL will be celebrating National Children’s Month this November with special uniforms (from Troy Ravenscroft). … Some people love these, some hate ’em, but it’s always “fun” to see your team’s helmet rendered in your opponent’s colors. OK, maybe it’s not. … Good news, Stillers fans, the Black and Gold are returning to block numbers (from Zach D’Ulisse). … Looks like the venerable Horseshoe is getting a sponsor advertiser (h/t Andrew Lind). … Fresh off their appearance in the CFB, the Washington Huskies have revealed some new unis (h/t LN Smithee). … The Cleveland Browns are being repped in Austin, Texas (from Dr. Cork Gaines).

Hockey News: There’s gold…and then there’s gold: Check out these golden domes that the Notre Dame hockey team is sporting for the “Frozen Four” (from Aaron). … Due to the NHL switching clothing suppliers next fall (adidas takes over the contract), teams will only be permitted to wear a home and road jersey (alternates are out for next season). So the Carolina Hurricanes ‘retired’ their black alt Thursday night. … Brent Seabold designed a Chicago Blackhawks themed hat for New Era Cap (from The Goal Net). … Here’s how the Frozen Four patch looks on Harvard’s sweaters. … According to Steven Woj, it looks like the New Jersey Devils are getting a new patch for the final two home games. Maybe only for Saturday season finale. … Here’s a look at Denver University adding a Frozen Four sticker to their buckets (via Nick Meldrum). … “They (Penguins) are finally putting up the large exterior PPG Paints Arena sign in front of the venue,” says Neil Freedline. “This was taken (yester)day around lunch time.”

NBA News: People (for some reason, maybe it’s their age) get nostalgic for 90’s hoops attire. I’m not one of them, but some folks appreciate them. … OK. what-the-everliving-fuck is this? John Pritchard sent that in, and it’s from this eBay auction. … The Sixers and the Cavaliers went color vs. color last night (from Justin Myers). … The Chicago Bulls’ memorial for former GM hit an odd snag when they wore their sleeved jerseys.

College Hoops News: Tweeter Nick Lineback asks, “Any validity in Kentucky Basketball switching to Jordan brand? Calipari’s pullover is.” … According to Jason Calvert, the football team received some Jordan gear so it’s possibly just a coincidence (from Jason Calbert). … Did Gonzaga have a sleeved jersey back in the 1960s? (from Mike D.).

Soccer News: The North Carolina Football Club has announced new multi-year stadium sponsorship advertising deal with @Sahlens. James Gilbert points out this is awkward, because Sahlens is a Western New York company (more here). … Which club in the USL has the sharpest new design for 2017 (from Mike Nessen). … “The new #MUFC away jersey is an absolute beauty of a throwback,” says Mikey Traynor”. … Following the social media furor created by the unveiling of the not-so-flattering bust of Cristiano Ronaldo at a Portuguese airport, Yahoo UK has come up with a list of what it calls the “worst football busts, waxworks and statues ever.” Submitter Kary Klismet adds, “I’m not sure what’s creepier: the badly done sculptures, or how much the Brits love wax figures.”

Grab Bag: adidas is launching biodegradable shoes that can be dissolved in 36 hours (from Paul Murphy) … In 1979 South Carolina Fans made fun of Clemson’s argrictural history with this towel (from Jorge Cruz). .. Dartmouth College women’s lacrosse defender Kristen Hinckley is the only player on the team to wear a helmet. She does so because of concussions suffered in the past and said the helmet and goggles cost about $130 (from Tris Wykes You can read more here. … Apparently there is parking for “Green Cars” only. And the abide by the sign (from Paul Lee). Although (look directly behind) not every abides by it. … Because they could: here’s a ranking of the 30 best Nike jerseys ever. It should be noted (as several on Twitter have pointed out [scroll down]), the author needs to do some research. … So, now they’re giving the players neon pens to match their neon shirts? … “Someone’s proofreader started the weekend early (yester)day,” says Tom Whitfield. … “Westwood High mascot a lesson in cultural blind spots.” (h/t Sarah Beccio). … “Nike forcing their tennis players into tennis ball green reminds me of Nike forcing their soccer teams into maroon & red,” says a.g..

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And that’s it for today. Big thanks to ALL the entrants in the Redesign the USA Baseball contest. Good luck to the final 12 and I’ll have the results of the voting next weekend.

Everyone have a great Saturday, enjoy the first of the Final Four today (GO DUCKS & COCKS), and I’ll be back tomorrow. But until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


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“Capitalism isn’t designed to determine what’s right and wrong, nor does it make any effort to influence those participating in a given economy. I strongly dislike boycotts because, to me, it is the equivalent of saying, ‘Well, money is the most important thing in this world. Might as well accept it’.”

— Andrew Harrington

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Comments (25)

    The reference to the “Cleveland baseball team” is awfully hypocritical when you’re hawking a T shirt that not only exploits Japanese culture for financial gain & self-promotion but bastardizes it by incorporating the face of a white man.

    You raise a completely valid quesiton, one that we’ve already addressed several times during the past week. Here:

    Thanks for your feedback!

    In reference to the “sponsorship” of Ohio Stadium…you did note the date of the story, didn’t you?

    Re: baseball logos in divisional rivals’ colours. It is also the A’s, Braves and White Sox present logos in their own former club colours.

    Things were better in the 90s right?

    Anyone who says this is too young to remember the 80s. The day they add 90s music to the oldies station is the day I give up radio. And other than the Marlins and Suns, I can’t think of a good uniform design to originate from that decade.

    I’m sorry to inform you but in Los Angeles, KRTH is the oldies station.

    Bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam, along with Guns and Roses and REM have been on their playlist for years.

    It was like being sucker punched by Mitch Blood Green.

    Yikes. It hasn’t made its way to the Cleveland oldies station yet. Apparently I don’t have long though, so I either need to get a working cassette player or suck it up and get satellite radio

    That Atlanta Celtics jersey is for an AAU team in Atlanta.


    Dwight Howard and Josh Smith played on that team back in the early 2000s


    So, I saw the sneakers that dissolve in 36 hours, and my first thought was “Cool. Untraceable shoes to wear in the commission of an horrific crime.” I have issues.

    Not that I don’t enjoy the COLOR v COLOR games in basketball, but is it really a shock anymore, especially in the NBA?

    The Bulls’ awkward-sized Krause band on the sleeved jersey looks like the 76ers Stubhub ad.

    There were a lot of great submissions for the US WBC redesign contest. Those Dan Kennedy duds are absolutely stunning.

    I’m sure there are more, but I caught two 4/1 jokes in the ticker.

    This one has been mentioned, but damn, THE Ohio Stadium renaming article really got my scarlet blood pressure up until I finished reading the article. Thankfully, I think my grey blood cells have now stabilized, as well.

    The other one I caught and hasn’t been mentioned in comments is the NFL National Children’s Month article. I lol’d @ “Goddell said in a statement to the press, ‘Nearly all of us were children at one time…'”

    Am I missing something? No Final Four patches for South Carolina, motivational ploy? No room to put them?

    So with the NHL switch to Adidas next year only including Home and Away jerseys…..will it also eliminate specialty jerseys for event like Winter Classic and Stadium Series?

    Forget about a patch, the Cardinals need to make a tee w/all those various redbirds on it and start selling it post haste.

    I enjoyed the USA baseball contest. I think any of these would be an upgrade over what they wore.

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