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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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For the first time in team history, the Steelers went mono-black yesterday. What’d you all think of that? Additional photos here.

Meanwhile, NBA teams wore the final Christmas Day uniforms of the Adidas era, as seen below:

And that’s it for today. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and/or Hanukkah, and that you all enjoy this final day of the holiday weekend. We’ll get back to more substantial content tomorrow. Peace. ”” Paul

(My thanks to @insterst8forty4 for the NBA montage.)

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    Clinton nailed it. They finally got the font right but the pants and jerseys looked like shit. Too bad their owner doesnt have the balls or clout like the NYG’s Mara.

    Almost all football teams would be better off with block numbers. Custom number fonts are usually terrible (although Pittsburgh’s numbers are definitely better than most non-block numbers).

    A great example is Tampa Bay’s home uniform. Replace the horrible, overdesigned numbers with block numbers and it would be a pretty good look.

    Tampa’s uniform is ridiculous. It looks like an XFL/Arena League uniform.

    Enough with these stupid number fonts.

    I hated the TB redesign when it was first announced, and not just because it meant that a modern classic was being replaced. But since I’ve seen it on the football field, the garish colors just work for me. Viewed in profile or from the shoulders up, it’s loud but fun.

    When the aBucs wear dark pants with the crazy triangle at the knee, it looks like the pants have been ripped, or scissored. Really a bad look.

    I don’t know if those Bucs unis can be fixed. Pewter is one of the worst uniform colors i have ever seen. It’s a dumb shade of brown.

    Tampa’s uniforms are irredeemable. 1.If you don’t render pewter in a shiny medium, what’s the point? Pewter needs to look like metal. 2.The scary skull is a downgrade from the cartoon one. 3.I hate NFL jerseys with contrasting yokes. Among other things, they make TV numbers hard to read. 4.Having sleeve emblems that don’t match makes it look like a souvenir. 5.Getting rid of the clock-radio font wouldn’t help because the numerals were the weakest link of the last set of uniforms. 6.Enough with the origami pant stripes, football pants are a limited and limiting canvas; about the strangest pant stripes that still work are Philadelphia’s.

    I agree with the block numbers. Time to go back to those full time. The uni used yesterday was OK. Would make a decent 3rd jersey.

    The number font is fine. The Steelers don’t need block numbers. I do not like the mono black at all. The Steelers already have a distinctive uniform. Please don’t screw it up like the Rams did.

    Loved the Black on Black on Black with the gold numbers. They should try the black pants with their standard white jerseys. No way should they go with gold jerseys.

    The gold jerseys may be more realistic than one may think. The Steelers use plain gold jerseys for practice, often teaming them with game style gold pants. With another throwback uniform not coming until at least 2018, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Steelers brought this alternate back next season, or added a gold jersey to it.

    The 1994 retro gold jersey was very sharp.

    Yes, there is talk of another Steelers throwback next season. The uniforms supposedly under consideration are the 1966 “Batman” uniforms:


    I’ve sketched a gold (yellow) jersey with black pants many times for the Steelers; it’s a look best left on the drawing board, not different enough from what they already wear.

    Minnesota looked phenomenal with that particular shade of green fonts on black. Crisp, distinctive, and visible. Wish the Lakers went with gold bases instead of white. As much as I like the Lakers standard white Sunday home alternates, just white and purple with no gold makes something look missing from the Lakers. Everybody else looked pretty good on the hardwood!

    Black and gold are a wonderful combination, but you need white to accent those colors properly (yeah, I know it was a mono-Thursday ……….. on a Sunday).

    Sorry, not a fan of the NBA Christmas uniforms, but they don’t market to me anyway.

    You know, I’m burned out on the BFBS teams wear these days. That said, and because it falls squarely within their color scheme, I really liked these uniforms. The simplicity, the blocked numerals, the yellow juxtaposed against the black, all of it, created a very clean aesthetic and was intimidating. This is a look I would love to see make a regular rotation with this club.

    BFBS refers to teams that wear black uniforms when black is not a primary or secondary color. What the Steelers wore was not BFBS. If it weren’t for the one-shell rule, they would’ve worn their yellow helmets.

    Loved the Spurs uniforms yesterday. Wasn’t very fond of Chicago’s. That is the only NBA game I caught. I think the Steelers would look good in gold.

    Pittsburgh looked good in all black, and the font is a definite improvement. Baltimore in all white provided a nice contrast to help the overall look of the game.

    Sad to say that I lost interest in the NBA years ago, but while channel flipping during commercials did stop on the Minnesota – OKC game for a minute. The simplicity of the uniforms was nice.

    Best Holiday wishes to everyone.

    Steelers: Not impressed. Kind of liked the gold numbers. The sleeve trim could have used the traditional white. If they wanted to mix it up, white britches w/ a wide black stripe ala the early ’70s Steelers, would’ve been OK.

    I loved the black and gold jerseys and liked the pants. I think they should make that thier normal jerseys. I wish more teams would use there lighter color for numbers instead of white on the home jerseys. By the way, the Rooneys have just as much clout as the Maras. They are the most powerful families in the NFL. It’s likely they liked that uniform or the grandchildren liked it maybe.

    As far as color rash unis go, I thought the Steelers looked pretty good. The jerseys were pretty nice – totally agree that they need to bring back the block numerals – and the pants were saved by the yellow stripe. All in all, one of the best of a generally bad lot.

    I agree that the Steelers color rush jerseys were sharp. As a life long Steelers fan, I believe we should go back to the block numbers on the jerseys. Also, it was great that they went with the gold stripe on the black pants to avoid the dreaded black leotard look.

    The Steelers’ look would have been improved if they had changed the white numbers on the helmet with gold ones using the block font. As it stands, it looks like they’re wearing NFL helmets with high-school jerseys they had to borrow at the last minute.

    As a Steeler fan from the 70s, I of course am partial to the old block font. The font used yesterday was not the same Sand-knit block font that the Steelers and other teams wore for so long…here it is in all its glory, including the TV number 2 without the bottom serif:


    The Steelers may not have looked their best, but it’s a better look than the Saints’ mono-black. The gold stripe on the pants makes a big difference.

    Couldn’t agree more. Solid black pants make it feel like they’re doing yoga, or perhaps just women between 20-60 possibly with the thought of going to the gym at some point during the week and wearing the pants everywhere just in case.

    The solid black socks help too. If teams are going to go all mono go with solid socks or stripes instead of half color and half white.

    The Steelers color rash uniforms were okay and just okay as a one-off. I hope to never see them again. The Steelers have perfect uniforms whether they use block numbers or the current font (Futura Condensed is the name). You can improve on perfection so best to leave the Steelers uniforms as-is.

    Two things I’ll never understand is how sports fan enjoy a monochromatic look and also matte helmets. If I were the uniform czar, I would immediately ban those two gimmicks, or at least minimize them. In the age of hi-def TV, I prefer to see nice, contrasting colors.

    Turned on the Steelers game. As a north of the border football fan, had to check the calendar to make sure it is still not CFL season.

    The mono-black with the yellow numbers are sure reminiscent of past Hamilton Tiger-Cats uniforms.


    Even Canadian Football Hall of Famer Doug Flutie was there in the broadcast booth.

    Small detail – but would have looked better if the Steelers switched the numbers on their helmets to yellow to match the jerseys.

    Can someone fill me in on the undershirt rule in the NBA? I briefly saw a couple minutes of the BOS/NYK & LAC/LAL games and noticed one player in each game with a white shirt under the jersey. I thought that wasn’t allowed in the pros, plus it didn’t look right.

    P.S. I also wish the players wore the same color shoes for their team.

    Happy Holidays to all!

    Reading some of these comments is depressing. I didn’t much care for color rush but isn’t a uniform supposed to represent a team? Does it always have to be rooted in the same template/tradition? Is football still played exactly the same way it was in the 70’s? Should all teams run the wishbone just because it’s nostalgic to the fans and people don’t like change? Obviously there is a huge demographic of fans that these alternate uniforms appeal to; there is also a huge demographic that like the more modern uniforms. Seattle is a perfect example of how a modern uniform represents their team. There is so much subtlety in their uni’s that hearken back to various aspects of the team or Washington state or Seattle that represent the team much better than a plain royal blue jersey with block numbers that looks like a “traditional” football uniform. Just because I don’t like every new uniform every team tries doesn’t mean I’m not excited to see what comes next. People always hearken back to tradition but why can’t a team make new traditions and develop new iconic imagery for a new generation? Does everything have to conform to the imagery from the 60’s to be acceptable?

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