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Monday Morning Uni Watch

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Battle of the gold yellow pants last night in DC, as Green Bay visited Washington. The two shades of yellow didn’t quite match (Washington’s was darker), but they were close. Same striping style, too. Some teams that used to use it years ago have moved away from it (Saints, Lions, Rams), but that striping still says, “NFL” to me.

In that same game, at one point Washington wideout Pierre Garçon got so excited that he ripped a cheesehead in half:

In other developments from around the league yesterday:

•  The Browns wore their orange alts.

•  The Bengals went mono-black.

•  Speaking of the Bengals, it looks like wideout Brandon Lefell might still be wearing his old LSU shoulder pads.

•  And speaking of Bengals wideouts, when A.J. Green was carted off with an injury, the security guy sitting next to him had an upside-down American flag patch.

•  I’m not sure which game this was from, but one official was still using a Pinktober whistle.

•  In Indy, the Colts had a Super Bowl XLI reunion. The former players wore Nike jerseys with the Super Bowl XLI patch, even though the team (and the whole league) wore Reebok back in those days. I was surprised by the number of people who were upset by the Nike switcheroo. Like, did you really expect the NFL to use Reebok jerseys for this?

•  A close-up shot revealed that Giants punter Brad Wing wears braces. If you scroll down to see the responses to that tweet, you’ll see a bunch of other athletes who’ve worn braces — good stuff.

•  Washington running back Chris Thompson had camouflage trim on his helmet. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.

•  Washington cornerback Josh Norman had mismatched clips on his facemask. Never seen anything like that before.

•  Two teams wore white at home: The Rams and, of course, the Cowboys.

•  Players participating in postgame jersey swaps included Leon Orr (Dolphins) and Dominique Easley (Rams); Jarvis Landry (Dolphins) and Todd Gurley (Rams); Dez Bryant (Cowboys) and Mike Wallace (Ravens); Domata Peko and Darqueze Dennard (Bengals) and Jerel Worthy and Brandon Tate (Bills); DeShawn Williams (Bengals) and Shaq Lawson (Bills); and Jameis Winston (Bucs) and Vernon Harris (Chiefs).

•  Here’s a list of players who protested during the national anthem.

(My thanks to all contributors, including Mike Chamernik, Austin Elmore, Alex Hider, and of course Phil.)

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Don’t tell Tucker and Caitlin: For a variety of reasons, the Tugboat Captain and I wanted to do something this past weekend that had a positive impact on the world, however small that might be. So yesterday we went over to Sean Casey Animal Rescue (no relation to the former Reds first baseman), where they’ll let you take one of their shelter dogs for a walk.

This is, admittedly, a rather self-serving form of do-gooder-ism. But hey, dogs need walking! The pooch they assigned to us is named Jackson, and he was a total sweetie. We took him over to Prospect Park, where he reveled in all the sights and smells (if you can’t see the slideshow below, click here):

I’ll always be a cat person first and foremost, but I love dogs too. It had been a while since I’d walked one, and I’d forgotten how much fun it can be. So satisfying to feel that tug on the end of the leash, and to sense the dog’s curiosity as it explores its surroundings. Good boy!

By the time we brought Jackson back to the shelter, we’d completely lost our hearts to him (and so had several people who stopped to pet him along the way). If you live in the NYC area and are in the market for a totally swell dog, contact Sean Casey Animal Rescue and tell them you’re interested in Jackson. He’s a keeper, trust me.

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Three and oh: Another curling win last night, as (from left) Omoy, Phil, yours truly, and Doug built up an early 5-0 lead in the first two ends and then hung on for a 5-4 win. We’re now undefeated in our first three games of the season. So far, so good.

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StripeRite update: The second batch of StripeRite socks, shown at right, is now available for ordering. For those of you who’ve already ordered, the socks should start shipping today. Enjoy!

My thanks, as always, for your consideration.

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The Ticker
By Alex Hider

NFL News: The NFL commissioned Mexican artists to paint custom helmets for all 32 teams in honor of the the Raiders/Texans game that will be played in Mexico City tonight (from Jorge Cruz). … Is this the craziest TV number matchup of all time? (Via Pro Football Journal.)

College Football News: At least one Yale football player had his helmet stripe cut short during the Bulldogs’ win over Harvard Saturday (from William F. Yurasko). … Matt Hanson points out that Pitt’s gorgeous throwback unis have inconsistent TV numbers. … An Illinois player had helmet decal problems on Saturday (from Jesse Gavin). … Jerod Evans of Virginia Tech was wearing shin pads Saturday (from J. Fletcher).

Hockey News: Canucks goalie Jacob Markstrom debuted an awesome new mask last Tuesday. Super meta (from Wade Heidt). …. Speaking of Markstrom, he switched his number from 35 to 25. He’s now worn 25, 33 and 35 for both the Canucks and Panthers (from Patrick Thomas).

Basketball News: The Hawks wore their silly red over black uniforms yesterday. … It appears that the Thunder have mothballed their navy blue, vertically striped alternates. Good riddance (from Ronnie Levi). … Is Nebraska basketball set to debut new black uniforms?

Soccer News: “Peterborough United was wearing a vile luminous yellow alternate kit the other day,” says Thom Gibbs. “A stadium steward standing off the pitch was wearing a similarly-colored jacket to the Peterborough jersey, and at one point Peterborough player Michael Bostwick mistakenly passed the ball to him.”

Grab Bag: The tee markers at the Australian Open were tiny model Emirates planes (from Graham Clayton). … NASCAR driver Tony Stewart wore this helmet for his final race. … Two Michigan volleyball teams wore almost identical uniforms in a state championship game recently (from Chet Miller). … The uni-verse will appreciate this comic strip (from Bo Baize).

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    “In Indy, the Colts had a Super Bowl XLI reunion. The former players wore Nike jerseys with the Super Bowl XLI patch, even though the team (and the whole league) wore Nike”

    Change that last Nike to Reebok

    That was a very promising project, but didn’t libe up to the potential. While all of them are beautiful, too many didn’t resemble the team’s identity at all. Wish they would have played it a little truer.

    “Taking liberties” is one thing. Painting a whale on a helmet that is supposed to be “for” the Chicago Bears seems like they just painted a picture without any regard for the purpose of the project. Of course, I don’t know what direction they were given, so maybe I’m presuming too much.


    You didn’t tell me about Jackson last night at curling! Holy shit, he’s the spitting image of Bizkit too. Hopefully he goes to a good home. Did Tucker & Caitlin *sense* him on you when you got home?

    Paul, just a curious question here. The Browns have now worn orange twice at home, and brown twice (once at home against the Patriots, and once on road against Dolphins.) I’ve noticed on their twitter and snapchat feeds that they are wearing orange jerseys to all community events they attend. Is it possible they have donned orange as their primary home uniform this year? It would seem odd to wear your alt at home twice before you wear your regular home jersey twice. But who knows, this is Cleveland we are talking about.

    Brown is their primary, orange is their alt.

    NFL teams are allowed to wear their throwback or alt (whichever one they have) up to two times. The Browns have now done that. We will not be seeing the orange alt again this season.

    Which is kind of too bad, because it might be their best look, at least the way they wore it yesterday with white pants. (Although better socks than mono-orange would be a plus.)

    Chris Thompson is wearing a new Schutt helmet called the “Vengeance Z10” that has external padding there in the chin area. It has been yellow so I guess the camo is for November. I don’t believe he did pink for October.

    I also think that Josh Norman had a camo decal covering the screw on his face mask clips – it was probably on both and one fell off.

    Those Mexican Artist Helmets are pretty cool (even if some don’t necessarily correlate to the team). Improvements or impressive looks for Bengals, Browns, Lions, Bucs, Chiefs, Cardinals (love this one), Dolphins, Falcons, Giants, and Jags.

    The Seahawks creepy eyes is just unsettling.

    I love all of them even though I hated the airbrushed Maryland helmets. It would be tough to mass-produce them for actual football. And yes, the art doesn’t have anything to do with the team. I’m fine with that.

    I know the AP has it in their blurb on the Winston jersey exchange photo – but the player he is exchanging jerseys with is his former FSU teammate, Terrance Smith.


    Markstrom wearing 33 for the Canucks had to have been in a preseason game somewhere, because 33 is Henrik Sedin’s number.

    No memories or record of Markstrom wearing 33 in Vancouver, and it makes zero sense for anybody to borrow a full-time NHLer’s number for a preseason game–especially not the captain’s. Also, Markstrom wearing 25 is quite old news, even though I’m always delighted to see hockey get covered here.
    I wish I could find proof, but I recall reading somewhere that 25 is actually sort of a common goalie number in Sweden. It might have something to do with Terry Sawchuk and his taking 25 for a brief moment before settling on 30 as Johnny Bower’s Maple Leafs teammate. Once again, can’t find anything on Google that would corroborate that. Help?

    And I’ll eat instant crow…I only saw the batch of Panthers pictures and not the batch of Canucks pictures. I’ll say I’m just as surprised as anybody that they’d let somebody borrow the captain’s number. And for the same reason, I’ll concur with Rob S, must have been a preseason game.

    Markstrom wore 33 in Utica, the Canucks farm team. You can see the AHL logo on the hem of the jersey in that photo.

    And yes, 25 is a reasonably common goalie number in Sweden.

    That’s an even better explanation! Let this be a personal lesson for me: no Uni Watching without coffee, and avoid Uni Watching on a phone, where the screen is tiny. Thanks and good catch, good sir.

    The Norm Classics Cartoon reminded me of a lyric from Fountains of Wayne: “I bought you a t-shirt in light blue/the band was awful but their logo is cool.”

    I notice all the Mexican helmets have all the holes closed up and no facemask clips of any sort.

    Are these actual helmets? What is the scale of these things? I can’t tell by the photos.
    Hold on….. Apparently they are huge!


    “- Washington running back Chris Thompson had camouflage trim on his helmet. Don’t think I’ve seen that before.”

    I think thats the point…

    I do not think that is a security guard next to AJ Green with the upside down patch. It is team personnel. They were wearing some sort of military jacket for their “salute to the service” day.

    Please stop calling the color gold the color yellow. They are not the same color. The teams that wear gold are not wearing yellow.

    Yellow is to gold as blue is to navy blue.

    Yes, Old/Vegas gold is metallic so some feel it looks closer to the metal gold. That does not mean the color gold is the color yellow.

    I don’t have to “deal” with it. There are different shades. Yellow, Gold and Old Gold are different shades.

    And those three different colors have been around a very long time, going back to 19th century old education institutions and European heraldry and government going back to the 14th and 15th century. I don’t have to pretend all of that didn’t exist because you told me to “deal with it.”

    Nope; not buying the logic of that website, just like I don’t buy Dr. Jerry Buss’ logic in calling purple “Forum Blue”.

    Logic of what website? The one I linked with the colors?
    Gold is a different shade from yellow. If I buy paint, yellow and gold are different. If you test the colors in these teams logos at a paint shop the Steelers are gold not yellow. The Pittsburgh flag is gold not yellow. The Columbus Crew, however, is yellow.
    For uni-watch to suddenly correct teams with gold by saying they’re yellow is silly, all these teams use the color gold and correctly call it gold and institutions have been using gold in name and color for a long time.
    I recently saw back to back days on Uni watch where Ohio State was referenced as scarlet and silver. Why not red and gray? Sure the helmet is metallic silver but the jersey silver looks gray.
    Team colors don’t need to be referenced within the eight options of a crayola crayon box. Aside from silly regional adjectives placed before colors as part of modern uni promotions, then use the color the team says is the color.

    Not certain I understand the difference you pointed out between the differences in yellow worn between the Steelers and the Columbus Crew.

    Reason being is that the Crew refer to themselves as the “Black & Gold” in stories on their own website.


    Nope; not buying the logic of that website, just like I don’t buy Dr. Jerry Buss’ logic in calling purple “Forum Blue”.

    It was not Buss who used the term “Forum Blue,” it was Jack Kent Cooke. And logic had nothing to do with it — Cooke simply disliked the name “purple.”

    If memory serves, Buss described the color as “royal purple.”

    Gold is to yellow as square is to rectangle. Both navy and sky are hues of blue; both athletic gold and vegas gold are hues of yellow. It is not wrong to say that the Yankees wear blue caps; neither is it wrong to say that the Packers wear yellow pants. They do. The Packers can call their pants athletic gold, and that’s not wrong. But ordinary speakers of the English language can also call the Packers’ pants yellow, and they’re not wrong either. Words have meanings, and that color is part of what the word “yellow” means.

    True fact: When my neighbor paints his yard with a Packers logo at the start of the season, he goes to Home Depot and buys cans of spraypaint. He doesn’t buy a can that calls itself “gold.” He buys a can that calls itself “yellow.” Because athletic gold is yellow.

    Can’t find visual evidence, but Patrick Peterson (AZ Cardinals) exchanged a jersey with someone on the Vikings yesterday. I think it was Diggs or Patterson. Can anyone confirm?

    Guys, all i know is that the Cowboys will wear their blue jerseys on Thanksgiving vs. Washington in white tops and (hopefully) burgundy pants, and that will be the best looking NFL match up all year, in my opinion of course.


    Similarities to Packers and Redskins uniforms go back to Vince Lombardi taking over Skins in 1969 and changing the Skins uniforms to mirror the Packers uniforms. The Skins even went with yellow helmets in 1970 and 1971 before George Allen changed them to burgandy in 1972. Sadly, Lombardi passed away during the 1970 preseason but his influence is still seen in the Redskins uniforms to this day.

    Looks like he did being start to make the changes in 1969. That was the year Washington changed from gold pants to yellow pants :).


    Did anyone else notice that the Patriots helmet in those Mexican artist helmets seems to be flipping us all off?

    Why does it usually upset people when NBA teams choose to wear shorts and jerseys that are different colors? (Atlanta last night, Washington’s old black and gold) I think it looks better and it is actually more the norm. It is rare to see someone wearing the same color shorts and shirt when they play pick up basketball and it is also rare for most teams in other sports, (example football, soccer, track) to wear the same color top and bottom.

    It is funny when you think about it. We get all worked up over “mono-{insert-color-here} in football, yet we expect it as the norm in basketball. And hockey and soccer go either way and we never think about it. Maybe has something to do with an association with JV High School teams? Or maybe it’s just too many NBA examples have been pretty outrageous (think Wizards gold & black)?

    Now I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

    Same striping style, too. Some teams that used to use it years ago have moved away from it (Saints, Lions, Rams), but that striping still says, “NFL” to me.

    I still call ’em “Braisher Stripes”, after longtime Packers equipment manager link. Man doesn’t get enough credit.

    The Red Wings and Maple Leafs both unveiled their Centennial Classic jerseys

    Red Wings can be found here-


    Maple Leafs here-


    I’m kind of shocked: I don’t think I’ve ever before disliked both one-off unis for an NHL outdoor game. Not that they’re terrible, but I wouldn’t want either team to adopt these as alts or regular jerseys. Whereas most of the time, outdoor-game jerseys wind up on my shortlist of favorite things the team has ever worn.

    It great to see you walking a dog from the shelter. There are so many animals out there that need to be adopted. Nice that you shared that moment with us.

    When Washington hosted teams like Green Bay (last night) and Pittsburg (season opener on a Monday Night) they should have worn their white pants in order to avoid the excessive yellow. The combination of burgundy jerseys with white pants vs. white jersey with yellow pants is a good uni match up.

    Yay Jackson! I bet he’s gonna be adopted real soon thanks to your post! Looks like a good boy. Also looks a like a short-haired version my lil pup, Sunny, who is also a Jack Russell. link

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