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Bills and Jets Get 2016 Color Rash Program Started

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The NFL had its first Color Rash game of 2016 last night, as the Jets and Bills played a rematch of last season’s Colorblind Bowl (but with the Jets wearing white this time around, to avoid a repeat of last year’s problems).

•  Generally speaking, I love striped socks. But I think the Bills’ uni would be better off without the sock stripes. For that matter, they probably could have scrapped the pants striping as well. If you’re wearing solid red, make it really solid red.

•  I’m usually fine with grey facemasks. But the Bills should have swapped out their grey grills for red. Grey just doesn’t work in this context. (That noise you hear in the background is The Jeff fainting due to a mix of joy and disbelief.)

•  In keeping with the red theme, the Bills used red visor tabs and clips. They did that for last year’s Color Rash game, too. (They normally go with white tabs and blue clips.)

•  I mentioned the other day that the Color Rash jerseys rendered in Nike’s new tailoring template (the one with the name that’s too embarrassing to spell out here) are using a Chromaflex chip for the NFL logo. That may seem like a minor detail, but it definitely looks shinier and more reflective on the field:

•  At one point Jets wideout Brandon Marshall lined up without gloves, which is unheard of for an NFL receiver. I think it was after he came back from an injury — must have taken the gloves off while getting treatment and neglected to put them back on when he returned to the field. (Marshall also changed cleats at halftime.)

•  Check out this goalpost padding:

First, the lettering should be centered, not flush-left. And second, shouldn’t the background color be red, not blue?

•  The Bills retired Bruce Smith’s No. 78 last night, and they had a really cool uni-themed giveaway in conjunction with that — jersey shaped towels:

•  In what I think is a first — and can only hope is a last — the Bills set up a Color Rash fan-spraying station at their stadium (further depressing info here):

(My thanks to Mark Heggen, @santullo, Darren Rovell, and Matthew Whitney for their contributions.)

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“Fore!”: With the Ryder Cup set to begin in two weeks, I’ll have an ESPN piece today about Team USA’s new uniforms. I don’t often write about golf, so this was an interesting change of pace for me, and the finished piece includes quotes from Team USA captain Davis Love III; his wife, Robin Love (the captain’s wife traditionally has a role in creating the team’s look); and the PGA’s merchandising director. Check it out here.

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: The girls’ basketball team at an Iowa high school has come up with a very ill-advised poster. Note to the school: Even Native Americans who are okay with the word “redskin” are usually not okay with non-Natives wearing headdresses and ceremonial face paint. Jeez (from Omar Jalife).

Baseball News: Red Sox 1B Hanley Ramirez, who won last night’s game against the Yanks with a three-run walk-off homer, has some pretty ratty batting gloves (from Wayne Miller). … Dodgers CF Joc Pederson is the latest MLBer to wear a faceguard despite not having suffered a facial injury. After the game he said he did it mainly because he thinks it looks cool. Also note that the faceguard is matte, to match the helmet (from Jason Harambi). … The White Sox held a charity auction last weekend. The full listing of items can be found in this PDF. If you go to page 88 of the PDF (or page 92 of the catalog), you’ll find 10 pages’ worth of World Series press pins. Lots of other good stuff, too — worth spending some time scrolling through this (big thanks to Pete Hoelter). … While we’re at it, Ryan Mattern points out that Cubs OF Jorge Soler is also wearing a faceguard, and I’m not aware of him having suffered any facial injuries either. These players, along with Cardinals C Yadier Molina, appear to be part of a trend of players wearing the guard proactively, to prevent an injury (rather than reactively, after an injury, which had been the standard protocol in the past). Anyone know of other players who are wearing the guard despite not having been injured? (Please, no mention of Jason Heyward, Mike Stanton, or other players who we all know had facial injuries. Thanks.)

NFL News: The Rams have announced that they’ll be wearing their royal/yellow throwbacks for this Sunday’s home opener. … Here’s something I never noticed before: In the famous 1994 “fake spike” game, when the Jets thought Dan Marino was going to spike the ball and he instead threw a game-winning touchdown pass, Marino wasn’t wearing the league’s 75th-anniversary patch like everyone else (as noted by Rudy Gutierrez). … Steelers WR Antonio Brown was fined for wearing blue shoes last week (from Jerry Wolper). … If you’ve been dying to know what my ESPN colleague Darren Rovell looks like in a Color Rash jersey, today’s your lucky day. … Broncos coach Gary Kubiak wore a Super Bowl 50 visor at a presser yesterday. … Steelers RB DeAngelo Williams says Sunday’s game against the Bengals will be “a two-chinstrap game.” Always nice to see people expressing things in uni-related terms. … The NFL has banned Kanye West’s Yeezy cleats.

College and High School Football News: Here are this week’s uni combos for UNC, Eastern Washington, Illinois, and Oregon State (note the white facemasks, instead of the usual black). … One of Phil Knight’s big regrets is that Nebraska signed with Adidas instead of Nike (from Brett Baker). … Many high school football players are joining the movement to protest during the national anthem.

Hockey News: Looks like Mario Lemieux was wearing a Canadiens wristband during the 1987 Canada Cup (good spot by Brian Rowland). … The Predators have two twins in rookie camp — Tyler Spinks and Tyson Spinks — which has led to some interesting NOBs (from Lee Wilds).

Pro Basketball News: Thunder G Victor Oladipo says he thinks the current trend of national anthem protests in the NFL will likely spread to the NBA. Not mentioned in that piece is the fact that the NBA reportedly has a rule requiring players to stand during the anthem, although that wouldn’t necessarily prevent players from engaging in other forms of protest, such as raising their fists. … The ABA’s newest team, the Springfield Sting, unveiled their logo. … Chris Andersen is apparently wearing No. 00 for the Cavs. With Kevin Love wearing No. 0, that means the Cavs have a zero and a double-zero on the roster. First time we’ve seen that since — last season. … Here’s a gallery of Sacramento Kings sneakers over the years (thanks, Mike).

College Hoops News: Gorgeous new green uniforms for North Dakota State. … New uniforms for Southeastern Louisiana. “First time the ‘SLU’ mark has been prominent on the jersey,” says Chris Mycoskie. … NC State’s arena, which has been renovated, will reopen today (from J. Huckel). … New home and road uniforms for Charleston Southern (from Harrison Huntley and Daren Stoltzfus, respectively).

Soccer News: MLS jerseys redesigned for Hispanic Heritage Month? Sure, why not (from Kenn Tomasch). … Buried within this item is the following: “Sun Belt Conference women’s soccer programs will wear specially designed warm-up jerseys [starting yesterday and continuing through this weekend] in support of Texas State head coach Kat Conner, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year.” … New Oktoberfest kit for 1860 Munich (from Peter Pereira). … USWNT member Megan Rapinoe once again did not stand for the national anthem last night. She had previously done that while playing for the Seattle Reign; this was the first time she protested the anthem prior to a USWNT match. … New third kit for AS Roma (from Mario Cuttone).

Grab Bag: World peace can finally be restored now that “Harambe” has been restored as an acceptable retail jersey NOB for MLB and the NFL. Phew. … Faaascinating article about how Nike’s contracts with universities — and, to a lesser extent, Under Armour’s and Adidas’s contracts as well — include clauses that allow the company to harvest activity-based data on the student-athletes, which is raising a red flag for privacy advocates. Further info here and here (from David Arnott). … Police officers in Nigeria have to pay for their own uniforms. … Interesting piece about the Statue of Liberty’s shade of green (from Jason Hilyer). … New logo for the 2016 Kabaddi World Cup. … The University of Detroit Mercy spent three years and $1 million on a new logo, and I think it’s fair to say they didn’t get their money’s worth. … NASCAR drivers competing in the 2016 Chase for the Sprint Cup will have their Twitter handles on their car windshields (from Josh Pete).

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    Right after Brandon Marshall came back into the game, I swear I could see him clapping while staring at the sideline – most likely to get an equipment gopher’s attention for his gloves. A couple plays later, he did make a catch while glove-less. Unpossible!

    Thanks for catching my error that the auction was last weekend. I am a little disappointed that I didn’t have a shot at the 1985 plaque from the Guatemalan Olympic Committee thanking Minnie Minoso. I like the cross/sport element and that Guatemala is not a typical Olympic powerhouse. In 1984 they sent 24 people and didn’t participate in the baseball exhibition. They were still under military rule, were in a civil war and suffered ongoing human rights abuses. I wonder what he did to help out?

    And a note about Reynolds – it technically already opened, a Volleyball match was held there last week. The ‘Grand Re-Opening Gala’ is tonight.

    I saw the Detroit Mercy logo article yesterday (didn’t think to send it here, stupid me) and thought wow…*that* cost $1m? Steal the old Tigers D and mess with the bars to make an “m”?

    A MILLION $ FOR that Detroit Mercy Logo!? One myself or anyone could have done???? Good job, idiots.

    I don’t think so. From what I heard, he is being pitched inside more and more, and he is wearing it only for protection.

    That’s not Kubiak wearing the Supe visor. It’s Special Teams Coordinator Joe DeCamillis; noted visor aficionado.

    Still wish the Rams would ditch the neck-roll collar on the throwbacks. The one shown in that Twitter photo looks somewhat less terrible, but I’m guessing that’s a differently-tailored retail jersey.

    The Saints need to do that too, while we’re at it.

    DeAngelo Williams is a RB not WR. Also, why did the Bills go with red instead of blue as their color?

    RB/WR: fixed.

    Bills: I’m sure the reason they wore red *last* year is that blue would not have provided enough contrast with the Jets’ green (and nobody realized the colorblindness issue). And now they’re stuck with it, because all of last year’s Color Rash uniforms were repeated this season.

    all of last year’s Color Rash uniforms were repeated this season

    Makes me wonder what their internal rules are. Will the uniforms introduced this year be kept for a certain period of time, or will the NFL and Nike have to keep churning out series after series of new designs in an bottomless spiral to always have something shiny?

    Given that Thursday night games are mostly against divisional opponents, I’d guess that they used the red because it would contrast better with the division (and really, the league) as a whole. The blue doesn’t work at all against a navy Patriots and is kinda iffy against an aqua Dolphins. Red is more logical from a big picture view, at least before they decided to put Miami in orange and let half the damn league just wear white instead of actually participating in the promotion.

    I think also that they didn’t go with blue because they already have an all-blue combo, and I think part of the point of Color Cash is to use trim colors (hence red for the Bills, gold for the Jags, &c.) or “historical colors” (hence kelly green for the Jets, royal blue for the Chargers, &c.) wherever possible instead of pre-existing monochrome unis.

    I can’t find video of it, but former NBAer Brian Scalabrine was on SportsNation yesterday and he said that the NBA is very stringent on enforcing national anthem protocol. He said players get warnings for rocking back and forth too much. It will be interesting to see how the league handles an all-out protest.

    Also, maybe 18 players total took knees during the anthem at that HBCU Division-II football game I covered last weekend. Not surprising that it’s spreading to college and high school.

    I wonder how many anthem kneelers/fist raisers truly feel strongly about the unjust treatment of African Americans by the police, and how many are just piling on for other reasons?

    I wonder how many anthem kneelers/fist raisers truly feel strongly about the unjust treatment of African Americans by the police, and how many are just piling on for other reasons?

    I think it’s possible to have all sorts of reasons to opt out of a ritual without it being characterized as “piling on.”

    Interesting about the NBA and rocking back and forth!

    I think a lot of people are realizing now that they have the right to opt out of things like standing during the national anthem or reciting the pledge of allegiance.

    As a culture we have been conditioned to simply go along when these things are performed or recited, so that when someone opts out it is jarring.

    Sometimes a statement does not need to be intended. Maybe the statement is “Hey, I have the right to opt out and I’m going to exercise that right. If folks have an issue with it, okay, we’ll talk about freedom and rights vs. going along to get along vs. honoring whatever the ritual represents to people.”

    I consider myself a reasonably respectful and patriotic person. I’ll stand, remove my cap, and hold it over my heart for any national anthem, not just ours. But I refuse to do so for “God Bless America”. It’s amazing the amount of crap I catch for it every single time. The Yankees even (wrongly) ask their fans to do so. I have to say, having that song jammed down my throat every single game is definitely a factor in my going to a fraction of the games I did, say, 20 years ago. Plus it reminds me of the ’74 Flyers.

    You guys make good points. I’ll rephrase it: I’d like to see a percentage breakdown of the reasons of why players are protesting the anthem.

    Honestly, I think some of them don’t even know. Kaepernick talks about civil rights and oppression, then shows up in a Fidel Castro t-shirt. Does he understand that American ballplayers never defect to Cuba?

    “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (Ecclesiastes 3; 1-2)

    I agree he has the right to protest. I just believe the Time and Season for that protest is a time and season other than during the national anthem.

    I’d never heard of Kabaddi before reading this ticker item. Looked it up on YouTube and that’s kind of hypnotic.

    I happened to catch part of the first half while out last night, and saw Marshall’s highlighter cleats. I would say that they looked shitty against the mostly-white uni with its dark green accents, but the shoes just looked shitty period. Glad he changed them out later.

    Huh, that wasn’t the New England Patriots throwback game last night? I need to pay more attention I guess.

    It’s probably been discussed here in the past, but would there be enough contrast for a colorblind person had the Jets worn green jerseys with white pants? White pants vs red pants in this case.

    I still think that would have been an issue – we have plenty of games where both teams wear link, so being able to tell pants apart has never been as important as instantly differentiating between jersey colors.

    would there be enough contrast for a colorblind person had the Jets worn green jerseys with white pants?

    That would run contrary to the whole point of the Thursday-night uniform program, which is for both teams to wear mono-colored uniforms.

    Didn’t the Jets use brighter, sparkle decals on their helmets for last year’s color rush game? That element was missing last night. Love the white facemask, use that and go back to the early eighties shade of green (instead of the drab stuff) and that would be one slick uniform.

    They also wore a lighter shade of green last year; this year they just wore their regular white jerseys with the darker green, so it wouldn’t make much sense to have the lighter green on the helmet.

    Then again, this whole program seems to be operating on the principle of “What fun is there in making sense?”

    Wasn’t really sparkly, it was link. They could have used a chrome version of their forest green decals, I suppose.

    Wasn’t there a leak at one point that they were going to use a link like they did in the link? Wonder whatever happened to that.

    Namath never actually wore the white logo on the field; it was used in 1964 only. His rookie year was ’65.

    Looks like they experimented with the inverted decal and probably decided that it didn’t look good. I think if they gave it a green outline it’d be fine.

    Thanks – I thought there was a one-year overlap, but didn’t bother to check.

    I’ve seen people speculate that the white decal was nixed because it didn’t actually match the old logo, being the modern one with a white background, and teams can’t create new secondaries just for this promotion.

    Namath posed for a couple of publicity shots with the white logo, including the cover of SI. It’s easy to get thrown off by that.

    Does the Broncos’ throwback helmet logo that they’re using for Color Cash count as a “new secondary”? Or the Chargers’? The speculation may very well be right, but I’m not aware of any rule saying that a throwback logo has to precisely match the original or else it’s an impermissible “new secondary.” Color Cash is such a goofy promotion I’d be surprised if the NFL put the kibosh on that.

    I’m not aware of any rule saying that a throwback logo has to precisely match the original or else it’s an impermissible “new secondary.”

    I’m not either, but that’s my understanding. Would seem to jive with the throwback logos used by both the Broncos and Chargers you pointed out. We know that the color scheme is limited to official colors past or present, would make sense that logos followed a similar rule. And I’m not aware of any clubs changing their logos, except for the Jets rendering their regular logo in the chrome material last season.

    I do wish we had a bit more understanding of their internal rules for this promotion.

    It still confounds me that they didn’t use the white version of the logo in 1994, when they redecoed their green helmets to go with their throwback jerseys.

    Of course, I couldn’t resist looking through that White Sox auction PDF – the one thing that completely caught me off-guard was seeing a 1978 Orlando Cepeda jersey. I never knew that the Sox had employed him as a coach and issued him a jersey.

    I do not support Native American sports mascots for non-Native American sports populations.

    I have no problem with people wearing war bonnets. An item earned through acts of violence and war does not receive my respect.

    Additionally, plains women could not receive war bonnets so I do not see why women should have to respect a patriarchal symbol of war.

    I also do not understand how some people will call a girl wearing a war bonnet at a festival cultural misappropriation, but then selectively adopt trendy Hindu and Buddhist beliefs or symbols into their ‘spiritual style,’ such as hanging Hindu prayer flags in their backyard and sticking a lotus flower decal on their back windshield.

    The entire concept of misappropriation really rubs me the wrong way. Tell me… when it is appropriate to take an aspect of a foreign culture and use it yourself? Surely, we can’t seriously mean to keep every culture separated from each other.

    Surely, we can’t seriously mean to keep every culture separated from each other.

    No. But when you’ve essentially stolen a continent from a bunch of people in a near-genocidal campaign of ethnic cleansing, it seems like the least you could do is not also steal their symbolism and use it to sell things.

    THE. Please quit while you’re behind on this topic. We get where you stand (as you have to post something about it EVERY TIME there is a ‘skins Watch item).

    Thanks. We’d rather hear your hot takes on Madden Color Rash, much as that pains me to say.

    Chances are in the middle of Iowa, most, if not every one of those girls was born in the USA and therefore a native American. Not a naturalized citizen, not an illegal. So, they are just using their native american status to do as they want, which is fully allowable.

    The article clearly states that none of the girls are part of a native american tribe or heritage.
    Also, going by your definition of Native America, America is a continent so everyone born from Alaska to Argentina would be a Native American.

    I really wish we in the US could adopt the Canadian term: First Nations.

    It’s neutral, accurate, and we wouldn’t have to hear all the silly “but I’m native and I’m an American” jokes.

    Yup, if you’re born in the USA you are a native American. You would also be a native North American. Chilie, native South American. But then who (outside Australia) counts continents as the native boundaries? This article, and “misappropriation” issue, is being focused on American referring to the USA.

    The sad (scary?) thing, Chance, is that most of the time the “but I’m a native-born American” line is not a joke. People actually mean that as a summary of what they believe about the matter.

    But yeah, First Nations is by far the best term. It’s especially apt in the U.S. of American context. Since the 1770s, recognition of native peoples as sovereign nations has been the legal/constitutional basis of our government’s relations with American Indians. A recognition observed more often in the breach, but even when not observed it’s been the formal structure of relations. Legally, as far back as the Continental Congress, the United States government has regarded native peoples as our continent’s first nations.

    It really is amazing how much better the green on the Jets’ jerseys looks under lights vs. in sunlight. I’ve never seen a fabric color change that much depending on lighting conditions. And it seems to be the only Nike NFL jersey color that does that.

    The Bruce Smith towels actually look period accurate to the jersey that he wore when he was on the team, except for the logo on the back, which was not introduced until the switch to the current Bills uniforms in 2011.

    Then again, his original also didn’t have his career accomplishments on it either. So maybe it doesn’t matter.

    The Yeezy’s were banned because cleats should have 1 dominating base color, which they don’t have. Wonder if they will change them a little and come back later in the year.

    “Even Native Americans who are okay with the word “redskin” are usually not okay with non-Natives wearing headdresses and ceremonial face paint. Jeez (from Omar Jalife).”

    I was watching the Showtime show “A Season with Florida State Football” and they showed the mascot getting ready for the game versus Charleston Southern. From what I can tell he’s a white guy wearing a headdress, ceremonial face paint, and heres the kicker brown makeup. This didn’t sit well with me at all, seems like FSU can get away with this kind of thing. Headdress and face paint….MAYBE, but “brown face” nah. Im curious what other people think about this. There has to be a better alternative. And I know the Seminole tribes have been accepting of FSU, but this seems wrong.

    The Seminoles are fine with it because FSU pays them. The only color that matters in the end is green.

    The only color that matters in the end is green.

    That’s one way of phrasing it. Another is, “Using something with permission and appropriate compensation is okay; taking something that’s not yours, without permission or appropriate compensation, is not.”

    Or, “This is unconscionable and unacceptable. Unless you give me some money.”

    Either it’s offensive or it’s not. I don’t subscribe to moral relativism.

    Not everyone thinks it’s “offensive” (a word I’ve gone out of my way to avoid using regarding this topic for years) or “unconscionable.” Some of us think it’s just about permission and intellectual property.

    Also: We all subscribe to moral relativism, whether we realize it or not, because we all have different lines that we draw for different situations. Simple example: Today a commenter on this website said he always stands for the national anthem but not for “God Bless America.” Some people might find that inconsistent; others would not.

    Now if only I could remember who that commenter was….

    It’s not inconsistent at all. I respect the national anthem, but not some song by Irving Berlin that I disagree with. Morality has nothing to do with it. I was, Paul, actually agreeing with your point about not participating in a ritual.

    It’s not inconsistent at all. I respect the national anthem, but not some song by Irving Berlin that I disagree with.

    Of course it’s not inconsistent — to you. But others (like all those people at Yankee Stadium who are yelling at you to stand up in the 7th inning) think it’s VERY inconsistent. Moral relativism is, itself, a relative concept. We all engage in it — even you, Jon — whether we realize it or not.

    This topic is beyond played out. Let’s please move on now. Thanks.

    Fair enough, Paul. Just one more comment and I’ll shut my word hole. You’re describing following one’s conscience, not moral relativism. A different thing entirely. OK. I’m done. Thanks for the discussion.

    Winter, of course offense is subjective to each person. What I’m saying is that if someone finds something offensive, they should be consistent in their judgment and not say the exact same thing is ok for some, but not others.

    The guy painting his face brown is what bothers me. They can use the Seminoles culture as they wish, they have permission and agreements are in place, I get that. But I don’t think the Seminole tribe has the right to give someone that is not brown permission to paint their face that color.

    Guess you’re saying “brownface” is fine. If it was “blackface” or “redface” I’m sure you’d see it my way right?

    I remain unconvinced that what any American Indians are okay/not okay with has one damned bit of relevance. No nation, race, or ethnicity holds any sort of copyright (legally OR morally) over its symbols or visual style, and I’m unimpressed by any efforts to behave as though they do. Let a million appropriations bloom!

    Hey you made a typo on my name for the submission in the NU adidas/Nike story. Feel free to leave it though since I think sound better than my given name.

    Good article on the Nebraska-Adidas relationship. It failed to mention an issue about which I complained mightily at the time. Adidas removed the stripes from the Cornhuskers’ pants when the contract began in 1995, leaving them in solid red on the road and white at home. They looked terrible and were extra shiny, making matters worse. I even wrote to the A.D., who ignored my plea. It quite a few years, but common sense finally prevailed and the stripes returned.

    I don’t know about you Paul but I really like the new (whatever they are called….Vapor Untouchable?) Nike uniform template. I noticed that it seems to be one solid material all the way around the jersey instead of having the “air holes” that the older templates have. Looks a lot bolder and cleaner. While I am not a big fan of Nike’s marketing ploys, I do think that their football uniforms are far and away the best in terms of appearance regarding the stitching, materials use, the way the colors pop, etc. I did not like the “toilet bowl” half neck rolls (though I thought they work/worked well on a few white jerseys like the Redskins, Ravens, Saints, and Rams). I know I am in the minority but I also really love the flywire collars and the way the shield “locks” in the center. I dig the new design even more with the triangle thing that holds the shield. So much higher quality than Reebok and that NFL Equipment crap. Though it is very annoying that I bought a Cowboys color rush jersey this offseason (I would donate a kidney if the Cowboys wore those with *real*silver pants and navy and silver striped socks all year) and now they’ve already updated the uniform template. I guarantee you all teams will be forced to make the template switch next year so Nike and the NFL can sell more jerseys.

    Surprisingly, they were very late in cleaning up the body of their uniform. Reebok was testing the clean, one piece body as early as 2009 or so, and adidas’ Techfit was not far behind. Nike’s signature uniform was chock full of seams up until the Vapor Untouchable unveiling earlier this year. Their new look is much cleaner.

    Interesting. Every time I see the Panthers, Packers, or Falcons jerseys I think of Reebok and notice the contrast.To me, those uniforms look “cheap” compared to the teams in the Nike templates, especially the Panthers. It’s weird they didn’t implement that design when they still had the contract. I definitely despise Adidas’ college uniforms. They look insanely cheap and whatever texture it is they use for alot of the uni’s looks really bad and the numbers look screen printed. I also hate the way they put the Adidas logo smack dab in the middle of the jersey where the school logo usually goes.

    I’m curious — if a team can have both a 0 and a 00, would the rules then permit, say, a 5 and an 05?

    Proofreading on the Darren Rovell link: should be “today’s your lucky day,” not “you’re”

    Paul, liked your recommendation on the facemask for the Bills last night.

    Got me thinking that a red cage would look really sharp on that helmet compared to the grey mask. I think the red facemask would be a great look for the Bills when they wear their regular uniforms as well.

    today is the 19th anniversary of Paul Molitor’s 300th hit and when I clicked a video of it, I found out that Twins manager Tom Kelly was wearing a snapback hat that day! link

    Again I don’t know how you call it a COLOR Rush when one of the team’s is wearing white. I get it, not all games can have this with enough contrast, or in this game because of the colorblind issue. But calling it Color Rush just doesn’t work IMO.

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