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Cardinals Throw Back To 1927

By John Ekdahl

The St. Louis Cardinals celebrated their 1926 World Series win by wearing 1927 throwbacks last night.

The sight of Reyes standing on the mound in vintage red and white was a perfect symbol for the state of the franchise.

Some more game photos are available at and ESPN.

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UVa unveiled their new 2016 season uniforms yesterday. Below is the official release video featuring head coach Bronco Mendenhall that was briefly and mistakenly posted on Thursday, before being pulled down.

When the Virginia football team takes the field for the first time under new coach Bronco Mendenhall, his influence will be seen everywhere, including the team’s uniforms.

The Cavaliers will wear blue helmets, blue jerseys and white pants for the season opener on Sept. 3 at home against Richmond.

In July, Mendenhall hinted he’d like to have uniforms at Virginia this football season that pay homage to some of the more successful seasons of the Cavaliers’ past. On Saturday, U.Va. unveiled its new look for the coming season.

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UVA, along with new unis this season, will also be bringing back the diamond end zones.

But wait, there’s more.

Mendenhall is bringing back the diamond end zones ”” the same diamond end zones in the picture across his office in the McCue Center that shows a completely packed stadium, with Virginia beating Florida State.

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Here’s how the field looked for yesterday’s Giants vs Jets game.

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The University of Tennessee will wear helmet stickers honoring Pat Summitt this season.

Butch Jones confirmed on Saturday that the Tennessee football team will wear a helmet sticker to honor Pat Summitt this season.

“We are excited about wearing a commemorative sticker on the back of our helmet to honor the late Pat Summitt,” said Jones. “We all know everything that she stands for. I think it’s very fitting that Tennessee football and Team 120 recognize her and everything that she means to the University of Tennessee.”

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The West Virginia Mountaineers unveiled beautiful uniforms that celebrate the 125th anniversary of West Virginia football yesterday.

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Here’s a new end zone design for the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Comments (19)

    They weren’t celebrating the 1927 World Series, the Yankees won that. They were sporting jerseys that they wore in 1927 though, which were worn in honor of their 1926 series win.

    Right, the 1926 World Series, which famously ended with Babe Ruth getting caught stealing to end Game 7.

    Any mention of what the lettering on the left sleeve says?

    I don’t know where to go with not knowing the Yankees won the 1927 WS. It’s only the most famous team in baseball history!

    Clearly a sponsorship logo of the embryonic Prohibition-era Monster Energizing Beverage Company.

    I was wondering the same thing. If that’s an ‘L,’ then I might need to re-learn handwriting…

    Scoured the Google images, came across this clear shot of it:

    I was thinking, since the ‘S’ is in an old English-looking script, perhaps the ‘L’ used some form of that, too. Sure enough, came across a website––that allows you to enter text of your choice & it spits it out in old English in an image format. Here’s their version of the ‘L,’ a little different spacing, but definitely some similarities:

    According to this link it is St M and stands for “St. Louis Missouri.” A little odd, but makes sense.

    The west Virginia uniforms are the same as the current set they have just the logo is different because it has the 125 years

    Concerning the details of the Virginia Uniforms, the only big design update was the helmets.

    From what I saw in the photo shoot pics and watching their coach explain everything, the retro jersey worn once a year since 2012 has become the primary home jersey with an updated collar logo. Also, the only pants in the shoot were the striped white pants that went with that retro jersey, worn a handful of times with their other jerseys every year. The colors in the saber logo on the blue helmet were also reversed.

    The coach seems to be putting lipstick on a pig with an updated uni rotation, but the new helmet designs are a nice change.


    Sort of. There is a new numeral typography and a new design for the pants which to me is a pretty significant change in the right direction. Borrowing elements from the past only make the concept stronger. If that’s putting lipstick on a pig, then every coach should follow suit.

    That number and blue jersey have been around since 2012, along with the striped pants, but were only worn sparingly.

    The coach sounded like he was making up new justifications for wearing the same orange and white jerseys that have been around since 2010. Still a solid look.

    This now primary combos has been worn here:

    and pants repurposed here:

    Yeah, I think this is definitely an improvement, but it’s more a repurposing of stuff they already had than a redesign.

    kudos to them for not putting out some horrible “new wave” design. Pretty classic look. And they don’t have 128 different combinations.

    In other uni-related news, the Dodgers are still having problems with striped socks. I can understand, the last time they wore striped hosiery was when God turned on the lights.

    Are concussions a major problem in ncaa football? I don’t get the nfl nonsense about “one shell” but college teams have multiples. It seems kinda stupid. The nfl’s problem would seem to be having a bunch of super- fast near-300 lb athletes hitting into each other more than anything. Very annoying.

    Haven’t heard anything on this yet, but did Houston get new football unis? I’m a freshmen there and while I was getting moved on campus the freshman were sporting new threads. I also saw Greg Ward on the cover of a magazine (SI I think) with the same new jersey on. To wrap up I was at a campus event last night and sure enough in the
    locker room there was the new set yet again.

    Virginia nailed it with the new unis. Classic, clean and……for once…..a team goes with normal fonts!

    Generally speaking, I agree, except I’m not crazy about the emerging trend of having different things on either side of the helmet.

    I don’t mind that the Steelers only have one logo as it’s kind of an interesting quirk that has become traditional for them. But beyond that…

    Re: WEST Virginia’s football unis … I cannot imagine why they insist on using their silly font styles and unnecessary piping. M2C says the Major Harris-era unis — so clean and simple with the double striped pants — set the bar for good design that the school has failed to reach since. -C.

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