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The Los Angeles Rams Will Wear Throwbacks For Their First Preseason Game

By John Ekdahl

White on white.

This homecoming business for the Los Angeles Rams comes equipped with all types of nostalgia. One area that has been of interest for longtime Los Angeles Rams fans is what uniform the players would wear.

The Rams are going back to an old design, albeit probably not the one for which most locals remember them.

When the Rams host the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday in the first preseason game at the Coliseum in 36 years, they will return to the uniforms they largely wore in the 1960s — white uniforms with blue numerals and a blue slash on the shoulder, with a blue and white helmet.

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Some uniform silliness in Sioux City, Iowa.

Bishop Heelan football players said they won’t play any different now that the word “PRIDE” has been ordered off their uniforms.

Because of a change implemented by the National Federation of State High School Associations, the Crusaders are no longer able to have “PRIDE” on the back of their uniforms. It is a tradition that reaches back 40 some years.

If a team did not comply with the uniform standards, a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty would be assessed against the coach to begin the game, moving the spot of the opening kickoff.

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Micheal Jordan called an autistic man who wears his uniform during pickup basketball games, and sent him some gear.

The man who plays basketball in full Michael Jordan uniform received a surprise from His Airness himself.

Jeffrey Harrison gained attention from playing pick-up ball in Jordan’s full uniform. According to KREM’s Darnay Tripp, Harrison, who is autistic, honors his idol, whom he studies regularly.

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The Chinese aren’t too happy about their Olympics uniforms.

Chinese netizens have slammed the yellow and red dress worn by their players at the opening ceremony of Rio Olympic Games, saying they looked like “cheap restaurant waiters and waitresses”.

“I think the dress was utterly ugly. The opening ceremony should be one of the best occasions to display China’s soft power and creative fashions, but dressed in the uniform our sportsmen look like cheap restaurant waiters and waitresses,” state-run China Daily quoted Chen Cheng, a netizen from Beijing as saying.

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Why do women wear bikinis for beach volleyball? Business Insider takes a look.

Women’s beach volleyball gets a lot of attention, the majority of which is unfortunately spent on what the athletes are wearing and not on their physical prowess.

The women’s bikini uniforms and whether or not they’re appropriate is hotly debated. Some people often wonder why the women wear the bikinis at all while the men are all allowed to wear tank tops and shorts.

INSIDER looked into the matter and found that the answer is really simple: Women beach volleyball players wear the bikinis because they want to, not because it’s required.

Damn, I was really looking forward to being angrily outraged about it.

Comments (36)

    Certainly not metallic gold, but not athletic gold, either. More of a mustard shade, that matched the contemporary uniforms.

    Apparently, the main post was composed yesterday, well before the actual game, which rendered the post laughably false.

    Why do they keep saying throwbacks? I think they are confusing the term “throwback” with “regular white jersey”. A throwback would not have the current logo or the non block number font. They should just say they are wearing white at home because it’s the best option for fans who hate the St. Louis color scheme and the NFL is dumb and won’t just let them wear the LA colors already.

    I don’t get it. The Rams didn’t wear throwbacks and you’re posting a misinformed article like they did.

    “Bishop Heelan football players said they won’t play any different now that the word “PRIDE” has been ordered off their uniforms.”

    I thought they would start playing slouched over with their heads down, wearing dirty half tucked in jerseys, constantly mumbling obscenities under their breath.

    “[U]niforms they largely wore in the sixties”? Even without the botched adverb usage, that’s a stretch. What they wore last night was one of their recent combos – and not one of the better ones at that. ESPN really screwed the pooch on that one.

    Looks like the Rams logos at the Coliseum omitted gold. That’s news.

    All the stuff in the stadium was blue and white… endzones, wall logos, everything. .. I’m really starting to believe the gold (or yellow) might go away…. and I think I might be ok with that…. nice clean look.

    Yeah, it might not look bad… if the Colts didn’t already do that. We have enough teams with similar color schemes as it is, the last thing we need is the Rams ditching their 3rd color.

    The Colts experimented with gray in the 80s, and the Jets with black in the 80s and 90s. Aside from that the only other two-color NFL team I can think of is the late-90s Cardinals after they took all the black trim off their uniform (minus the detail on the helmet logo) and it just made them look cheap.

    The gold was removed from the end zones the last couple of years in St. Louis as well.

    Whichever way the Rams go, they need to ensure the helmets match the color scheme. Dark navy helmets with bright royal blue uniforms won’t work. If they go with a bright blue, they should do what the Giants did: a metallic flake added to the helmet to lighten the color just enough to match.

    No need to worry – if they go back to royal blue the helmets will match. Having them not match as they did would not happen in today’s NFL on a primary. I think Riddell finally has it figured out with the royal blue as they have displayed with the Giants.

    If you remember back when both the Rams and Giants were wearing royal blue as late as the 1990s, they had attempted the royal blue helmets, but they were too dark for both teams. They did not match the jerseys for either the Rams or Giants. I do not think that was necessarily the fault of the teams.

    I don’t really know how to say this in an appropriate way, but I’m tired of living in a politically correct world so I’ll just say it. This page is pretty bad when Phil runs it instead of Paul. Phil may have a lot of other things going on and this isn’t really a priority, but jeez this sucks.

    Are you talking about the weekend content for August?

    Because I’m doing the weekdays for this month for Paul. Johnny Ek is doing the weekends.

    When the NFL allows the Rams to change their uniforms….the blue/yellow scheme should return as it was prior to them leaving to St Louis. They could maybe modify it in some way maybe a brighter yellow something similar to the Seahawks green….etc. As an alternate throw back…the blue/white combo would be fine with blue/white helmets. But blue/white combo is to plain and boring at best. I did notice all the banners yesterday had blue and white with no yellow or gold….which was strange. We shall see. Lets not screw this up Rams. Also want to thank Cowboy’s owner for being one of the owners who pushed for the Rams to return to LA. Go Rams!

    Those weren’t throwback jerseys worn by the Rams Sat. night. It was their standard white road jersey. I’m wondering if Chris Sale got into their locker room too

    Pretty sure it was just bad reporting. The Rams are wearing white as a “nod to their past” or some bullshit like that, and someone turned that into “throwback”. The fact that it got reported here, after the game had already been played is rather sad… but I guess that’s what we get when Paul & Phil aren’t here.

    Maybe that is what we get, but none of us did the lede or the work. I would rather not sound like I’m throwing him under the bus.

    The Rams don’t know what to do? No matter what combination they give the fans they are not true throwback uniforms.It is clear that the fans and even former players want the royal blue and gold that they identify as the true Los Angeles Rams uniforms. When you looked in the stands at the fame last night everyone was wearing the throwback colors. The fans pay the bills in the NFL, why doesn’t the NFL give the Rams permission to at least wear their blue and gold throwback uniforms for all the home games this year? Nike has the patterns and colors and could get to work on this tomorrow.I think two years is too much to make those loyal Rams fans wait to get the correct uniforms back.

    The Rams wore white because it’s August and they’re the home team. Now if the story was true and the Rams wore blue, we could have had the link vs the link The Ram’s 60’s blue was almost the same as the Cowboy’s 60’s blue, and the Cowboys would have worn the (now classic) white version of that uniform. I’d have loved that match up.

    I’m hoping against hope this was a sly dig at bad uniform reporting. I doubt it was. Brutal.

    The Rams have that nasty gold ram horn and the fucking obscene collar / nikelace on their jersey.


    PS as far as shutting down Uniwatch in August, I agree the site has been late every day and very light in content. However, I pay the same subscription amount each month to view the site and therefore feel I have zero right to complain.


    >> Women beach volleyball players wear the bikinis because they want to, not because it’s required.

    “Damn, I was really looking forward to being angrily outraged about it.”

    I know you were being sarcastic, but all too often, that’s the M.O. of the P.C. crowd (living life looking for things to be angrily outraged about).

    *Hears all the complaining*

    Man you guys are going to be in t r o u b l e when the teacher gets back when he hears everything you said about the sub!!! HAHA

    It’s just disappointing when such a flat-out wrong article gets the lede, especially when the information was already well dated (the article had been posted on ESPN on Friday, and the game was Saturday night at 8 PM), and there isn’t any double-checking on it.

    I was also very dissatisfied past week when the padres player switched jerseys due to pine and they never showed player 91 got his actual Jersey back. I wanted to know how they got him a new Jersey

    Well I am done with weekends till Paul comes back Phil keep up the good work mon-fri

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