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In Defense of Skippy & Muffy (and Ambrose, Poppy, Tad & Whitney too)

Skippy & Muffy 550

[Editor’s Note: Paul is on his annual August break from site. Deputy editor Phil Hecken is in charge from now through the end of the month, although Paul is still on the clock over at ESPN and may be popping up here occasionally.]

By Phil Hecken

As you’re probably all aware (or should be), tonight the Olympics (technically the Games of the XXXIst Olympiad) begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the spectacle that is the Opening Ceremony. (Yes, technically the Games have already begun with some of the sports requiring games to be played before the official start of the Games, so their tournaments can be completed by the end of the Games.)

Last weekend, on Saturday to be precise, Paul subbed for me and had a sub-lede entitled Skippy, Muffy ready for Rio — scroll down — (and also had an ESPN piece) which kinda-sorta poked fun at the USA’s Opening Ceremonies garb, with an allusion to it’s apparent preppy-ness. Now, Paul and I don’t often disagree when it comes to uniforms (fashion is another story), but I’m here to say that I think the USA’s opening night costumes are spectacular — well, from the exposed ankles up. Those shoes gotta go.

Take away the shoes and that’s a mighty fine getup. Is it preppy? Sure, it’s designed by Ralph Friggin’ Lauren (in case you weren’t aware of that with the Giant Pony on the blazer), who’s like the KING of the preps. But this is the Olympics, where the costumes of the Opening Ceremonies are meant to be loud, gaudy, and nationalistic, and often they are stereotypically comical as well. But the blue blazer and white slacks are something I wear to the office about once a week or so during the summer, and while I’m not a huge fan of the shirt (which Paul very observantly equated to the Russian flag), it pretty much screams AMERICA. As it should.

The uniforms (can we call the Opening Ceremonies outfits uniforms? Sure, why not) have been mercilessly derided on social media (and the retail prices for those, if you want to buy them, are ridiculous). Personally, I would have put our athletes in either this or this from my buddies at OppoSuits (and yes, I own, and proudly wore the first suit, over the 4th of July Weekend). But it is what it is. And compared to what some of the other countries are wearing, I think our..ahem…uniforms stack up quite well.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depending upon your perspective), other nations tend to outfit their athletes in Opening Ceremony costumes that are designed to evoke the spirit of that nation. Whether it’s stereotypical or classy (and that also depends upon your perspective), here’s what some of the other nations will be sporting tonight.



Poor Georgia. Their outfits have been ruthlessly and unjustifiably mocked, and not in a good way.



Another disaster. These outfits have been likened to erasers. Now that’s a low blow.

But the USA’s “competition” in the Opening Ceremony game isn’t all bad. Let’s take a look at some of the other Opening Ceremony outfits you’ll see tonight:



The host country has a nice set of costumes. Men and ladies both in blue blazers, with the men in tan slacks and the ladies in colorful, floral print dresses. In the words of Jimmer Vilk, I’d wear that.



EH? Yes, this is really Canada’s Opening Ceremony outfit. Oh, Canada.



I know it’s supposed to be warm (but not unbearably hot, or so the weather reports go), but Cuba is going with really sharp red blazers for the men…with black shorts. Also, high top sneakers and no socks. Not my cuppa, but whatever fashion floats your boat. I do like the ladies’ outfits with their tan jackets and black capris.



France has suffered a lot lately, so I’m going to cut them some slack here. Actually I kinda like the more casual look they’ve adopted (and the white shirt/pants is pretty spiffy). And no berets!

Great Britain2

Great Britain:

Wait, that can’t be right, can it? Full suits, and heels for the ladies? Well, that’s what I’m being told is their opening night kit. And Andy Murray is their flag-bearer, so. If indeed that’s what they’re wearing, they’ll look a lot better during the Opening Ceremony than during the Games.



I don’t know *what’s* going on with these. I’m not sure why they have a “seven” or why they’re wearing black and white.

South Korea

South Korea:

These aren’t too bad. Are fedoras (or trilbys) big in Seoul? I’m digging the white piping on the blue blazers too.

So, you can see — the USA will be at the top of the class when it comes to the Opening Ceremony outfits. But they are by no means the most awesomest of them all. That honor falls to Australia. Feast your eyes on these:



Yeah, I know I said I’m not a huge fan of blazers with shorts, but I take that back here — these unis are gorgeous. The blazer alone is incredible, and the white skirts & shorts are great. And most times, if you see a bunch of folks taking a selfie dressed like that at the beach…you probably want to punch them in the face. But these are the Aussies, man. That would not be a smart move. The unis are 1/2 IDGAF and the other half party-central. An “oz”some combo.

And for those of you who still think the USA’s Opening Ceremony outfits are bad, just remember the past stuff they’ve trotted out. Remember the puffy coats in the winter olympics, and cowboy hats? Pfft. We’ve had worse. A lot worse. Here’s a slideshow to remind you of just that:

If you can’t view the slideshow click here to view the set.

So what say you readers? For those of you who will even be watching, how’d the USA do? Do you even care about the outfits/costumes/uniforms of the Opening Ceremony? What say you?

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Hey Uni Watchers…

Little Help?

I got an e-mail from reader Elan Rodman that was directed to Paul, but since he’s on his actual vacation portion of his blog-cation right now, I thought perhaps as a group we could help Elan out.

Here’s Elan:

Question regarding obscure Orioles Warm Up Jersey/Pants never seen before.

Hey Paul! I am a long time reader of your work. I found an obscure, possibly rare sand knit orioles warm up from the 70s, would like some more info on it. My name is Elan Rodman.

Elan included the following photos in his original e-mail (click to enlarge):

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.08.47 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.09.49 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.03 PM

He then followed up shortly thereafter with some additional identifying information:

Here are some more photos, tags.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.53 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.11.07 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 2.10.20 PM

There you have it.

Do any of you readers have any information that can help identify this garment? Please post any thoughts in the comments below.

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Grand Rapids Griffins Contest Design Reminder

I’m currently hosting a contest to redesign an alternate jersey for the Grand Rapids Griffins. All the details are here.

The deadline for all submissions is Thursday, August 11th (Midnight Eastern Time).

Remember to send all your entries to in the format described in the article.

Good Luck!

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Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail yesterday from reader Ed Kalas, who has some photos and a great story to share, especially with the Olympics Opening Ceremonies beginning this evening.

I’ll let Ed explain (and you can click on the photos below to enlarge)…

. . .

1992 USA Basketball Kellogg’s Commemorative Jacket

Hey Uni-Watch Crew,

Big fan here who reads the posts daily, especially the soccer posts.

In honor of the upcoming Olympics, I wanted to share with you guys a pretty unique jacket that my brother got way back around 1992 out of a Kellogg’s box. I figured right before the Olympics would be a cool time to share.


Here’s the back, I love Larry Bird’s all black shoes. It’s a very very flimsy material, not sure how long it would have lasted had anyone wore it on a regular basis, almost paper like.


Kellogg’s was an official sponsor, and from this shot, each jacket might have had their own serial number (no pun intended), under this logo on the jacket.


Not sure too much of the background of this jacket my brother never wore it, and always kept it hanging in his closet. I took an recent trip back to our mom’s house to snap some photos. He also saved two Kellogg’s boxes that promoted the jacket, a Raisin Bran and Corn Flakes.


I wonder why these 5 particular players were chosen of the 12. I wonder if they each had a specific deal with Kellogg’s, or they were just the 5 guys willing to do it. I know Wheaties is General Mills, so maybe that was conflict of interest for some of the guys like MJ?


As you can see, on the back of the Corn Flakes box, The Admiral is showing off one of the jackets, wearing the same uniform from the jacket photo shoot.


You could also submit for an Olympic coin, but here is an example of one of the proofs of purchase that can be found on the side of the box.


I took a couple of closeups as well of the action shots on the jacket, but I didn’t want to flood you guys with too many photos, I know you guys probably get a lot of submissions.

I certainly appreciate the work, and if you guys have a chance to check this out, and are able to share it on the site. Keep up the good work!


Ed Kalas

Thanks, Ed. Great stuff!!!

OK. Now, onto the ticker…

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil

Baseball News: Looks like Cameron Maybin wears striped socks, sheer hosiery, and Hunter Pence-style baseball “biking shorts,” (from Steve Vibert). … Great find from Tristan Ridgeway, who notes “Years ahead of the likes of Tiger Woods, check out Joe Foy’s own personal, hand-drawn logo on his batting glove while with the 1970 Mets.” Here’s another one of a different glove. … Here’s a teaser preview of Monday’s Charleston rainbows uniforms (frpm Nate Kurant). … The web site of ORIX Buffaloes throwback games “The ORIGIN of Bs” can be found here (from BigDaddy45). … When the “Great Clips” Twins play the Cedar Rapids Kernels next Tuesday, the Twins will wear these jerseys (from OT Sports). … Just what the die-hard Chicago Cubs fan needs: Benjamin Moore has released Cubs-themed paint (from Eric Lovejoy). … Everyone in baseball seems to have “lucky” superstitions (from PulpEphemera). … Whoa: Check out this Clemson pitcher wearing a batting helmet on the mound, in the mid/late 1960s (from BassProShop Jones). … The Brooklyn Cyclones will be doing a 90s Nickelodeon Night on August 10th (from Minor League Promos). And speaking of Nickelodeon Night — it was just that at the Visalia Rawhide last evening, and they played the part by becoming the Red Jaguars (MiLB again). … On Wednesday, the Petco scoreboard was using 90’s era Brewers logo (good spot by Rabid Mongoose). … Reader Rand Martin asks, “so, you think Paul would wear this (purple Ebbets Field Flannels t-shirt)?” … Check out these Potomac Nationals presidential nominee bobbleheads (from John Muir). That Trump one is gonna be yuuuuuge. … Here’s a look at the 2017 World Baseball Classic logo, with the event taking place in Seoul, Korea. … Here’s some new custom cleats for Marcus Stroman (from Megan Brown). … Last night the Lehigh Valley IronPigs were the ‘Festers as Allentown’s MusikFest came to town again (from Thompucks).

NFL/CFL News: It’s almost that time: A friend of Dan Kennedy went on a tour of Ford Field. Here’s a shot of the field with color, but no graphics yet. Yes, football season is just around the corner. … According to reader Andrew Cosentino, “EA Sports still thinks that the Colts play in Baltimore!” … According to John Turney this is a prototype 1979 St. Louis Cardinals helmet. … The Montreal Alouettes wore their road jerseys at home Thursday night. “Went with the complete white combo (helmets, jerseys and pants),” he adds.

College Football News: The Florida Gators will have new, custom kicking nets this year (from Dave Doop). … Gotta say, those new, white Iowa State Cyclones helmets are pretty damn sweet (h/t Chris Palmquist). … Tulsa football showed off some of the new adidas unis at the team’s first practice (via Justin Mitchell). … Virginia Tech wore new shorts for practice: GFGS! (from Andrew Cosentino). … Also from Andrew, here’s a first look at Virginia Tech’s new wordmark on their helmet. … Looks like Colgate football will have a new helmet this fall (from G.A.T.A.). … Georgetown will be getting new football unis today. Here’s a sneak peek (from Georgetown Hoyas).

Olympics News: Reader Kristina Cruz, who is one of my “Olympic Correspondents” and will have a piece for us in a few days, wanted to point out that the USA Olympic leotards for gymnastics are a bit on the pricey side. … Tweeter Richard Rincon says “yuck” and adds, “why isn’t the federation logo on the jersey?” for this Olympic soccer match. … Steven Carlson says, “Germany usually has pretty good kits, but black w/olive green sleeves? Not a good look.” Yellow Away Kit notes it’s probably “an Olympified version of their current away kit.” … Apparently the Portugese unis weren’t holding up very well during their match with Argentina (great gifs from Brandon Edwards). … Legendary graphic designer Milton Glaser rates all of the Olympic logos since 1924 (thanks, Brinke). … Korean soccer players are all full NOB (thanks to Yellow Away Kit).

Hockey News: The NWHL (that’s the “National Women’s Hockey League, for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym) have retired all team jerseys, and will introduce new ones for 2016-17 (from John Muir). You can vote on new designs here (from Kyle Scott Clauss). If that link doesn’t work, here are the designs (h/t pach zearce). … Ohhh, this is nice: check out these vintage photos of UC Bearcats hockey, circa early-80s (from Doug Smith). … Looks like Vermont Hockey will be wearing 1996 throwbacks at some point this coming season. Those are nice! (from Matt Bain). … The South Carolina Stingrays have unveiled a special third jersey for the 2016-17 season that pays tribute to the club’s National Hockey League (NHL) affiliate, the Washington Capitals (from Zach Fisch).

Soccer News: Our soccer guy Yellow Away Kit is asking about enforcement of the ‘tuck rule’ in women’s college soccer. I’m not sure such a rule enforcement exists. If you read replies to that tweet, you’ll see a ref who pretty much doesn’t care. Also there’s this. … Tottenham Hotspur player Danny Rose was sporting a St. Louis Rams cap on the way to a friendly in Norway (good spot by Trayton Miller). … Trivia (from Yellow Away Kit): When FC Bayern play in the US, they advertise T-Mobile, not T-Com (Deutsche Telekom). … Here’s a look at the new Kansas State University Women’s Soccer Team for the upcoming season (from Randy Peterson). … The Dynamo Kiev 2016-17 Home Kit has been revealed (h/t Tim Cross). … New @equipedefrance gear just arrived and the @FFF tags are split with new/old logos (from Ft. Wayne Pistons).

Grab Bag: Here’s some news you don’t quite see every day: A High School (the Oregon High School Panthers) have announced an ‘exclusive apparel deal with adidas’. (from Mike Carr). The slogan? “Orange and The New Black.” Ugh. … Even though the coach in this photo is holding a baseball bat, Christopher Lahaye says, “I’d pay $5 to see Bill Belichick coaching these.” … The US military is ditching the dumbest uniform ever made. So long, aquaflage (from Clint Richardson), who adds, “Maybe the Padres will too.” (That was also tweeted by Wonderdog). … Here’s an, um, interesting St. Louis Blues/Arizona Cardinals frankenlogo (from Brett Knowles). … Here’s a look as some of the most outlandish throwback uniforms in sports history (from our own Alex Hider). … Patrick Thomas asks is “This the first time the new NoDak logo is seen with the green and black swapped?” … New court design for the Houston Rockets? Kenneth Turner says, “I just came across some photos from a Houston Rockets’ fan site that I also follow that suggests that the Rockets may have a new court design for the upcoming season.”

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And that’s going to do it for today. And the week. Whew. First week without Paul running things, and I think so far things have gone smoothly. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

Johnny Ek will be filling in for my normal weekend duties tomorrow and Sunday, so he’ll keep things moving until Monday. Until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Which of Paul’s cats is the secretary?”

— Pittsburgh Contrarian

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Comments (80)

    The Trump/Clinton bobbles have “Life-Like Hair”. Too bad there’s no “Kung Fu grip”.

    I never noticed the “SAD” sign in front of the cowboy hat Olympic outfits. Hilarious.

    The Olympic “Jacket” looks to be made of a fiber/canvas stitched/adhered to a plastic sheet like some potato bags. Yikes.

    That Orioles warm-up jersey/pants are great! Almost certainly from the winter basketball team they had in the late 60’s-early 70’s. Here’s a different warm-up jersey they wore during that era link

    I 2nd that. I remember seeing the Orioles play a charity basketball game as a youngster in the 80’s. I’ll have to try to dig up pictures to send in. If memory serves me correctly, the 80’s uniforms were a forerunner to the NBA “sponsorship” patch; I’m pretty sure they had a patch for Crown gas stations.

    That Orioles warmup is definitely for basketball. It was one of SandKnit’s “SandMark” collection of uniform coordinates from the early-1970s.

    Marquette made a couple of the sets popular including the racing stripe and the bumblebee look (That one was soon outlawed by the NCAA).

    The recurring theme of the Olympic opening ceremonies uniforms seems to be “no socks”. Aren’t their feet going to chafe in their shoes like that?

    Wearing boat shoes without socks is the “correct” way to do it (not that I’m a fan of enforcing stupid fashion rules myself). I have three pairs of Sperrys and wear them without socks all the time, it feels fine.

    I’ve owned a few pairs of Sperry’s and can’t do it barefoot. Feet get clammy, and I don’t like when my toes rub against the top of the shoe.

    Proofreading/Editing: those “pretty damn sweet” white cyclones helmets are for Iowa STATE – not Iowa

    Grrr. Dammit. Yep, I screwed that up — apologies to both Iowa and Iowa State fans.

    Fixed now.

    The 7 on the Italian opening night outfits were designed by Armani and it refers to the EA7 Olympic collection available at your local Emporio Armani stores. link

    Re: the Dream Team jackets.

    I find it interesting that the Dream Teamers were issued those generic USA uniforms with their actual NBA numbers rather than their international numbers (Larry Bird wore No. 7 rather than 33.)

    That’s because in international basketball, all players must wear numbers between 4 and 15 (inclusive). I believe it has something to do with referees calling fouls at the scorers table, but I’m not sure how they get around ‘6’ and ’15’ looking similar?

    Yeah, but didn’t Kellogg’s know ahead of time what numbers the Dream Teamers would be wearing?

    6 would be 5 (right hand) + 1 (left hand); 15 would be 1 (right hand) and 5 (left hand).

    Hey Puck,

    I’m Ed who submitted the jacket. Yea I noticed that too after I sent in the email about the jersey numbers. Maybe they just hadn’t selected their Olympic numbers yet.

    Warner’s point I believe it correct, they can only choose numbers up to 15, much like soccer does for international tournaments (1-23 in that case)

    I had that same Kellogg’s Dream Team jacket. I always remembered how cheap the material was. There was also someone else who had a windbreaker USA jacket for the 1976 Olympics. When I got it, you had the USA patch that had to be sewn on.

    Re: article on most outlandish throwback uniforms in sports history.

    I would not consider the throwback the Canucks wore last year to be particularly outlandish. Yes, the 1980s “Flying V” uniforms were outlandish, but that is not the topic of the article. Those have not been worn as a throwback.

    The Canucks wore the evolved 1990s version. The black uniforms with salmon and yellow trim were pretty decent looking and normal hockey uniforms. Would stretch to consider it outlandish in the present as it is a different, foreign, unfamiliar look in comparison to their uniforms of today.

    Blue end zones at Ford Field are new this year. First time the Lions have had colored end zones since the Silverdome days.

    I’m a life long lions fan (admiring the problem is he first step to recovery), so I’m really interested to see how they turn out. Just glad they didn’t go with black end zone. Happy to see them moving away from that trend.

    As of about 8 years ago no national federation logos are allowed on the uniforms of olympic teams. So you’ll see flags, the logo of the nation’s olympic committee, text, or some sort of non-trademarked national symbol on the uniforms of all olympic teams now.

    In addition, the Olympics also follows the NCAA rule of only one maker’s mark per article of clothing. So, for example, the Colombian and German soccer jerseys will have the Adidas logo, but no three stripes on the sleeves or sides.

    The Olympics also goes by volume of the logo in cm2, not dimensions. It also differs between the uniforms and the accessories themselves. Which is why the swoosh always seems ungodly large compared to the adidas, ASICS, or Under Armour mark, since the swoosh Really doesn’t have much girth to it.

    (I interned at UA last summer and I’m really excited to see the hats I worked on at the games)

    I have also noticed that, in this Olympics, any and all FIFA symbols are gone. The entrance music and the blue and yellow Fair Play banners are not used for the tunnel walk. Plus, the captain’s armbands just have a C on them.

    thats because its not a FIFA event and those are all FIFA initiatives. As Skye mentioned, the actual federation logos are no longer allowed.

    You should have also noticed that no hockey federation logos have been used in the last two winter games.

    The crest on the UC Bearcats’ sweater is my favorite Cincinnati logo; so much better than the claw.

    I had one of those Olympic Basketball windbreakers as a kid! I remember saving up to get it! Brings back some memories!! Wish i still had it!

    Good to see the Lions using color for the background of their end zone design. I don’t think enough NFL teams do that. Some of them (like the Jaguars’ flat white wordmark on a blank background) just look like they’re not even trying.

    I absolutely love that white Iowa State helmet. PERFECT! ISU’s unis are in my top 5 every year, and I love white helmets for some reason.

    Phil, I have a challenge for you: write an entire entry without relying on multiple sets of parentheses in most paragraphs.

    Same, man! I have a huge reliance on commas, and- you guessed it- hyphens/dashes!

    UVM shirts are for a reunion of 96 team tonight, not next season. You can tell by the league patch.

    Can the padres now just right away switch to the navys new camo next year for alternates(land based units already wear it so it is already being produced enough) or do they have to wait x amount of time before they switch?

    Chris Creamer tweeted out a little bit ago that the link.

    I’ve long suspected since the announcement came out that the Oilers and Jets would use WHA-era designs, with the Oilers likely donning the white counterpart to their orange alternates, which were based upon their 1972-74 uniforms. Can’t wait to see if I’m right.

    Well, I’m disappointed. It turns out the Oilers are just recycling the orange jerseys. The Jets’ white WHA-era jerseys look nice, and you can certainly argue white at home is how it SHOULD be, but it’d have been nice to see the Oilers with a “new” jersey as well as the Jets.

    There’s a good amount of those jackets on eBay for reasonable prices probably because Jordan isn’t pictured.

    Re: Dream Team jacket… The reason for those 10 players was that they were the first 10 announced as members of the team. Drexler and Laettner weren’t added until much later. If memory serves me, there was almost a year of promotion using those 10 players.

    Tulsa football link at the team’s first practice (via Justin Mitchell)

    I realize those are just practice jerseys, and they probably differ substantially from what Tulsa will wear during actual games. Nonetheless, it’s unbelievably refreshing to see an Adidas football jersey without all the link that we’ve link over the last few seasons.

    Proofreading: “but I’m here to say that I thing the USA’s opening night costumes are spectacular” thing should be think.

    The whole “Shirt = Russian flag” thing is just dumb. Yes, if you isolate 3 stripes, then it’s that flag. That’s what you get when there’s 20 different countries that all use the same colors on their flags. Insisting that the US teams wear the colors of our flag when there’s so many other countries that use the same scheme…. is just stupid. We should wear silver & black. Or purple & neon green. Or any other combination of colors that aren’t typically seen on national flags.

    Almost agreed. But Lauren decided to start the pattern with the white stripe on top, so it really does go white-blue-red. The first repeat defines the pattern to the average viewer. And white-blue-red is the pattern of the Russian flag. If they’d started with the red stripe at the top, it would have been the repeated pattern of the Dutch flag, and nobody would have noticed or cared. Could have started with the red stripe, for contrast with the blazer, and it wouldn’t have looked like any well-known flag. Could have alternated white, red, white, blue. Of all the ways to order the stripes, literally any other choice would not have repeated the pattern of the Russian flag so overtly.

    The top is red, but the jacket covers it. Ralph apparently didn’t look at the two items together.

    When I see the majority of the Olympic outfits (Brazil and S. Korea in particular), the only thing I can think of is flight attendants.

    As a college soccer referee, I do not enforce any such rule on tucking in jerseys during soccer games. There are simply too many other things that I am worried about during a game. I have never had a referee evaluator say anything to me about not enforcing the tucked shirt rule. I’m not saying that it’s okay to ignore rules, but I’m saying that officiating requires so much thought, that I, personally, am thinking about things that make more of an impact on the game, like where players are located, how many fouls each player has committed, etc.

    Derek Linn: Good! As a rule of thumb, it was often a good indicator that you had a suspect ref if he was obsessing over the tricky-tacky laws of the game. Pedantic refs usually had a poor feel for the game; you were more likely to get carded for your shirt being untucked or your sock falling down than for barrelling through an opponent. Read the book, didn’t understand the game.


    Olympic soccer is not FIFA sanctioned so Olympic soccer kits cannot have the national federation crests.

    I’m curious why that is, that FIFA doesn’t have anything to do w/ Olympic soccer. I’d never really thought about it or noticed before, but I do recall from the Russian doping story within the past couple weeks that the IOC was leaving it up to the individual federations as to whether athletes would be permitted to participate, and that the IAAF (track & field) had already banned Russians when the IOC’s refusal to omit the entire delegation was announced.

    Now, obviously that’s comparing apples and oranges–the Olympics are easily the biggest showcase for track & field, while FIFA oversees numerous tournaments more prestigious than Olympic soccer–but it still seems like they should want some say in it.

    They do, to a degree.

    Each international sports federation (IF) sets the rules of eligibility for athletes, and how teams/individuals qualify (the IOC says, 12 teams for men’s hoops, say; FIBA determines how those 12 teams are determined). A better illustration is soccer: The women’s tournament is open to all players, the men’s is an Under-23 tournament (with three wild-card players per team), because FIFA doesn’t want to create a rival event to its own World Cup. The IOC grins and bears it because they want men’s soccer in the Olympics.

    The same thing happens in hockey during the winter Olympics. Teams have to modify their countries normal jerseys using a generic logo rather than their usual logos.

    Phil, a small grammatical issue that I’ve been meaning to point out for some time. I don’t know the applicable grammatical terms, but I’m almost certain it should be “on to the ticker,” not “onto the ticker.” We are moving on–to view the ticker, not literally onto the ticker itself.

    Those dream team jackets are made of tyvek….the same material used in the postal service, fed-ex, ups etc etc envelope/bags

    Phil it’s not often I disagree with your sartorial choices but those suits from opposuits make the wearer look like link

    I still have that Olympic Dream Team Jacket and a whole set of Dream Team plastic cups that McDonalds issued during the Olympics that year.

    After looking at Australia I keep thinking Julie McCoy is going to walk out and give me directions to the lido deck, Issac will make me a strawberry daiquiri then point his fingers at me. Then Captain Merril Stubbing will come out with his high white tube socks on and invite me to watch the Olympics at the Captains table!

    That’s right, our Canadian athletes will park your car and walk in the parade of nations. We’re that polite.

    Second Paragraph – “I thing…” Should be “I think”

    I personally would wear Ralph L., but he is an American designer. It looks like American clothes.

    I’m a fan of the Olympic outfit just having watched the 4.5 hour extravaganza and I even like the boat shoes, I mean the basketball teams are living on one, why not?

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