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From Every Mountainside, Let Freedom Ring

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Each year on this date I try to find and present a photo or illustration that captures America in a nutshell (here are the ones from 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, and 2008). This year’s entry — part of a series of vintage hot dog ads recently sent my way by our Collector’s Corner columnist, Brinke Guthrie — is an instant classic. How did this product fail to catch on?

Anyway: Everyone have a great holiday. The Tugboat Captain and I will be fishing on a party boat (we’ll do our best to catch a red snapper, a whitefish, and a bluegill, or instead maybe a starfish and a striped bass), but the comments are open, so feel free to chat amongst yourselves.

Three quick if/then thoughts:

•  If you have a few minutes, I heartily recommend that you read the Declaration of Independence (here’s typeset version, in case you can’t decipher Jefferson’s handwriting), whose ratification is what we’re celebrating today.

•  If you happen to see Jason Pierre-Paul, please keep him away from the matches.

•  And if you’re spending the day in the company of a Britisher, kindly pass along my annual Independence Day rallying cry: In your face, Redcoats!

Comments (26)

    “Appalling!” declared one of the quoted tweets. A big problem with the modern outrage-industrial complex is how we cheapen words. Children starving to death and sick people going without medicine because a kleptocratic government has wrecked the economy, that’s appalling. If we call a dude getting into a sporting event he wasn’t technically invited to attend “appalling,” then what words do we have left for things that actually deserve to appall us?

    What I didn’t see there in the outrage was, if he did in fact purchase his access for the $1000 he evidently offered, how do others feel about the person who got him in?

    I’ve never seen that before…it begs an unauthorized, holiday version of Question of the Day.

    What was the most disturbing sight on that video?

    So many to choose from but for me, I have to go with Pee Wee Herman trotting (skipping?) towards the Alamo.

    While Jefferson wrote th Declaration of Independence it is not his handwriting that we have trouble deciphering. It is believe to be the handwriting of Tom Matlack, no relation to the Mets pitcher

    Jason Pierre-Paul actually did a fireworks PSA this year. Its a remarkably good video.


    I thought I saw that somewhere…oh yeah, it was an inline video in yesterday’s post…

    Also, I’m not sure “America in a nutshell” includes a side of broccoli.

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