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Future of Unis? When Every Game is Color vs. Color?

WNBA 550

By Phil Hecken

To almost no fanfare (at least not to my knowledge), last Monday the WNBA (now entering its 20th Season) announced that it was introducing new uniforms for the league. It warranted a few ticker mentions on Uni Watch, and there were maybe a few comments. We (admittedly) don’t pay much attention to the WNBA on here, fortunately or unfortunately. As far as uniforms go, as a league, they possess three features of which we are decidedly not fans: they are templates, they contain extreme adidas three-stripe markings, and they all have at least one ad. Basically, in terms of design quality and overall appearance…they suck.

This is not to pick on the WNBA. Other leagues (remember the recent, short-lived United Football League, for example?) have had bad uniforms and templates. In that respect, the WNBA is not alone. But what was groundbreaking, at least in a league with more than 10 teams: not one team will have a white uniform, meaning that for an entire season (at least) every game will be color vs. color.

The league has 12 teams, 10 of which are getting new uniforms (two of the teams already had only color uniforms for both home and away), so every team and every game will now be color vs. color. You can see the new uniforms here. Since they’re all templates, they uniforms are all basically two colors — with the lighter and darker colors inverted for home and away. And some teams will have very similar uniforms, color-wise — of course, this won’t (likely) be a problem, because the “light” version of one team will be worn against the “dark” version of the other:




Since the WNBA is, in many ways, tied to the NBA, the decision to have all uniforms be color (and all games color vs. color) begs the question: depending upon the reaction and success (or failure) of this experiment, will this pave the way for other leagues to adopt an all color uniform scheme? We’ve seen increasing numbers of NBA games go color vs. color this past season, the NFL’s ‘color rush rash’ games have all been monochrome (and except for the Dallas Cowboys, have all featured uniforms in solid colors), with more on the way. Almost every spring training game in baseball features two teams with colored tops. Many soccer matches are (and have been for some time) color vs. color. Since almost no one owns a 12″ black and white television anymore, there’s little reason why one team must wear a white uniform (or at least a white jersey). And other than tradition (and the fact that white uniforms, ya know, actually look good), what’s to say the future of uniforms isn’t all color?

We like to say “just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should.” Obviously, without the need (due to black and white tv’s) for one team to wear white, all games could be color vs. color. There are some of us (looking at you, THE Jeff) who would love for all games to be this way. But should the be? I recently posed this question on Twitter. The results resoundingly favored having one team wearing white for leagues besides the WNBA:

There are some sports (and some teams) for whom a white uniform has always been traditional (such as baseball), and in some of the major sports, there are teams with only white and one other color (Jets, Colts, Red Wings, Maple Leafs) — I would think that even if an entire league were to want to switch to “color vs. color” uniforms, those teams would include “white” as their light color.

Is this the future of uniforms? Back in 2010, while doing a series of color vs. color explorations, THE Jeff Provo actually created uniforms for the entire NFL, basically creating an entire league where every game would be color vs. color (yes, some of the teams used white as one of their two colors); it was almost a goof then…but it appears we may be trending towards something like this now.

I won’t get into whether color vs. color games look good (yes, some do, but others really, really don’t) — my question to you fine readers is this: do you like color vs. color? And if so, would you want every game to be color vs. color? Is the WNBA onto something here, or is this something that really needs to be stopped before it even starts? I love how the annual UCLA/USC game has returned to a color vs. color matchup, but that doesn’t mean I want every college game to be color vs. color. Would having all (or a large percentage) games be color vs. color ruin what is now a rare treat?

Are those of us who have been watching (basically) white vs. color games for all of our lives stuck-in-the-mud by wanting to keep the games this way? And are there some leagues (for example, Major League Baseball) where traditional white-at-home teams are just “too” traditional to change? Other than in the early years of the 20th Century, baseball has almost always been a white vs. gray game — but over the past decade (and really, since the 1970s and beyond), colored tops have increasingly become a part of the game…is the logical progression to have all the games go color vs. color?

So many questions. What do you guys think? Should we simply take a wait-and-see approach to this, or should other leagues look into making every game color-vs-color?

What say you?

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classic scoreboards splash

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards

I’m pleased to continue with a favorite weekend feature here at Uni Watch, “Classic Ballpark Scoreboards,” — now in Series III — which are created by Gary Chanko. This segment will appear every Saturday on Uni Watch.

Here’s Gary (click on image to enlarge):

. . . . . . . . . .

Classic Ballpark Scoreboards – Series III
by Gary Chanko

In this edition Classic Ballpark Scoreboards returns to Flatbush for a look back at Ebbets Field during its initial decade.

Ebbets Field (ca 1918)_UW

Ebbets Field (ca 1918)

Baseball Home of: Brooklyn Dodgers (MLB) (1913”“1957)
Football Home of: New York Brickley Giants (NFL) (1921), Brooklyn Lions (NFL), (1926), Brooklyn Dodgers / Tigers (NFL) (1930”“44), Brooklyn Tigers (AFL)(1936), Brooklyn Dodgers (AAFC) (1946”“1948)
Opened: April 9, 1913 (First exhibition game photo, April 5)
Last Game: September 24, 1957
Demolished: 1960 Replaced with an apartment complex.

Mention Ebbets Field and there’s a good chance you’ll visualize how it appeared during the Boys of Summer era. The palatial rotunda entrance and the right field scoreboard with the famous Schaefer Beer and Abe Stark advertisements were notable features.

Need to catch up on your Ebbets Field history? This photo summary is a good place to start. And you can revisit that iconic right field scoreboard in this previous Uni-Watch posting.

Much Different in 1913

But when Ebbets Field first opened it was a much different ballpark with a very different scoreboard location and design. There were no left and center field bleachers. And then there was this sloped terrace that ran the length of left field.

This street view image shows the perimeter outfield fences – down the line in left field was an awesome 419 feet!

The Original Scoreboard

The original scoreboard was positioned in left field. The art deco style clock was not part of the original design, but added sometime between 1916 and 1920. This photo from 1914 provides a view of the left field wall and scoreboard. Note the entire Uneeda Biscuit advertisement is visible across the top of the wall – the clock addition would later block a portion of the signage.

Temporary left field bleachers were installed for the 1920 World Series and then become a permanent feature until the major expansion in the 1930s. The new seating blocked most of scoreboard, so a smaller one was provided along the 3-ft fence fronting the bleacher section.

The illustration depicts the Ebbets Field scoreboard as it may have looked for a late April 1918 game between the Brooklyn Robins and the cross borough Giants.

The original scoreboard reportedly featured a few firsts: line scores for other National league games and the player at bat. Players didn’t wear numbers on their uniforms then, so you needed a scorecard to match the scoreboard “number” with the player’s name.

The graphic was developed from this undated photo. The colors used for the scoreboard and outfield wall ads are my best guesses. While color photography was possible during the early 20th century, the process was cumbersome and difficult. Nearly all sports related photography from this era used black and white film. So we’re left to interpret colors from black and white prints. For that effort, I found this article helpful.

A Few Things to Know

• When Ebbets Field opened, the outfield wall at the right field corner advertised Bull Durham tobacco. Supposedly a prize was given if the batter hit the sign – a precursor to a well known future sponsor’s ad.

• The O.J. Gude Co. was responsible for the advertisements that plastered the outfield walls, and possibly the scoreboard clock sponsored by Boston Garter. This New York company was a pioneer in using electric lighting for.outdoor advertising.

• Ebbets Field original plans called for a center field bleacher section.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If anyone is interested in purchasing a digital copy of these posters, Gary is working on an online purchase option. In the interim you can contact him directly at

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The Day After
By Paul

There were lots of uni-related pranks, hoaxes, and so on floating around the internet yesterday. By far the best one, or at least the most enjoyable one, came from the New Jersey Devils, who rolled out a day-long series of tweets about the team being rebranded as the New Jersey Angels and even created a separate website for the hoax. Nice job!

Here are some of the other pranks that came across my radar:

• NFL uniforms will all switch to Color Rash designs in 2019.

• Oregon football is rolling out an LED field.

• Bowling Green football is letting fans vote on some wacky field designs.

• The Philadelphia Union will wear Revolutionary War-style uniforms for a game in July. (They later owned up to the prank.)

• Wichita State is going to an all-black court.

• The Thunder will hang a re-colored version of the SuperSonics’ 1979 championship banner in their arena.

• Louisiana-Lafayette’s new football helmet will feature a crawdad logo. (I really wish this one were true.)

• More Louisiana-Lafayette high jinks: The lacrosse team has new “color drip” uniforms.

• The San Diego Gulls will have a gonzo third jersey.

• The Brewers are rolling out lots of throwbacks.

• I don’t know anything about esports, but they apparently had a bunch of pranks of their own.

There were also a couple of items that seemed like they might be pranks but are actually legit:

• Under Armour has patented a one-armed jacket for pitchers to wear while running the bases. The article goes out of its way to state that this is “not an April Fool’s joke.”

• MLB has a new rule specifying that tagging a runner by the laces of a fielder’s glove does not count as an out.

Are you aware of other uni-related pranks from yesterday? Post them in today’s comments.

(Thanks to everyone who sent things in [sometimes not realizing that they were pranks]).

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lukas softball

Paul’s Latest…

…on ESPN

Usually this space is reserved for a look back at Paul’s most recent “Friday Flashback,” but that column didn’t run this week. Instead, this Friday featured my mostest favoritest column of the year: Paul’s annual Major League Baseball Uniform Preview.

Needless to say, this has been a staple for most of us for the past decade-and-a-half, and personally it’s always the column I most eagerly await.

If you haven’t yet had a chance to read, by all means, do. so. now.

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Gone Curlin’ …

Curling - PL & PH

Click to enlarge

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be on my way to UW headquarters to pick up Paul as we head up north to the Ardsley Curling Club, where we’ll be participating in a Bonspiel — as members of the Brooklyn Lakeside Curling Club in a friendly against ACC. Should be a fun day … I LOVE. Love. love. the graphic the folks who are running the event created:

BrunchSpiel flyer-title

How great is that?

Since the organizers wanted to make it as much of a ‘mixer’ as possible, Paul and I will be on different rinks (teams), but one sheet apart. Wish the ol’ BLCC luck, ok?

And because the event takes up half the day, I’ll be off the grid for a good amount of today, so tomorrow’s ticker might be light. If you normally tweet at me, it might be better to also send your uni observations/ticker submissions to the uniwatching (at) gmail address as well, to ensure I see it.

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The Ticker
By Paul

Baseball News: Here’s a fun article about once-common MLB statistical feats that haven’t been matched in a while (75 stolen bases, 250 innings pitched, etc.), but the real attraction is the excellent illustrations that accompany the article. Recommended. … Disappointed to see that LHP Sean Gilmartin didn’t make the Mets’ final roster cut, which means the team will be without his sharp-looking stirrup stylings, at least for now. Here’s hoping he gets a call-up from Triple-A soon. … Several readers have noticed that the Phillies’ script appears to be a bit bolder this year. Here’s a comparison — old version on the left, new on the right (photo comparison by Stephen Penko). … The Giants use mannequin to show players the uniform combo of the day (thanks, Brinke). … The Red Sox and Blue Jays played an exhibition game last night in Montreal. Pedro Martinez was honored and wore an Expos road jersey for the occasion. Meanwhile, Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia wore comically oversized pants (from @RNs_Funhouse). … Not sure what team this is, but boy do they look brutal (from @AlbertoElGuapo).

Pro and College Football News: The Cowboys gave pro wrestler the Undertaker a personalized jersey — but it was an old Reebok jersey (good spot by @The_Maddin). … Some Cincinnati players will be wearing built-in helmet cameras for today’s spring game.

NBA News: Deadspin ran an amusing fashion-style analysis of Thursday night’s NBA games. … The Ft. Wayne Mad Ants of the D-League wore teal uniforms last night to support the Indiana Donor Network.

College Hoops News: Here’s something interesting: Shooting percentages tend to dip a bit when games are held in giant domes instead of standard arenas.

Soccer News: Tottenham gave a No. 101 jersey to a 101-year-old fan (from John Muir). … Autism awareness jersey for St. Helens (from Ben Searle). … Barcelona is the latest team to add a jersey memorial for Johan Cruyff. … “The British soccer mag FourFourTwo ranked all the Euro 2016 team kits, with some entertaining commentary,” says Matthew Walthert.

Grab Bag: You can strap on a suit that simulates what it’s like to be 85 years old. … A new sport called fightball — basically street basketball with flagrant fouls highly encouraged — looks really fucking awful, including the uniforms. … Good story about one of my favorite topics: small-town Wisconsin bowling alleys (big thanks to Jeff Ash). … Good article about a California winery with some inventive label designs (from Jason Hillyer). … Reprinted from last night’s comments: Here’s what a bunch of pro golfers will be wearing at the Masters (from Jason Scherer). … Here’s something I didn’t know: It’s apparently rare to see a uni number on a high school track jersey.

line 3

And that’s all for today — big thanks to my BLCC teammate, Paul, for compiling today’s ticker AND for that great April Fool’s Day uni prank roundup! Remember if you have something for tomorrow’s ticker — and you normally tweet me — please ALSO send it to the uniwatching address. OK? OK! Back tomorrow with some more good stuff, but until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“I always used to joke that since Tampa’s baseball team saw such an increase in success when they changed their name from Devil Rays to Rays, that perhaps the hockey team was going to become the New Jersey s.”

— Brett Alan

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Comments (47)

    I love the idea of color vs color in the NBA. The lack of players on the court at a time, and the ability to see the players faces more easily makes it easier to differentiate players from each other. If you did this in the NBA, you would absolutely have some teams keep their white jerseys, but i don’t think its a requirement. Frankly I don’t think a lot of white jerseys look that good in the NBA.

    Coming from the UK and having grown up mainly watching football (soccer) I find the colour v colour debate quite interesting as second kits for teams can be all sorts of colours and teams including England have white as their primary kit.

    My personal preference for all sports would be for all teams to have a first kit and a second kit they only wear when first kits clash. Teams could have a white jersey as either first or second option.

    First and second kits are a great idea for football (American and metric), hockey and, I suppose, basketball. Don’t like it so much for baseball.

    I’don’t love to see color vs. color in the NHL & NFL (NBA too, I guess) but save it for the playoffs to make it more special.

    Back in 2010, while doing a series of color vs. color explorations, THE Jeff Provo actually created uniforms for the entire NFL, basically creating an entire league where every game would be color vs. color

    I think you linked to the wrong page. While we did have a few color vs color ‘shops there, my entire NFL concept was actually a few weeks before that one, here: link

    Also… damn, has it really been that long?

    Gotta agree with Rich. Coming from a non American sports background, white just feels like any other colour to me. Just as legitimate as any other. I understand the traditionalism involved but it always struck me as weird when I started watching the NBA and almost always saw white at home. To me the Bulls should be playing in their famous red at all possibly times. That’s their identity. Just like Liverpool FC or the Welsh rugby team. The Celtics are green and the Lakers gold. There are teams who for whom I would say white is their strongest uniform identity such as the Clippers, Pacers and Cowboys in the NFL.
    For me, white at home/colour away dilutes team identity. Pick one colour as your true team colour then have a clash uniform for whenever you play away to a team that uses something too similar.

    I agree with a lot of what you said. I’m a traditionalist, but do enjoy the color vs color games that are pleasing to the eyes and, not hideous. USC/UCLA came to mind as well, and here in Raleigh it has become a thing when NC State hosts UNC. While I love any throwback from my younger days (1980’s), some of the new concepts and helmets are pretty cool looking. That being said I do feel like camo, black, and pink get thrown into jerseys/accessories just to make money. Thanks again for all the research Uni-Watch does. It definitely keeps me informed and entertained.

    I know Paul will hate this thought, but color v. color will be driven by fan jersey sales, not tradition or any practical on field reason. My guess is that fans don’t buy white jerseys.

    Is that necessarily a bad thing though? As followers of athletics aesthetics surely taste and simply what looks good must come into play? Consumers aren’t inherently wrong.

    The Cleveland Cavs have 3 really strong uniforms. Maroon, navy and gold. Their white home feels like an enforced afterthought and doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the rest. It is off the designed identity too. It feels just as out of place as their black alts, I’m sure it’s their lowest seller but, apart from the black, it kinda deserves to be.

    The Cleveland Cavs have TWO really strong uniforms. Wine and gold. The navy one’s gotta go, and you’re right about the white one. Not saying it can’t be tweaked, but as it is, it’s kinda meh.

    The main problem is that color vs. color = eyesore probably 90% of the time. White jerseys prevent this.

    Another quick point. How many throwbacks are white? Seems like most teams are famous for their colours.

    St. Helens is a Rugby League team, so it probably sits better under “Grab Bag” than soccer.

    In college football there are some programs with classic looks that I would not want to see “create” a second color just to have a non-white uniform. Would Alabama and Penn State have to go Grey? Or BFBS??? That would be terrible! What about teams that wear white a lot of the time? Like LSU? Some of the wackier teams (Oregon for example) could never wear white and that would be ok.
    In the NFL, the Cowboys, Dolphins and Redskins wear white whenever they can, and it looks good on them. I wouldn’t want to see the Cowboys in blue all the time.

    Whites are sexy.

    Football being the exception. Especially the teams with white jerseys, silver pants and silver helmets.

    NHL should go back to white at home. Let the season ticket holders see the colors of the opponent each week, not just another team in white each game.

    If season ticket holders want to see other teams’ colored jerseys…that’s what the NHL Center Ice package is for.

    I like the way it’s done in soccer: a team wears their primary (home/first choice) uniform unless they’re on the road and it clashes with the home team’s uniform. One problem I’ve noticed in the way some soccer teams (specifically MLS) have done this over the years is that the away kit is an inversion of the home kit–instead of red over white, they wear white over red. Obviously, that doesn’t make much sense to use as an away/change/second option.

    That being said, while I like it in soccer and the NBA, I prefer MLB & NHL to keep white jerseys (and, moreover, for the NHL to flip back to white at home). I think I’d like color v color in the NFL, so long as they don’t go all-in on the monochrome look.

    Personally, I’d like to see the NBA go back to the day when it was light-vs.-dark, so teams like the Cavs, Sonics, Warriors and Lakers wore yellow/gold at home and generally had no white uniform at all those years. I myself would like to see the “light” pallet expanded to include colors like silver, gray, cream, tan and light, pastel shades of colors like green, orange, blue, etc. My eye still much prefers light-vs.-dark to true color-vs.-color match-ups, which to me feel a little busy, “loud” and garish. But I recognize with the disappearance of black-and-white media, the expansion of color vs. color is inevitable.

    Since almost no one owns a 12″ black and white television anymore, there’s little reason why one team must wear a white uniform

    As long as one person still has a 12″ black and white television, that’s reason enough.

    Actually my brother in law got us a 40″ flat screen…and some teams’ numbers are still hard to read.

    I can relate with my former black&white brethren, though. They shouldn’t have to upgrade if they have a working set. Technology (and those who market it) is too aggressive these days.

    Another great April Fools uni prank on Chris Creamer’s
    Check out the new Fernando Rodney cap…

    I like the primary and alternate approach and resolve case by case as they do in the EPL. One question is whether yellow or gold is light or dark. When Nashville wears gold it seems that visiting teams wear white which leads to less contrast.

    Watching replay of Mets Cubs final spring game on MLB Network…Cubs announcer referenced Paul’s ESPN MLB Preview and talked about Cubs changes.

    For me color vs color works well on ice and the basketball court but not so much on natural grass.
    Although I am all for color vs color but too much of it will not be a good idea.

    I’d like to note that once again during a color v. color discussion the fact that nearly 10% of men are colorblind and basically by asking for more of these games we are discriminating against colorblind fans and athletes for no other reason than the rather trivial “I think this looks good”.

    I’m not saying anybody is intentionally doing this but if you’re not colorblind it’s pretty easy to forget that some people are and therefore having one team wearing white or at least a light color makes the game watchable for them.

    The “issue” with the colorblind is solved fairly easily. You just avoid mono-green vs mono-red, as green/red is the most common form of colorblindness. The Jets/Bills game last season should’ve been green vs blue, problem solved.

    (Seriously, anyone who is so severely colorblind that they only see in gray just shouldn’t be a sports fan. Yeah, I said it.)

    Let’s hope that “The Jeff’s” comments will no longer be taken seriously.

    This is the last year of Adidas doing WNBA uniforms, so they will all change next season when Nike takes over.

    That Oregon field would be hilarious.

    It honestly won’t surprise me if it comes to something like that someday!

    First off, proofreading: the Ft. Wayne basketball link has “htttp” instead of “http”, so it won’t work unless you manually take out the extra t. Also, “begs the question” doesn’t mean “raises the question” (but that’s probably a lost cause).

    On the color vs. color issue, to me a light color has always seemed as an appropriate “white”–cf. the Lakers’ yellow home uniforms. Other than that, for me I like the idea of mostly keeping white or light colors for one team, but with full color vs. color an option for special events. I actually think the idea of making the Thursday night NFL games color vs. color was a really good one, although that is most emphatically NOT to say that I like the uniforms they’ve come up for it. If they had just used the regular color unis, and allowed teams to ignore the maximum alt rules, they’d have been fine. (Meaning that if the Broncos are playing a blue team, they could wear the orange alts without it counting toward the number of times they’re allowed to wear them.)

    I’m OK with teams not always wearing white at home in MLB, but I think most teams should still have a primary home white, and of course there are a teams such as the Yankees that should never change.

    Specifically about the WNBA unis, it sure looks as though Atlanta’s “light” uniform and Chicago’s “dark” one are pretty much the same color. I guess Chicago just wears the yellow road unis on the road when they go to Atlanta (I’m assuming that both teams intend to wear the city-name jerseys on the road and nicknames at home), so it’s not a big problem, but it’s one of the complexities of the color-vs.-color paradigm. Also, nothing to do with color-vs.-color, but it’s notable that while the jerseys shown here have a prominent team name above the number, many of the teams (such as LA and Minnesota) have ads in that spot and a very small team logo. This is one of the fears of jersey ads–Silver is promising that if/when they do it, the ads will be small, and I’m sure that will be true–AT FIRST. But once the camel’s nose is under the tent, it won’t be hard to say, hey, we’ll just make it a little bigger. And it just grows from there.

    Finally, the piece about Fightball just reminding me of the card game of the same name. Basketball with violence is actually a fairly accurate summary of the game, too. link

    I looked at the WNBA uniforms and six out of the ten teams have large ads right above the numbers where a team’s name normally goes. Horrible!

    2 additional comments:

    Soccer has twisted the tradition of identifying home team score last. American press is now following the international soccer standard of home score first. I find the more annoying than the uniform color debate.

    The WNBA uniform backs evoke sports bra. What would LeBron think of that?

    Agree about scoring conventions. To me, soccer scores “3-2” should always mean Visitor 3 at Home 2. Similarly, in cricket, it drives me nuts that different countries do wickets and runs different ways around. Because the “/” is spoken as “for” in either case, I prefer 203/7 because it says “203 runs achieved for the price of 7 wickets” rather than 7/203 which seems to say “7 wickets paid for 203 runs” which is a little weirder e.g. shops would tend to say “10 apples for $2” rather than “$2 for 10 apples”, right?

    I realize that (almost) no one watches black and white televisions anymore, but there are quite a few people with colorblindness and some newspaper, including The New York Times, that run at least some black and white photos. As the NFl’s color on color Thursdays showed us last season, the colors need to to still be distinguishable when viewed by different people and in different media. UCLA-USC works while Cubs-Mets in Vegas was not great. To that end, the light and dark WNBA colors seem to work well.

    Did anyone address the irony of Draft Kings being the sponsor on the Liberty’s uniforms? Because New York state has been the most vocal against daily fantasy. And has banned it to my knowledge.

    If not, lol.

    There are issues when two football teams have the same color scheme. A few years ago the Chiefs played the Redskins in DC when Washington still rocked the maroon trousers. It was a brutal game to watch! In hockey, gold and orange sweaters should be worn against teams in dark colors; for instance, the Philadelphia Flyers’ home and road uniforms looked too much alike before helmets became popular. The bias against white basketball uniforms results from the cheapness of the fabric. I find it unwatchable ever since the Denver Nuggets’ shiny pale blue uniforms were taken away.
    The WNBA’s approach only works if there is pronounced contrast between the team’s primary and secondary color. It’s not workable with blue+red, blue+green, red+green; or to put it concretely, the Philadelphia Eagles’ current color scheme spoils their chances of using that system.

    So did anybody see the editorial comment at the bottom of the College Basketball shoots worse in domes article:
    “An earlier version of this article misstated part of the name of a stadium in St. Louis. It is the Edward Jones Dome, not the Edward James Dome.”

    Man…STL just can’t catch a break this year.

    AGAIN…we can have friendly arguments all day about what looks better but ignoring the impact that color vs. color uniforms have when it comes to both colorblind athletes and fans IS A FORM OF DISCRIMINATION.

    Considering that Paul has personally emailed me about opinions that he has considered “sexist” I find it hard to believe that he is not on board with me here.

    People like THE JEFF are basically saying that their personal aesthetic preferences supercede the right of colorblind people to enjoy or participate in sports.

    For the record, I am not colorblind but I have friends who are. It is a disability.

    What is wrong with you people? Would you say that a stadium shouldn’t include a handicapped entrance ramp because it would mess up the “aesthetics”of the place?

    I generally think hockey is better without white jerseys… the ice is already white so any contrast is good. Some teams have iconic white unis of course (the Blackhawks, Habs) but for many a bit of color is a good thing

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