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Is It a Shoe, a Sock, a Sleeve, or All Three?

Nike released Kevin Durant’s latest signature shoe yesterday, the KD8 Elite.

I don’t usually delve into the world of sneakers, but this one has an interesting wrinkle that merits further discussion. Reader Conor Levey spells it out much better than I could, so I’ll pass the baton to him:

The KD8 Elite has an interesting element: the knit sleeve Nike has been adding to the ankle/collar of many shoes lately is calf-length. Moreover, it features large swoosh logos on the inner portion of the sleeve:

With Stance’s recent splash getting the NBA sock deal, it’s interesting to see Nike extend the sleeve to the same height as most socks. Leo Chang, the shoe’s designer, says, “The KD8 Elite is conceptually designed to blur the lines between the shoe, sock and tight; seamlessly transitioning between each so you can’t differentiate where one begins and the other ends.”

Okay, but don’t you think this might be a subtle move by Nike to get their logo in that space instead of Stance’s? Might this be something we see more of as Nike takes over the NBA uniforms in 2017-18? It feels like a semi-logical extension of what they’ve already been doing with the ankle sleeves, and a semi-cynical attention grab. It strikes me as equal parts annoying and savvy on Nike’s part.

Interesting analysis by Conor. As several readers have noted recently, Stance has been getting an outsized share of media attention, even though it seems to me that the new sock designs aren’t that visible on most players. Between the tights, the leg sleeves, and now the sneaker-extension thingies, socks have a lot of competition for lower-leg exposure on the basketball court these days. It’s interesting to see a uniform region in such flux.

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Out of my element: U.S. Soccer unveiled its new crest yesterday. Many of you have been asking what I think, but I feel ill-equipped to comment because I’m not a soccer fan and have no context in which to assess the design (although I will say that I’m not nuts about the typography).

So: What do you think? Soccer fans are encouraged to discuss the crest in today’s comments.

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Lions redesign reminder: In case you missed it yesterday, I’m running a Detroit Lions redesign contest over on ESPN. Full details are available here.

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Too good for the Ticker: The Toledo Walleye are the latest team to do a Zombie Night promotion, but they’re taking it an extra step: On March 12, they’ll wear regular jerseys in the first period, then blood-splattered jerseys in the second period, and then some mystery design (which I figure will just be more blood and gore) in the third period.

Are the players going to be swapping out their jerseys at each intermission? Or, more likely, will team employees be spraying them with red dye? Either way, I like the idea.

(My thanks to @ThatShaggyMatt for letting me know about this one.)

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

Will you look at this totally funky album cover art on Baseball: The First 100 years, narrated by none other than Curt Gowdy and Jimmy Stewart. (Kids, ask your parents.) This was issued by Fleetwood Records, which released other commemorative records, like the Big Red Machine ones I wore out. Cue Al Michaels: “The pitch to Bench..change, hit in the air to deep right field- Clemente at the fence- she’s GONE! Bench, who hits all his homers to left, hits one to right, and the game is tied.” Heh, typed that from memory, too. Now here’s the rest of the week:

• We’ve got a classic-looking Pittsburgh Steelers painting here, created by the Master himself, Dave Boss. Prefect for any Stillers fan, eh?

• Will the Rams decide to go back to this look? Doubtful, but it looks good on the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 1967 pro football preview issue. Although this player is shown wearing Adidas, it was still about three years before the Three Stripes invaded the league along with Puma. Mainly a Riddell league at that point (back when Riddell was known as much for footwear as for helmets).

• This 1970s Jantzen sweater is “officially endorsed by the National Football League.” Yet there’s no league branding anywhere.

• Here’s a 1960s Stahl Urban New York Giants varsity jacket for the toddler-sized G-Men fan in your family.

• It’s not worth anything close to $100, but here’s a nice looking St. Louis Blues/Maxwell House promo mug for the 1988 U.S. Olympic Team.

• Dress like an NFL alum with this 1960s necktie.

• Here’s a vintage Cincinnati Bengals ski cap from way back in the day, with that great-looking “Official Licensed Product” tag. Whenever I spotted that tag at Sears, I knew it was authentic. It was a Pavlovian thing — see tag, ask Mom to buy it.

• Great artwork on this set of 1971 Instant Replay MLB discs from Mattel.

• Here’s a 1960s Campbell’s Soup “Grid Kid Club Kit,” complete with NFL and AFL decals, membership card, and training manual.

• This 1960s Chicago Bears bobble is in good shape!

Follow Brinke on Twitter: @brinkeguthrie

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Sticker request: Reader Chris Howell has suggested that a look at the various “I Voted” sticker designs being used in today’s Super Tuesday primaries — an excellent idea. If you received such a sticker, please feel free to send me a photo of it. Thanks.

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The Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: A Redditor examined MLB players’ Wikipedia pages and found that nearly half of their photos come from Camden Yards. The reason? A freelance photographer in Maryland contributes his work towards Creative Commons and Wikimedia Commons, which media outlets can use for free. Sure enough, I used one of his photos in an article I wrote last summer. … Looks like the Pirates will have St. Patrick’s Day uniforms this year. … JJ Hardy has new custom New Balance cleats (from Christopher Overholt via Phil). … Yesterday’s Ticker mentioned that the Red Sox had two No. 7s in camp. Now they have two No. 12s (from @wdw_ben). … Roughly 39 minor league teams are having Star Wars nights this year, and that includes the Buffalo Bisons. Theirs will be on July 23 (from Matt Wilcott). … Virginia Tech will wear white uniforms today. Andrew Cosentino notes the VT logo on the belt loop. … The Diamondbacks are adding a dog park to Chase Field. … “Just came across the album cover of a new soul/R&B singer Nigel Hall,” says Ben Fortney. “What caught my eye was the cap he’s wearing on the cover. It’s a takeoff on the old MLB WWII Health patch. I’m assuming it’s from the skateboarding brand Diamond Supply Co., although a quick look at their site didn’t turn it up. Either way, love that the Health patch lives on.” … The Mariners’ Mayckol Guaipe changed his uniform number from 53 to 48 in memory of late teammate Victor Sanchez, who died last March (from Tim Dunn). … Wayne Koehler took some shots of the Tigers’ Spring Training game today, getting some detailed looks at the inlaid artwork in the jersey numbers and letters, the Spring Training logo patch, and Jared Saltalamacchia’s delightfully long NOB. … The Kane County Cougars’ mascot, Ozzie, will be fiercer and more athletic this year. He was pretty cutesy before. … @HighSockSundays made a really beautiful DIY Cubs throwback pennant. The ivy is a particularly nice touch. … Speaking of the Cubs, here’s a look at how bad their home pinstripes look with the new mesh panel.

NFL & College Football News: Uproxx reimagined every team’s logo as its respective city’s most popular food. While I enjoyed the logos, I also learned about frybread, which is a traditional Navajo treat. It looks delicious! (From @Walkerdb7.) … Virginia Tech has announced the dates of their White Effect (Sept. 17), Orange Effect (Sept. 24) and Maroon Effect (Oct. 20) games. Fans at the game will wear matching color T-shirts for each (from Andrew Cosentino). … New field design for West Virginia (from David Cline). … Michigan QB John O’Korn has a new number, and he was wearing Nike cleats with his Adidas uniform the other day. … According to @TulaneSportsGuy, Tulane will soon unveil a powder blue jersey. Also, the stripe and number outline patterns will be different. … Navy will retire QB Keenan Reynolds’s No. 19.

Hockey News: Eric Staal, acquired from Carolina this week, and brother Marc will both wear first initials for the Rangers. That leads to a good question from @redbuppy: Will the Hurricanes remove the “J” from Jordan Staal’s NOB now that Eric is no longer with the team? … Carolina wore black alts two nights ago, so Fox Sports Carolina changed the Hurricanes’ score bug color to black (from John Muir). … You can vote for Michigan’s coolest high school hockey jersey. Many looks are heavily inspired by pro teams (from Alex Dewitt). … The Fargo Force have a new jersey to honor a local police officer who was killed in early February (from Phil). … The Flyers inducted Jimmy Watson into their Hall of Fame last night and wore a patch for the occasion. The festivities also included this very nice Flyers blazer (from J.Walker). … Here’s a shot of Blackhawks D Brent Seabrook wearing a Blackhawks bowling shirt.

NBA News: Ads on NBA jerseys will almost certainly not reduce the amount of commercial time during games (from Phil). … The Mavericks are letting fans design and submit court designs. The winner will get season tickets for next year. In 2014, the Mavs held a similar contest where fans designed an alternate jersey that they began wearing this year. … The Clippers introduced a new mascot last night, and everyone has already decided that it’s the worst mascot ever. He wears red Chucks, so team employees did likewise last night.

College & High School Hoops News: The teams at Notre Dame High School in Iowa are named the Nikes. “Is this the ultimate logo creep?” Jason Mohr jokes. Of course, they’re named after the Greek goddess. Here’s some background info on the name. … An Ohio sportswriter is against trends like rolled waistbands and compression tights in high school hoops.

Soccer News: U.S. Soccer has a new jersey typeface (from Conrad Burry). … Toronto FC’s 2016 away kit has leaked (from Robert Turudic).

Grab Bag: New jerseys for Professional Bull Riders. … A company is open-sourcing rejected logos for anyone to use. … A Seattle fashion designer is creating new uniforms for Alaska Airlines. … The Hawthorn Hawks — that’s an Aussie rules football team — are inviting fans to design the team’s new alternate jersey (from Omar Jalife). … A Super Rugby mascot in Japan looks like he’s on drugs (from Gareth Hooton).

Comments (85)

    Correction: the Flyers inducted Jimmy Watson not Jim Hall last night into their HOF.

    KD shoe sock thing looks a lot like the socks they have in Nike Magista (link) and Hypervenom (link) football (soccer) boots, and a slight throwback to the old Nike Huarache days

    They’re about to launch a new running shoe called the Flyknit Lunar Epic. It’s got the same stretchy sock thingy.

    The swoosh on the KD shoes isn’t on the instep–it’s on the medial side of the ankle/shin. The instep is (for lack of a better definition) the top of your foot–where the laces are.

    Here’s a 1960s Stahl Urban New York Giants varsity jacket for the toddler-sized G-Men fan in your family.

    I had one of those very jackets as a kid. From my recollection, Imwould say that they are more 1972-73ish rather than being from the 60’s.

    The new badge for the USA natl team is definitely better than last years. Badges don’t typically include stars as they are on the jersey for championships. Old one was too kiddish but the new one is simple and direct . I like it

    I agree with you. The old one was not very good. It was… “too American.” Much like the old MLS logo. For me, this is slightly better. USA obviously does not have a tradition of creating crests for sports teams and leagues. They could’ve tried a bit harder to find some sort of symbol to incorporate instead of just a shield with “USA.” I think Ecuador’s is great. It’s a simple shield with the yellow, blue, and red, with FEF. Then a condor on top.

    That’s not true. Star = championship is a “tradition” that dates back to 2010. Brazil wore three stars to commemorate winning the Jules Rimet trophy in 1974. Italy integrated stars in their crest after winning their third in 1982.

    It wasn’t until 2002, that Germany and France stole Brazil idea in adding stars atop their crest. After that, England and Argentina began using stars in 2006. And finally, Uruguay sealed it as a “tradition” when they wore 4 in 2010.

    There is no taboo in wearing stars in your crest, because what’s on the crest is tied with your cultural iconography. The U.S., Chile, Turkey, etc. have every right to incorporate stars because star(s) are important symbols in their cultures.

    Always preferred the Rams in blue & white, since it’s how I first saw and always thought about them. Interesting factoid about that SI cover – it depicts RB Tommy Mason, who a few years later married probably the first female gymnast to capture the attention of the US public, pixie-ish Cathy Rigby:
    Which caused a bit of a stir due to their May-December relationship, he a grizzled NFL vet and her seeming barely pubescent (though around that same time she did a nude photo shoot of herself doing gymnastics in an effort to dispel her childish image/kick-start an entertainment career).

    I read somewhere, in the past and more than once, that the Rams adopted the Blue/White uniforms due to Black & White TV broadcasts failing to contrast their previous Yellow/Gold jerseys from opposing teams, and that the Blue/White uniforms picked up immensely better in TV broadcasts of that era. I grew up watching the Rams wearing those unis in the early Saints years, and they were sharp. Still, I prefer the 1973-forward Blue/Gold unis.

    Are the players going to be swapping out their jerseys at each intermission? Or, more likely, will team employees be spraying them with red dye? Either way, I like the idea.

    In isolation, it might be tolerable, but “Roughly 39 minor league teams are having Star Wars nights this year,” so we’ll be better off if another stupid trend doesn’t start.

    Somehow the Clippers are exactly the right team to have a condor as a mascot, given how pathetic a franchise the Pittsburgh Condors were.

    And speaking of Pittsburgh sports from back then, fuck you, Brinke, for reminding me of an NLCS inning I have no desire to relive. (Clemente’s last inning ever, too.)

    The comments to the article indicate that if the Rams were still in St. Louis, fried ravioli would have been the choice. Makes sense, as you already had KC ribs representing that part of the country.

    I apologize in advance for not knowing if there is a significant difference between St. Louis- and Kansas City-style BBQ.

    I like the new U.S. Soccer crest. I like that it says USA, not just US. Super clean design. At first, I wondered if it was too clean and nondescript — kind of like the Winnipeg Jets logo. But in the end, it’s a tiny badge on a jersey that should steal the show from the logo.

    Wait, I’m a little lost, would you mind explaining this sentence to me “But in the end, it’s a tiny badge on a jersey that should steal the show from the logo.” In my experience, the badge is basically their logo (which is a good thing, as a designer and soccer fan, it checks all of the boxes I tend to have for these kind of things), so what logo would it be stealing the show from?

    Correction: The mascot in the grab bag is actually for the Japanese Super Rugby team

    If you look closely at the Walleye jersey, their standard jersey has Reebok branding and a few sponsor patches while the second period jersey is missing that (can anyone identify the maker’s mark on that?). I think the players will be swapping jerseys between periods and I’d bet the second and third period jerseys go up for auction.

    Paul, what context do you need to judge the new US Soccer shield, other than what should be the most obvious context – namely, judging it against link

    I’m not a soccer fan either, but bad design is bad design, and the outgoing shield, variants of which have been in use for over two decades, was horrible. The blue-and-white pinwheel stars look awful against the red background. The italicized US with the outdated Telstar ball doesn’t fit in with the shield design at all. And finally, having the red on top and using blue stripes just looks wrong for the United States.

    The new shield, by itself, may not be all that great; compared to the outgoing design, though, the color placement alone puts it miles ahead.

    The new US soccer logo/crest, kit and typeface are all bland and an utter disappointment.

    Opportunity missed….

    Paul, what context do you need to judge the new US Soccer shield, other than what should be the most obvious context — namely, judging it against what came before?

    I would prefer to have the context of being fluent in soccer design. I can assess uniforms in baseball, football, basketball, and hockey because I’ve spent a lifetime looking at those sports. Similarly, I can assess logos in, say, food packaging or corporate identity because I’ve spent a lifetime immersed in those worlds.

    But I’ve spent virtually no time looking at or thinking about soccer design. So while I may react positively or negatively to a given design, I’m only looking at it in a vacuum. I have very little sense of the sport’s stylistic heritage, the relevant antecedents, and so on. So I don’t feel well equipped to comment on the sport’s aesthetics.

    By way of exceedingly brief context, Paul, most national federation crests are comprised of elements from either an historical coat of arms (e.g., Spain, Australia, England) or the nation’s flag (e.g., Argentina, Ghana). Others incorporate an iconic element indigenous to their nation, typically an animal (Ivory Coast, Uganda).

    Of course, the US has little heraldic history that might serve as a source, though perhaps utilizing the crest of the initial organized US club team may be something to consider:
    If you ask me, the US flag is a pretty *meh* template from which to work, at least as the sole element like the USSF has done historically. Incorporating some iconic indigenous element (eagle, bison) would give it a welcome flair on the one hand, but by the same token imposing team a “identity” rather than letting one emerge organically (Azzuri, Black Stars, Three Lions) seems akin to George Costanza nicknaming himself “T-Bone.”

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    I am not American so I don’t have any emotional investment in the US team or their new crest. Having said that I think this is really a missed opportunity. The crest should be able to illustrate that it is representing the US without having to splash USA in such huge letters.
    There are lots of excellent symbols that would do a better job representing the country & team (Don’t Tread on Me, eagle, stars & stripes)

    I think lots of soccer fans will agree with this. For some reason, the people in charge just don’t have any sort of clue when it comes to this stuff.

    I like it honestly as a soccer fan and graphic designer; I don’t tend to think a FA’s logo needs to be over the top, while this one seems a little bland on the symbolism (short of the stars and shield), I think that the nice thing with this one is not only how it looks, but how it can be used. While all of the details are super cool, remember how small the crests end up being on the front of the jersey, so I’d rather be able to distinguish what’s actually happening, especially because the camera angles in soccer tend to be wider.

    While not awful, I am a little let down by the crest.

    Seems to me that the problem with both the previous crest and the new one is they’re very much “of their time.” The previous crest, with the Telstar ball and what appears to be a font that reminds me of Arial Black Italic or the old USA Network logo, feels very late 80’s or early 90’s, which makes sense because that’s when US Soccer kind of revived itself. But it also looked dated for at least 10 years.

    I think this will end up looking dated, too. Kind of a goofy font that feels very “Nike-fied.” (Not that Nike doesn’t basically run US Soccer, anyway, but still.) And the minimalist style kind of forces the font upon you.

    Why should we expect an American sports organization/apparel manufacturer to think, or want to think, about creating something timeless, though? If something’s timeless, then why will you need to buy new gear when they change it in 5-10 years?

    The old logo was also silly because they had to spell out what they were… US… soccer ball.

    I don’t it when people single out the Telstar ball as outdated. Virtually every national federation’s crest that incorporates a ball (more than 50% of them, I’d wager) uses the Telstar; there’s no more iconographic ball in the sport’s entire history. Indeed, the most comprehensive history of the game sports one on its cover:

    Doesn’t the typography, especially the chevron-like design, remind everyone of the US olympic basketball/track jerseys? That somewhat feels like an attempt to brand the Soccer teams as part of “Team Nike” as well.

    Agree with the above sentiments – the crest is clean and looks okay as a US team logo. But as a soccer fan, it’s a bit of a letdown.

    This new crest would be suitable for an Olympic team, one that reaches across multiple sports. There is nothing about this crest that says anything about soccer/futbol. It looks generic and does not inspire in the least.

    I do like the USA new crest. My only issue is that it doesn’t show anywhere for what it is.
    Think of all the other football associations and most of them have a football or the initials of the association within the logo.
    So, even if this is a bestiful logo, it could have been for anything related to the USA.

    Some have a soccer ball. I’d think most don’t, though. Especially the bigger programs. And I think the USA is trying to emulate countries like England and Italy and they’re going to a less-is-more kind of design.

    To me, the old logo was silly because it just said US with a soccer ball.
    This new one is a little too plain and it still spells out USA. Most crests use a symbol to represent them.

    All the British nations (England, Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland) refer to the “FA” or the “Football Association.” Canada, however, simply says “Canada.” Would the US crest be better if it said “USSF” rather than “USA”? Perhaps, but I’m not sure most Americans would have any idea what that meant.

    Italy uses a ball and spells FIGC (Federazione ItalianaGiuco Calcio).
    Yes, not every nation has a ball (Netherlands has a lion) but all of them have either a football or the association’s name or initials on it so that people know what the logo is about.
    Yes, USSF might not resonate with many people, but they could have added a “Soccer Federation” somewhere on the logo (probably looks good on the lower part of the crest.

    We’ve got a classic-looking Pittsburgh Steelers painting here, created by the Master himself, Dave Boss. Prefect for any Stillers fan, eh?

    When did Pittsburgh wear that uniform? I recognize the yellow sleeves, but not the black/white/black stripe running down the pants.

    So far, I haven’t noticed the mesh panels on the Yankees home jersey this season. Could they be using the old Majestic jerseys?

    The summer camp I went to as a kid made tacos with that Navajo frybread. The rest of the food was pretty godawful but that was the meal you looked forward to.

    Also for completeness, the word nike in Greek means victory as well. Nike was the Goddess of Victory and hence the word nike in Greek became to mean victory. Nike, the brand, I believe comes from the Pheidippides who, according to myth, ran from Marathon to Athens and proclaimed “nike, nike, nike!!” before keeling over. Just some added history is all.

    The Lions contest ought to be great. A great primary color to work with the Hawaiian blue. Look forward to some great designs.

    The new US soccer crest is stylistically similar to the design of the “Health” patch used by MLB during WWII. Don’t know if that was intentional. Paul, it would be interesting to see the two designs side-by-side.

    I thought about that, but that’s not really the right comparison.

    In 1917, a few MLB teams wore a stars/stripes shield patch to support the war effort:

    The Hale America patches (that’s the proper name for the “Health” patches), which were used during WWII, replaced the stripes with typography:

    So I’d say the soccer crest is closer to the 1917 design.

    Ugh…Nike finding a way to cover even more of the body in swooshes, a soccer logo without a soccer ball, zombie jerseys, an eye-injuring baseball album cover, a “fiercer and more athletic” mascot and jersey ads that won’t reduce commercial time…this is just not my day. Talk amongst yourselves while I go curl up in the fetal position and try to find my happy place.

    Though I know you aren’t a fan, those mesh panels seem like a good reason for the Mets to bring back the racing stripes

    Hey Brinke, I also have that Al Michaels call of Bench’s homer memorized, only in my case it was from a cassette tape I made the evening of the game, taped off WLW’s post-game coverage.

    I also wore out my copy of that “First 100 Years” album with Gowdy and Stewart, which I still own.

    US soccer crest? I dig it. Yes I know about “stars and stripes,” but it’s just a bad look having stars in the badge that don’t mean championships. Plus, an astute commenter already said that the color reversal makes it look Cuban and not American. Could it use a soccer ball anywhere in the design? Maybe. But we’re now light years ahead in design, and this change is squarely good and not one bit stupid.
    Best guess on Jordan Staal’s now extraneous FiNOB with Carolina? Run out the gift shop inventory, so no changes right away, maybe put the J. Staal jerseys on sale after the season, but next year I’d bet it gets fixed. Conspiracy theory: make Jordan the next captain to give two reasons and not just one to buy the new sweater.

    Y’all gotta stop using “inside” or “outside” when explaining the medial and lateral sides of the shoes. This site deserves better, LoL.

    I have had an ACL injury and should know the difference between medial and lateral (and think I do), but certainly not positive. But I know port and starboard used for spacecraft and space stations (or boats and ships other than spaceships)- it’s all what your training includes.

    More importantly, why isn’t there a big black billboard of a logo in both spots??? #NikeFail

    That was my fault, as I had misused “instep” (meant “medial”) and when the error was noted, Paul simply changed it to “inside.” While not the technical term, it’s easy to understand.

    On the new US Soccer crest: Huge, huge improvement over the previous one, and at the same time, as others have said, an opportunity missed. As in, they should have gone back to the Centennial crest they wore a couple of years ago. Now that’s a classic!


    Someone on the UniWatch Fans Facebook page mentioned that USA Rugby owns the rights to the Centennial crest the USSF used in 2013. Is that actually true? If so, why can’t USSF license the crest from USA Rugby? Is it the cost? As far as I know, USA Rugby doesn’t even use the Centennial crest. Rather, it uses the fierce eagle holding a rugby ball surrounded by swooshy stripes in a shield thing.

    Total speculation on my part, but perhaps it’s a display of comity between USA Rugby & the USSF? The upcoming Summer Olympics sees the resumption of rugby as a medal sport, albeit in “7s” form – and the USA is the defending Olympic rugby gold medalist, having won it in 1924 the second (and last) time it featured. The crest that gold medal team sported? You guessed it:

    The reason I know any of this? Several years ago I bought a navy blue Canterbury zip-up hoodie on clearance that features the crest (along with “USA” sewn onto the back and a small “1924” on one arm), and a guy who’s into rugby enlightened me as to its history…

    Very interesting and enlightening. I honestly don’t see a conflict between multiple sports using the same badge, and having it represent US sports generally. At the same time, I would respect USA Rugby’s decision to not have other sports use the badge especially if they are planning on re-unveiling it for this summer’s Olympics. All that said, the real reason may be that BLK/USA Rugby doesn’t want to lose out on potential sales by licensing the logo to Nike/USSF.


    Long time season ticket holder, it is a good development to have Tulane wear Powder Blue jerseys – if occasionally. The school has a great, unique color scheme – Olive Green and Powder Blue, that has been wrecked by years of jackass coaches “not liking Powder Blue” or dressing them in Black, or Anthricite, or Storm Trooper White or myriad other trendy jackass schemes. Wear the SCHOOL COLORS. They’re very unique and great = particularly in an outdoor stadium.

    OBTW. In the mid-1980s Tulane actually purchased a great looking set of Powder Blue football jerseys with green numerals and great detailed trim and striping, but for whatever reason Tulane never wore them in a game. For years they were used as practice jerseys, and finally in the late 1980s they were sold for $45.00 a piece in the team shop. For whatever reason I took a pass on buying one, and truly regret it ever since ….

    Hudsonville is leading that high school hockey jersey poll by a wide margin? Please tell me these aren’t high school kids casting these votes. I weep for the future of our youth.

    Midland Dow high school jerseys are great, all variations. I want to buy one. It’s got Paul and my approved green/gold colors. Where do you vote for that poll anyway? I can’t seem to find a link in the article.


    I flipped through every damn one of those photos and wanted to vote for the Heritage Wings (for both jerseys pictured) – but they were not on there! :/

    Lumen Christi
    Midland Dow
    Heritage (not sure full name? – blue green jersey)

    were my favs.

    I went to a NY Rangers’ alumni event benefiting a local youth hockey program who had jerseys for sale. They were asking 100 bucks. I don’t know if they jacked up the prices that night or if that is what kids pay for their own jerseys too, but I thought it was a lot for a youth league jersey. I know that NHL replicas are also in that price range nowadays so it may just be the going-rate for all jerseys, but jeez. We used to pay 30-35 bucks for a mesh jersey with iron-on numbers, and that was that.

    The new USA logo is horrific. It is basically a freaking nike based college basketball logo. I hate it so much, look at great classic teams like Germany,Argentina,France,Spain,Mexico,England and then look at the USA. Too modern and too much like a basketball logo.

    Big soccer fan here. It’s my passion and career.

    This US Soccer redesign is disgusting. The leaked crest in 2015 actually happened in 2016. There’s big controversy around the crest already: link.

    Hendricks Avenue Baseball League broke out their new design a week after the “leak” of the USSF crest in 2015.

    For THAT design for USSF, “seven figures” could have been spent A LOT better. They USA font is too similar to the 2000s US track and field and US basketball looks. It’s a crest that will be redone again. It’s not a look that is timeless or classic. While the US national teams represent the USA, they specifically represent and are possible because of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF).

    Much like MLS, USSF is lacking in their design, leadership, and marketing. Adidas fails MLS, Nike fails USSF — and vice versa for both. This is a big let down for US soccer…much like the ability to develop players to compete at a high level.

    Midland Dow has always had a nice old look on the ice. I loved back in the day when they all wore yellow Cooper SK2000 helmets on the green sweaters with bold yellow striped pants

    I find it hilarious that Catholic Central and Flint Powers are shown in the gallery wearing their practice jerseys (no numbers). Step it up Mlive!

    SWC Susen, Saginaw Heritage Hawks is the team I think you’re talking about? That’s my alma mater. Their coach today was my bantam travel coach in the 90s. He was a stickler for traditional uniform practice (only issuing numbers 2-20 for players, only certain numbers allowed for positions). Definitely an influence on why I care about too much uniforms today.

    WOW, your coach deserves an “old time hockey” medal for his numbering system!!


    UB football sophomore defensive end Solomon Jackson died after a team workout today. On Facebook, Buffalo Bulls Athletics promptly changed their profile picture to a generic “41” memorial style image in some number font which is most definitely not the same used by UB football.

    People, please remind me: I know many h.s. basketball teams used to use even uni numbers at home and odd numbers on the road (or was it the other way around..?), but WHY did they do that? For some reason I can never remember this one….

    Scorekeeping purposes, I believe. Helped ensure that the scorekeeper attributed personal fouls to the proper player on the proper team, since there’d never be two players on the floor wearing the same number.

    I believe the Walleyes will be changing jerseys between periods. If you look closely at the logo for the 2nd period jersey, the mascot is paler and has cuts on the face and back. Its fin on the left side has changed. I believe that the 3rd period jersey will have a zombie walleye logo.

    Specialty jerseys are usually made by some third-party, not Reebok, so yes I’d imagine they will change between periods from their regular jerseys.


    ““It took a couple of teams and a couple of guys to think outside the box and say, ‘You know what? We could be the first to have a flag go across the entire jersey,’” said Gollnick.”

    Insert meme where guy-with-bright-idea-at-meeting gets thrown out office window.

    Following that incredibly underwhelming uniform makeover this year, Chuck the Condor tells you everything you need to know about the Clippers franchise.

    US Soccer crest is an improvement on the old one. But I’d prefer if they’d have gone w/ the centennial crest they used a couple of years ago. That should be enough to inform people which country you’re representing, but if USSF felt otherwise, I wouldn’t blame them for putting “USSF” or “United States” somewhere above or below that.

    If you asked me to identify the sport with which it was associated, I would have guessed something like skiing or luge. Not sure why, but it *feels* like a winter sport logo to me.

    For record, I really like the new soccer crest. I feel like one the most frequent complaints that I’ve seen about it is something along the lines of “It’s not soccer-specific,” or “I don’t know what sport this is.” Most of those same people go on to say how much they love the Centennial crest and how USSF should have just used that permanently. However, the Centennial crest, if anything, has even less specificity to it. I expect that the USSF felt that it was TOO plain to use permanently.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Centennial too, and would have been fine if they had decided to use it. I just don’t understand all the hate of the new one and love for the Centennial when they’re incredibly similar, minus the obvious “USA.”

    How about a combo of the two? The red (and white, as it were) stripes, IMO, would look better if they extended from the bottom of the shield to a blue background with “USA” in white. As it stands, there’s just a lot of white.

    “getting some detailed looks at the inlaid artwork in the jersey numbers and letters”

    Just when you kid yourself into thinking it can’t get worse, it does.

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