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Rock Stars in ‘Uniform’


[Today we have a guest entry by Anthony Giaccone, who sent the following piece in about a week ago, following the passing of the Eagles’ Glenn Frey. He supplied many of the photos seen below, but I added a couple as well. Enjoy! — Phil]

Rock Stars Wearing Sports Jerseys
By Anthony Giaccone

This may be an interesting article someday for Uni watch: “Rocks Stars Wearing Sports Jerseys”.

With the death of Glenn Frey last week, I remember that he was a big fan of wearing jerseys while on stage ”“ along with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd and Mick Jagger of the Stones.

Here are a few examples:


Eagles softball


The Eagles actually had a softball team!


Tour jackets circa 1976-1977




Toronto Maple Leafs

[Frey also used to rock a LA Kings sweater with the #12. Why 12? Frey was good friends with #12 Gene Carr of the Kings, and began wearing his jersey in concerts. Our old buddy Teebz covered this and others in his own article on Musicians in Jerseys over on his blog — PH]

. . . . .

David Gilmour was fond of wearing a Montreal Canadiens jersey


gilmour canadiens1 f99e99a92d27d5b5b85281f17298abb4


And of course, there was weird Dallas Cowboys t-shirt ”” circa 1971-1973 (pictured with Sir Paul and Linda McCartney)

. . . . .

Finally, Mick Jagger, who wore an Eagles jersey on more than one occasion:

jagger_eagles_jersey_web (1)


And he was also the recipient of at least two hockey jerseys:

jagger canadiens

jagger bruins

. . . . .

Thanks, Anthony — obviously this is but a small sampling of rock stars and musicians who’ve worn jerseys — this might be an interesting thing to have as full a compilation as possible. If you have a photo of a musician in a jersey (or a t-shirt or jacket, etc.), either post a link in the comments below or shoot me an e-mail ( Let’s see if we can’t build a decent library (and as these come in, I’ll add them and post pics in a separate section). OK? OK!

Orange Line

colorize this

Colorize This!

Occasionally, I will be featuring wonderful, high-quality black and white photographs that are just begging to be colorized.

We haven’t had any colorizations for our old pal Bruce Menard in a while, but that’s about to change. He’s back today with a great one.

Click photos to enlarge.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

1930 (Jan30) Diving Babe Palm Beach FL(2016)11W Brd

1930 (Jan30) a Diving Babe Palm Beach FL (bw vs color by  BSmile)2

Hi Phil,

Here’s my latest colorization: Babe Ruth diving into a pool in Palm Beach, FL – January 30, 1930. It’s one of the pics I’ve had on my “colorization back burner” for the longest time…and with spring training right around the corner, it seemed like the right time to get it done. I included a before/after as well.

~ Bruce

The Babe Takes A Ruthian Dive!
86 Years Ago Today In Palm Beach, FL – January 30, 1930
~ (Wire Tag):
“A Ruthian Dive! – Where is your form, Babe? Babe Ruth and his wife are in the south enjoying golf, swimming and hikes, before The Bam reports to the Yankees for spring training. He is seen above at the Sea Spray Beach, Palm Beach, Florida.”

. . . . .

Great job, B!

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UW Friday Flashback

UW’s Friday Flashback

In case you missed it, Paul’s Friday Flashback on ESPN took a look at the evolution of the Pro Bowl uniforms over the years. As you know (or should know), they’ve gone from good to bad to worse (and not many people watch the game anyway), so maybe the newer designs are created with an intent to drum up some interest in the game. Or maybe not.

Great read, so be sure to check it out if you missed it!


Orange Line

Uni Watch News Ticker

Baseball News: Yesterday (back in 1936), baseball legends Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame (great pic from Bruce Menard). … Paul is quoted in this piece about the Mariners Turn Ahead The Clock promotion from almost two decades ago. Of course, there were actually two years when this happened — 1998, when it was a brainchild of the Mariners, and was great and fun, and 1999, when about half the teams did it and it was awful. … If you like bobbleheads and you like the reigning World Champs, then the Royals have five of them for you. … On the opposite side of the spectrum, those same Royals have decided to host fireworks night and epilepsy awareness night on the same night. That will probably end well. … “Check out this navy baseball team uni my grandpa wore (he’s front row seated, solo),” says Jonathan Eskridge. Awesome! … Here are closeups of both the official Cactus League and Grapefruit League spring training patches (from The Emblem Source). … Check out the ring the White Sox gave ace Chris Sale for breaking the Sox strikeout record last season (from Ryan Lindemann). … The Potomac Nationals just released their 2016 promotional schedule. Says submitter R. Scott Rogers, “On May 7, they’ll wear Bad News Bears to celebrate the movie’s 40th anniversary. I bet we’ll see a lot of MiLB teams doing the Bad News Bears thing this season. Should make for an improvement over all the Batman v Superman unis we’ll no doubt be seeing.” … Toronto Blue Jays fans are wondering why the spring training uniform doesn’t match the cap (from Marc Bauche, who adds, “I’ve looked through every hat/Jersey combo and the Jays combo is the only one mismatched! I am speculating that this is new Era trying to make an extra buck with a different colour, but they could have made so much money, so many other ways.”

NFL News: Oops! Remember yesterday’s ticker item showing the Carolina end zone. Notice in the top shot how it looks like they might have been doing the outline of the mane of the Broncos logo? Well — the Supe grounds crew accidentally painted the wrong end zone (h/t Chris Brueckner). Here’s more on that. … Of course, it’s also noteworthy that Supe50 will have no AFC or NFC logos in either endzone (from Mandy Lopez). … Looks like gold shoes will be very prevalent at the Pro Bowl (which sorta makes sense, since the Pro Bowl unis have gold accents). … Um, someone has mocked up a pair of possible Packers color rash unis (h/t Jesse Zakshesky). … Are we getting a “sneak peak of next year’s @NFL draft hats appearing in this year’s Super Bowl?” asks Ben Hibberd. Here’s the Broncos version. … Check out this Super Bowl ring gallery (thanks, Brinke, via Paul). …The Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will sport official NFL Super Bowl 50 patches on their jerseys and hats made at FiberLok in Fort Collins. … The Panthers are packing six jerseys for Cam Newton to take to the Supe. Yes, six. … And here’s what one of those jerseys looks like (h/t Patrick Wright). Also from Patrick, a look at the Panthers jerseys for the game. And a closeup of the patch. … What do you do when your last name is too long to fit on one line on a jersey? … Oh man, a bet is a bet, but — the Official Dog(?) Gubernatorial Pooch(?)–anyway, the pet dog of Arizona’s Governor Doug Ducey will have to dress “Woody” in a Panthers jersey since the Panthers beat the Cardinals last week. … Here’s a look at some of the signage hung at Levi’s Stadium for Supe 50 (via Joe Fann). … “Super Bowl Rice Krispy treats by the Treat Shop on the Upper West Side,” says Robert Brashear. “BTW, that’s all they sell– Rice Krispy treats– would have liked to have seen that business plan”

College/HS Football News: On September 10, 2016, Bristol Motor Speedway will “transform its iconic short track into a world-class football stadium for the inaugural Battle at Bristol, College Football’s Biggest EVER, featuring a border battle between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Tennessee Volunteers.” Here’s a rendering of what that might look like. And for scale, here’s Neyland Stadium compared to Bristol (Neyland is the Volunteers’ stadium). The whole stadium basically sits inside the Bristol track (pics via Pick Six Previews). … “I was looking through a chat with Todd Gurley on Reddit from around the time of the 2015 NFL Draft,” writes Mike Chamernik. “He says that Maryland tried to recruit him with the pitch that the Terps are the East Coast Oregon when it comes to uniforms.” … Why does it seem that every team who dresses like the Steelers gets the sleeve stripes better than the Steelers (that’s made by Russell)? Comes from this article. … Hall, Conard High “throwback” T-shirts cause concern over use of Native American imagery (from Tim Cross). … Our own Jimmer Vilk was thrifting and picked up this nifty Sun Bowl glass. … Looks like a new blue helmet and white helmet for the Georgia State Panthers (h/t Doug Hazard). … The Tennessee Vols revealed a cool-looking logo for the 2016 Orange & White Spring Football game (from Lee David Wilds). … Check out these bulls eye jerseys for Furman Football from way back in 1925 (from Furman Equipment). Here’s the shot in the collection.

Hockey News: Our pal Chris Creamer over at the Sports Logos blog is reporting that the new Maple Leafs logo will be kind of a combination of their past logos (h/t Robert Hayes). … As you all likely know, the NHL’s All Star Game is tomorrow in Nashville, and there is plenty of (mostly) bad fan crap on which you can waste spend your hard-earned money. … The Spokane Chiefs will be wearing “Military Appreciation Jerseys” tonight. Submitter Larry Brunt adds, “At least they aren’t all camo, but the timing is odd–they’ll be playing the Tri-Cities Americans that night.” … The Toronto Maple Leafs “might stink but Babsocks have the scent of success” (From Mike Styczen). … The Stockton Heat (a Flames AHL affiliate) have unveiled a new all black alternate uni.

Basketball News: Today, the Marshall Thundering Herd will wear mismatched shoes to bring awareness to Pediatric Cancer in their game against UAB, who will also be participating (via Marshall Equipment). … Of course, lots of schools are participating in the Coaches vs. Cancer campaign, where the coaches wear sneakers with their suits and dress slacks. It’s all about the shoes, man. … UNC is doing it too (thanks to James Gilbert). … Today, Louisville is wearing white uniforms that adidas is calling “White Ice” and they’re having a White Out. … An Iowa player says Maryland’s Under Armour ball is ”˜heavy like a street ball’ (thanks to Tommy Turner). … Purdue will be wearing throwbacks today (from Michael Burnett), who notes that was tweeted out yesterday and deleted 5 minutes later. … WOW — check out the unis HBU will wear for their retro night tonight against Sam Houston (h/t Steven Key). Here’s a bit more on that. … Conrad Burry loves this “North” hat from the Mitchell & Ness NBA All-Star 2016 collection. “Gotta love the flair of the ’90s Raps,” he adds.

Soccer News: These are the new Albania Euro 2016 kits According to Patrick Thomas, they’re switching from adidas to Macron. If you’re curious, like I was, Macron is an Italian sporting apparel company, based in Crespellano, Bologna, and “considered a European leader in the production of active sportswear.” … “I was checking in to Manchester United’s FA Cup match earlier today and noticed something odd,” says Ryan Madden. “The FA Cup began the season in the fall with Emirates as its brand new primary sponsor; Budweiser was the main sponsor for three seasons from ’11-’14 and, as of May, is merely the official beer of the tournament. So ESPN FC’s page for FA Cup-related stories and results should probably include the logo for the former, and not the latter. But I noticed they’re still using the logo from when it was known as “The FA Cup with Budweiser” (screenshot, just in case). I was wondering if it was just an American thing, what with Bud being more familiar here than Emirates, but even the Mothership’s UK version of the site has that logo.”

Grab Bag: It used to be that soldiers could only wear white socks during training workouts, but now they can wear black socks, which “hide the dirt and muck encountered on trails during workouts, and they better match the mostly black physical-training uniform the Army began using in 2014,” (from Tommy Turner). … When not donning their power-suits-cum-flag-lapel-pin, the GOP contenders like to sport fleece zip pullovers, all of which are flag-free. Clearly they don’t love America when dressing down. … When singlets go bad: “I sent you the lead on the unique Post 22 in Rapid City hardhats they wear in the field!” writes Tanner Friesen. “I have another one from back home in SD except this one is more embarrassing then interesting haha.” … The kids in this photo were suspended for having an offensive uniform. Why? A concerned parent told Fox 9 the boys’ coordinated dodgeball uniform made it look like they were members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Orange Line

And that’s it for today. Big thanks to Anthony and Bruce for their parts. Everyone have a good day — should be a pretty sweet post tomorrow, so make sure you check back then, and don’t forget to post/e-mail your shots of musicians in jerseys/unis.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“A road uni with ‘Washington’ script on the chest and a DC on the cap is pretty much my Platonic ideal of a Nats uniform.”

–R. Scott Rogers

Orange Line

Comments (49)

    Watched the first 5 minutes of the Lakers/Clippers game last night. The commentator said “and the Lakers don’t exactly look like the Lakers tonight, dressed in black, it’s a little hard to get used to”.

    This got me thinking: Which of the 4 major sports league has the least respect of the sanctity of their uniforms? I would have to think it’s the NBA. It’s the only sport that makes it’s historic franchises, the Celtics and the Lakers, regularly wear silly variations of their classic looks. Could you imagine the Yankees wearing something equivalent to the Lakers black uniforms.

    “Why does it seem that every team who dresses like the Steelers gets the sleeve stripes better than the Steelers?”

    Presumably because the Steelers are, alas, the only team willing to accept the sportswear company’s logo taking precedence over their stripes.

    I attended a 311 show in Lincoln shortly after Tom Osborne announced his retirement in 1997. The band came out in Nebraska football jerseys with “311” on them and (I think) “Osborne” on the back.

    Eddie Vedder
    donning Payton link
    in Packers (w/Stone Gossard cheesheaded)
    at Spring Training w/the Cubs

    There are tons of Pearl Jam photos with the guys in jerseys. They were originally named Mookie Blaylock, after all.

    Garth Brooks
    as a Met link
    Royal link
    Padre link
    He participated in Spring Training with a lot of teams.

    And my favorite, Mr. Charley Pride link

    Here’s the late David Bowie and Ian Hunter guitarist Mick Ronson wearing a California Golden Seals jersey around 1974, on the Old Grey Whistle Test. He was pursuing a short-lived solo career at the time.


    Unlike most of the artists depicted today, Buffett actually has a song in which the sport features prominently. “Visitors scored on the home rink / Everything seems to be wrong … Twenty degrees and this hockey game’s on / Nobody cares they’re way too far gone.” He claims it was based on a February evening at a Boston bar owned by former Bruin Derek Sanderson:


    Drummer Bill Bruford, best known for long stints with Yes and King Crimson (and one tour with Genesis), frequently wore a Boston Bruins jersey when playing live. He even started to favor yellow drum kits in the 80s and 90s to match elements of his jersey.

    I think you mean to say that Babe Ruth never wore anlink on his jersey in a regular or post season game?

    It would be interesting if it were true.

    DMB Drummer Carter Beauford primarily wears jerseys while touring. The whole band was featured in Old Time-y DMB Branded baseball uniforms for a Rolling Stone Cover. link

    Kind of weird that the shape of the leaf on Glenn Frey’s Toronto jerseys was more in the shape of the leaf they used at link rather than the actual Ballard Leaf.

    Also, I find it incredibly disappointing that the version of the Centennial Leaf that’s up on link is wrong, as link (also, the lower left corners of the E’s and L’s weren’t so rounded). It’s especially annoying because Sportslogos has the correct version right on their site link. (And yes, Reebok has link.)

    Eddie Vedder has worn an old school Walter Payton jersey at a number of Pearl Jam shows. Plenty of pics on the web.

    Speaking of Genesis, here’s a whole thread inspired by keyboardist Tony Banks wearing a ’70s-era Canucks jersey, but of a particular design apparently never officially worn by the team (albeit most-similar to their 1970-72 look). The thread:


    And the music video where you can see him wearing the jersey, “Follow You Follow Me”:


    We don’t get to see Ty Cobb in many pictures sporting a Philadelphia A’s uniform. That was really a rare shot.

    The Pack could do a lot worse than the green Color Rush mockup. Tasteful. But, then, tasteful doesn’t seem to be the point.

    The green would be preferable over the yellow (and be consistent with every other color rush uniform we’ve seen so far in having a different colored helmet than jersey/pants), but the pants need a white stripe, and realistically I think they just keep their regular jerseys instead of going to yellow numbers. They wouldn’t want to look *too* much like the Edmonton Eskimos.

    If they’re required I hope the pack goes white on white – much like the cowboys this year ~ & for Jeff’s Raiders, I hope they’d give the nfl a giant middle finger in the spirit AD

    I used to be in charge of the merch at the Capital Centre.
    In the mid 80’s, Boston (the rock group, not the team) played the arena. Their drummer (don’t know his name, but he wasn’t the original one) like to wear the home jersey of that city’s hockey team onstage. I took a Caps’ jersey to their dressing room. The guy was appreciative and real nice.

    Carter Beauford, the drummer of Dave Matthews Band, wears a lot of jerseys to concerts. I was trying to find a good picture but with little luck. Most of them were too small to be worth sharing. However, it is notable enough that the band sells link link.

    From the article about the dodgeball team:

    “Anybody who is well-versed in history can know that anyone with a pointed white hat is trying to symbolize the KKK. There are not a lot of other organizations that can be confused with,” the parent, who asked to remain anonymous, said.

    The Pope might disagree.

    The Dutch might disagree.

    Some knitters might disagree.

    Some felt crafters might disagree.

    Albanians might disagree.

    Some clowns might disagree.

    Older Americans might disagree.

    Fans of the Hobbit might disagree.

    I’ve got some photos of rock stars wearing jerseys.

    First we have Chuck Berry and his Over/UnderNOB Father of Rock and Roll jersey. He regularly wears this at Busch, whether it be for the first pitch or singing the national anthem or GBA.



    This photo of the back of the jersey has been on Uni Watch previously.


    Here we have The Band and Robbie Robertson wearing a Maple Leafs sweater. This photo was on the back cover of their last album, Islands.


    *Somewhat related*
    Levon Helm punting and catching a white football.



    I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned it, but a nice essay on the history of the Maple Leaf’s logo was posted this morning on the team’s website…


    Red Hot Chili Peppers in some of the best helmets I’ve seen


    Some “Homemade” Eagles trading cards with Glenn Frey in a Phillies T-Shirt and Don Henley in a Cowboys shirt.


    How did it get to 9:20 at night without anyone mentioning how any decent rapper in the 90’s would wear an NHL jersey? And then the NBA/NFL throwback craze of the early 2000’s?

    You’re on point.

    Outkast’s “Player’s Ball” features Andre 3000 wearing a Braves jersey through much of the video. Nowadays he’s more likely to dress as their (former)mascot.

    The Mets are wearing their BP hat with the ST jersey, as opposed to the alternate hat.. So their ST Uni combo is also mismatched..

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