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A Big Day for MLB Uniforms

Busy day yesterday in MLB, with all sorts of stuff coming down the chute. One thing at a time:

1. A new set of spring training caps and jerseys was released (including the awesome new Royals cap shown at right, which you can click to enlarge). You can see all of the caps here and all of the jerseys here.

There are new cap patches and sleeve patches, some ridiculous sublimated confetti in the jersey letters and numbers, and more. I covered the basics and singled out some of the most notable new designs in this ESPN piece, which was posted yesterday afternoon. Better coverage, frankly, came from Yahoo’s Mike Oz and, especially,’s Chris Creamer, both of whom apparently had prior access to all the images and info (whereas I had to write my piece on the fly once everything was revealed). Chris’s piece is particularly thorough — recommended reading.

I find it hard to care too much about any of this stuff, at least as it pertains to spring training. Don’t get me wrong — I love spring training, because it means baseball season is right around the corner. I love reading about who might make the team, who might get sent down, the whole bit. But the games don’t count, half the players are minor leaguers with numbers in the 70s and 80s, guys are running wind sprints on the warning track during the eighth inning, and so on, so I really don’t care what anyone’s wearing. It’s all just a glorified workout.

Meanwhile, this launch raises some questions. Such as:

Do the spring training caps/jerseys replace the BP caps/jerseys? Is it basically just a new name for the same thing?

No, and no. According to Chris Creamer’s article (and I confirmed this with him yesterday), the old BP gear will come back and be used for pregame warm-ups once the regular season starts. So this spring training stuff is an entirely new product line in addition to the BP product line. We already know the Astros aren’t bothering with BP jerseys this season, though — they’re going to use their new alternate jersey instead, which happens to be the same design as their new spring training jersey. Are you following that? Basically, expect a lot of commingling here.

Speaking of commingling, isn’t there some overlap between the spring training gear and some teams’ new alternates?

Yes. The Twins released a new red alternate jersey yesterday (more on that in a minute), and it’s basically the same thing as their new spring training jersey. Ditto for the Brewers’ new spring training jerseys and their new Sunday alternates. Conversely, some of the spring training jerseys are modeled on pre-existing alternates. In short, there’s a lot of cross-pollination in these spring training designs, and I think the ones that aren’t already functioning as (or modeled on) alternate jerseys will likely end up being worn in regular season games anyway (but without the spring training patches, obviously). I think what we’re seeing here is an intentional blurring of the lines about which uniform should be worn in which circumstance, and I suspect there’s a good chance that those lines may be erased altogether in a few years.

What’s the deal with all this “Flex Base” talk?

The new spring training jerseys are all being made in Majestic’s new Flex Base template, which among other things includes mesh side panels. I had thought (and hoped) that this template would just be one option among several — like, a player could choose a regular jersey, a Cool Base, or a Flex Base, depending on the weather or his preferences. But Chris Creamer tells me that’s not the case. “Regular season will be all Flex Base for all teams,” he said in an email to me yesterday. “I don’t believe players will have the option anymore. And yes, Yankees included.”

This isn’t necessarily so bad for teams with solid-colored jerseys, but Flex Base is a disaster for pinstripes, as we saw earlier this week in this Rockies photo. Chris’s article yesterday linked to another photo that confirms the sad state of affairs:

Woof! Here’s the thing I don’t get: If they can sublimate a pattern onto those side panels, as the D-backs are doing, why can’t they put sublimated pinstripes there? Maybe the side-panel pins wouldn’t match the look and feel of the regular pins, but it’s hard to imagine it looking worse than what they’ve got in that Mets photo.

2. As I just mentioned, the Twins unveiled their new red alternate jersey, whose existence has been one of the worst-kept secrets of the off-season. It’s not awful, and certainly better than the old Dairy Queen design from years ago. Here’s an infographic with all the particulars (click to enlarge):

3. In the “whoops!” department, the Pirates’ equipment manager tweeted a shot of the team’s new alternate jersey, which hasn’t yet been officially unveiled. He quickly deleted the tweet, but not quickly enough — someone had already made a screen shot, which soon began making the rounds:

Most people are assuming that the gold jersey shown in the photo is a 1979 “fam-i-lee” throwback, which seems plausible. Whatever the design is, my understanding is that the team is planning to unveil it on Feb. 16, although I wonder if they’ll move up the date now that the design (or at least a glimpse of it) has leaked.

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Friday Flashback: Don’t look now (no, really, don’t look), but the Pro Bowl is this Sunday, so my weekly Friday Flashback piece on ESPN takes a look at the history of Pro Bowl uniforms (including the bizarre mid-1990s design shown above). Check it out here.

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: The ’Skins are slated to play a game in London next season, which is sparking a debate in the UK over the team’s name (from Brian Mazmanian). … A Massachusetts community is debating whether the local high school should change its “Redmen” team name (from Jordan Mayblum). … Three firms have made the cut to present new logo designs for the University of North Dakota, which is replacing its Fighting Sioux design (from John Muir).

Baseball News: New cleats for Florida State. … New uniforms for Sam Houston State. ”¦ New uniforms for Pittsburg State (from Ryan Atkinson). ”¦ Hmmm, maybe the Rays won’t wear their new spring training cap after all (from Joel Mendelson). … New caps for Lamar.

NFL News: Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Yesterday’s Ticker had an article about the Pontiac Silverdome, and Michael Bochum noted that it included a shot of Joe Montana wearing No. 19 at a 49ers practice. Getty’s caption says the photo is from 1981, but their date is “Jan. 1, 1981,” which is Getty-speak for “We have no idea.” Bob Gassel points out that Montana’s Wikipedia entry says that Montana wore No. 19 “briefly in training camp of the 1979 season with San Francisco,” which makes more sense, because that was his rookie year. When I posted the photo on Twitter, Rich DeMarco noted that Upper Deck actually put out a card showing Montana wearing No. 19. According to, Montana never wore 19 in a game for the 49ers, however. … A Louisiana high school has a uniform that’s sort of a Steelers/Bengals hybrid. ”¦ We had previously seen the Broncos’ Supe50 end zone, and now here’s our first look at the Panthers’ end zone.

Hockey News: A pond hockey team in Minnesota has very cool retro-styled jerseys. … An NYC cop wore a John Tavares Islanders jersey during a drug bust (from John Muir). … This is pretty cool: Red Wings G Jimmy Howard’s Stadium Series mask has a Detroit baseball theme (from Michael Hersch). ”¦ The NHL’s all-star jerseys sure are shiny (thanks, Phil). ”¦ Captials teammates Evgeny Kuznetsov and Justin Williams switched jerseys at a season ticket-holder event (from @russianmachine). ”¦ Here’s something you don’t often see: a marching band on ice! (From Chris Flinn.)

NBA News: The Lakers are adding a statue of Shaq. ”¦ Color on Color last night in DC, as the Wizards wore their sleeved Baltimore Bullets throwbacks last night against the Nuggets, and the Nuggets’ TV station even listed them as “BAL” in their score bug (from Phil and John Ternest, respectively).

College and High School Hoops News: Color vs. color game two nights ago, featuring Hope College in orange and Calvin College in maroon (from John Waller). … The McDonald’s High School All-American dunk contest and skills challenge will be held at the Chicago Theater. Check out the setup — not your usual setting for an athletic event (thanks, Mike). ”¦ Syracuse wore very nice Pearl Washington warm-ups last night. ”¦ Syracuse also held a “Dress like Jim Boeheim” contest (thanks, Mike).

Soccer News: Special carnival kit for Mainz 05 (thanks, Phil). ”¦ The Portland Timbers have a new set of Rose City alts (from Matthew Gibson). … New jerseys for Burlingame Dragons FC (from Robert Jonas). ”¦ New jerseys for the Yokohama F-Marinos.

Grab Bag: Way back in June of 2006, when this website was less than a month old, I included a little book review of an amazing book about stray shopping carts (yes, really — you can see my original write-up in the middle of this entry). The book is now 10 years old, and someone has written a 10th-anniversary tribute to it, full of great info and graphics (thanks, Brinke). … Does wearing a uniform affect the way people perceive you? Of course it does — and here’s an art project that explores that phenomenon (from Jason Hillyer). … This is pretty cool: an exhibition of fake books that are actually flasks, table lamps, cigarette holders, etc. … Here are the cycling jerseys for the 2016 Giro d’Italia. … It seems a little late for this, but here’s an assessment of GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson’s campaign logo. … Those of you who like to colorize old b&w pics may be interested in this new book of painstakingly colorized photos (from Matt Fedorka). … Here are BMW’s car liveries for the 24 Hours of Daytona. ”¦ Here’s the latest on the massive corporate HQ that Under Armour plans to build in Baltimore (from Andrew Cosentino). ”¦ New jerseys for USA Rugby 7s (from Josh Gardner). ”¦ GOP presidential candidates just love that casual Friday look (from Tommy Turner). ”¦ Novak Djokovic wears sneakers with his face stitched onto the tongue (from Nike Jones).

Comments (85)

    The Detroit Tigers, as long as I can remember, have worn traditional road grey and home white uniforms during Spring Training games. They also wear home white “D” caps on the road during the Spring. So if they don this navy blue jersey and horrendous orange cap, that will be a sad departure from an otherwise historic tradition.

    The ‘D’ outline only caps look baaaaaaaad. The orange cap would look much better with just the normal all white ‘D’.

    It is a shame they are not wearing the regular uniforms but I must say I am glad it is all navy, with a plain one color ‘D’ on the chest, not a jersey with all kinds of piping, triple colored letters, outlines etc.

    I pray the Tigers never get an alt. If they ever do: I want it to be as simple as that spring training jersey.

    The Tigers had an alt in the ’90s and I really liked it. It was navy blue with a white and orange stripe down the sleeve, with a tiger walking through the D on the front, and double-bordered (orange/navy) white numbers on the back. The owner didn’t like it very much but I wish they had stuck with it.

    in the White Sox unis, why does the guy have a red hand/circle on the jersey and and a white hand on the cap?

    I commented late on this late yesterday, but maybe it got missed, so…

    Shots of the new White Sox Spring Training jersey show two different sleeve patches. The “Sox” logo or the “Diamond Sock” logo. What’s up with that?


    It looks like they went out of their way to make that mistake, doesn’t it? Hat monograms make crappy shoulder patches, and vice versa.

    can’t see the link to see if this was intentional or not

    “New uniforms for Pitssburg State”

    Me too, but we’ll probably be waiting for a loooooong time. A road uni with “Washington” script on the chest and a DC on the cap is pretty much my Platonic ideal of a Nats uniform.

    I know there will be a ton of detractors, but that Marlins cap may be one of the best decisions the Loria braintrust has ever had. It’s going to sell very well at home.

    Sales aren’t a particularly good measure of anything other than, you know, sales. But I agree that the cap is a good one. When I tweeted that it looked “electric,” I meant it in a good way.

    Well perhaps “sell” wasn’t the best choice, I agree.

    Yesterday I showed a photo around to a few dozen people in Miami. From my survey of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, there were a preponderance of smiles.

    I hope it does sell well, since that seems to be the only language teams understand when it comes to design. But it’s a shame the cap is still black. Any black is too much for a team with such a rich color scheme.

    “Novak Djokovic wears sneakers with his face stitched onto the tongue”

    I’m still calling them “trainers”!

    Djokovic story isn’t new, he’s had those for years now. The story missed the fact his logo is on one side of the shoe, and a dove symbol is on the other. I wrote about that here:


    I’d love to see a list of all the Adidas shoes that have people’s faces on them.

    I used to have a pair of Adidas Der Kaisers with Franz Beckenbauer’s face on them:

    These new spring training uniforms: wow! Both good and bad!

    I like the bright colors, and the White Sox’ “batterman” logo is awesome, but that silly highway-signage motif inside the numbers and on the caps is just stupid. And am I the only one who hates these two-letter state abbreviations that somehow seem to be becoming more common despite, thanks to ZIP codes, not being necessary at all?

    My eyes may be deceiving me, but it looks like some teams (Cardinals) have the sublimated highway signs on both front and back numbers, whereas others (Pirates, Brewers) only have them on the back.

    The Dodgers’ D is a dead ringer for that of the Chunichi Dragons, who wore just about the same cap all through the 1980s as part of the faux-Dodger uniforms.

    Rays’ sunburst looks really nice.

    Disappointed to see my Cubs putting names on the backs in Spring Training. I hope this doesn’t extend to the BP jerseys in the regular season; for nearly the last 10 years the BP jerseys have been the only regular NNOB Cubs jersey. If I had my way, they’d go NNOB on all their jerseys… or at the very least, have a home alternate based on one of those classic throwback uniforms they wore in 2014.

    I imagine that the prices of these jerseys will be going up significantly at the team shops with all the added elements. I think now is a great time to pick up a timeless older ST jersey on eBay instead.

    They’ve been using two letter abbreviations for states for over 50 years. Did you only now notice?

    I take it the Twins couldn’t find a drawn faceless figure willing to model that ’97 alternate?

    I really, really, really like the layout and feel of the uniform history included in the info graphic. If it didn’t focus on the “red” so much (including breaking the template for the ’97 alternate) – I would absolutely buy it as a poster.

    Looks like they screwed up the hat on the infographic for the brand new uniform. The hat in the release video and text had a blue brim, while the graphic is an all red hat.

    The new jersey would look fine if it had blue piping around the buttons on the chest. The new hat looks great!

    I think they used a close-up of the jersey rather than the faceless-player model because they wanted it to jump out at you.

    I could be wrong, but I believe that the “Rose City Red” kits are the Timbers’ away kits, not alts. The Timbers’ aways have always been red- see here link

    -“the ones that aren’t already functioning as (or modeled on) alternate jersey” an alternate
    -“(from Brian Mazmanian.” no end paren
    -“One of the worst-kept secrets of the off-season is now official: The Twins have a new red alternate jersey.” This doesn’t need to be in the ticker when it’s in the text.
    -“Getty’s captoin”

    As a Twins fan, I’m less than excited about the new red Friday jersey. It’s fine as a batting practice jersey, but just seems to plain and underwhelming to be a game jersey. I’d like it more if they had put blue piping around the neck and down the front similar to their blue alternates.

    Additionally, I’m just never going to be a fan of the Twins in a red jersey since I associate that with the Angels or Rangers. The whole thing seems wrong for Minnesota, especially when it comes at the cost of their home blue alternates that I thought were excellent jerseys.

    Yes, I said batting practice jersey since I feel Spring Training only jerseys are a complete cash grab and wholly unnecessary.

    I am actually surprised it took the team to long to use the TC logo on a jersey. They missed the perfect opportunity to use it back in 2006-2009 when they had their sleeveless vest jerseys, which were simply their pinstriped home whites with the sleeves removed. Imagine a solid white jersey with the TC logo on it. That would have given the vest jerseys their own identity and a shot at acceptance with the fans that the pinstriped vests never got.

    As a Twins fan (OK, I’m a Pirates fan first, but the Twins are somewhere in my top five), I’m super excited about the red jersey. Best thing they’ve ever worn…even better than their wonderful powder blue pullovers and pinstriped road jerseys.

    I would also like piping, and I also agree it’s taken too long for the TC logo to make it onto a jersey.

    I don’t associate the Angels with red. Angels in red make me think of fallen angels, and the red top with red numbers is particularly devilish. Just go back to your California Angels look (and name) already. The Rangers are equally red and blue to me.

    The Twins should scrap their script Minnesota jerseys. They look too much like Washington’s script jerseys, only more crowded. Either do the arched block like the World Series era roads or do the TC.

    As a Twins fan, I’m pretty much “Meh…” on the new jersey. It could have turned out so much worse, so I was actually relieved. I also think the Twins are a “Navy” team and not a “Red” team, so I don’t really dig it when they try to dress up like the Red Sox.

    Agreed that it took a surprisingly long time to put the TC to use on a “real” jersey. Also agreed that the “Minnesota” script isn’t very good. It just makes me long for the clean, arched block word mark they used to have.

    Just as long as they wear the original creamy pins, (or the WS era pins) I’ll be happy. But, I fully expect this red jersey to dominate once they get through this “home Fridays only” 2016 season. This team wears its navy alt to death. (The Twins even wear their “road” navy alt at home nowadays since they lost the “home” navy alt.)

    They are going to go absolutely crazy with this red jersey at home AND on the road in 2017. Mark my words…

    The Baltimore Nine have had butt-ugly writing on the front of their blouses for a generation, now. I wish they would use the lettering from their Brooks Robinson-era uniforms. Kerning didn’t seem to be an issue, then.

    basing this entirely on my experience in sports equipment/kit design business, the reason a team like the mets won’t have the side panels sublimated is that it costs extra money to make sure the pinstripes line up in the production process.

    add to this that the panel might not be the exact correct width, especially with tolerance, that the pin stripes might never match up,

    a mis matched pin stripe will look a hell of a lot worse then a small side panel not being pin striped any day, its similar with hooped or striped football teams in Europe.

    Then away with yon accursed panel. I swear, the tail is wagging the dog the way it does with Reebok Edge nonsense and the the butchery of UCLA stripes. If you can’t render the team’s design, you don’t deserve the job!!!

    late reply i know so you poss won’t see it but,

    its always the fit of the garment first, then the design ( stripes, pinstripes, whatever ) second,

    Majestic for example won’t make a different top for the mets just to make the pin stripe work but the took the time to make a top that fits properly for all teams and size of players and make each teams look fit the the silloutte as best as possible.

    Anything that makes New York teams look ridiculous is awesome.

    The rest of America

    So Paul finds it hard to care too much about any this stuff. Quit your job so you write about things you do care about. Like Meat and Grommets and report cards from 1973.

    I care about real games that count (and, to a lesser extent, about all-star games, even though they don’t count).

    I don’t care much about practice attire, spring training attire, BP attire. I also don’t care much about stuff that we all know has no reason to exist except to be sold at retail. That’s not a uniform; it’s just merchandise.

    If you care about those things, that’s fine — different viewpoint. But I’m not sure why it should bother you so much if I’m honest about my own viewpoint.

    MLB ASG: This One Counts ™

    If Bud were still commish, I could see the day where Spring Training results could determine home field in the wild card.

    What a fustercluck with wrong end zone painted, home team always gets the south (right as it appears on TV) end zone. Broncos confused everyone with jersey selection.

    NFL would of really killed it if they did yard lines as X, XX, XXX and XL.

    End zones look much cleaner without the conference logos.

    Marching bands on ice were common 30+ years ago. Many Ivy League bands used to perform at least once during the season. But when Hockey East was formed, the remaining ECAC teams agreed on a uniform time between periods which could not be varied. Given the ice resurfacing capabilities at the time, there was no time for the band to skate and have the ice ready in time for the next period. Since many schools now use two ice resurfacers, and have various between period activities (like chuck-a-puck), it would seem that there would be time for short marching band routines.

    Here’s what I don’t get:

    Wouldn’t the end zones look better with some contrast (e.g., Broncos orange, Panthers either blue or black)? Why would they do navy and black? I mean, I get that the Panthers are probably considered a “black jersey” team, but if that’s the case, then surely he Broncos are considered an “orange jersey team.”

    One issue might be the Broncos logo. The horse head has an orange mane, so you wouldn’t be able to see it on an orange background. Don’t know if this is the reason, but it makes sense. They had a blue endzone two years ago as well.

    As a Broncos fan, I’m disappointed. This Super Bowl is going to be conspicuously orange-less.

    Does anybody else miss these things about the Super Bowl:

    1. When each Super Bowl had a unique, colorful logo which usually had a nod to the host city/state instead of the generic “Lombardi Trophy” design?

    2. When each Super Bowl end zone had the team helmet on one side of the name and the “helmet with conference logo” on the other side? I liked the fact that they stuck with this template for decades before deciding to change it slightly each year.

    Meh. It seems a lot of time was spent on this site decrying the designers’ lousy work each time a new Supe logo was unveiled. I call it a wash.

    Well, people will have different opinions on the quality of design but it kind of made each game seem like a unique event and not just another entry in a series.

    It doesn’t help that the new generic Super Bowl logo is pretty dull and ugly.

    True, but one problem that was corrected is now the crests have uniform size and shape. The unique patches were huge and added clutter, like college teams in Bowl Season. Better still, leave the patches off, like in the old days.

    Liked the individual SB logos from about the mid-80s to the mid-aughts. The earliest ones were just throwaway pieces and the last few before the standardized logo were mostly overdone and bland.

    The thing I didn’t get about those “Baltimore Bullets” throwbacks the Wizards wore last night is, why did they have the DC logo on the shorts? Seems like less of a throwback and more of a mishmash.

    The Mets pinless side panel doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would. It won’t be that obvious in most views of a player. If it makes the jersey slightly cooler and could possibly lead to better performance, I guess we should be resigned to live with it. The road gray might look even worse, if the shades don’t match. I just hate the whole idea of templates, where a team has little choice anymore. I guess teams still get to choose raglan vs. set-in sleeves. For example, Mets are always set-in, Yankees always raglan.

    Further to Montana wearing #19 as a youngster; it was in tribute to his boyhood hero, and fellow western Pennsylvanian, Johnny Unitas.

    Washington Professional Run & Throwball Club game on the Thames,

    I think ESPN should send Paul and minions to cover this game. To help assist and attempt to explain to the UK Media (who know a thing or two about gossipy news and other Murdoch-y work) how in the US, the different factions have managed their message of this contentious issue.

    Money vs. Morality has never been a strongsuit for the NFL. Interesting to see what their full court pressers will look like.

    Where is KO when you need him to make a great 30 for 30.

    My $.02: Washington football shows a rebellious streak, sticking with the Indian iconography, and takes rebel pride in their defiant attitude. So call them the Washington Rebels. A nickname for their nickname, like Bronx Bombers. It even rolls off the tongue, and won’t be a tail-between-the-legs capitulation, like, say, the Washington Redhawks.

    My problem with that is Rebels conjure up the South/Confederacy for me, heck even with this guy link

    Not sure it makes sense for the Union capital to be associated with that imagery…but that’s just my 2 pennies

    Well, a rebel could be anybody: A teenager, a waitress, a musician, a Minuteman, a biker, even an Indian. I see it as having more of a connection to the Everyman, and I imagine it would resonate with a team that has plenty of detractors.

    The Mets could solve the pinstripe side panel problem very easily by going back to the snow white uni which was the better looking one anyway.

    I’m not typically a fan of specialty hats and jerseys like this. I’m a White Sox fan, so I’ve enjoyed their throwbacks as alternates in recent years. I have to say, I REALLY like the hat and the jersey. I may actually buy the spring training hat since my old Sox hat is pretty grimy.

    Ummm, why would I care about practice shirts and caps? I mean I’m not surprised, literally anything for a buck, amirite?



    So in the Pro Bowl – what city does the Rams player represent? St. Louis or LA? Since they were the St. Louis Rams during the season my guess is St. Louis.

    Also – although it didn’t happen, if the Rams were to make it to the playoffs last year, would they ever voted to leave yet?

    So my work had a wear your jersey day at work and get a picture with the Saginaw Spirit mascot. While I was down there I saw what seemed to be a North Stars jersey, which was interesting. I wore my Saginaw Gears jersey I tweeted to @UniWatch this morning (made by Kobe Sportswear Canada)

    Thanks for the great reporting. After reading the initial report yesterday my one question was: Will they wear the hats and tops for spring training only? What about the bp caps from last year?
    I knew you would answer in the morning column and you did.

    Not a fan of the new caps. I don’t like anything on the side and I’m glad they will still wear the BP caps from last year.

    Curious as to what they will do for St Patrick’s Day. Will they use to old BP jerseys or introduce new FlexBase jerseys

    “It’s all just a glorified workout.”

    Says you. It’s exciting to watch prospects. You said you don’t care yet you wrote such an article about it, so there’s that. :)

    Am I the only one who noticed or cared, that they’ve included the year on the highway patch of the spring training gear? That means the they’re invalid for subsequent seasons. Are they expecting people to buy a new spring training gear every season? How evil of a marketing plan is that?

    Tiny observation about that Twins diagram. Wouldn’t it make more sense for the address to be 2 Twins Way?


    But then they’d have had to build Target Field across the street from its current location.

    Couldn’t they call a section of the street on the other side of the stadium “Twins Way” so that they would still be on the even side?

    Nice Royals logo on the cap. Funny how everybody sees that as a “crowning” for the champions. I see a deconstruction and remix of the sleeve patch:

    Yes, it’s obviously just a variation of their logo. That they are reigning WS champs is just a fortunate happenstance.

    Sorry, I’m a little late responding since this posted last week. Just a few thoughts.

    I’m not a huge fan of Majestic including their word mark on the uniform sleeves. It would make sense if the word mark was their primary logo but their logo is fairly strong on its own, in my opinion.

    Also, as Royals fan, I completely agree that the new Spring Training hat is amazing after their 2015 WS win and I’m perfectly content with it. However, I think it would be interesting to see them make the bill powder blue to go along with the powder blue accents on the uniform they’ll be wearing with the cap.


    Love the site! Keep up the great work!

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