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Can You Give This Jersey a Good Home?

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After the Rams announced their move last week, I received a lengthy email from reader Dave Truman. Here’s an abridged version of it:

If this were sports talk radio I’d be saying “longtime listener, first time caller.” The Uni Watch version, I guess, is that I have been reading Uni Watch a long time but have not done much communicating with the community beyond the (very occasional) comment.

I grew up in Washington DC, so my favorite NFL team is, naturally, the one located in that city. But at some point in the late ’70s, I latched onto the Rams as my second-favorite team. I have fond memories of being 10 years old and watching them almost beat the mighty Steelers in the Super Bowl. Even as the Washington NFL franchise finally got their stuff together and won three Super Bowls, I continued to root on the Rams from afar.

In 1992 I moved to St. Louis to attend law school at Washington University. Naturally, when the talk started that the Rams might move to St. Louis, I was thrilled. When then-owner Georgia Frontiere announced, during my third year of law school, that she was going to move the team here, I made the somewhat impulsive purchase of an “authentic” Jackie Slater Rams jersey. (This was no small thing in 1995, when it was a lot harder to buy jerseys than it is now.) I specifically chose to get a Slater jersey because he had spent his whole career with the Rams and it looked like he was going to finish it out in St. Louis; I wanted somebody who was going to bridge the gap between the two cities (and, candidly, I wanted somebody who wasn’t going to be traded). In the meantime, not only did the Rams move to St. Louis but I stayed here after law school, and have now lived longer in St. Louis than I have anywhere else in my life.

This remains the only Rams jersey that I own. Without rehashing the recent events, it suffices to say that I have declared myself done as a Rams fan. Although I originally backed the team from afar when they were playing in L.A., having the team taken away from my adopted hometown makes it too painful for me to try to do that again.

I am never going to wear my Slater jersey or the other Rams shirts/hats/etc. that I own. But I would like to see the jersey find a new home with someone who will appreciate it. I can relate to those fans who were in L.A. when the Rams left and are now excited about getting their team back, so I’d ideally like to give the jersey to an L.A.-based fan who’s old enough to remember the original L.A. Rams and, specifically, Jackie Slater.

The jersey is a size 44. I’m not interested in getting any money for it, aside from the the cost of shipping. It will be free to someone who can prove to my satisfaction that he or she had backed the Rams during Jackie Slater’s L.A. career, rather than someone who is just jumping on the bandwagon now that the Rams are back in Los Angeles.

And there you have it. Powerful stuff, right? As you all know, I’m not a jersey guy, but I really respect what Dave is doing here. If you’d like to put yourself forward as a worthy recipient of the jersey, contact him directly. Good luck.

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Collector’s Corner
By Brinke Guthrie

These Violent Delights, a hardcover book featuring black-and-white photos of gridiron greats accompanied by various quotes from William Shakespeare. Will look great on your bookshelf next to the requisite NFL: The First 50 Years (or your copy of the collected works of Shakespeare, as the case might be).

Now on to the rest of the week:

• While the smart money says the Rams will revert to their “Greatest Show on Turf” look now that they’re back in L.A., there’s a lot to be said for the simple navy and white of the Roman Gabriel era. Kids, ask your parents. Nice helmet plaque here from that period, too.

• Speaking of teams that have moved around a bit, here’s an early-1970s Acrometal copper plaque from the Chicago-St. Louis- Arizona Cardinals.

• And speaking of helmet plaques, got a couple of vintage Dolphins examples for you. The one from the 1980s seems to be in a bit better shape than this one from the 1970s.

• Check out the number and NOB for this 1971 pro football guide!

• Also from 1971: Outstanding cover art on sportscaster Chris Schenkel’s “Sportscene Football 1971,” including All-Pro and All-America Teams! Johnny U., Bart Starr, and Bullet Bob Hayes are a few of the stars on the cover.

• This Stanley Cup porcelain bank was given away at a Winnipeg Jets game 34 years ago, according to the listing. That would make it 1982, instead of the “1970s” reference on the listing. Still a nice item!

• How about the cover art for this 1962 Wrigley Field All-Star Game program!

• Staying in Chicago, this isn’t exactly a vintage hoodie, but you can see what someone is trying to do with this Cubs/North Face logo. Can’t believe this is a legit item, but they’ve also got T-shirts. Two! Two! Two copyright infringements in one!

• Here’s a nice Packers jacket from the 1970s-1980s, Good, simple design. The maker is a new one, though, at least to me. Ever heard of “The Active Generation?”

• Not too much in the way of team branding on this vintage Kansas City Chiefs mug.

Follow Brinke on Twitter: @brinkeguthrie

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Reminder No. 1: I’m currently accepting entries for an ESPN contest to redesign the Rams. Full details here.

Reminder No. 2: In case you missed it last week, all of the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s 2015 designs are available from now through the middle of next week at our Second Chance Shop. Further details here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Phil Hecken

Baseball News: Everyone remembers the great Hank Greenberg had a long and storied career with the New York Yankees, right? Of course he didn’t — Greenberg played almost his entire career with the Tigers, before being traded to the Pirates for his final season. But the reason Greenberg was traded to the Pirates may have been because of that one photo of him in a Yankees uni (thanks to Chris Flinn). … Fans of the Binghamton Mets will have two (awful) choices for “Super Hero Sunday” jerseys (from Tony Arnoldine).

NFL/Football News: Rivals of the Eagles often point to the fact that they have won exactly zero Super Bowls. But wait, here’s something Eagles fans can own that says otherwise. The phantom SB XV pennant can be yours for the low, low price of $75 (thanks to Jeff Flynn). … EnigmaSolutionz saw this tweet showing retro Rams colors and wonders if this is foreshadowing for a royal/athletic gold color change. … Looks like the Madden Mobile app hasn’t updated teams/logos yet (from Gavin Lane). … The Mesquite Marshals of the Champion Indoor League have some pretty wild uniforms (from Jim Collier). … During the kickoff following Carolina’s first touchdown against Seattle on Sunday, Tre Boston, who made the tackle, appears to have torn his pants. Close-ups seem to confirm this (nice spot by Dave Baker). … Whoa, check out how Eric Dickerson split the “O” in “National” on his Pro Bowl jersey. Looks like he also had three Adidas stripes Magic Markered onto his spatting tape, and the Roos logo appears to have been added to Walter Payton’s spatting tape.

Hockey News: “My youngest just turned 8. Here was the cake,” says Jimbo Huening. “Yes, the giant #8 candle was definitely redundant.” He adds that Robert Marshall was “not impressed. He is similarly unimpressed with my other two kids’ actual hockey jerseys.” … “A couple of things I found going through a stack of sports papers from the ’90s,” writes Susan Freeman. “Apparently the guy had mailed each MLB and NHL organization to get free stuff: Winnipeg Jets final season logo/letter. Postcard announcing Calgary uni change for their 15th anniversary. The printing on the back is all about the uni change.” … the San Diego Gulls goalie Dustin Tokarski, recently acquired by the Ducks from Montreal and assigned to the Ducks’ AHL team, is still wearing his Canadiens helmet design (from Chris Cruz). … Eagles guitarist Glenn Frey, who passed away yesterday, really liked to wear hockey jerseys. Further info here. … Here’s Don Beaupre breaking in gear for the North Stars alumni game. “Still sporting his cheater cage,” adds J. Walker. … It’s pretty odd to see No. 99 on any hockey sweater these days, even if it’s a JJ Watt mockup (h/t Evan Knode). As you’re probably all aware, 99 is retired league-wide for Wayne Gretzky. ”¦ Lots of info on upcoming NHL throwback games here. ”¦ Speaking of throwbacks, the Sharks wore theirs yesterday, but goalie Alex Stalock didn’t wear the throwback socks (from Sean Robbins).

Basketball News: Yesterday’s ticker item about NFL mascots going numberless (or any mascots going numberless, for that matter), brought forth this observation of the Milwaukee Bucks mascot (Bango) — originally numberless — now sporting number 68 (from Michael James). … Al Horford (of the Atlanta Hawks) warmed up in Black History Month sneakers yesterday (from Josh Sánchez). … The Philly 76ers also wore BHM shoes yesterday (from Kurt Esposito). … Looks like the UT women’s hoops team will be breaking out grey uniforms (from Jason Yellin). … On Saturday, Petersburg HS honored Moses Malone with their socks (thanks Paul). … Tweeter Brent Yarina thinks this has to be one of the best Final Four logos ever. I’d agree. … The Pelicans and Grizzlies played a color vs. color game yesterday (from Chance Hester). … Here’s the first-ever all-black basketball court at a High School. More on that here (via … Or, is it?

Grab Bag: “An Iraqi Police Kiosk, from BBC World News,” writes Cort McMurray. “The roof is shaped like a policeman’s hat, and the walls appear to be a giant white shirt and tie. It’s like a Middle Eastern Law Enforcement bullpen buggy.” … When Johann Cruyff left Ajax in November 1978, the team played a friendly game against Bayern Munich wore a special shirt with Cruyff’s name and the date of the match featured on the front (thanks to Graham Clayton). … All sports at Alabama recognize athletes who graduate while still playing with new addition (from Griffin Smith).

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What Paul did last night yesterday: One of the best things about New York is that the city is so fucking big that there are always new things (and often old things) to discover. Case in point: I’ve lived in NYC for nearly 30 years now, but I still know pathetically little about the Bronx — it’s like this big undiscovered country. It’s part of my city, and it has more than 1.4 million people (that’s more than San Diego, Dallas, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver — enough to make it the eighth-biggest U.S. city if it were on its own), but it’s mostly unknown territory to me.

But over the past six months or so I’ve been making more forays up to the Bronx. The latest one was yesterday, when the Tugboat Captain and I went up to the Bronx’s Wakefield neighborhood to check out the highly touted fried chicken at a storefront joint called Paula’s Soul Cafe.

I got a leg and a thigh (white meat’s for suckers) with collards and mac-and-cheese. The leg and thigh were huuuge — like, almost turkey-sized. Well, okay, capon-sized:

I was actually worried that they might be too big — maybe a little tough or not cooked through. But they turned out to be sensational — great outer crust, tasty interior meat. I’m not sure if this was the best fried chicken of my life, but it’s definitely in the running. Plus the mac-and-cheese was top-notch and the collards were shot through with hunks of pork. A first-rate meal.

After that we toddled a few blocks down the road to Cullen’s Tavern, the kind of old-school watering hole that has largely disappeared from most of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Hard to express how much I loved this place — my kinda bar:

Comments (65)

    Paul, most of the twitter links aren’t working. People probably deleted the tweets or they have their profile protected. It might be better to do screenshots of the tweets instead.

    Hosting your own screenshots of the tweet would probably still be better. Tweets can be deleted, and, obviously, Twitter can have technical difficulties. Sure, it might not be a big deal now, but what about anyone viewing the article in the future?

    Hey, here’s an idea: Why don’t we take screen shots of EVERTHING we link to and just host it instead. After all, link rot and/or tech issues can affect anything we link to. Makes perfect sense!

    While we’re at it, we’ll take screen shots of the comments posted here, in case our database gets corrupted.

    And while we’re at it….

    I know you’re being a smartass and all (and thanks for the emailed job offer) … but would that really be so bad? If the thing you’re linking is just a photo, rather than a full text article, why not just host it? Sure, it’s quicker to link to a tweet which may or may not still exist… but it isn’t really that hard to save an image, upload it, and link to that, is it?

    So… send your Uni-Watch-Worthy photos to @TheGreatKtulu on Twitter, and if I think they’re cool enough, and I’m not too busy with anything else, I might actually host them and give Paul the links to post them.

    Looks like the Madden Mobile app hasn’t updated teams/logos yet

    Is that supposed to be a surprise? The real (PS4/X1) version of Madden couldn’t even be bothered to put the Color Rush uniforms in the game, so why would they change the Rams to LA now? That won’t be updated until the next version comes out. Duh.

    Agreed, PL. White meat is for suckers. Why would anyone want dry, bland white, when there’s the lure of succulent, delicious dark? I converted about 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. Folks still look at me funny when I move the breasts aside to grab a thigh.

    “Folks still look at me funny when I move the breasts aside to grab a thigh. Too many easy follow-up jokes to list…

    Someone’s not cooking your white meat correctly. But it does seem we Americans like to overcook our foods so I’m not surprised.

    A quick google photo search shows virtually every jersey Eric Dickerson ever wore was split in front (due to his wearing a neck roll). None as interesting as the “NATIVNAL” shown above, however.

    He also did it at SMU.


    What year was that photo of Dickerson and Sweetness at the Pro Bowl taken?

    Who on earth got number 29 for the National Conference instead of Dickerson?

    Looks like the 1983 Pro Bowl. Not sure why Murphy would get first pick except for seniority. They both started that season’s Pro Bowl.

    Murphy was a 6 year vet, Dickerson was a rookie. Neither had a previous Pro Bowl appearance, so seniority looks like a lock.


    Regarding today’s first ever black High School basketball court … Proviso West in Hillside IL has had one as well. Although theirs was a special court that was put down for their Holiday Tournament it changes up every year.

    2013: link

    2014: link

    2015: link

    In the picture of Eric Dickerson and Walter Payton, are the maker’s marks on each of their cleats drawn on the tape?

    I recall reading that a Bears trainer had made a stencil of the Roos logo out of a panel of a shoebox, so they could draw it on Payton’s tape-spatted shoes.

    Finally! Something I can get behind! Dark meat chicken is the ONLY way to go. My father’s pan fried chicken at Thanksgiving (yes, Thanksgiving, we’re not a Turkey family) was the bomb!

    I was pretty excited when I went to my local KFC and dark meat was cheaper than white meat. Then it changed last fall and it’s all the same price now. I guess people like dark meat more now.


    I may for the first time dip my toes into this design contest, but I don’t really know where to start.

    Chris Creamer site has some resources:

    If you every need hockey related templates hockey jersey concepts site has those:
    There is also a basic tutorial there on using for concept designs.

    For neophytes to the whole graphic design world templates designed for Paint are the ones I gravitate to in my rare forays into concept designing. Have used both MSPaint and (free download). What I know about Photoshop and similar programs you could fit into a matchbox without taking out the matches first.

    Sorry for what you’re going through, Dave. Relocation sucks – I’ve seen the scars left in Brooklyn and Manhattan when beloved teams leave.

    Saw a little bit of it in reverse when the Rams left last time. My father, who lives in LA, pretty much gave up on pro football after that.

    “Brooklyn and Manhattan?”


    Well, if one was a Dodgers and Giants fan, maybe. Not bloody likely, but maybe.

    Also remember, the NL did get the Mets 5 years after the Dodgers & Giants headed west, and Bud Selig stole got Milwaukee the Pilots/Brewers a scant five years after the Braves bolted for Atlanta, so perhaps St. Looey will have another pro football team in 2020 or so…

    There’s a ton of examples of cities losing their teams and getting replacement teams.

    No examples that I know of where a city has lost TWO teams and has gotten a third. Unless Atlanta is on the list for NHL expansion.

    Besides, St. Louis is more valuable as a relocation threat than as an NFL city. They’ve spent the last 20 years using LA as leverage to get stadiums built all over the country, now they’ll spend the next 20 years using St. Louis.

    No examples that I know of where a city has lost TWO teams and has gotten a third.

    Washington DC lost the Senators, then got and lost the “replacement” Senators, and then eventually got the Nationals.

    @ mike 2:

    And that’s going to be pretty crummy living here through that. No logical reason to believe any owner would willingly pay the exorbitant relocation fee and for at least half of a stadium complex here.

    I don’t see St. Louis as being much of a relocation threat. They’d need to build a new stadium first, which seems wildly unlikely.

    Even Mark Davis blew off the possibility when asked. He couldn’t even be bothered to use the city as cheap leverage.

    Way way back, 1903, Milwaukee Brewers became St. Louis Browns, and then of course Braves left before Brewers returned.

    In the NFL there’s Cleveland, losing Rams, Browns before Browns returned.

    Then of course LA lost 3 NFL/AFL teams before they all tried to return.

    Moral? May have to be the Cardinals returning for St. Louis to get another NFL team.

    I don’t know if STL will get another team. If I’m being honest, I don’t think the Rams were very well supported (mostly due to being pretty bad for a decade). I think an expansion team would do well since it would feel more permanent. Stan poisoned this market for many teams looking though. Ironically he made a lot of his fortune with STL based operations…

    Notice Rams have gone with retro script, and that they have not bought ransom for Amazing NFL did not lock that up in 1995, internet existed then.


    When I see that Sharks retro uni it flashes me back to my youth. January 1998, my first NHL game @ Joe Louis Arena. I was part of the youth shootout at the first intermission, the buzzer went off and I stepped on the ice with reigning Conn Smythe winner Mike Vernon (months off his trade to San Jose) still in the goal crease in that bright teal uni. It was so euphoric to stand just 5 feet away from him in full gear in front of the crowd.

    Here’s a question unrelated to anything on today’s post:

    John Scott was voted to be the captain of the Pacific division in the NHL All-Star game but was then traded from the Coyotes to the Habs and then sent to the AHL to keep him out of the game. But because of the pressure the NHL has received from the fans who voted Scott in, it was announced today that he WILL be allowed to captain the Pacific team. Now for the question: Which team’s logo will be on his shoulder? He was voted in as a Coyote and will be representing their division, but will be a member of Montreal. The only other time I can remember something like this was a couple years ago when Jeff Samardzija was voted to the All-Star game as a Cub (NL) but was traded to the A’s (AL) a week or so before the game.

    Jeff Shaw in 1998. Quoting from link:

    1998: Jeff Shaw of the Reds is selected for the National League team but is traded to the Dodgers on the Saturday before the All-Star break. He can’t join the Dodgers in time for Sunday’s game, so he heads straight to San Diego for the All-Star Game. His new Dodgers jersey and cap arrive in time for Monday’s workout but he has to borrow pants and blue spikes from his new Dodgers teammates Raul Mondesi and Gary Sheffield, along with a dark belt from the Rockies contingent. The rest of his new Dodgers gear arrives in time for Tuesday’s game, where he wears his new team’s uni for the first time.

    This happened in the NHL a few times, most recently with Sandis Ozolinsh in 2003. there’s an ESPN story on the subject that went up a few days ago, so here’s Sarah Goldstein’s summary (asterisks to draw attention to the relevant portion mine):

    Sandis Ozolinsh, 2003 – Ozolinsh was named an Eastern Conference All-Star as a member of the Florida Panthers but was traded to the Anaheim Mighty Ducks a few days before the game. He played in the All-Star Game — which happened to be in Sunrise, Florida — for the East, but didn’t attend the skills competition because he would have had to wear a Panthers jersey. **Also, his jersey didn’t have a team patch on the shoulder like the rest of the All-Stars.** The league fined him an undisclosed amount for missing the skills competition.

    Good stuff. I really never noticed this kind of thing until I stumbled upon Uni-watch 4 or 5 years ago. So since all 4 divisions will be wearing identical uniforms, Scott could presumably just go with no team logo since wearing either logo would conflict with either his current team, or the division he’s representing.

    P.S. Love the Sandis Ozolinsh reference.

    Assuming the Rams didn’t put in for new uniforms in time for next season, could they designate their alt/throwback the home jersey for next season?

    I think even that would need to have been planned well in advance, because of the retail implications.

    As usual these days, retail program drives the on-field program. Bass-ackwards.

    Why? They can sell the current unis to their new fans in LA and then when they move to their new palace in 2019, change unis and sell all new *gear* to the fans again then. It’s a win/win for the Rams.

    What gives with the J.J. Watt Flyers jersey? He’s from Wisconsin, went to Wisconsin, and has played his entire pro career in Houston? I’m going to assume he’s a fan, and it’s simply not *dangerous* for him to reveal that openly, the way LeBrown raised the ire of countless Clevelanders after he was seen wearing a Yankees hat at a postseason game in Cleveland between those two teams back in ’07.

    I’ve got like 10 or so Rams jerseys – including a Bruce one that’s exactly the same as the picture (On-Field). Will I give them up? No, to me they are collectors items. I would love a STL football Cardinals jersey now.

    Also to play color-on-color yesterday:
    Warriors (yellow) @ Cavs (navy)
    Magic (blue) @ Hawks (red)
    Bulls (red) @ Pistons (grey, so kind of)

    I’m assuming it’s a sort of MLK Day special tribute? Interesting that the league hasn’t done more w/ the holiday (in the “tasteless money grab” sense) aside from playing a handful of afternoon games.

    Hello all, this is Dave, the owner of the famous Jackie Slater jersey. Posting an update of sorts: I have already received a lot of great responses to Paul’s column, with a couple of likely candidates already identified. (Let’s call them “the leaders in the clubhouse.”) So anybody out there who’s interested in the jersey should respond ASAP. (And your story better be good, because a couple of these folks have set the bar pretty high.) I told Paul separately that I hoped to make a decision in about two weeks (prior to the Super Bowl), but I am now thinking I’ll make a decision by the end of this week. Much thanks to Paul for his assistance. It is already clear that even if no more candidates identify themselves, I can be assured that this jersey is going to go to a good home.

    Am I the only one thinking that’s the 76ers misses out on a great opportunity for a logo with that final four logo? That and baller Franklin woukd be awesome

    STL has lost 4 NFL teams.
    They are the 21st biggest market and will have another team by 2035.

    Funny I bought my nephew a “The North Side” hoody last June for his birthday.

    My family is full of Cubs fans and my sister-in-law is notorious in the family for how many North Face fleeces she owns. He wears it a ton.

    The store is Chicago Hoody. They’re related to Down With Detroit and Back to Beantown.

    Some fun designs.

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