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Rask Mask

Happy 2016! Bruins goalie Tukka Rask is going with an interesting cross-sport theme for today’s Winter Classic. His mask will feature New England Patriots imagery, including a modernized version of Pat Patriot decked out in Bruins colors (click first three images to enlarge):

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Boston calls for clear skies and high temperatures around 40 º, so we won’t see any snow at the Classic. But at least it’ll be a comfortable day for the players and fans.

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Friday Flashback: With Iowa and Stanford facing off today in the Rose Bowl, my weekly Friday Flashback piece on ESPN takes a look at how schools have used rose-themed imagery on their uniforms in the big game (including UCLA and Iowa in 1986, shown above). Check it out here.

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Sorry, no Ticker today. But Phil will have a full slate of content tomorrow and Sunday, and I’ll be back on Monday with a full wrap-up of the final weekend of the NFL regular season. Enjoy your New Year’s weekend, and I’ll see you then. ”” Paul

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    UCLA used to have a top 5 classic look. What a tragic abortion their unis have become. You might as well grommet their new crap.

    Happy new year!

    Catching up on a few days of posts and saw that some folks are Graumatized. Too bad. Keep up the interesting side projects, they’re quite interesting.

    Yeah, Mike Condon is from Cape Cod so I’m assuming a Patriots fan in real life, hence the Brady Belichick DO YOUR JOB think with four Lombardis on the back plate. On the other hand, Rask of Finland is just pandering not to the home fans. At the Classic at Fenway, his mask had a bear eating a Yankees jersey.
    If Ben Scrivens sees any action, his occasion mask features images of Jacques Plante and Ken Dryden.

    I’m surprised there was nothing negative said about this year’s jersey patch. First there’s the sponsor logo, and then there’s the “Rose Bowl Game” instead of, I don’t know, “The Rose Bowl”.

    I think it’s officially been known as “The Rose Bowl Game” for some years now. Certainly since games had corporate naming rights (“The Rose Bowl Game Presented by _____”) but I want to say it’s older than that.

    It should be noted that a couple of times in the early 70s the officials at the Rose Bowl wore big Rose Bowl patches(?)on their backs, which, of course, had roses on them.


    The modern bowl patches are all terrible including the Rose Bowl. I miss the old screened-on special shoulder graphics, like UCLA and Michigan used to wear in the Rose Bowl. Those were the best.

    As if the world needs to see more of Tom Brady. Damn you, Mr. Rask! (However, I have to admit the black and white Pats imagery is some pretty good looking artwork)

    With next year being the NHL’s 100th anniversary season, does anyone know the odds that every team gets special uniforms to wear at some point? Or perhaps every team wearing throwbacks of some sort like the NFL did in 1994?

    The Flames already wear their red throwbacks for a game or two a year, but I could really stand to see the white versions make some appearances. I’d actually like them to just go back to them, but since that won’t happen, a game or two would be nice.

    Happy New Year, Paul, Phil and all the readers.

    Just saw yesterday’s entry. I loved Chris Spisak’s concepts…a whole lot more than what the Cavs actually came out with that year.

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