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Not Quite A Snow Day

Technical Difficulties 550

Hey Uni Watch readers. Phil here.

Unfortunately, Paul has lost all Internet and phone at Uni Watch headquarters, so we won’t have any content today. I’m sure you’re all wanting to discuss last evening’s color rash clash between the Titans and Jaguars — but I’ll have a full write-up on that, and more, tomorrow. Our deepest apologies on the technical difficulties today.

Paul will have his usual “Friday Flashback” piece on ESPN, and here it is.

Comments are open — feel free to talk amongst yourselves. I’ll be back tomorrow with the usual Saturday fare, including a wrap of last evening’s game and more, so I’ll catch you guys tomorrow.

Everyone have a great Friday!

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    No Uni Watch with my morning coffee? I feel so… so… empty.

    Wonder what that says about me…

    So what’s with the “PW” replacing the picture of the Native American on the test pattern? Is it now politically incorrect to show pictures of Native Americans? As you can see, there’s nothing offensive about the origin of the pattern since it’s based on original Native American art:

    All I know is that my wife, who is not much on uniforms, sat down when the game was on last night, and observed that the Jags looked like “Heinz mustard” and that the Titans “somehow look worse than the Jags”.

    If it starts with the Rash, I’d say eye irritation is another symptom of these games.

    My wife is not much of a sports fan, but is sort of a Jags fan (she lived in Jax when the team came to town).

    Me: “Look, the Jags are playing!”

    She: “What the ____ is that supposed to be? And what’s with those helmets?? Business in the front–Party in the back?!”

    I cracked up!!

    She was also dismayed by the lack of teal.

    As the night wore on, the mustard seemed to be more of a spicy brown. My 7-year old commented that “they look like diarrhea.” I watched the game and just though, “so it’s come to this?”

    This week’s Color Rash game was even more of a Color Dump than last week’s. The Titans looked more like the Tar Heels, and the Jaguars… were just plain ugly-looking.

    If the Titans and Jags had just worn their normal darker colored socks, I think it would have been a relatively good looking game. Jacksonville in gold makes a lot more sense than teal ever has, and the Titans have worn the mono light blue multiple times before.

    Yeah, at least the light blue is a regular color for the Titans. The Jags haven’t worn a jersey that color before. Never mind the whole uniform

    Agreed on the socks – and shoes. The shoes being the same color as everything else is another aspect of this mess that I hate.

    I’m surprised the NFL hasn’t tried to find a way to work around their one-helmet rule, and just go complete head-to-toe mono.

    The sweat boxes on both teams’ jerseys last night were so prominent! Probably because both teams were in lighter colors. I wouldn’t have minded the jerseys on their own (with contrasting pants ideally). But geez, those sweat boxes were by far the worst part to me.

    I think the Color Rash games would be OK if both teams had color schemes that were complimentary to each other.. (Chiefs v Chargers, Steelers v Dolphins..) But to put a team in their tertiary color was down right stupid.. (And it made the Jags helmet look even sillier!)

    True, they had octagonal numerals which showed the three-toning a little better. By far, their best look.


    Their original uniform had a set of generic block numerals.

    In the 1997 preseason, they added black side panels to the jersey, diminished the gold trim in the pant stripe and debuted a custom numeral style that was very condensed and included a shadow. That was scrapped before the season due to legibility issues and replaced by the “classic” one mentioned in the article.

    The black side panels were scrapped the following year, so the uniforms Paul is referencing here were not worn until 1998.

    That was the first thing I noticed as well. The unis shown in the Twitter pics are nice, but the originals with the block numerals (shown in the accompanying video interview with Paul) were top-notch.

    I was quite amused by Paul referencing the Solid Gold Dancers in the interview.

    I’ve noticed that Paul’s looking slightly downward in those videos. I’m just wondering if there’s any way he can adjust his web-conferencing setup so that he can be looking more at the camera (and to we viewers).

    The sweatbox on the Jags looked like spots so, for once, the Jaguars looked like actual jaguars.

    In last night’s game it looked like the NFL was part of an ad endorsing cell phone case colors.
    And now next week the Panthers will wear the same colors, yawn.

    When you say “talk amongst yourselves,” you’re supposed to follow it with, “Here. I’ll give you a topic…”

    OK. Borrowing from Mike Myers’ classic SNL character Linda Richman…

    The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor roman, nor an empire…discuss

    I might feel different if I had watched more than just a quarter or so of the game but I was surprised I didn’t hate them more than I did (which is faint praise I guess).

    I’d like to see what the mustard jersey looks like with white pants, or even black pants. I just hate the unitard look.

    That helmet though….awful!

    I’m in the same boat – pair that jersey up with the black pants or white pants and I might be crazy enough to wear it.

    Cripes, I hope it didn’t have anything to do with me. I lobbed a University of North Dakota grenade into the genteel discourse, late yesterday. I was spoilin’ for an Indian-mascot scrap, today, but it wouldn’t yield much light without Paul’s input. For another day, I guess.

    last night’s Jags look confirmed what i thought all along….. get rid of the teal. i hate teal, so that’s probably the reason why i feel that way, but even if it was WAY over done, i liked the gold…. at least as a pants color. i plan to do an “NFL Beautification Project”, basically submitting uniform redesigns for the normal “tweak” section this site runs, and that was my plan for the Jags anyway… black jersey/gold pants. now if i could just get some motivation….

    colors alone do not a uniform make….. i said beautification… if i followed the unitard layout of the Saints, i would not be making anything beautiful…. one type of striping on the helmet, another type on the pants, no stripe the black version of the pants….. i’m FAR too OCD to design anything like that :)

    I’m crying in my wheaties this morning. 😢😢😢

    I need my daily dose of uniwatch.

    what’s with the “PW” replacing the picture of the Native American on the test pattern? Is it now politically incorrect to show pictures of Native Americans? As you can see, there’s nothing offensive about the origin of the pattern since it’s based on original Native American art.

    I’d guess it’s just one of the first pictures he found with a google search. If it was intentional, wouldn’t it be a UW, for UniWatch?

    THE was correct — it was the first google search image that fit the required pixel width. Honestly, I just was searching for a pixture that said “technical difficulties.”

    I have no idea who replaced the original Native American figure (and honestly, I didn’t even know there was one).

    Apologies if you’re offended at not being offended.

    Was just curious since there’s so much discussion on the topic here I thought it may have been intentional.

    “Apologies if you’re offended at not being offended.”

    OK, the not-Holy not-Roman not-Empire made me laugh out loud. This line just made me grin like a loon (note: not sure if loons grin, or of they do, what they look like when they do).

    Even on days when they are technically precluded from bringin’ it, the Uni Watch boys can still bring it :-)

    As always, thanks so much for all that you & Paul do to make this site as fantastic as it is.

    I actually believe if you paired the Jags gold top with black pants and their black top with the gold pants, they’d be ok looking unis (at least for the jags)

    I would agree, assuming the NFL would let them do that and not wear a white jersey at all. With this whole color rush thing, we can only hope that becomes an actual possibility in the near future.


    We knew from the hints before that the Cowboys would be bringing back the 90s Double Star jerseys, but being paired with white pants isn’t too bad, actually. Would be nice to have some color snuck into the socks, but all in all, it’s definitely the best of the bunch so far.

    Carolina going mono-blue shoulder-to-toe… that’s ten pounds of nope in a five-pound bag. I like the blue jersey just fine, but with some appropriate contrast waist-down.

    This whole color rush thing is a big giant FAIL. I’m one of the few that actually want color vs color to be the standard, and the NFL has managed to take the concept and completely fuck it up.

    While I’m fine with having white unis, I would like color-vs-color to be a regular option, and I agree that this is the wrong way to go about it.

    I generally despise the “stock catalog” double outline numerals, but it works well with the Cowboys’ logo. Silver pants and dark blue socks would make this uniform pretty damn nice. Get rid of the outlines on the sleeve numbers and reduce the size of the trim on the body numbers a little bit, and I think it’s perfect. The trim on the body numbers need to have a similar scale to that of the shoulder stars and helmet stars to maintain the proper harmony and eliminate the visual clutter.

    Why are the Titans playing another Color Rash game??

    Oh wait, that’s the Panthers. Same thing.

    Why can’t the ‘Boys be in SILVER from head to toe??

    Some great pieces out there by ESPN, NESN and others on Belichick’s non-participation in NFL’s Salute to Service campaign.

    Good for him, he does not do what NFL insists, has a strong military background and supports U.S. serviceman as much as anyone.

    Also puts money where his values lie with his name/likeness not used in Madden.

    The Panthers Color Rash uniforms (link) for Thanksgiving seem to have the same jersey as their current blue alternate. link The only change is the addition of the new blue pants. Am I correct in saying that all of the other Color Rash jerseys have been new for the team? (Well, I guess the Titans have worn that blue jersey before, but not last year or this year). But the Jets had a different green jersey from their usual green jersey, and the Bills and Jaguars had jerseys in colors they’ve never had before.

    One of the great things about the Jags original logo was its use of negative space. The jaw line on the cat was almost entirely black which looked ok out of context, but put it on a black helmet and it created a really cool effect.


    Agreed. I feel like I’m the one guy who much prefers the old logo to the current one. The old one was a logo. the new one is an illustration, and not even a particularly great one.

    Since there’s no topic (other than the study of TV test patterns) today, I’ll answer Mike’s QOTW from yesterday.
    I have two actual posters on my wall.
    The NBA 35th anniversary poster:
    And this one from the Cavs:

    Also have a handful of mini posters from Slam magazine, and numerous pictures I’ve clipped from magazines, newspapers and the web.

    I used to have a Roy Hinson growth chart poster from the Cavs’ orange uniform era. If I ever find another one I’m making room for it somewhere.

    I thought the point of Color Rash was to get away from white? If they are each trying to be monochromatic with a non-white, why dont they do the Cowboys up in all Blue? If white is an acceptable color for Color Rash…. then most games are already doing that!

    I thought the point of Color Rash was to get away from white?

    No, the point of Color Rash is to outfit each team shoulder-to-toe in one color. White is a color, and may even be the most important color in the Cowboys’ palette.

    There’s still a different color on the shoulders of the jersey…it’s not shoulder-to-toe if the shoulder is a different color.

    But I’m happy to see the Cowboys rebuke the Color Rash in their own way.

    Good to read that I’m not the only one who is at least starting to realize what a eyesore the majority of color vs. color games are going to be.

    At least next week’s game will be decent, since the Cowboys will be in white. Not sure how I feel about my Panthers wearing blue pants but at least the game will not give us migranes or discriminate against colorblind players and fans.

    The Jags looked terrible last night. And did you see those uniforms they were wearing?

    I kid I kid. As a one-off I liked the uniforms, they could use some tweaking. For a Thursday night game they worked as well, I’m not sure I’d want to see them wearing it on Sunday. Perhaps the NFL should adopt Sunday traditional uniforms, and wear the alternates and throwbacks on the Thursday, Saturday and Monday games as well as all the not-Sunday games they play.

    I’ll answer the QOTW here also. I don’t have anything like he’s talking about (sports poster, non-specific), but I still have two Larry Bird posters from 30 years ago that hang anywhere I live. Basic green of him taking a 3, and the three-page Converse ad of him diving for a ball and the quote “It makes me sick when I see some guy just watch it go out of bounds.”

    Last night there was a MUCH better color vs. color matchup on TNT, as the 2015-16 Bucks visited the 1975-76 Cavaliers.

    Little late to the party, but I thought Jacksonville looked much better than expected. The gold jerseys actually pair nicely with those stupid helmets, and with black pants would actually be a pretty decent look. The Titans looked stupid–like they were wearing footie pajamas.
    Color Rash is dumb, but at least it gives us something to talk about.

    Two things from last nights game. The guy wearing number 80 on the Jags had the best looking number font on the jags. All the other numbers have those chiseled ends. Only “8” and “0” doesn’t have an end to chisel, so the numbers looked like varsity block numbers.

    Also, kicker on the Titans wearing a white cleat and black cleat at kickoff. Not sure if the kicker commonly does that.

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