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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

SMUW Week 5 splash 550

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By Phil Hecken

Big day in the NCAA yesterday, uni-wise, as we’re now moving into Pinktober (although pink was relatively scarce, but still present, yesterday) and we’re seeing a bunch of alternates, specialty unis and rivalry games.

Some of those alternates were tweaks to special unis we’d seen before, some were brand new and some were just reptilian. And that’s just the beginning.

There’s a lot to get to so I’ll turn it over now to Terry Duroncelet, who’ll take you through Week V of the NCAA’s best, worst and just plain odd. Here’s TJ:

. . . . . . . . . .
Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Gloomy weather over the weekend, but that’s A-O.K. with me. Hey, I grew up in a desert for the first 20 years of my life, I think I’m entitled to some rain. But Sweaty Odin, there were enough grey togs from Saturday to start your own Putty Patrol squad. This week’s showings were not only sloppy from a gamepley perspective (primarily due to weather conditions), but also so bland in the uniform department, that they’re on-par with unseasoned chicken. At least the pink looked to have been used in moderation for the time being.

From Thursday:

• Cincinnati wore neck bumpers that had “The rUCkus”, which is the name of their student section. Meanwhile, Miami wore some platinum orange duds, which makes you wonder if Adidas has some type of aberrant fetish for colorful tinfoil. I mean, UCLA, Arizona State, Louisville, and probably a few others that I’m missing. Adidas, just send your teams out in these and be done with it already. Oh wait, that’s too much coverage. This is more like it.

From Friday:

• USF finally wore their SoFlo unis against Memphis. Well, at least it’s colorful and not drenched in rolls of anthracite with blood orange numbers. None too keen on the white helmets, however.

• UConn wore their usual helmet shells with less-jarring navy facemasks against BYU.

From Saturday:

• Notice how Lee Corso’s getup has the ‘Fr. Ted’ memorial on the lapel.


It’s not just the players on the field that get to wear fancy shoes.

• Georgia Tech wore throwbacks against North Carolina, who went mono-Caro. Blue. This would’ve been a perfect-looking game if UNC had worn matching helmets, but the white lids throw everything out of balance. See: South Florida.

• Iowa State went full-cardinal against Kansas.

• Purdue wore a pleasant white-over-black with white helmets with a full Purdue logo on one side, and numbers on the other. Speaking of white for Purdue… Last, but not least, congrats to Michigan State on hitting 100 Homecoming games.

• The weather was nasty across a good chunk of the college landscape, so UMass dressed for the occasion. Eh. About as exciting as grey can get.

• Northwestern wore their Gothic alts against Minnesota. Some people will probably wonder why they didn’t wait until Halloween (which does land on a Saturday this year) to wear these. Well, I checked their schedule, and they have no game slated for the 31st. I guess they figured “Well, since we won’t be playing on Spoopy Night, let’s wear these for our first October game”. I mentioned last year that I felt the arch on the back of the helmets felt like an afterthought, but I think it’s settled pretty nicely at this point.

• NC State wore claw-marked black tops against Louisville.

Good point, although I’ve never really agreed with the idea of calling someone who’s 18+ a “kid”. Also, as you can see, Oklahoma’s got wood.

• You might have noticed that the entire Georgia team is wearing ’33’ on their helmets. This is in support of Devon Gales, a wide receiver for Southern who suffered a spinal injury against Georgia last Saturday.

• LSU wore their purple tops against Eastern Michigan, who did their best Lars Ulrich signature snare drum impression. I think I’ll stick with bell bronze.

• Arizona State wore their Desert I Don’t Even Know At This Point uniforms against UCLA. That is UCLA, right?

• Florida channeled their inner, well, Florida by wearing all-orange against Ole Miss.

And it begins.

• Let it be known that Phil’s Alma mater looks better than the State University of New York at Buffalo 13 miles east of Whatever.

What the hell, Baylor. Did a handful of teams synchronize their uniform choices with the weather (although to be fair, this was an indoor game)? This especially stunk since they wore this as the home team. At least Texas Tech looked decent, and they’ll be wearing more red this season, so not all hope is lost.

• …Actually, I take that back. The prickly grey tops with the grey helmets I can tolerate. The prickly grey tops with the purple chrome helmets however? This is something that requires an AVGNism uttered by someone with only the most colorful of vocabulary. Who thought that combo was a good idea? What the hell, TCU?

• Boise State gave us a 2-fer. Wow, flashy. At lease Hawaii wore the rainbow throwbacks again.

• San Jose State knows how to lighten up the mood with their gold helmets, which they wore against Auburn (although those facemasks need to be blue).

• Both New Mexico and New Mexico State wore Zia Sun symbol decals on their helmets for the Rio Grande Rivalry. Credit to Steven J. Torrez (@stjtorrez) for the pic. Here’s a pic of how the Lobos looked yesterday. Also, the guy wearing the hat is New Mexico’s bus driver, Jerry.

• Maryland wore their typical Call of Duty all-black uniforms with hand-painted helmets against Michigan. Speaking of which, Jim Harbaugh was seen wearing cleats on the sideline, which he’s done for parts of three seasons now, originally used for if he needed to get his hands dirty.

• Geez, even Colorado is in on the act (at least grey/silver is actually one of their school colors). Luckily, Oregon had the sense to contrast the best they could. Also, as you can barely see in that last photo, Oregon (as well as Colorado) wore U.C.C. memorial decals during this game.

And that’ll do it for Week 5. I almost want to see an ocean of pink next week so I can remember what color looks like. Almost. Have a good day, everyone. See ya next week.

. . . . . . . . . .
Thanks, TJ. First — some hoops news, then on to the rest of your SMUW…

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Bucks splash
Bucks Go BFBS…

Yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks, who introduced quite an excellent new uniset for 2015-16, introduced an alternate uniform, and…

it’s BFBS…


if you can get around that fact, it’s pretty good looking.

Here’s a look at the full set the Bucks have now introduced for the season, along with some looks at the new alternate. For any photos, click to enlarge:




Again, aside from the fact that it’s a BFBS uni, it’s not too bad. Sadly, corporate-speak describes the uniform as a “Fear The Deer” alternate, and here’s how it’s described:


1. Focus on the team ”“ Stripped of a base uniform color and without a wordmark on the front, the Fear the Deer uniform sets create a simple, striking visual that puts the focus directly on the new imposing Bucks logo and the aggressive spirit of the new Bucks.

2. Secondary logo ”“ A partial version of the new Bucks secondary logo appears on the shorts, again stripped down to its elemental pieces featuring the basketball and stylized “M” introduced in the primary logo.

3. Cream City Rainbow ”“ The Cream City rainbow, which also appears on the Bucks home and road uniforms, is the consistent thread that ties all three uniform sets together.

4. Fear The Deer ”“ The “Fear The Deer” rallying cry found at the bottom of all of the new Bucks jerseys takes on special meaning as it served as the inspiration for the creation of this uniform set.

Here’s some closeups of the uniform elements:




So far, aside from the black color (they couldn’t have gone cream or even blue???), I’m not sure I’m a fan of the font/number on the back of the uniform. I’ll need to see them in action before I render a definite opinion on that.

More photos here, and video here.

But that’s not all — in an NBA first, the Bucks also introduced (get this) an alternate court. That’s right, the Bucks also presented an alternate court to match the alternate jerseys:




I’m not sure what to think about this — on the surface (pun semi-intended), it’s a very cool feature. But, you know that in this copy-cat, monkey-see, monkey-do world, I am confident in saying this is going to become a “thing” very quickly, and like every “unique” feature in sports, it will quickly become a must-have for everyone and will ruin it for everyone, including the Bucks. Maybe not this season, but mark my words — it will happen.

According to a statement from the Bucks: “With the addition of a second court, the Bucks are now the first team in the NBA to feature an alternate court design to complement the alternate uniform. The Fear the Deer court shares the same design philosophy as the new uniforms, with the logos and color palette stripped down to keep the focus squarely on the team.”

Milwaukee’s “Fear the Deer” uniforms and court will be on display at four home games this season: Dec. 9 vs. the L.A. Clippers, Jan. 12 vs. Chicago, Feb. 22 vs. the L.A. Lakers and March 6 vs. Oklahoma City.

…while the Pistons go GFGS

The Bucks weren’t the only team to unveil an alternate uniform yesterday — Detroit unveiled new GFGS uniforms (don’t be fooled — while the team is calling them “Chrome,” they’re just gray):




The team will wear the silver and blue uniforms for seven games during the 2015-2016 campaign. According to the official release, the look pays homage to Detroit’s automotive history.

“The inspiration for the Detroit Chrome jerseys came about as a way to honor our coolest cars from the past and the cars of the future. Detroit is universally known as the auto capitol of the world, where chrome leaves an indelible mark on the cars we create. The uniforms feature a matte chrome base color with clean simple lines inspired by the classic muscle cars that have roared up and down Woodward Avenue for decades. The navy trim and Detroit emblazoned across the chest represent the blue collar work ethic that the auto industry and region was built on.”

Yeah, whatever. They’re gray. And they’re another alt. Say whatever you want about the auto industry as inspiration, but we all know this is just more corporate bullshit.

They’ll wear these uniforms 7 times: Oct. 30 vs. Chicago; Nov. 21 vs. Washington; Dec. 16 vs. Boston; Dec. 31 vs. Minnesota; Jan. 18 vs. Chicago; Feb. 4 vs. New York; and, March 26 vs. Atlanta.

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NCAA Uni Tracking 2015 splash NCAA Uni Tracking

Back again today with our new feature: NCAA Uniform Tracking.

Once again, it’s Rex Henry (tracking the ACC & SEC) and Dennis Bolt (tracking the PAC-12). Last weekend, I added a fourth conference tracker (the Big XII) and his name is Kyle Acker. Today, I’m pleased to announce I’ve rounded out the set, adding the B1G, which is going to be tracked by Joey Artigue. Please welcome Joey today.

Unfortunately, due to a bit of a family emergency, Joey wasn’t quite able to complete his maiden B1G tracking, as he explained to me in an e-mail: “Attached are 12 of the 14 Big 10 uni’s. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get Northwestern and Maryland done. I’ve been dealing with a family emergency involving my sister’s dog. She’s out of town and the kennel called saying the dog was very ill, we’ve been between there and the vet. … I so apologize about the specialty jerseys not being done, but maybe you can do a special section featuring those jerseys.” Sorry for the emergency — here’s hoping for a full recovery.

We’ll begin with Joey’s B1G tracker today, and then the remainder of the trackers:

You can click on the images to enlarge and (where appropriate) click the link for additional information/resources.



Joey will be establishing a separate website for B1G tracking, but for now, you can follow him on Twitter.

Rex is up next today:

. . .


More Here.

. . .

sec-2015-week-5 (1)

. . .
And now, here’s Dennis with the PAC-12:



More here.

Here is your link to the 2015-16 Duck Tracker.

. . .
And finally, here is Kyle with the Big XII:



. . .
And that’s all for today — thanks Joey, Rex, Dennis and Kyle!

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Joe Ringham's 5 & 1 Joe Ringham’s 5 & 1

It’s a NEW NCAA Football Season, and this year we have a NEW 5 & 1 decider — Joe Ringham — who has some big shoes to fill (for Catherine Ryan, who did the 5 & 1 for the past three years, and Jim Vilk before that) but I’m sure he’ll do just fine.

We’re on to week 5 in the NCAA, and we’re starting to get into some interesting alternates and rivalry games, so the pickings (good and bad) are ripe.

Here’s Joe:

. . .
Happy Sunday, everyone! We’ve now hit October, the month of excessive pink accessories on the football field. Luckily, this countdown is free of such accessories this week. So, without further delay…

5) Kansas State at Oklahoma State — I’ve been trying to get OK State onto here for the last few weeks. Finally did, with them going white/black/white against K-State’s classic silver/white/silver road look.

4) Arizona State at UCLA — I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting to dig this match-up as much as I did. ASU’s grey/white/grey looked dazzling against the Bruin’s traditional gold/blue/gold, even with the tire treads.

3) North Dakota State at South Dakota State — Gotta throw in some FCS into the countdown. Always been a huge fan of the NDSU, and love the yellow/white/green they with with going against the mono-blue of the Jackrabbits. Such a great clash of colors for the Battle for the Dakota Marker.

2) Air Force at Navy — Quite the sharp look today by the AFA, going all white. Paired up against the Middies usual gold/navy/gold, and you have a spectacular looking game between two of our nation’s service academies.

1) New Mexico State at New Mexico — Absolutely LOVED the Lobos’ look for the Rio Grande Rivalry. The anthracite/anthracite/cherry looked superb, especially with the Zia symbol on the helmets. Matched up very well with the Aggies crimson/white/white, also sporting the Zia symbol on the helmets.

And, finally…

+1) Ole Miss vs Florida — OK, Gators. You hit your quota for wearing mono-orange a few weeks ago. Now you are just taking things too far by wearing them again.

Let’s do this again next week!

Thanks, Joe! Remember, the tip-line email ( is back for any games you want Joe take a look at. Pictures of the game/games you want are very much suggested.

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TATC Paul’s Latest ESPN Pieces

In case you missed it on Friday, Paul had two fantastic pieces on ESPN: His annual NHL Uniform Preview and a new weekly feature called “Friday Flashback,” which is devoted to uniforms from the past that are no longer worn. Yesterday’s column looked at Baseball’s infamous “Turn Ahead The Clock” (TATC) uniforms from 1999.

The NHL Uni Preview is here.

The Flashback Friday column is here.


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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: “I wanted to mention a bit of uniform sloppiness that I was reminded of while I was watching MLB Network’s show about memorable playoff games,” says Ferdinand Cesarano. “They showed clips from Game 2 of the AL Division Series that showed Mariano Rivera with a 4 in the wrong font next to a correct 2.”

NFL News: Oops. News12 New Jersey has mistakenly labeled prison-bound ex-NFLer Irving Fryar as a member of the New York Football Giants (good spot by Adam Treiber). … In a plug for the Vikings vs. Broncos (which would be a great color vs. color game, btw), the NFL used the old Vikings jersey with the new font (nice spot by Ben Braddock). … Is this Edmonton Eskimos player wearing Green Bay Packer gloves? (good spot by Joey Tkachuk).

College Football News: Here’s yet an additional update on the expected Black-For-Black-Sake Ohio State alternate uniform to be worn on October 17th vs. Penn State. Not only will there be a first-ever black jersey, they’ll have BFBS pants and helmet too. … “Hey, can they do this?” asks ThresherK. “I sort remember that Little League gets to use MLB names for the customary $1 (if that’s still in effect). Not knowing anything about youth football–no kids–I happened on this from a twice-removed Facebook share. Is this a common thing and is there some sort of licensing agreement, or will the Broncos’ lawyers contact the Other Broncos’ lawyers?” … Not sure of the year, but here’s a color vs. color game between Notre Dame and Navy (sent in by Jeff Flynn); while I’m all for CvC games, this one might be a little too close in colors to make it enjoyable. … Andre Torres asks, “Where’s the left shoe in this pic of Keith Byars vs Illinois from 1984?”

NBA/College/Basketball News: This website allows you to rank NBA uniforms from best to worst by using the ‘upvote/downvote’ feature. … Here’s a look at the uniforms for MSU Denver Ladies Hoops (from MSU Denver Athletics). … New uniforms for the University of Louisville.

Hockey News: In Paul’s NHL Preview, he noted the Canadiens having the league crest on the collar in French. Wayne Heidt notes this idea is borrowed from one of the city’s other teams: The Montreal Alouettes have been doing this since the CFL logo has been placed on the collar of its teams many years ago. The LCF shows up on their collar, instead of CFL like for the other teams. … Yesterday’s photo of “Cook Bacon” “reminded me of a tweet comedian Steve Byrne sent” writes Adam Fritzen. … “One of the best fonts ever is back. The Manitoba Moose peeps,” says Patrick Thomas.

Grab Bag: The scoreboard at The Oval cricket ground in London in 1938, showing the score after England had made a record Test Match innings total of 903 for 7 wickets declared against Australia (from Graham Clayton). … A local marine fleeting company uses the Green Bay Packers logo (from Richard Green). … Here’s some more Pinktober police cars, but it looks like these are used year-round. … Whoa — check out FC Bayern’s Oktoberfest themed uniforms (from Mauricio Gómez Montoya) Check that — apparently those are from 2013. Still cool though.

line 2

And that will do it for this fine Sunday. Big thanks, as always, to Terry, Joe, Joey, Rex, Dennis, and Kyle, and anyone who tweeted or e-mailed for the Ticker. Enjoy the pro games today (remember — It’s PINKTOBER) and the NFL loves that shit. I’ll be back next weekend, so until then…

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..
“Texas looks great at home because of the orange, on the road they are the exact opposite. They look like a generic 80’s video game team. I’d love to see them break out a set of orange pants and maybe even an orange helmet.”

— Bromotrifluoromethane

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Comments (67)

    If the Pistons wanted to wear gray uniforms, they should have just brought back the early 80’s version as a throwback instead of this navy-trimmed garbage. These look like they should be a Dallas Mavs alt.

    Piston’s wore gray in the early 80s?
    Either way, I agree that the Pistons alt is not good. They should have no alt, like the Lions, Tigers and Wings. If they must have an alt – I remember liking the basic red alt in the mid 90s.
    If they want to do a throwback, stay away from those 79/80 lightning bolt things and go with a 1970 baby blues.

    Bucks – bummer they couldn’t get that alt concrete looking court they wanted. Now that they started this trend, they may get it eventually.

    If they must have an alt — I remember liking the basic red alt in the mid 90s.
    If they want to do a throwback, stay away from
    those 79/80 lightning bolt things

    I liked the early 80s grays, too. And anything they wore in the pre-Laimbeer/Thomas years.

    I didn’t read the corporate drivel posted about the uniform. Did they explain it only being 2 colors? Do us blue collar schlubs no longer wear red? Are we supposed to swap out anything white or red for chrome?

    The gray shirt just screams out late-’90s New Jersey Nets to me. Also, without the NBA logo in front, it just looks like a pickup basketball shirt.

    That was CBS that used the wrong logo for Charleston Southern. CBS had the Alabama game yesterday, it’s pretty obvious that’s Alabama’s schedule since Auburn is the last game, and those graphics look like CBS’s.

    Re: northwestern. What is “spoopy”. Is that a typo and “spooKy” was intended?

    Hi. I know I’m a million years late on answering (I’ve been at work all day), but “Spoopy” is a meme of sorts on the Internet. Specifically, Tumblr. As such, “spoopy” was deliberate.

    I like the uni tracking but is there a way to get the rid of the three sided helmet. That throws me off a little bit but great work to all of you guys that take the time to do that

    Should be fixed now (Rex had sent me an early version but I didn’t get the updated one till 3:24 last night).

    I’m in Europe right now so I try to get everything knocked out in a reasonable time before the late games. Most Nike teams are nice enough to put out a preview a day or two ahead, but a few of the Adidas and traditional schools- I mean, teams- aren’t in the preview game.
    Thanks for noticing, though.

    Thanks for the work on the uni-tracker.
    Ms State wore their dark pants, not white. That made for a lot or maroon on the field. A LOT of maroon…

    See above. While I was up late last night (2:00 am-ish), I wasn’t up late enough to get Rex’s updated tracker. Just woke up and fixed it now.

    And why are the front collars white (er, “chrome”)? Shouldn’t they be, um, blue? or does that thin blue showing represent how much wealth the blue collar class has compared to the white collar class?

    Not everything created by corporate marketing departments is reflexively awful. I like the the “Fear the Deer” branding by the Bucks.

    Except the only thing that anyone is actually afraid of with regard to deer is hitting them on the road. If the biggest thing you’re afraid of about deer usually results in the death of the deer, it’s maybe not a great slogan. Deer are bottom-of-the-food-chain prey animals. No living thing with more sentience than a shrubbery has been or will ever be afraid of a deer. There’s no sense forcing non-scary animals into slogans or paradigms based on the animal’s ferocity.

    If we’re talking deer, then I might join the herd; I might get into deer crossing; I might jump for the buck.

    But I’m never going to fear the deer. I’m also not going to obey the blue jay, or panic for the Phanatic, or any do any other fright-based verb for any non-threatening team mascot. Yelling a slogan at me on the assumption that I would do such a thing just seems like marketing hacks insulting my intelligence.

    Statistically speaking, the white-tailed deer is the deadliest animal known to man. And if you corner one in a field and you’re not armed, or if you cross one’s path in rutting season, you’d do well to fear the deer.

    Georgia Tech really committed to making their throwbacks authentic – they used a diagonal-bar 2 on some jerseys and a horizontal-bar 2 on others! Reminds me of the days when only those of us who Get It would have a conniption seeing that on the field.

    CBS is digitally painting in the letters in the Jets end zone in London. It’s only the outlines from other angles and in replays, but the standard sideline view attempts to fill them in. It’s not always matching up though and making a weird 3-D look from time to time. Hadn’t noticed anything on the Dolphins side yet.

    Finally saw high overhead view of both sides, both were filled. I’m assuming both must be digital. Somebody decided that would look better on TV even though it doesn’t match up.

    At first, I was thinking that they had to minimize the line painting because there was an upcoming Rugby World Cup game at Wembley. But I just checked, and there won’t be any.

    But there is a Euro 2016 qualifier on Friday — England vs Estonia. That’s why they’ve minimized the painting of the field.

    I figured it was something like that and that’s fine. But it’s still stupid of CBS to try to hide that instead of showing the field as it was. Especially when it doesn’t line up and it’s obvious that they’re faking it in other angles.

    Why doesnt CBS try to place fake digital green grass on the infield during raiders games?

    Just seeing the recap I thought that the end zones looked weird on the scoring plays. They usually do a decent job with the end zones but that looked terrible today!

    I can tell you from being there in person that the gold NFL shield and gold 50 at midfield were real

    I know I wish the Terps would have never moved to the Big 10 but it’s bad that they don’t even make the tracker.

    Rivera had that incorrect font 4 for a while early in his career. Not sure why, and he was the only one. I remember noticing it at the time and thinking it was strange, but there was really nowhere to discuss such things back then.

    I think the Bucks should change their slogan to FEAR NO UNMATCHED COLOR PALETTE. My goodness that black green bluer creme soda combination is horrible.

    From the stands the ASU V UCLA game was worth an almost perfect 9.5 differentiation points on the style score board. Except for the UCLA shiny numbers it was an easy read. I’m sure that was ASU’s intent when the punked all their fans who showed up wearing blood and corn or whatever they call them.

    From now on I’m just going to refer to all gray things as “matte chrome” just to annoy everyone I know. Also, khaki is now “matte gold”.

    It’s early in Pinktober and I’m not sure if it’s been noted yet, but it looks like only the home teams in each game are wearing the pink accessories.

    Not true. I have RedZone on and many road (and home) teams are featuring pink — not every player (thankfully) but it’s not restricted to home/away teams. Refs seem to have it (pink sweatbands), sideline personnel, etc. Players have the usual shoes, gloves, towels, etc. Captaincy patches are pink too.

    Do you know how much money it costs to fly all those pink towels over there then back to the States? Think of the cost savings!!!

    Fair enough I’m watching the Bills-Giants and none of the Giants seem to have any pink. I thought it was the same thing in the Steelers-Ravens game. Just flipped over to the KC-Bengals game and the Chiefs are wearing pink, so obviously it’s a team decision.

    Those Georgia Tech throwbacks are absolutely glorious. How the hell have they not switched back to those full time?!

    I wish there was some way the NCAA and NFL were able to let us know it’s October. Like a certain color signifying it or something!! Someone get this idea to them, please!!! ASAP!!!

    Damn. I was hoping you’d point out the GT throwbacks are glorious or gorgeous.

    Pft! I already did that yesterday! North Carolina looked very nice as well. That was actually my favorite game of the weekend.
    And Clemson also looked great as usual although they need to add some purple accents to those white pants, sorry Paul. The white pants they’ve worn the last few years looks like they broke into Tennessee’s locker room and stole their pants.

    So the Bucks can afford an alternate court with its associated construction and storage costs but cry poor when running to the city, county, and state governments for arena money?

    Further to the bit about CFL bilingualism, the officials also wear the French version of the logo for games in Montreal. However, the penalties are still announced in English.

    Ottawa, being

    Ottawa, being the national capital and a strongly bilingual region, splits the difference with English on the jersey and French on the helmet.

    Really Arizona State? What the hell were those colors anyway? You’ve got great colors in maroon and gold, and you take the field in gray and some kind of glorified rust? Hell, why doesn’t USC run out in black and silver…..or Norte Dame in red and blue? Stop the madness!!

    I used to love the 5 & 1 column. This guy has been missing all year. Somebody (it could have even been Paul) did it a few years ago and was spot on every week. Putting ASU and UCLA in the top 5 this week and having two traditional-wearing SEC schools as the “1” is a joke. That girl named Catherine(?) was pretty good at the column as well. Please make a change.

    Say what you will about “GFGS”, but those Detroit uniforms look amazing. Are there really no NBA teams that use navy/gray?

    There should be.

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