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Cross-sport Uni Watching, NFL & Golf Edition


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By Phil Hecken

When Paul went on his annual August sabbatical, you guys will recall I had asked readers if they’d like to pitch stories to me (to ensure there would always be content) during his break, and as it turned out, more readers contributed than I had room for — so today, I’d like to present a post by reader Douglas Ford on a really neat topic — two pro golfers who frequently wore NFL-themed attire, creating one of the more interesting crossover looks in sports. Doug’s well-researched article runs today. Here’s Doug:

. . . . .

NFL Golf
By Douglas Ford

I watch golf. I watch a lot of golf. Aside from the tired and predictable Eldrick Woods wearing a red shirt every Sunday (Lee Trevino did it first), there are still many who dress somewhat uniquely. Two of the most unique were Payne Stewart and Ben Curtis. Both were paid to wear NFL logos on their attire while playing on the PGA tour. Stewart had a three year contract in the 1990s worth $200,000. In January of 2004, Reebok signed 2003 British Open champion Ben Curtis to a three-year endorsement deal.

Stewart was also known for his ivy caps and his pants which were in the style of plus fours or knickerbockers. Stewart’s knickers were made and provided by The T. Barry Knicker Co. (which is still in business). “All of Payne’s knickers I made,” said T.Barry. “The NFL would send me the fabric and I made them without the name and logos. Both Curtis and Stewart wore the team colors of the geographically closest NFL franchise to the location of the tournament in which they happened to be playing.

These outfits run the gambit of the good, the insensitive and the ugly. One has such great striped hosiery it could bring P.L. back from vacation early.

Below are the outfits broken out by NFL divisions or click here for the album.

AFC East

Dolphins Mia1, Mia2, Mia3, Mia4
Patriots Ne1, Ne2
Bills Buf1, Buf2, Buf3, Buf4
Jets NYJ1, NYJ2

. . .

AFC North

Ravens Bal1
Browns Cle1, Cle2, Cle3, Cle4
Steelers Pitt1, Pitt2, Pitt3, Pitt4
Bengals Cin1, Cin2

. . .

AFC South

Colts Ind1, Ind2
Texans/Titans/Oilers Tit1, Oil1, Tex1, Tex2
Jaguars Jax1, Jax2

. . .

AFC West

Chiefs KC1, KC2, KC3, KC4, KC5
Broncos Den1
Raiders Oak1, Oak2, Oak3
Chargers SD1, SD2, SD3, SD4, SD5, SD6 (Note The Bolt On His Cap)

. . . . .

NFC North

Bears Chi1, Chi2, Chi3, Chi4, Chi5
Lions Det1, Det2, Det3
Vikings Mn1, Mn2
Packers GB1, GB2

. . .

NFC East

Giants NYG1, NYG2, NYG3, NYG4
Redskins DC1, DC2, DC3, DC4
Eagles couldntFindSoHereIsPoliceSketch
Cowboys IsPayneOrDannyAinge?

. . .

NFC West

49ers SF1, SF2, SF3, SF4
Cardinals Az1, Az2, Az3
Rams CouldntFindSoHereIsPoliceSketchOfRam
Seahawks CouldntFindSoHereIsPoliceSketchOfSeahawksBeannie

. . .

NFC South

Falcons Atl1, Atl2, Atl3, Atl4, Atl5, Atl6, Atl7, Atl8
Buccaneers Bucs1, Bucs2
Saints NO1, NO2
Panthers Car1, CAR2

. . . . .

The following are some miscellaneous Stewart/Curtis pics that are not team specific yet NFL themed: TubeSock Nirvana . . . Good old fashioned flag desecration . . . Union Jack meets the NFL . . . Superbowl XXVI . . . Superbowl XLI . . . shield hat, and sweater . . . PayneNFLshieldSmall . . . NflShieldOnRedSwtr . . . sassyboyInRed . . . giant NFL shield . . . and finally — Uni-Not or Uni-Naughty?


Thanks, Doug!

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Jerry Reuss

Jerry Reuss’ Ballparks

It’s been a while since we heard from former major leaguer and Uni Watch friend Jerry Reuss. As you guys may remember, both Paul (here and here) and I (here, here, here, and here) interviewed Jerry a few years back for the site — and he’s definitely one of us (Jerry has even done a few uni tweaks, some of which are contained in my interviews with him).

One of the things about which Jerry is passionate is photography, and he’s an excellent shutterbug, having taken numerous wonderful shots of various major league ballparks over the years.

I received an e-mail from Jerry yesterday, which was sent to both Paul and me, that I’ll share with you — in it, Jerry notes he’s “retooled” his ballpark photography from 1990 — almost 25 years to the day for one of the parks. In fact, the subject of his e-mail was “It was twenty-five years ago…”

Here’s Jerry:

Hi Paul and Phil,

I’m in the process of retooling my ballpark photos from 1990 that are posted on Flickr. With software upgrades and plug-ins, I’ve exchanged previous posts with more accurate representations of those moments. I’ve added a photo a day since I started the project and currently I’m about halfway through the Wrigley photos. Once I add Three Rivers Stadium photos, the 1990 part of the project will be complete.

Since my Chicago photos were taken almost twenty-five years ago to the day, I thought I’d share them with you and if you wish, you can share them with your readers. Also included are links to other ballparks I photographed during September of 1990.

Wrigley Field

Comiskey Park

Olympic Stadium

Shea Stadium

Veterans Stadium

Busch Stadium

Three Rivers Stadium

Enjoy my daily reading rounds which always include Uni-Watch!

Jerry Reuss

Fantastic updates, Jerry — and thanks for the kind words and checking in! Those are really some fantastic ballpark photos too!

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Too Good For the Ticker

Too Good…

for the Ticker

Got an e-mail from reader Ferdinand Cesarano on retired numbers on cross-sport jerseys, which is a little long, but good — it’s simply too good for the ticker.

Here’s Ferdinand:

. . .


Here’s a little thought that I had: when teams do cross-dressing, as the St. Louis Blues did with Cardinals-themed jerseys and the L.A. Kings did with Dodgers-themed jerseys, we see, in effect, retired numbers come out of retirement. For instance, Blues’ goalie Brian Elliott wore Ozzie Smith’s no. 1 on a Cardinals jersey and Kings’ goalie Jonathan Quick wore Sandy Koufax’s no. 32 on a Dodger jersey.



There are only warm-ups; so it is not a big deal. But it sure is weird to see “Cardinals 1” or “Dodgers 32” on a jersey worn both someone other than Ozzie or Koufax.

I don’t suppose that it’s likely for the Yankees to get involved with this. But it’s worth wondering: if the Rangers or Islanders ever did Yankees-themed jerseys, would they use the many retired numbers? Or would the Yankees require that players who have numbers 3, 5, 7, etc. all wear different numbers in warm-ups?


Thanks, Ferdinand! Great stuff.

OK. Now, onto the ticker…

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: Feast your eyes on this early baseball uniform, from St Elizabeth Hospital in Enumclaw WA (great find by Rand Martin). … There are pajama pants and then there are — well, what the hell are these? (h/t Brady Phelps). … There’s a great story in here which explains why these softballers are wearing football jerseys (nice find by Joe Lombardo). … So, apparently Danny Farquhar has quite a curveball (from Kenny Ocker). … This is probably not a good look for Miguel Cabrera (via Micah Fries).

NFL News: On Thursday, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was spotted “wearing insane bike shorts,” according to Duncan Wilson. He adds, “They look like game pants that have been trimmed.” … Interesting to see two different versions of the Vikings horn on the construction hats (from Luke H.). Check out this Browns mini helmet. Submitter Brandon Baumgartner says it’s “interesting that they gave you orange stickers to put over an already orange helmet.” … A website called A.V. Club asks the question, “Who wears the NFL’s worst uniforms?” — You’ll have to click to see where the Browns ended up (also sent in by Alan Filipczak. … “What’s with the numbers on the football in this screenshot? This was on ESPN webpage Friday afternoon,” asks David Chisholm. … Looks like the Seahawks will wear white jerseys and pants against Green Bay (from Eric Hansman). … Browns fans upset about the recent negative coverage on Uni Watch can probably rest easier this week: the team will go white/white/brown for their home opener (and likely won’t make MMUW’s splash). I don’t believe they wore that particular combo in pre-season, but they did go white/white/orange, which is probably the best of their possible combos.

College/High School Football News: Northwestern will wear new white helmets with a wildcat logo against Duke. … “Check out the gold and red from Omaha Northwest HS. Their mascot is the Huskies, hence the copycat helmet design from UConn,” writes John Benal. “Which is sad because they used to have these, which I thought were pretty sharp.” … The Cincy Bearcats will go black/white/white today vs. Miami (OH); (thanks to Bob Wilzbach). … Here are a few views of the flag desecration hats for their Liberty Cup game vs. Columbia today (h/t bturner12387). … And here is a better look (including the unseen backs) at the Fordam Liberty Cup Flag Desecration unis (h/t Kenny Ducey). … Looks like Tennessee will be wearing their “normal” white/orange/white today. … USF will be going green/white/green today. … All black unis for Mizzou today for “Tiger Stripe” game vs. UConn (h/t jmgorla32). … Good look at the special 125th season helmet decals for homecoming today vs Yale (from Ryan Dowgin). … Looks like Ole Miss is going powder blue/white/gray for their game vs. Alabama (h/t Levi Dunagan). Here’s more on that (and that article is calling them “throwbacks”). … New Utah field layout (from Austin). … “New footballs = better punting?” asks Brice Wallace. … “Here’s a pretty funny assessment of Louisville’s BFBS unis from Thursday,” says Kellen Dargle. … The Virginia Tech Hokies will be wearing white/white/white at Purdue today (h/t Andrew Cosentino). … Reader/Tweeter Warren Junium reports that the Notre Dame grounds crew gets in on the fun, with a new mowing pattern each week. … According to Trevor Wilson Patton, the Ohio Bobcats will be sporting some camo for “@OUROTC #HeroesDay.” … The Kentucky Wildcats will wear chrome/blue/gray today (from Drew O’Neal).

NBA/Hoops News: Whoa — check out the on court socks the Hornets will wear this season (h/t Andrew Cosentino). These may be the wildest Stance socks we’ve seen yet! … NBA commissioner Adam Silver’s staff is researching GPS devices to put into their jerseys. The GPS devices will track the “distance traveled and running speed.” … The Wichita State Shockers have new uniforms (h/t Jason Waterfalls). Here’s a comparison of last year’s and this year’s unis. More here. … Looks like Wisconsin has a new neckline and jersey material this year (from Paul Kilgas). … Who’s #1? Well, two Kentucky players wore the No. 1 for the team photo (from Josh Claywell).

Hockey News: Adidas will make form-fitting hockey jerseys at the NHL’s request. … Here’s a look at Edmonton Oilers goalie Ben Scrivens’ new gear (from John Muir). Also from John: new goalie gear for Thomas Greiss. … New uniforms for the University of Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs hockey (h/t Biddy). … Yesterday was Flyers Media Day and this photo is um… (from ThomPucks). … Here’s a look at the goalie pads to be worn by Edmonton’s Ben Scrivens (via J. Walker). … New uniforms for the Texas Stars (h/t Everett Corder). … The Providence Bruins have also revealed new unis (via Nick Griffin).

Grab Bag: We all know Paul (and I) love Chucks, but this is one limited edition pair I can guarantee Paul won’t be picking up. … Here’s a very cool article, sent in by Andrew Rader: How Pantone Became The Definitive Language Of Color. … A collection of Washington Football club oil paintings has come to Bethesda auction house (from Tommy Turner). … This is a neat submission from Will Schiebler: An article in Minnesota Highways, from June 1964, on the new plastic driver’s licenses. The article includes b&w pictures; people at the machines and of what the license looked like then. … Have you ever wanted to see a T-shirt that is a mashup of the 3 Tennessee pro teams (Titans, Grizzlies, and Predators)? Says submitter Dustin Semore, “Could be worse.” … Here’s a look at the Buffalo Bandits’ 25th anniversary logo (via Walter Camp). … Auburn Volleyball’s libero wears a powder blue jersey (from Clint Richardson). … “You have your color on color games… but a Black on Black game??? Cincy vs Louisville VB” (from Jon Horton).

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And that’s all for today — big thanks to Doug for the lede (sorry I didn’t get to it over the summer), Jerry Reuss for sharing his ballpark photos, Ferdinand for the hockey/baseball crossover thoughts, and all who submitted for the ticker via tweet or e-mail. I’ll be back tomorrow with another big Sunday Morning Uni Watch, so be sure to check in then!

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“That North Carolina-Illinois game could be a candidate for the 5&1. Orange-white-orange vs. White-blue-white? Sounds gorgeous!”

–Special K

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Comments (34)

    Ole Miss’ units actually throwback to the Vaught years as I recall. The Easter egg blue helmet was a mistake in the paint job but Ole Miss didn’t have time to get a different color before their first game way back in 1948. Ended up having a good season so they stayed around. Archie Manning wore the powder blue helmet and it ended I believe when Steve Sloan went to the navy helmet. Billy Brewer, a Vaught player, brought them back when he was coaching Ole Miss. Funny how many teams roll out uni gimmicks against Alabama. Happens a good bit.

    Actually, Ole Miss rolled out this “gimmick” last year against Memphis and they’re wearing them next weekend against Vandy, so to say they rolled it out just for Bama is not accurate.

    What a great QOTD from the link on Louisville BFBS.

    “Praise their courageous scheduling, and instead make fun of their busted-ass Affliction-reject uniforms.”

    I’m assuming the numbers on the football are part of the new ball-handling procedures the NFL has implemented in the wake of DeflateGate. All ball are now numbered and measured prior to the game, and balls will be remeasured at halftime of randomly selected games.

    So Payne Stewart wearing Redskin colors in the late ’90s is now considered “insensitive”? Good Grief.

    Anything supporting the Redskins is “insensitive” now, didn’t you know that? At least the article used the actual team name and didn’t go off into “Washington Football Team” bullshit land.

    “Washington Football Team”, would have been fine. “Washington Football club” is stupid though. Multi-million dollar franchises of a global entertainment industry do not get to appropriate the language of late Victorian community social-sporting outfits.

    Those Redskin paintings (just using the language of the Washington newspaper) were very nice.

    So as a long time daily reader I have become a regular bus rider of the classic uniforms.. My favorite uniforms are traditional notre dame, Michigan blues and monsters of the midway bears jerseys… Now I don’t mind a tweak here and there to those jerseys to see how like looks (ex. Michigan’s grey face mask with numbers, or notre dames gold even more sparkley helmets) but I like simple identifiable jerseys, but I do understand why teams like Oregon and now Louisville trot out a New Jersey everyweek.. And I’ll admit there is a place for teams like that.. And I actually don’t hate when teams like Michigan trot out a faux back on occasion or Alabama uses that houndstooth background on their numbers .. But this morning I had a revelation.. I was reading in the ticker that northwestern is going white helmet and white jersey, I of course peeked to see what it would look like… And this though popped in my head… I was actually looking forward to seeing what it was, not like rubbernecking at a car accident in horror but I was genuinely looking forward to seeing what the hell these jerseys looked like… Then I thought about it.. I do this every damn week..

    Is it the fact that I deep down like these ugly jerseys or the fact I’m secretly hoping I find one I like ? I’m thinking I may need shock therapy here.. Anyone else look forward to these reveals or what a team like Oregon and quite honestly most teams roll out week to week?

    link for the Minnesota plastic driver’s licenses goes to the whole June 1964 ‘Minnesota Highways’ issue – displaying the cover first.

    article is on page 7.

    The Adidas hockey interview has some good quotes.

    “For us, the more compelling the logo exposure is, and the cooler it looks, the better it is for everyone. But the ultimate decision lays with them.”

    I think it would be compelling to put it only on the inside of the collar.

    The browns pants “stripes” are much longer in their mock-up than the on field ones.
    Also on field the stripe length seems to vary for different players. (Probably due the size of the player/pants) link

    I noticed that too. It seems the pants are made so the text starts at the very bottom, so a player who wears them properly over the knee has a longer partial stripe than a player going with bicycle shorts, in addition to obvious height/length issues. This is yet another reason the wordmark down the leg is so stupid.

    Ok… weird… the site seems to have eaten my initial reply… so… trying again…

    I think the pants are made so the BROWNS text always starts at the bottom, regardless of length. Not only is there a difference between taller/shorter players, but also players who wear the pants properly below the knee and those who opt for the bicycle shorts look. It’s one more reason why the wordmark down the leg is such a bad idea.

    Ben Scrivens’s pads are the bomb diggity! Love how he takes the oil drop alone: it is unmistakably Edmonton Oilers, while using the whole logo can sometimes look a like beer league.

    Thanks for the Jerry Reuss photos. Interesting to see under the Busch Stadium pictures that he wore braces, with rubber bands.

    Kudos to Rolls Royce on his stadium pics… marvelous.

    I had forgotten that the old lid on Olympic Stadium in Montreal was that “Le Grand Rouge” color…. like being inside of a Canadian stomach.

    A fine uni match up in East Lansing today on ABC. Always liked Air Force’s uniforms. The almost Clip-Artesque nature of their logo is refreshing.

    More teams should look to Michigan State on how to update a classic look without going over-the-top. The only adjustments are a tapered helmet stripe and updated font that doesn’t make the numbers (and TV numbers) illegible.

    Great ballpark photos, Jerry! Loved all the shots from interesting angles and vantage points. I’ve always been fascinated by ballparks and you were able to live it!

    Mr. Reuss, you have quite the eye! I love those photos…well, the Vet still looks like a dump, but you managed to make it look a little less so.

    Wrigley Field: that’s exactly the kind of day I picture when I think of that park…overcast, wind blowing in (or out) quite forcefully.

    Commiskey: you have what looks like a Metrodome and a Milwaukee County Stadium photo in that section.

    Man, I miss the previous Busch Stadium and those arches. And as great as PNC is, I’ll always miss Three Rivers.

    Even the Big O looks good in your shots. That roof always had a comfort-of-the-womb look to it or something.

    Thanks so much for sharing these!

    Also a Yankee Stadium photo too, but I see that you were with the White Sox when you took those.

    While I’ll always think of you as a Pirate, if there’s only one Jerry Reuss baseball card I could have, it would be the White Sox one of you posing with the bat. Let the man hit!

    You have your color on color games… but a Black on Black game??? Cincy vs Louisville VB

    Should have known the ‘ville would be involved. Any time something really uni-horrendous occurs, my first two suspects are Oregon and Louisville.

    I know the teams are separated, but c’mon, give us volleyball fans a nice contrasting matchup!

    Thanks for those stadium photos, Jerry – they’re awesome. Back in the late 80’s, my brother and I used to joke about how we somehow accumulated way more of your baseball cards than any other player. You were a legend in our collection. Definitely nice seeing you turn up on Uni Watch.

    K-State player Heath was just wearing 2 jerseys at once to prevent having two people with the same number on the field. On punt return, he wore 87. Came off field, managers undid the side of the jersey, and he’s #4

    Funny jab at Oregon–Funny thing is…this nearly zero substance site wouldn’t exist without them. SO yeah–you are an idiot

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