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The Sacramento Kings Are Bringing Back The Baby Blues

By John Ekdahl

From their press release:

Sacramento, Calif. ”” Today, the Sacramento Kings announced the return of the uniforms worn by the team from 1985-1990, including during the inaugural season in Sacramento. Kings players will rock the infamous “baby blues” during all nine #FlashbackFriday home games this season. The Kings will also wear the retro jerseys for the final home game of the regular season, the last ever to be played in Sleep Train Arena.

In 1985, Sacramento became the new (now permanent) home of the Kings following their relocation from Kansas City. Home games were hosted at ARCO Arena I, and the team reached the NBA playoffs finishing the 1985-86 season ranked fifth in the Midwest Division and seventh in the Western Conference.

“The 1985-86 NBA season is one of the most memorable in Kings history,” said Kings President Chris Granger. “Bringing back the ”˜baby blues’ enables the best and loudest fans in the NBA to celebrate memories of our storied franchise history. We look forward to honoring our proud past as we look forward to our proud future at Golden 1 Center in downtown Sacramento.”

The retro jerseys will be featured at the following nine #FlashbackFriday home games, as well as the last home game of the season:

 · Oct. 30 vs. Los Angeles Lakers
 · Nov. 6 vs. Houston Rockets
 · Nov. 13 vs. Brooklyn Nets
 · Nov. 27 vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
 · Feb. 19 vs. Denver Nuggets
 · Feb. 26 vs. Los Angeles Clippers
 · Mar. 11 vs. Orlando Magic
 · Mar. 25 vs. Phoenix Suns
 · Apr. 1 vs. Miami Heat
 · Apr. 9 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (last home game of the regular season)

More info available here.

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The Yankees are retiring Jorge Posada’s number today. Here’s a look at the patch.

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The Denver Broncos will be wearing their alternate blue uniforms against the Packers and Raiders this year. More information here.

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Apparently, the Grizzlies wanted to create a blacktop-style court.

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Comments (14)

    Just finished reading yesterday’s Uni Watch. The ‘Desert Ice’ uniforms remind me of what ASU wore in Nicholas Cage’s dream at the end of ‘Raising Arizona.’

    If the Rockets also throwback to ’85-’86 on Nov. 6th, I’d love to be at that game!

    Need a picture of the back of the jersey. I assume (and hope) the NOB will be under the number, right?

    Speaking of the Rockets, next year they should throwback to ’81….the 35th anniversary of the league’s 35th annivesary, when everyone wore these awesome patches
    and these two teams met in the Western final, despite both of them being below .500 in the regular season.

    “the 35th anniversary of the league’s 35th anniversary” …makes me want to have a patch exactly like that one saying “70th anniversary” but with a “35th anniversary” patch at microscopic size on the Jerry West NBA logo that that anniversary logo contains.

    An alternate court that looks like concrete would have been cool. Rethink this one, NBA.

    I love the kings baby blues, and I love when teams throw back to eras like this. Hopefully on the dates provided we can see the other teams throw back too a silica era, and see some color on color action.

    Beautiful uniforms!!!
    The powder blue color along with the simplicity of the print makes these jerseys great. Sacramento should consider wearing these for every road game.

    Oldest franchise in the Association, baby. May not be the best, but they have staying power.

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