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When the Fuel Runs Out, Just Add Ice

ASU Helmet 550

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By Phil Hecken

Arizona State University, who only a few weeks ago introduced an entirely new set of uniforms, yesterday introduced their first new alternate for 2015, which they’re calling “Desert Ice” (and apparently this is the first of at least three new alternates for 2015). For those who don’t get the reference to the hed, last year, when ASU was still being outfitted by Nike, the team introduced “Desert Fuel” uniforms. Now that they’re with adidas, the fuel has turned to ice. The team announced they will wear these new unis on Saturday, September 5th when they take on Texas A&M at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

I actually really liked those Desert Fuel uniforms, but this new set … well … let’s take a look at what they introduced (for all photos below, you can click to enlarge):

First — the adidas hype photos

desert ice1

desert ice2

desert ice4

desert ice3

OK — at first glance, the uni looks pretty clean — white helmet, jersey and pants, with a GINORMOUS pitchfork on the helmet and pants, and copper lines and accents (numbers, wordmark, pitchfork on pants) throughout. I like copper (as I did on the Desert Fuel) and think it’s a great color (and sorely underused) in sports. That it’s being used by ASU, a team from The Copper State, makes sense. OK, it’s not a school color, but what are you going to do?

So, from a distance and first glance, I’m liking these — but as always, the devil (see what I did there?) is in the details. Lets see what the helmet looks like on a person mannequin:

desert ice8

desert ice9

desert ice17 desert ice16

First thing we notice is the pitchfork only appears on one side of the helmet — the other side has a number. Both are oversized. I’m definitely NOT a fan of teams who do this asymmetrical decaling. According to adidas, “Inspired by the school’s iconic logo, the ”˜Desert Ice’ design is centered around an oversized polished copper version of the pitchfork, which is highlighted with a metallic black outline and prominently featured on the helmet and pants.” The giant pitchfork on the helmet is about twice the size of the one on the Desert Fuel uni. It’s too big. The Desert Fuel helmet also was symmetrical with a center stripe — not so with this one. Not a fan. The helmet will also have an Advocare Texas Kickoff sticker on the back.

Lets move down to the jersey:

desert ice11

desert ice14

desert ice5 desert ice19

According to adidas, “the jersey features a polished copper shoulder pad design that incorporates a pitchfork spike theme into the stripes.” Fortunately, those are only visible from about 3 feet away. You’ll also notice there is a “trademark treadmark” pattern (these are the “Techfit” materials — or as the three stripes describe them: “Made with a cutting-edge, proprietary yarn blend that increases durability and abrasion resistance, Primeknit is the premier compression uniform system, featuring the latest generation of adidas TECHFIT technology. Primeknit helps keep players cool and increases range of motion, giving athletes an unrivaled level of comfort and allowing them to perform at their highest levels.”) They have a “PT42” patch on the neckline, and the ARIZONA STATE wordmark is black with a copper outline (and quite hard to read). On the side of the uniform, in tonal colors down the ribcage, it says “SUN DEVILS” (again, this will be impossible to see at any distance, thankfully).

Despite all of the little idiosyncrasies (like the pitchfork pattern in the copper elements), this is a pretty nice jersey. Yes, it’s not in school colors — but it’s a one off (at least this season), and while completely unnecessary, it still looks pretty sharp.

Onto the pants:

desert ice10

desert ice21 desert ice22

The giant oversized pitchfork (yes, we get it) is about twice the size of the pitchfork on the ‘regular’ white pants, and unfortunately, like the numbers and shoulder stripes on UCLA’s new uniforms, has ‘cuts’ in it. I’m not sure if there is any actual function to this, but since we don’t see this particular element anywhere else on the uniform, it’s disjunctive. It’s also waaaaaay too big. I’m definitely NOT a fan of these pants.

Overall, I’ll need to see the uniforms in action to render a final opinion, but from what I’ve seen so far, I think adidas has gone overboard with the oversized elements. The copper is great, and the jersey looks solid — but the helmet’s asymmetry and the humongous pitchforks distract, rather than add, to the uniforms looks. Maybe from a distance those elements will pop (which is why I’ll need to see them in action), but for now, I’m not as impressed with those as I was with the Desert Fuel unis.

OK readers — now it’s your turn — what do you think? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

(Big thanks to Joey Artigue, from whom I grabbed the 2014/15 comparisons, as well as the helmet sticker grab, as well as to Arizona Republic for photos used in this story.)

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all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


First up today is Jerry Chavez who has some new USMNT concepts:

USMNT3_1 - Jerry Chavez

USMNT2_3 - Jerry Chavez

USMNT3_1 - Jerry Chavez

Hi Phil,

First off, please forgive the crude, pixel nature of the designs. Only have your basic MS Paint to work with.

I tend to favor more classic looks when it comes to sports unis, and sometimes less is more.

I think the US Soccer badge needs desperate updating. With the blue stripes, stars that come dangerously close to claiming 3 World Cup titles, and the outdated “US” with a shooting soccer ball, it’s time to clean it up a bit.

Thank you,

Jerry Chavez

. . .

And we close today with Kennen Boone who has three new LA Clippers concepts:

LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS uniform display (white) - Kennen Boone

LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS uniform display (red) - Kennen Boone

LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS uniform display (blue) - Kennen boone


I have tons of uniform designs that I would like to display. I have designs for all NBA, NFL and all the major college football teams. An opportunity to display would be highly appreciated.

Attached are three Los Angeles Clippers jerseys. The home, road and a red alternate. The alternate logo is on the waistband of the shorts.

Thank you very much for checking out my designs.

Kennen Boone

. . .

And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.

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T-Shirt Club reminder: In case you missed it earlier this week, the Uni Watch T-Shirt Club’s latest offering — the road grey shirt — and it’s now available for ordering. Obviously, this one is pretty straightforward, but it’s still plenty handsome. In fact, I think this is my favorite design we’ve done so far (click to enlarge):

Again, this shirt is available here, and there’s additional information about how this shirt fits into the larger T-Shirt Club program here. Thanks.

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Uni Watch News Ticker:

Baseball News: The Awesome News we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Chicago White Sox will wear their collared “leisure suit” 1976 throwbacks next Thursday, 8/27 (thank you Paul)! Here’s what the original specs looked like (h/t Todd Radom). Sadly, the collared jerseys won’t be paired with shorts. Paul asked the ChiSox, “The 1976 jerseys were worn untucked. But the photo you sent shows the Majestic tag on the front shirttail — does that mean that the players will be wearing them tucked in? Or will they just leave the tag exposed?” who replied, “Majestic modified the uniforms and the players are wearing them untucked and the tag will not be showing.” Awesome. Those unis have to be untucked. … The Lakewood Blue Claws will be wearing “New Jersey Jerseys” next Thursday (8/27) for “Celebrate the Garden State Night!” (via Lakewood Blue Claws). … The York Revolution (Atlantic League) will have industrial-themed jerseys for tonight’s game (h/t Ryan Tilley). … The Sugar Land Skeeters will wear these special Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana inspired jerseys on August 22. … Last evening the Hillsboro Hops paid tribute to the Portland Mavericks, the legendary independent 1970s team that was immortalized in the documentary “Battered Bastards of Baseball” (h/t James Venes). Here’s how those looked on the field — MONOCHROME RED! (also from James). Here are some more good shots (h/t MiLB Promos). … Nice stirrups (are those golf socks for sanis tho?) for the Rockland Boulders last night (via Rockland Boulders).

NFL News: Last night, the Cleveland Browns wore white jerseys with brown pants and socks and it looked just awful. (Not everyone agreed with this assessment, however). If you want to see more photos, click here. … One of the contributors to FanSided has ranked the “10 ugliest” NFL uniforms of all time. … Does this screenshot from Madden give us a look at the Super Bowl 50 logo? (nice grab by Kylo Ren). … Check out this neat 49ers football field ‘vehicle’ (thanks, Brinke). … The Broncos have given the teams against whom they will wear their alternate blue tops (h/t Cody). They’ll will wear blue jerseys w/white pants vs. Green Bay on Nov. 1 & blue jerseys w/blue pants vs. OAK on Dec. 13 (h/t Denton Talbert). Here’s a bit more on that.

College/HS Football News: “It looks like smarter heads prevailed in my home town when the school district didn’t allow coaches to glorify members of the military in public schools,” says Michael Putlack. “There certainly is enough of that already.” … Check out these North Pole, Alaska High school football unis. Joshua Dryer notes, “Captain America inspired. ‘Patriots’ mascot.” … The website 247 Sports had an article on the Big XII, in which they list the top 3 uniforms (but no ranks below that). … Here’s a good before/after shot of the improvements at LA Tech’s football stadium (via Sutton Davison). … According to this piece, Color-Changing Helmets Won’t Just Minimize Trauma, They’ll Detect It. … Yesterday, Michigan State introduced new alternate jerseys with bronze shoulders. … Here’s a look at the evolution of the ‘Beaver Dam’ (from OSU Beaver Dam). … Seems like adidas and ASU aren’t quite though with new unis: from Conrad Burry: Via an Adidas catalog, a render of the Arizona State “Hammer” alternate uni. And this is the front page of the catalog (also from Conrad). … Speaking of ASU, per Christian Moffett: Comparing the Under Armour collection to the adidas collection in the 2015 ASU bookstore magazine. … ASU also got a special Desert Ice football. … “From a Wyoming release, look at the number font — a harbinger of new Wyoming uniforms, using the old UCLA font???” writes Tim Dunn. … Players at Alabama high school get to put the decals on their own helmets before first game, writes Phillip Tutor. Here’s a gallery. … Hazel Green (AL) is “channeling their inner Ohio State with these new uniforms” says Clint Richardson. … We saw Harvard’s new unis yesterday, but here is a good close up of the matte helmet (h/t Patrick Thomas).

NBA News: A reader who wishes to remain anonymous sent in these 2015-2016 NBA Referee Uniforms. “New Uniforms, including alternates (for games where teams wear grey uni’s). New Pants (flat front), Jackets stay the same from last year, Black for Reg Season, Blue for playoffs, White for Finals.” … Ooohhh: check out these Miami Heat unused logos from 1987! Says submitter Brandon Manzione, “I found these Miami Heat logo concepts from 87 while doing a search on google newspaper archive.” … Yesterday on Twitter, the Kings hinted at baby blue throwbacks for the 2015-16 season. Of course, we already knew this when the when the NBA catalog was leaked, but still — nice to see it almost confirmed.

Hockey News: Here’s a wonderful shot of an old school game between the L.A. Kings and Oakland Seals (from PressRoomGFS). But Mike Styczen points out the NHL Seals never wore that uni, while Chris Creamer notes they did wear them in the preseason. Finally Teebz chimed in with “WHL Seals in the Western Hockey League prior to the NHL ’67 expansion. Years and jerseys are accurate.” Hmmm. … [sarcasm font]Oh, good[/sarcasm font]: “Adidas already preparing for 2017 NHL Advertiser Draft.” … Check out this pocket schedule from the St. Louis Blues 1980-81 season featuring goaltender Mike Liut (h/t Keith Spisak). … We saw the possible Islanders ‘First Year in Brooklyn’ patch the other day, but here’s how it looks on a sweater (h/t Teebz).

Soccer News: According to Football__Tweet, AS Roma’s new silver third kit has been leaked & it’s quality. Nike have excelled themselves big time. … West Ham United has introduced a new third kit (via &rew). … New third kits announced for Chelsea (h/t Tyler). If that article doesn’t work, here’s why. Fortunately I made a screen shot of the kit top and pants. Looks nice!

Grab Bag: Here’s a photo of the Wayne’s World set on display in New York City. Submitter Chris Flinn notes the 5 Chicago pennants. … 50 years ago yesterday, the Beatles played Comiskey Park (great shot from Bruce Menard). … NASCAR News: “The Mello Yello paint scheme returns to the #42 for the Southern 500 (an event in which many cars will feature throw/faux-back designs)” (from Chris Hickey). … “I just came across this short post on the design of the NASA “worm” logo and the “meatball” logo,” writes Andrew Moeschberger. here’s some interesting stuff, as well as a NASA design usage guide. The story and the usage guide.” … “So these guys who run this bro-bar outside of Montreal paid Kylie Jenner 200k to come and celebrate her 18th birthday (legal drinking age in QC) at their establishment,” says Patrick Guay. “Beforehand someone gave her a Canadiens jersey and they didn’t even bother using the proper name or number font.” … More NASCAR: “New for Throwback Thursday, a throwback paint scheme tracker,” from David Firestone. … “I caught this photograph at the Saratoga Race Course,” says Chuck Miller “The jockey’s silks brought two things to mind. (1) Has anybody else ever worn a peace sign as part of their uniform? and (2) even if you’re wearing a sign of peace, you still need to be escorted back to the jockey room by security.” … This is pretty cool — the evolution of the Pepsi logo (not sure why it’s on all white cans though).

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And that’s all for today — and the week for me. Thanks to everyone who submitted for the ticker by e-mail or tweet. You guys have a great Friday and a better weekend, and I’ll catch you on Monday. Johnny Ek will take you through the weekend.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“Two things on my bucket list are 1) catching a visiting homer at Wrigley and hanging on to it, and 2) eating a hotdog with ketchup while catching said homer at said park.”

— Jimmer Vilk

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Comments (58)

    ASU actually lists a copper color on their logo guide. PMS 876. Used as an accent, not a main color but it is listed.

    Of course they do… technically speaking, every color these teams trot out becomes an “official” color in the style guides.

    I get what you’re saying but its been apart of their identity for awhile. At least as long as I can remember. Just never used like that.

    “ASU actually lists a copper color on their logo guide. PMS 876. Used as an accent, not a main color but it is listed.”


    Yes, it is listed as a ‘metallic’ color in the palette, but there are 12 total colors on that thing. Their primary colors are maroon and gold (along with white and black), but I don’t think anyone would consider anything but maroon and gold to be “school colors” — certainly no one considers green, blue and orange (listed as “secondary” colors) to be school colors.

    As THE pointed out, if you put a color on a uniform, of course it will be an “official” color — but that doesn’t make it a “school” color.

    That’s what they list as secondary colors for the University. When they did their athletic rebrand (with Nike at the time), they may have created a specific brand standard book with definitions for copper included. It also might not be publicly available, so if someone can find and/or post it, it would be interesting.

    On the Kylie Jenner thing…#18 is retired for the Habs (Serge Savard)so that goes back to that argument from a few months ago.

    The giant pitchfork on the pants needs the “cut lines” to conform to the curvature of the thigh. Otherwise, the giant “foil” logo would want to lay flat and you would have massive puckering.

    Seems to me if a logo needs alteration to look “right,” then it has no business being there.

    In other words, Adidas doesn’t know what they’re doing. We can have baseball jerseys that look like god damn Jedi robes, but we can’t put a giant logo on a pair of football pants without cutting it up?

    The giant pitchfork on the legs looks like a phoenix that flew smack dab into the side of the pants.

    Re: Miami Heat logos. 1,300 entries, and #’s 3 and 11 made the cut? Musta been slim pickin’s.

    I’m looking at that ad featuring the new logo surrounded by poor logos. People write in to vote (they’ll only vote for that one) and the team gets a whole list of names and addresses.

    Thank you Mr. Commaf*cker.

    Editing is a beotch when you have an a.m. deadline and no coffee.

    The overwhelming reaction of Sun Devil Nation towards these uniforms, and the primary uniforms released by Adidas a couple of weeks ago, has been positive.

    One note: ASU has worn the asymmetrical helmets (in maroon and white) several times over the past two years and they look terrific.



    So because “Sun Devil Nation” likes them, they therefore must be good? Gotcha.

    I’ve generally liked ASU unis over the years (including the whole ‘uni confession’ piece I did last year about the Desert Fuel unis), and I like the new set (well, maybe not so much the black set), so if anything, I’d say I’ve been kinder than anyone not in “Sun Devil Nation” towards the unis despite the fact they’ve worn a different combo every game for the past several years (you’re not Oregon, don’t try to be Oregon). But the paint splatter helmet and the asymmetrical helmets just (to me) don’t look good. I realize we’ll probably never see Sparky back on the lids (that throwback was gorgeous), but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that a helmet at least not mimic Boise State.

    I never said that the fans’ approval means they are good. I was just reporting what the general reaction was on social media.

    And yes, most ASU fans hate the egg-drop soup helmets as much as everyone else does. The fact that we’re 0-2 while wearing them doesn’t help.

    As with all uniforms, we have to wait to see them on the field before we can give a proper evaluation, but I for one think the Desert Ice set look great. In the end they are just the new base ASU Adidas template with copper trim, so not a major departure from the core uniforms.

    “As with all uniforms, we have to wait to see them on the field before we can give a proper evaluation”


    I guess you saw where I wrote in my lede:

    “Overall, I’ll need to see the uniforms in action to render a final opinion…”

    As to this:

    ” In the end they are just the new base ASU Adidas template with copper trim, so not a major departure from the core uniforms.”

    Well yes and no — the helmet and giant pitchfork are (at least IMHO) a major departure from the core unis (which I like).

    Maybe (as I also said) I’ll like them in action because the bigger pitchforks will pop more. Agreed a final verdict can’t be reached until they see the light of day (or dark of stadium night lights).

    From the press release: “Made with a cutting-edge, proprietary yarn blend that increases durability and abrasion resistance…”

    Since when has durability been an issue with one-offs like this?


    East Mississippi Community College goes Oregonish with the release of their new Unis. 216 combinations, a couple of which are actually cool. I just don’t know where the money (or space to store the equipment) comes from. 600 helmets alone equals just around $200,000, although 2 were white so it might just require facemask and decal changes. But we’re talking about a Mississippi junior college. Either way, it’s an equipment managers nightmare. Probably wants to transfer to Penn State…

    The ASU football uniforms are hard to look at. The helmets are especially stupid. Just a brutal effort by the best soccer outfitting suppliers anywhere. No business touching American football branding.

    Wow… the HEAT baited that logo vote… okay lets include the worst possible logos submitted for this contest, then let’s have the professionally created version in the upper left hand corner to make the selection a no-brainer.

    It’s like when the Seahawks let fans “vote” on their new helmet in 2002. A silver helmet that didn’t match any other part of the uniform, or the blue helmet. Of course the blue one won. As long as the fans have the illusion of choice, they’re happy.

    Here’s a better shot.

    Most of the photos from the unveiling had contrasting color socks, and look much better. The yoga pants look (for any team, not just the Browns) is just so bad — UNLESS you’re trying for say, an all black uniform, or all white; but if your helmet is a different color (or your jersey), you really need the socks to contrast with the pants.

    Exactly, that’s why the Panthers all-black uniforms won that poll for best uniform of all time – it was the blue socks. Without those, not happening.

    NOTHING, can save those unis !
    Atrocious, amateurish and ridiculous are the best descriptions.


    What I like – I like that teams are using under compression gear to extend the sleeves. This is something that was suggested a while ago on this site (perhaps longer ago elsewhere, I don’t know) bit it’s a good solution to the disappearing uni sleeves.

    Copper is a cool colour.

    I don’t have a problem with asymmetrical helmets. The Steelers are proof that it can work.

    What I don’t like – helmet numbers. Way too big and the mix of modern oversized pitchfork with traditional but well modernly oversized and off-centered side numbers is off code.

    Side tridents are terrible on the pants. BTW: I suspect the slices in the pant tridents have to do with the size of the feature and preventing it’s likely tearing, peeling or otherwise breaking down in the wear and tear of competition. As someone else stated, if you have to slice it up to make it work, it doesn’t work.

    Oversized images – It has worked on occasion but it looks goofy on the Buccaneers’ helmets and looks bad here. That goes for the pants too.

    Alts, period. How many games will a team like ASU play anyway? 12? How many deviations from the norm can you have before deviation IS the norm?


    It will be interesting to see if some player who crowds the plate actually interferes with the strike zone because of his draping shirt, What happens if it gets hit, but in the strike zone?

    THE BROWNS LAST NIGHT. Not for nothing, but the “browns” wordmark on the pants is hard to make out when they’re actually moving. So, for about 3 seconds every 30, the unis look OK.


    “Two things on my bucket list are 1) catching a visiting homer at Wrigley and hanging on to it, and 2) eating a hotdog with ketchup while catching said homer at said park.”

    – Jimmer Vilk

    Note to Jimmer- Interfering with baseball’s at Wrigley Field can have horrible consequences.


    I like how the guy in the Twitter war said no one thought the Seahawks looked good until they won. Asinine. Winning doesn’t make an ugly or stupid uniform look good or classy. Oh sure,people who are front runners will buy the stuff though.

    ASU has perfect uniforms recently. Now they are stupid. Copper isn’t a school color.

    Aw man… That post from 2009.
    I really shined in that particular comments section.
    Once again, I apologize.

    Question about the copper/chrome type football face masks that are getting more popular:

    For non-metallic face masks, the coating is usually a flexible rubbery material that will give with impact. For these chrome ones, I assume it’s a harder material that may be prone to chipping or flaking on impact. This was a problem with goalie cage masks when they first started chroming them, when the puck hit the chrome would flake off and get into your eye – not fun.

    Anyone know if this is an issue with the football ones?

    For the record I love these ASU uniforms – everything looks good to me.

    Stopped chroming and started using stainless steel, sometimes polished to look like Chrome. But would not work for coloured Chrome.

    I only found out about the Portland Mavericks about a couple weeks ago, and I knew I had to be out at that game last night. I saw the documentary a few days ago and that only added to my interest. The Mavericks were just one of those teams in a time and place that seems like it was a perfect storm for them, and the various stories from those years are classic.

    When it was mentioned they’d be wearing replica uniforms, I was really hoping they’d go all the way with the reproductions, so I loved the all-red look brought back for a night, plus those amazing tri-color hats (I don’t think I’d seen them in any other case except the Expos) and the stirrups.

    I moved from California to Portland a few months ago, and I think I’d have been sad to have missed this. I’ve been to and photographed a lot of baseball games, and I love unique looks like this. I know they were commonplace in the 70s in particular and the 80s still had a number of teams in the baby blue tops and pants, but this showed dedication to the look at the time.

    There were also close to 20 former Mavericks players there, including Frank Peters, Rob Nelson (of Big League Chew fame), Jim Swanson, the left-handed catching catcher, and more, and they all seemed to really love the event and appreciate the memories.

    I uploaded a few shots I took from the game here – link – and will have more up on my own site hopefully by the end of the day. I just loved the chance to see something like this in person.

    Military Uniforms – “Army of One” is a concept that should cover use of names on back. Maybe they should erect aigns with service members names on it at the game, or read off stories or names over the PA, or extend the students’ research to a larger part of the student body. Write letters to wounded service members, send them (anonymously) to children of KIA, or children of those deployed.

    As an ASU fan, I do not like these “Desert Ice” unis, the Devils looked so much better in maroon and yellow. Hell, I will even tolerate the BFBS, but the huge logos everywhere, and the constant fashion parade that College football has become is a big turn off for me. And how come no one has limited college teams to one helmet like they do for the NFL? College athletes aren’t getting paid for their time so why not make their safety a number one priority? Oh yeah, recruiting dollars, never mind.

    There’s also the possibility that the NFL’s one-helmet rule isn’t entirely based on safety as they claim. Logic would dictate that a brand new helmet would be safer than one that’s been impacted multiple times, and the NFL has released exactly 0 statistics to justify their rule.

    My recollection is that the “one helmet” rule is because there are some guys grandfathered into old helmet designs and they don’t want them wearing an old helmet for most games and having to wear a new helmet design for a couple of games.

    If there were a rule like “you all must wear Riddell Flex” then the one helmet rule wouldn’t make sense.

    Yeah, I recall hearing something like that as well… and the entire idea of grandfathered safety equipment is bullshit. If we assume that each new helmet design is slightly more safe than the previous versions, then every player should have to wear the newest styles. This is the multi-billion dollar NFL, not some ragtag rec league playing with hand-me-down equipment.

    “Has anybody else ever worn a peace sign as part of their uniform?”

    Not uniforms, but Petty Enterprises cars had peace symbol-shape headrests in 1971:


    Does anyone have an issue with every uni set that Adidas rolls out looking exactly the same? Whether it’s the basketball sets with the giant cummerbund stripe on the shorts last spring or this years football uniforms for Miami, Louisville, ASU, UCLA, or Nebraska. School name above the numbers, tire tread pattern, chrome numbers. It’s all the same. Obviously schools switch providers for the money, but who wants to look like everyone else? People trash Nike for their unique fonts for each school, but I’d rather have my own font than look like everyone else. Just my two cents.

    re: Oakland Seals.

    Chris Creamer is quite correct. That picture was one of several the old Weekend Magazine (in our large Canadian Saturday newspapers at the time) displayed from pre-season games leading into the expansion season of 1967-68.

    I’m pretty sure the Oakland Seal is legendary defensemen Bobby Baun, which would also confirm a pre-season game in the NHL’s Seals first season

    My first act as NFL commissioner would be to outlaw unitards. The Browns’ brown pants and socks look atrocious together. How can a league that is so incredibly image conscious allow that look to be displayed?

    I’m curious about the specs for the 76 Sox uniform. I see the white hat they wore briefly wasn’t included. Is that because this image is from after they were dropped?

    That’s correct. It’s not a 1976 spec.

    The other way you can tell is the inclusion of white pants. They were not part of the original design, but we’re a later addition. If memory serves, Bill Veeck added them in 1980, but they only wore them once or twice. In 1981, the white pants became the standard pants, worn home and away.

    I can’t picture an American hockey jersey with advertising…



    Granted, they were minor league and the businesses owned the team…

    “sun devil nation” Why does every fan base have to add nation on to their team name. I’m from Kentucky and I’m not saying we were the first but rather the first that i can remember to use that term to describe our fanbase with the BBN Big Blue Nation. It would be interesting to see where it originated

    Interesting picture focusing on Eddie Gaedel in the colorization segment of today’s Uni Watch. But, there’s another person in the picture sitting to Gaedel’s immediate right who, in spite of playing 10 seasons in the big leagues, is more famous as an actor. That’s John Beradino, who began his acting career in 1948 while a member of the World Series champion, Cleveland Indians. Although he was never even a B-list movie star, he appeared in many TV shows during the ’50’s and ’60’s, but is most well-known for his 30-year run playing Dr. Steve Hardy in one of the longest running soaps in television history, “General Hospital”.

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