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New Texas A&M Unis Unveiled for Halloween Game

By John Ekdahl

Sorry for the delay!

Texas A&M unveiled their new Aggie Nights Primeknit alternate football uniform for Halloween. From the Adidas website:

Texas A&M and adidas today unveiled the Aggie Nights Primeknit alternate football uniform, which will be worn by the Aggies exclusively on Halloween, Saturday, October 31st, versus South Carolina at Kyle Field. Developed in collaboration with Texas A&M Athletics, the new special edition uniform is at the forefront of design and innovation, providing players with the perfect blend of style and technology for elite performance.

Centered around an all-black theme for Halloween, the Aggie Nights Primeknit alternate uniform features Texas A&M’s “Lone Star Logo” clear-coated seamlessly into the black satin finish of a HydroSkin ® helmet from Hydro Graphics Inc. (HGI). This innovative helmet features all-new reflective technology to light up the night. The black jersey and pants are highlighted with silver metallic numbers and stripes with carbon-fiber detailing, while the “Texas A&M” moniker is featured in metallic maroon lettering with carbon-fiber detailing across the chest. Additionally, the Lone Star Logo is also incorporated into the pant stripes, creating a cohesive signature look.

More pictures at their site.

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The Diamondbacks will be wearing a Randy Johnson patch on their hats today.

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Phil with a great shot of the original Expos uniforms.

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Nice catch here. What’s this about?

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Here are some photos of the Nuggets new unis.

Comments (18)

    Bleh… The A&M uniforms are just more of the boring same… BLACK. Now that’s an original idea. Give me a break! When will someone introduce a damn good uniform change??? Seems like its been forever.

    I don’t understand A&M wearing the black. It’s not their color. Is it for Halloween? Ok,I didn’t know college kids needed that kind of coddling but ok. They should wear orange too. Idiots. Maybe wear some vampire teeth too. A&M had perfect uniforms. Before this current garbage. Stupid font. Stupid unnecessary stripes.

    The Brewers played San Diego Thursday and had no local broadcast. The San Diego feed was used in-house. Maybe that had something to do with it.

    The WNBA ends its week for Breast Cancer Awareness on Sunday.

    In the middle of the week, the L.A. Sparks wore a special pink uniform that had an extreme “racer back” design that was too small to allow the uniform number to be displayed. I guess that’s a new category: ONOB .. “Only Name On Back”?

    They had plenty of room for numbers, just not both name and numbers.

    Why not just go NNOB?

    This set of Aggie uniforms is absolutely terrible. I know the uniform has become a recruiting tool but seriously? I wish at some point the NCAA start to limit the number of uni sets that college football teams can use. Also, enough with the special names and back stories on the uniforms. Ugggghhhhh

    Between the Expos pic today, and the logo analysis yesterday, I couldn’t be happier.

    Well, okay, if one of those teams relocated to Montreal…

    Are the sizes of the letters on the Nuggets NOB bigger than the league-mandated 2-1/2 inch (IMO ugly) size? I wish they would go back to the 3 inches.

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