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Designing Minds, Volume VI

Master 550

By Phil Hecken

Every so often, as a lede, I will run a set of uniform concepts from a single designer that are either so good, so innovative, or so special that they deserve to be set apart from the normal “Concepts” section.

Today’s featured designer took up my call a few weeks ago for a “Li’l Help,” — and the piece you’re about to see today is quite timely: the first Republican Debate is this evening (and here are the ten candidates who made the cut), and the designer, Carlos Foglia approached me with the idea of creating “better” presidential logos than those currently used by the 127 many declared candidates. When we discussed this piece, Carlos suggested making the candidate logos based off baseball teams. Intrigued, I asked him to go for it.

Before we get into the logos, I interviewed Carlos to get to know him a bit better:

Uni Watch: Where do you live and what do you do for a living?

Carlos Foglia:I live in Silverlake (a tiny quaint village in LA), but grew up and studied in Boston. I’m a Creative Producer for White Eagle Productions, a wonderful production company that has written for many hit TV shows and designed for everything under the radar.

UW: Any clients we’d know?

CF: Our past clients include NBC Universal, SyFy, The Blacklist, Brimmer Street Theatre, Michael Dunbar Limited and the DarkSauce-GasRat-Gordon Project.

UW: How long have you been doing this?

CF: I myself have been writing and designing for 15 years. Currently I’m developing my latest pilot with my partner while juggling dozens of design projects. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

UW: Do you do your designs in Photoshop or similar program?

CF: I design in all mediums and usually incorporate Illustrator and Photoshop in most of my designs.

UW: Who are your influences?

CF: If I had to name creative inspirations, they would be, Moffat, Gatiss, Vignelli, Eames, Johnston, Radom, Kandinsky, Crouch and my incredible circle of artists that I call family/friends.

UW: I take it you’re a sports fan. Any favorite teams/players?

CF: Sports wise my family had season tickets to the Patriots for about 20 years, half of which were the some of the bad years — like cold steel benches original Foxboro bad. I’ve seen, in person, the Yankees ruin many Falls, but 2004 more than made up for any of that old rubbish. Larry Bird, Drew Bledsoe and David Ortiz have all made eye contact with me, so I’ll be devout till the end.

UW: What or who do you do your designs for?

CF: I design for everything from corporate identity, branding, to theatre companies, movie studios, photographers, Major TV shows and everything in between. I enjoy being the mechanism for designing and creating art that serves a purpose and helps someone else accomplish a goal.

UW: Cool! Obviously you read Uni Watch — how did you find us?

CW: I visit 3 sites religiously every day and they are Uni Watch, Macrumors and ESPN, and have been doing so for years. I discovered Uni-Watch when on ESPN one day and haven’t look back. I’ve also had the pleasure of having Todd Radom offer some priceless advice that I’ve used for years. I run away from snark so I only check the news when I’m feeling to happy and need a bring me down. I purposely left any purple out of the Rockies logo in deference to the other man upstairs in charge.

UW: HAH! A Rockies logo without purple? That’s…well, I guess we’ll see. How can readers see more of your work?

CW: You can contact me on Twitter and Instagram @LACarlos or you can contact me, long form wise with any inquiries and see all of my recent work at

UW: Fantastic. OK — if you could describe the project, and then we’ll check out the Prexy logos!

. . . . .

The Project:

I recently became a U.S Citizen. I know right, thank you. For years I couldn’t vote, but managed to help out with as many campaigns as I could. (You’re welcome Kerry), But now, with my first presidential election on the horizon I am coming to the sad realization…how boring can we get? No that’s not a quip on the candidates fiery, exciting nature. I understand that politicians are for the most part bound to 3 specific colors and an occasional “crazy” one like light blue (Bernie, you’re so progressive). But Presidential campaign logos and collateral have become so predictably unoriginal that when someone does do something different, everyone freaks out. So I wondered what if we weren’t bound to red white and blue and 8×6 placards? What if we could use the colors that represented the candidates roots, Ted Cruz, the way sports teams do? That idea popped into my head, and an email to Phil later and here we are.

I have no allegiance to any candidate on this list. I tried to take the Candidate, analyze where they were from, at any point in their lives, and try to cross reference that with any motifs or links that I could make with their campaign slogans and logos into their respective MLB logos. I do not own any of the source material, but you can bet your ass I own the subsequent designs, so please credit where appropriate.

. . . . .

[Phil here — I’m going to run Carlos’ logos inline, but I’ve but the current logo in their name link — with the exception of as-yet-undeclared Joe Biden]


Toronto Blue Jays/Ted Cruz

Canada’s 770th most important export to the US. (Drake comes in at 771st) That’s only if you include SCTV’s entire cast as 1 entry. (In case you’re curious Thomas Ahern, Nathan Fillion, James and Ryan Gosling, Emily Bett Rickards, Sydney Newman, Maple Syrup, Bacon, Hockey, and Beer are your top 10)



New York Mets/Hillary Clinton

Always a Junior Senator; just like the Mets. With roots in Chicago, Arkansas, Massachusetts, New York and D.C this campaign has been around. Just like Keith Hernandez’ Mustache.



Tampa Bay Rays/Jeb Bush

Deeeeep in the heart of Tampa!



Washington Nationals/Joe Biden

He’s just a regular Joe, like you and I! Biden his time till he can make a grand entrance.



New York Yankees/Donald Trump

No one but Donald Trump would desecrate the most famous sports logo in the world for his own advantage, SHUT UP I’LL SUE YOU, and call the mobs of enraged Yankees fans narcissists. And this is coming from a Red Sox fan.



Texas Rangers/Rick Perry

The Rangers just lost to the Yankees 21-5, but it could be worse, Donald Trump has a 21% – 2% lead over Rick Perry.



Detroit Tigers/Ben Carson

More like the TEA-troit Tigers, amirite?!



Boston Red Sox/Bernie Sanders

One of the oldest entries in to the race, full of so much potential and coiffeurs stacked with millions pouring in. But with literally 0% chance of winning anything. Anything. Side note: I’ve only found the time to do this project at all because I’m a Red Sox fan. We could donate Rick Porcello’s salary to Bernie’s campaign and it would be more useful. We could also have Bernie pitch instead of 4/5ths of our staff and it would be more effective.



Pittsburgh Pirates/Rick Santorum

All about that Pirate Treasure.



Miami Marlins/Marco Rubio

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started typing Ricky Rubio before correcting myself. The Marlins have a better shot at winning a World Series, and I wish that was a joke. As soon as his campaign ends, in about 3 weeks, I propose we rename the legendary pool game Marco! Rubio!



Baltimore Orioles/Martin O’Malley

Adorable, Unassuming, occasionally bombastic and featured on The Wire from time to time.



Milwaukee Brewers/Scott Walker

Everything here is in fact as adorable and threatening as a baby elephant.



Oakland Athletics/Alex Anderson

Who? Exactly. Using a saber metric algorithm you will absolutely not understand I found a gem of a candidate. An actual Republican from California whose initials are A A.



Trenton Thunder/Chris Christie

Like the Election New Jersey doesn’t have a Major League Player/Team to bring to the table. But they do have a Yankee Double A affiliate, which sums up Chris Christie quite nicely. Side Note: I resisted naming them the Thunder Thighs. Barely.



Philadelphia Phillies/Rand Paul

Rand loves carrying the torch in his campaign logo, and since the Phillies are officially a dumpster fire, this works just fine.


Rockies/Carly Fiorina

No, Carly is not from Colorado, but like Hewlett Packard, The Rockies also haven’t been relevant since 2007.

. . . . .

Thanks, Carlos! Great stuff (and clearly some of those are tongue-in-cheek, or at least I hope so!). And hey, if things don’t work out so well for Ms. Fiorina, you could possibly use that logo yourself.

OK, readers — what do you think? Not sure how many of you are into politics (or prexy campaigns), but 2016 should be one of the more interesting ones. Perhaps I’ll do an analysis of the logos of the candidates (or perhaps not). But either way, big thanks to ‘Los for undertaking this project and for sharing with us. Let him know what you think in the comments down below. And don’t forget, the debate (for the 10 who got in) is tonight at 9:00 (EDT) on Fox.

line - red, white & blue

Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

I play softball every week in a co-ed media league in Chicago. We all play to win, but it’s mainly a fun league where people don’t take things super-seriously. For instance, while most people wear spikes and baseball gear, some folks play in tennis shoes, yoga pants or jeans.

One guy on my team goes the opposite way – he’s the only player in the league to wear batting gloves. He wears them every at-bat, too. It reminds me of my girlfriend, who brings her bowling ball, shoes and wrist gear to the alley every time we bowl, even if we’re doing a dinner-date thing.

Are there any accessories or gear that you cannot play a sport without? Why? Is it for comfort, good luck, or does it help you play better?

I was in seventh grade in 2002-03, during the height of the basketball headband era. I wore a headband every game, and the few times I forgot to wear it I felt naked. I mainly wore it to look cool, not because I actually needed to keep sweat out of my face.

line - red, white & blue

Uni Watch News Ticker
Compiled By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: Paul was quoted in this piece on why the Mets don’t have a memorial patch for late owner Nelson Doubleday, Jr. … A Cubs blog broke down the team’s record by both uniforms worn and TV stations where games were broadcast (from Matt Shepardson). … The minor league State College Spikes are honoring soon-to-be-inducted NFL Hall of Famer Jerome Bettis (from Phil). … The White Sox have been remembering the 2005 World Series team all season long, and that includes having the bat boy wear No. 05 (from Matt Larsen). … A few Giants players’ pants and jerseys were different shade of gray the other night (from Don Diaz). … Is that a sticker decal on Addison Russell’s bat? (From Jamie Uthe). … “At Tuesday night’s Rochester Red Wings-Gwinnett Braves game, lefty reliever Aaron Thompson of the Red Wings came in to face left-handed Braves batter Jordan Lennerton,” says Steve Vibert. “Thompson wore his pants high cuffed, but his blue socks didn’t reach the hem of his pants. Above the blue socks were his white sanitaries, creating a distracting mix of blue-white-gray, something I have never seen before. The home plate umpire called time and made him pull his high cuffs down, but they didn’t reach far enough. Then he made him pull his blue socks up, but they didn’t stretch to the hem. So he let him pitch like this.” … “Pretty sure new Cards pitcher Steve Chisek is wearing his stirrups wrong!” notes John Terry. … Don’t forget, kids, tonight is the night the Norfolk Tides are going Spongebob Squarepants (from Terrance Vanderhall). … The Arizona Diamondbacks are retiring the Big Unit’s #51 this Saturday, and not only will they wear a special cap during the game, all players will wear #51 jerseys during pre-game warmups.

NFL News: Browns linebacker Karlos Dansby sells a well-regarded brand of body wash. … The Eagles will wear a helmet decal in honor of Chuck Bednarik, the Hall of Fame linebacker and center who died in March (from Phil). … Deadspin got its hands on an NFL uniform policy document (from Anthony Bales). … Lions QBs have been wearing green jerseys made of recycled plastic bottles (from Phil). … Here’s a good color photo of the 1959 NFL Pro Bowl, with Johnny Unitas (from Ronnie Poore).

College Football News: New white uniforms for Cincinnati. Here’s another look (from Phil). … New helmets for Vanderbilt (from @1979amish). … New helmets for Auburn (from Phil). … Looks like Ohio State will have a black jersey this year (from Phil). … North Carolina fans enjoy the new argyle stripe on the football helmets, according to this poll (from James Gilbert). … New home uniforms for James Madison (from Aaron Reed). … “I have attached four photos of nose bumpers that appeared on Ohio State helmets in the mid 80’s under Earle Bruce,” says Jim Gumm. “Curious as to what ‘SAS‘ and ‘MVP‘ were? They looked like Riddell helmets but I’m not 100 percent sure. All of these photos were from Athlon Magazines from 1983-1986.” Does anyone know more? … New helmets for Tennessee Tech (via Uniform Junkie). … New uniform combos coming soon for The Citadel.

Hockey News: Here’s the logo for the Stadium Series game between the Blackhawks and Wild at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis in February (from Phil). … The Devils are holding a fan design contest for goalie Cory Schneider’s new mask. Winner gets four tickets, a signed stick and a meet-and-greet with Schneider (from Phil). … A hockey site named the best players to ever wear each number, from double-zero to 99 (from Chris Flinn).

Soccer News: New crest for USA Soccer, according to Footy Headlines. … A German judge ordered two 1860 Munich fans that attacked a Bayern Munich fan to buy a Bayern jersey in lieu of prison time (from Phil). … New kit for Marquette (from @chrisjsodergren). … Here’s a ranking of every Premier League home kit (from Harrison Hamm). … Adidas will make Sounders- and Timbers-themed KB8 basketball shoes (from Markus Kamp).

Pro Basketball News: Hartford-born Russia pro basketball player Aaron Jackson has a Whalers tattoo. More info on the Euroleague in this Grantland piece (from Jay Jay Dean). … Spalding sells a neat waste basket that looks like a rim with a basketball net (from Nolan Reagan).

College Hoops News: New uniforms for VCU (from Phil). … New court design for Butler (from Charles Weiss). … Here’s a clearer shot of Kentucky’s new logo.

Grab Bag: Here’s a look at what female golfers wear for the Solheim Cup (from Phil). … An artist embroiders plants onto sportswear logos (from Phil). … IndyCar driver Takuma Sato had a helmet for his 100th race this past weekend (from Chris Cruz). … It will cost an Arkansas high School $265,000 to change its logo and phase out Rebel imagery (from Phil). … A Nebraska high school has a new athletic apparel deal with Under Armour (from Phil).

line - red, white & blue

And that’s it for today. Thanks to Carlos for the presidential-cum-MLB-logos, Mike for the ticker and QOTW, and all who submitted for the ticker by e-mail and Twitter. Catch you guys tomorrow.

Follow me on Twitter @PhilHecken.


.. … ..

“If you tune into a game today and can’t tell who’s playing within the first 20 seconds”¦ you probably shouldn’t be watching sports to begin with.”
–The Jeff

line - red, white & blue

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Comments (64)

    >Former linebacker Karlos Dansby sells a renown brand of body wash.

    Dansby isn’t a former player, he’s currently on the Browns. and i think a team captain

    I really want to make a joke here about the Browns not having any real players, but it’s just not coming to me.

    When I was in high school I couldn’t play baseball without wristbands. On the the way to a tournament I realized I forgot mine at home and made my parents drive 20 minutes out of the way to find a sporting goods store to buy some. We won the game and the tournament so I guess it was the right thing to do.

    Now, I absolutely cannot play golf or even just hit balls without a glove.

    Agreed. Which is why I assume it’s not real. Though the blue outline needs to be a bit thicker (or the white space inside the outline thinner), and the flat top of the crest just doesn’t say “USA” to me. Probably because of the shapes of federal road signs and property signs and historic markers and whatnot, a double-scallop top says “USA” to me. It’s the one detail the current USA Soccer crest gets right.

    Bonus for the new design: No more stars for our men’s team. If they want stars on their chests, they’re going to have to earn them.

    This purported badge would be an upgrade. I don’t have a problem with the stars on the current badge; like Paraguay’s, they’re clearly a visual reference to the stars on the national flag. The fact that the women have three stars above the badge on their shirts shows that the Federation hasn’t been using the stars on the badge to signify championships they haven’t won.

    Yeah, I don’t mind the stars on the current crest in principle. I do mind that the stars in the crest aren’t a clear visual reference to the stars on our national flag. They’re nautical stars, which are very much not found on the Stars and Stripes. Fine in theory, bad in practice.

    Anyway, our men could clearly use some motivation. Wearing no stars at all on their jersey sends the right message in my book. Our women have earned their stars. Time for the men to step up. Which I absolutely believe they can! We were one horrible refereeing call in the quarters versus Germany from a more or less automatic trip to the final against Brazil in 2002. We should expect our men to knock on the door of the semis every tournament, and if you can get there, you’re just a couple of lucky breaks from lifting the trophy.

    I imagine this isn’t really a new U.S. Soccer crest, just a logo for the Olympic jerseys. My recollection is that the Olympics only allows country names and flags (and swooshes!) on uniforms, not federation logos/names.

    Martin O’Malley never appeared on The Wire. Actually, he hated the show and tried to strong-arm David Simon into portraying Baltimore in a more favorable light:

    Now, former MD governor Robert Ehrlich appeared on The Wire at least once, playing a City Hall security guard as I recall. But definitely not O’Malley.

    Considering he was loosely the model for Aiden Gillen’s character, imcan see why. :)

    Fun project from Carlos! But where’s my man Jim Webb? Born and raised in Missouri, spent most of his adult life in Virginia. Plus, he knows which way the apostrophe points:


    Buried deep deep deep in this mixtape of Canadian music is a life-altering song by a guy known only as “Howard.” The mixtape aside, Howard quite literally does not exist (on the interwebs at least). Nevertheless, this one song alone warrants his inclusion in the Canadian Top 10:

    QotW: When I played baseball in 3rd & 4th grade, I always wore a batting glove on my left hand while batting–not because it added any additional grip over that already on my aluminum bat, but because I’d seen MLB players do likewise.
    My parents also have pictures of me playing t-ball in the 2 years prior to that wearing some ugly maroon stirrups that weren’t in any way part of our uniform (which was just a league-issued t-shirt and whatever shorts/pants we wanted to wear). I also wore white baseball pants that 2nd year, also, not because they were part of the uniform but because that’s how they did it in the bigs.

    The Blue Jays logo for Ted Cruz just made me laugh at my desk, causing a couple heads to turn.

    I played the junior tennis circuit as a kid for 7-8 years, and don’t know that I ever DIDN’T wear one of these, even when playing indoors:
    More ridiculous than that even, I wore one during the 2-3 winters played on the junior squash circuit as well.

    My fashion faux pas came with a tradeoff, it seems. On the one hand, I started losing my hair at an extremely young age (not entirely chapeau-related); on the other, according to my dermatologist I haven’t had anywhere near the number or severity of skin disease issues that someone who spent as much time in the sun sans UV protection could expect to experience. (*knocks on wood*)


    I wear a batting glove when I play softball–even under my fielder’s glove. I just like the feel of it inside my glove.

    I think I started wearing it when I went to the batting cages without a glove and my hand got shredded.`
    Then being the lazy@$$ that I am, it just seemed easier to leave it on.

    PS: j/k about the eye black

    per the Ohio State Helmets.
    They were not just “nose bumpers” they were brands of helmets.
    There used to b a lot more brands-they also used to wear a brand called Gladiator. When my dad coached high school football-his quarterback (Garcia Lane)was recruited to play a Ohio State and wore a Gladiator.

    SAS and MVP were both the very Gladiator helmet you mentioned, the GHH Hydra helmet. It was similar too Riddell’s HA MicroFit (aka ‘water helmet’) that used a liquid solution within the padded, vinyl cells along with traditional foam padding to absorb the impacts . I believe the company which was originally Gladiator/Medalist (the same company that became (Sandknit/Medalist) was either sold or was taken over and subsequently became SAS and MVP. Can’t remember what the letters stood for : (

    right. right.
    I was an equipment manager for a long time.
    for my dad when he coached high school-my high school team (Cardinal Mooney)-my college (Youngstown State). High School we had majority Riddell but we had stragglers of Wilson-Gladiators etc. In college it was 90% Riddell (this was early 90s) eventually went mostly Air/Bike/Schutt

    Would this be the Cardinal Mooney HS in Rochester, NY? I have a co-worker who went there, and judging by the timeframe you say you were in college, you two may have been classmates, or at least HS contemporaries.

    Nice work Carlos.

    QOTD: 1) ankle braces (though not so much a fashion accessory as a not-spending-weeks-in-a-cast requirement)
    2) an ace bandage wrist wrap on my shooting hand. I started wearing it when I was having some carpal tunnel issues, and I started shooting much better with it, so now I always use it. I theorize (or rationalize) that it actually stabilizes my shooting motion and allows me to shoot through contact inside.

    Donald Trump owned, if not created, the New Jersey Generals; no logo based on that?

    Yes, that’s a limited point of reference anywhere else in the world. But not in these parts, where I figure 80% of us can pick the Generals helmet out of a lineup.

    Trump definitely did not create the NJ Generals. He did own them long enough to ruin the USFL (there is a whole documentary on it).

    Trump was bad for football, he is bad for America!


    Qotw: whenever I go bowling recreationally, I always have to wear my own bowling shoes. The rental shoes at the alley usually have no grip, are loose, and feel flimsy on my feet.


    hockey especially in goal – flydanna/bandana a la Kelly Hrudey. mainly for sweat, but feel somewhat naked without it even at the start of a game.

    slo-pitch – if weather isn’t too hot, one of the very few if not only one in the league to wear baseball pants.

    golf – used to wear a pair of gloves. the rare time I play now it’s just the one.

    QOTD: I cannot swim a straight line, so, goggles every time. They’re old and foggy, but all I need to see is the stripe at the bottom of the pool.

    I got back to riding a bicycle during the “modern helmet era” of the 90s, and got my first helmet then. Now I feel naked without one. And my cycling computer will tell you that I don’t race.

    Mike’s QOTW: Haven’t played softball in a decade, but I always wore a batting glove for fielding and batting — but at least half of the other players did too, so I never considered it out of the ordinary or stylin’. Wore it so I didn’t get blisters.

    Related: I still play tennis on a fairly regular basis, but not enough to have developed proper calluses on my playing hand so I always wear bandages wrapped in tape on my thumb and middle finger.

    Blisters are the worst. I get them at the base of my thumb when I bowl using my own ball.

    During my HS football days, I had to have my forearm pads and lineman gloves. At first it was a comfort thing, but it soon became an integral part of my pre-game, gear up, mental preparation. Once I had the gloves on, football was the only thing that mattered.
    I was also small for my position and took advantage of any gear that would make me look bigger – i.e., over-sized shoulder pads and thigh pads.

    Growing up in New Orleans, I was a referee in the inline hockey league I also played in. (So as a 15 or 16 year old, I could ref the 10 or 12 and unders, for example.) I was the only referee who had a visor on my black helmet. I liked the look and the protection, and I didn’t mind the lesser air flow or being different looking. Took a game or two to get used to it, but then it was completely normal. So yeah. Visor.

    It was explained on last night’s TV broadcast the reason why the Giants’ uniform tops appear to be a different color is that certain players (e.g. Posey & MadBum) had sweated through them. Atlanta in August…yea!

    Also, if Shatner and Tim Bits aren’t in the top ten list of best Canadian exports, it isn’t a proper list!

    So many people yet such little time. Yes, Shatner should be in the Top Ten, I retroactively move Ryan Gosling to 15th, so as to allow some movement.

    The list overlooks Gordon Lightfoot. GRRRR!

    I’m curious as to what treatment you’d give Kasich’s logo…


    Would you have used Cincinnati’s wishbone C in some way or maybe the Indians’ 1970’s crooked font?

    Gordon Lightfoot lives in Toronto, so I’d argue he doesn’t count as a Canadian export to the US.

    I have another qotw answer. When I was 12, my little league team’s coach bought a couple of batting shin guards with the little shoe flap for us to use if we wanted. You bet I incorporated it into my look! One time I was on deck to start the inning, but the shin guards were buried, and the kid in front of me hit the first pitch, so it was my turn and I had to go without it. The coaches said they didn’t recognize me up at bat!

    Definetely haven’t gone to lengths when I forgot sone piece of equipment but I have always worn things that should be in pairs, in just one piece. When playing baseball in College, I would bat only with a right hand glove. When I played handball in hogh school (the olympic sport, not the one Jake Plummer plays) I only wore my left knee pad as I’m right handed and never dove with my right knee first and while playing flag football I only wear a glove on the left hand (I’m the QB) as I don’t like the feel of throwing glove handed but foubd it useful when having to carry the ball or receive a pass.

    Republican Prez candidates: Rick Santorum should be tied to the Padres because of the original colour scheme. And Dan Savage.

    QOTW: Whenever I play soccer, I tape my socks – As a kid our kits used to have terrible polyester socks that had no elasticity left in them, so you’d pull then tight, tape above your ankle bone so they wouldn’t don’t slide into my shoes and mess up your feet. Regardless of newfangled sock technology, I still use the electrical tape, also serving to keep shin pads in place.


    Even well into his professional career, Wilt the Stilt wore rubber bands around his wrists for the very same reason:

    QOTW: When I go running, I roll a bandanna up to make a head band. But I only do this when running outdoors, I have never done this when I’m inside on a treadmill.

    I was always the type of person to over- accessorize. Back in the day when NBA players used to always rock the sweatbands, I wore them in rec ball. I would always have to put it on my elbow/bicep because it was way too small on my wrist at the time. I felt that if i had it on, I would play better. When I played baseball I always wore my batting gloves and did that thing that Nomar Garciaparra did
    Now, I use these McDavid knee pads when im playing volleyball and basketball. Originally they were used for protection in volleyball but it got to a point where i could never play without them. I have also added the bandana/headband because I dont want to get sweat in my eyes.

    Good stuff everyone.

    When playing basketball I’ve started to wear a wristband on my left wrist. I do it to look cool, I guess. I don’t know. Also when I walk anywhere, I have a pedometer on my hip or in my pocket.

    Re the purported new US soccer crest, makes me wonder about championship stars. With the scalloped top of the current crest, the stacked three-star arrangement of the USWNT makes strong visual sense. But not so much with the very strong horizontal and vertical lines of the alleged new crest:


    I suspect we may be in for a flat three-star arrangement with the new crest.

    Re: The Ohio State “MVP” helmet photo – could George Cooper’s helmet stripe be any shorter and further off-center? Can’t believe nobody’s brought that up yet.

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