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Last Thanksgiving I was all reflective and thoughtful because my arm was in a cast and my city was still reeling from Sandy. This year I’m taking the more straightforward route: I’m super-duper-thankful for all the people who keep this here site running, including interns Mike Chamernik and Garrett McGrath (two great new additions to the Uni Watch family), “Collector’s Corner” columnist Brinke Guthrie, weekend contributors Terry Duroncelet and Catherine Ryan, webmaster John Ekdahl, and of course bench coach and weekend editor Phil Hecken, by far the hardest-working and most loyal collaborator anyone could ever hope for. Big thanks to all you — I literally couldn’t do this without you.

By the time most of you read this, I’ll be on my way to pick up my brother in Queens. From there we’ll head to Long Island, where we’ll be celebrating the holiday with our Mom. However you’ll be spending the day, I hope it’s a good one. Be good, travel safe, and don’t hog the gravy boat. Peace. ”” Paul

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    You’re allowed to groan, they are allowed to be offended, and you are entitled to not care if they are.

    That’s America.

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

    I got to yesterday’s comments late, and want to add my 2 cents about Nationals Park. I went to a game there this summer. It was an entirely acceptable modern ballpark, but that’s where I realized that the best of the new parks are the ones that integrate the surrounding city into the design. Seeing the bay in San Francisco or the warehouse in Baltimore or the river and downtown in Pittsburgh is a lot better than parking garages and office buildings for contractors. If they’d managed to make the view of the Capitol available from most of Nats Park, it would have been a great improvement.

    As it happened, there was a rain delay the night I was there, and so I had to leave after seven innings to make sure I got the subway back into town. If the Metro won’t run later, there might be some benefit to a roof.

    Totally, Bob, totally.

    Thanks Paul, Phil, Brinkie, John, Terry, Catherine, Mike, Garret, Kati, Ben, Annie, Jack, Danny, Molly, Isabel.

    and Connie too!

    Thanksgiving greetings to all from Cozumel Mexico! Annual dive trip and vacation.

    In celebration of our local Jacksonville Jaguars, our turkey is coming out of the over in a nice gradient of dark meat to white meat.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all, and thanks to everyone at UniWatch for a great site!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Did anyone watching the Macy’s parade notice the jerseys some of the extras were wearing on the NHL float? I swear that I’ve never seen that Islanders one before. The blue color and overall design were different and had a “72” on the upper right chest (year club started). Any ideas about these?

    Happy Thanksgiving and Chanukah to Paul and the crew from the frozen tundra of Western New York. It was a nice toasty 15 at 6 a.m. but now the sun is out and it’s a boiling 21. And me without my shades and sunblock! LOL

    Heritage classic jerseys unveiled today. Canucks will be sporting their Millionaires throwbacks again while Senators will go with a cream version of their current faux throwback 3rd.


    Very grateful for Paul and Phil and all their hard work and what a blessing it’s been to me to read about uniforms every morning of my life.

    Hmm…should I go with Paul Lukas on this one, or Navajo Code Talker Roy Hawthorne?

    That’s a tough one…


    And we’re thankful for all of YOU guys!!! This blog is the only thing I HAVE to read on a daily basis. Keeps me sane! Mozeltov!!!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their day whether they are celebrating Thanksgiving, Chanukah, both or neither!
    Thanks to all in the Uni Watch family, be they content providers or commentators…it is all of you who make this site the best!
    May your high school alma mater be victorious!

    Happy Thanksgiving. BTW, you think thanks to that One Helmet rule in the NFL, the Cowboys will bring back those “Double Star” jerseys from the 1990s in blue next Thanksgiving?

    Is this the very FIRST time the Cowboys have ever worn a “regular” dark jersey at home – other than perhaps the 1960-1964 era original franchise uniform, or the Throwbacks or DoubleStar Blue versions worn for Thanksgiving? Curious. My guess is that today is the very first time ….

    If the Cowboys are gonna wear blue on Thanksgiving, my hope is next year they wear a lighter blue throwback (circa Superbowl 5)

    so the cowboys go with a different silver for their pants, and it still doesn’t match the helmet…

    Anyone catch a screencap of Dez Bryant’s back of the jersey number problem? The second 8 is a mess.

    Not sure if this is old news, and I can’t get a screen cap from my sister’s TV, but the second 8 on the back of Dez Bryant’s is missing the outline on the inner edge.

    Anybody notice Matt Flynn’s jersey today? Did we get that thing from the Footlocker before the game? No neck trim, no NFL collar logo, mesh with dazzle shoulder inserts, etc.

    Packers have dazzle shoulders and mesh, perhaps that’s where the confusion came from. Beer Goggles + old-style* construction = replica.

    *relative to the majority of NFL jerseys.

    the absurd thing is that the event was once sold as a way to shop for your family for the holidays (for me it’s Christmas), but by pushing it back to Thanksgiving they are either saying Screw the family, go shop for your family, or screw your family, go shop for yourself.

    Obviously its always been about the money, but could they at least reserve that jackpot day for after Thanksgiving? Do they have to force people to come into work, and promote shoppers leaving their family behind?

    I’ve never done any of the midnight/early morning deals, and this latest move ensures that I never will. I’ll stick to moving in mid-afternoon Friday and scooping up some DVDs on sale, and stick to getting my family what they want (as opposed to a product that is on sale that I think they will like).

    Surely I’m not the only one who likes the Cowboys’ blue uniforms better than their normal ones.

    I may actually like their home uniforms if the pants weren’t more aqua than silver, and if they got rid of the black outlines on the stripes and matched their blues to their helmets.

    The only thing wrong with their blue uniforms is the shade of the silver pants, better than the aqua ones but still noticeably different from the helmet. They are way too warm, whereas the normal pants I think are the right temperature but the green tint throws everything off.

    I like the blue, but what drives me nuts is the white numbers with ……. wait for it, white outline. I want to punch whomever did that in the neck.

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