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“Fraud” Apparently Among Banned Words At Miller Park


By John Ekdahl

A Milwaukee Brewers fan was tossed out of Miller Park by security Wednesday night after she edited her Ryan Braun t-shirt to spell out the word “fraud”.

Karen Eidem, 37, of Pewaukee, said she papered over the letters “B” and “N” in Braun’s name with the letters “F” and “D” on the back of her Brewers shirt after the slugger accepted a season-ending, 65-game suspension after admitting to violating baseball’s rules on performance-enhancing drugs.

“A lot of fans complimented me on the jersey,” Eidem told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “It was all meant in good fun. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory.”

Eidem said security tapped her on the shoulder while she was standing with friends at the ballpark Wednesday night. She said she was told her the modified shirt violated the fan code of conduct, and that she would have to change the shirt or leave the ballpark. Eidem turned the shirt inside out and stayed for the game.

The Brewers issued a statement after learning of the indecent (available at the link) saying she should not have been ushered out of the stadium and that the code only covered offensive language, which did not apply here. I assume the Brewers will at least be offering her complimentary tickets. At 18 games under .500, I can’t imagine Brewers tickets are in very high demand.

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Alfonso Soriano returned to where his career began after being traded from the Cubs to the Yankees. Vernon Wells agreed to give up the number 12, so Soriano could keep the number he had worn for the Cubs as well as the Yankees before he was traded to the Rangers. Soriano initially donned the number 33 in 2001 for the Yankees.

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An American solider in full uniform pulled off a pretty ridiculous windmill dunk at the USA Basketball intrasquad scrimmage in Las Vegas.

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The website Bucky’s 5th Quarter seems to think new Wisconsin football uniform features will be revealed in NCAA Football 14. Check out the Oregon Ducks 2013 uniform color guide here and because I’m a giver, you New England peeps shouldn’t miss the Patriots cheerleaders’ swimsuit calendar launch party next month.

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    Obviously the Brewers were in the wrong, and it’s good that the organization is admitting error instead of retconning some BS “rule” to justify their employees’ conduct. But Karen Eidem herself commits some pretty egregious BS when she says,

    It was all meant in good fun. It wasn’t meant to be derogatory.

    Of course it was derogatory! Even as a joke, it only makes sense – it’s only “good fun” – if you assume that it’s derogatory in both fact and intent. If she honestly didn’t think that calling another person’s professional accomplishments fraudulent was derogatory, then she’s, well, stupid. But that’s beside the point: Intent doesn’t matter. Calling Ryan Braun a “fraud” is derogatory.

    Same with the Redskins, or Chief Wahoo: Nobody should care whether Dan Snyder or the Indians organization intends their nickname or mascot to be derogatory. They simply are derogatory. Objectively so; this fact is beyond reasonable argument. We can admit this fact, and admit the necessity of changing the nickname and mascot, without casting aspersions at the intent or character of anyone in the Washington or Cleveland front offices. Yes, “Redskins” is racially derogatory. No, that doesn’t make Dan Snyder or anyone in the Redskins front office a bigot. Dan Snyder says he intends “Redskins” as a term of respect and honor. I believe him! I also don’t care, because his intent doesn’t matter. The thing is what it is.

    Just as Eidem’s jersey is derogatory toward Ryan Braun, whatever she may claim about her intent. And good for her, because unlike our 5.2 million fellow Americans of native descent, Ryan Baun deserves it!


    Without a doubt Ms. Eidems’ act could be viewed as derogatory, if it were not absolutely 100% true. I hate to break it to you Arrr… but Mr. Braun is indeed a fraud. A massive grade A1 no doubter. A fraud who intentionally deceived his team, fans , the game and Bernie Brewer too for personal gain. Nothing derogatory about pointing out the measure of a mans actions.

    To quote Commander Pavel Chekov: Perhaps you have heard Russian epic Cinderella? If shoe fits, wear it!

    As for the 4-skins… while I doubt that Dan Snyder is a bigot – I do not doubt that he is an unqualified douche.

    “True” and “derogatory” are not mutually exclusive. Don Rickles made a career of being true, but derogatory. If, for instance, a frequent contributor to this site recently had someone say to him, “Gee, for someone who’s recently lost a lot of weight, you’re still pretty fat,” that would be true, but derogatory.

    The larger question is whether anyone ever deserves derrogation. In Mister Braun’s case, the answer is certainly “yes.”

    “Indecent” I think you mean “incident” although that might be a subconscious mistake.

    For the record, that is an Airman of the US Air Force.

    Damn straight he’s an “air” man! Nice hops, and nice dunk!

    While Paul is out we should have purple day. Change the color scheme for the website to purple and then post nothing but pics of Vikings, ravens, Rockies, TCU and northwestern!

    That’s an airman dunking. Soldiers are busy doing PT, being deployed, and closing with and destroying the enemies of the us of a.

    That’s an airman dunking. Soldiers are busy doing PT, being deployed, and closing with and destroying the enemies of the us of a.

    Right! Unlike those liberal Air Force wusses, who probably think the Redskins should change their name.

    Interesting story on the “Fraud” jersey. I think she had every right to express her dissatisfaction with Braun, and it was a clever way to do it. However, the Uni-Watch story kept referring to her being thrown out or being ushered out of the stadium. The actually story negates this claim. Se was given the option to change the shirt or leave, and she turned it inside out and stayed. That was in the part of the story that was quoted in the Uni-Watch story, so she was not kicked out of the game. I am glad, though, that the Brewers’ organization apologized for the inconvenience. Truth is, they probably agreed with her assessment of Braun.

    Not to be a homer, but the story is a bit contradictory. It states that Ms. Eidem was ushered out of Miller Park. It also says she turned her jersey inside out and stayed for the remainder of the game.

    Local reports here in Wisconsin are that she did in fact stay for the rest of the game, was given many apologies from the Brewers organization, and was offered complimentary tickets for a later game, which she accepted.

    So yeah, that Usher was in the wrong, and probably was reprimanded by the Brewers. But to me it just sounds like a big misunderstanding, and it sounds like the Brewers are doing a great job in controlling the situation an apologizing for their employee that was in the wrong.

    Change the A to an E. Surely no one would object to someone walking around in a FREUD jersey.

    Alfonso Soriano wore the number 58 in 1999 and number 53 in 2000 before wearing number 33 for the 2001 season. (According to Baseball Reference)

    Trivia: his number was 74 during his brief appearance with the Hiroshima Carp, back in 1996 after he joined the Carp’s “Dominican Academy”. That was how the Carp tried to develop young players on the cheap, and they often gave out numbers over 100 because (since the big club and the junior varsity share a number system) there was nothing available.

    At that time he tried to pass himself off as being 16 years old. His birth year somehow moved from 1980 to 1978 when he reached the Japanese majors, and then moved again, to 1976, when he got to the US majors.

    The weird thing about l’affaire Fraud Shirt is that it appears that Miller Park has a higher standard of decorum than anyplace else in America. A guy yells “You lie!” During the State of the Union address, and he doesn’t get kicked out of the Capitol. Mockery of any and all religious practices is protected as free speech. Lawrence O’Donnell raised vitiol against one particular religious group to performance art, and he was rewarded with a nightly chat show. Talking heads assail one another around the clock on teevee. We are drunk on discord, surfeited on cynicism and uncouth.

    But you better not disparage Ryan Braun in Miller Park, or there will be consequences!

    Showing disprespect toward god bless america at Yankee Stadium will get you ejected.

    Big plus to the A’s for the stirrups. Big minus to the Angels for the pajama pants.

    Also, the Angels are wearing early 60’s “LA” hats even though this is supposed to be a 1969 throwback, when the California Angels wore “CA” hats. Otherwise it looks to be the 1969 away design, including the centennial patch.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Angels wanted/needed to shoehorn a Los Angeles into their wardrobe at the expense of Getting It(tm). The cynic in me wonders if this is a test drive for permanent LA hats with the modern uniforms.

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