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Uni Watch Notes from the NBA Draft

Pretty cool scene at last night’s NBA Draft, as several draftees, including Nerlens Noel (top) and Ben McLemore, had their college jerseys sewn into the lining of their suits. I like that!

A few other notes from the draft:

• “I was talking to the sales rep at the Timberwolves draft party,” says reader Brett Stone. “He was saying the Wolves will be getting a new jersey around black Friday. I asked about the sleeves, and he hesitated and said I was headed in the right direction. He confirmed it wasn’t a throwback.”

• “I noticed the seams on the NBA balls (that the draftees are holding in the staged camera shots) are very different from before,” says reader Nick Tringale. “I noticed it during the Michael Carter-Williams pick.”

• “While the ‘experts’ were analyzing the Hawks’ pick of Dennis Schroeader, I noticed that the wrong flag was in the background,” says Chris Dillon. “Schroeder is from Germany, but that is not the German flag in the graphic.” Indeed, you can see that it doesn’t match the little flag patch on Schroeder’s jersey. (And yes, Schroeder is using a ball with a different seam pattern, but that’s a photo from a European game. Not what was being referred to in the previous graf.)

• Remember all the nonsense about MLBers and others having to drink their water out of Gatorade cups during televised press conferences? That’s nothing compared to this tweet that Jay Bilas sent out last night:

I think I’ll let that one speak for itself.

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’Skins Watch: Whatever you think about the ’Skins and related issues regarding Native American imagery in sports, the topic doesn’t seem to be going away. On the contrary, the discussion seems to be growing. Here are the latest dispatches:

• That “Inuit chief” who the ’Skins keep trotting out on their website as a human shield is pretty much a fraud. This had already been mentioned in a few places, but Deadspin has done a definitive write-up of the situation.

• Tony Kornheiser discussed the ’Skins issue on his radio show on Wednesday. To listen, go to the 20-minute mark here.

• A Washington Post columnist looked at the results of that recent ’Skins naming poll and has determined that DC-area sports fans are hypocrites.

• A George Washington University law professor has compared Paula Deen’s use of the n-word to the ’Skins team name.

• The website Indian Country Today reacts with a raised eyebrow to a minor league team’s plan to give away a General Custer bobblehead.

(My thanks to Matt DeMazza, Seth Shaw, Tommy Turner, and Phil for their contributions to this section.)

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Here are some larger, higher-res versions of the new Suns logos (from Keith Winney). … And although those Suns logos accentuate the black, the team is reportedly not abandoning purple. … New home kit for Everton (from Casey Hart). … The Lancaster Barnstormers (Atlantic League) will become the Lancaster Hex for “What Could Have Been Night.” … President Obama is currently traveling in Senegal, where the military unit that welcomed him had some crazy pants striping (from Sean Kane). … Check out the cool logo for the Rosie Reds, a Reds booster squad (from Frank Bitzer). … Someone has done a series of paintings of Jesus wearing soccer jerseys (from Trevor Williams). … Team Sky will use these new helmets by Kask at this year’s Tour de France. “The lids feature a sliding vent that can be opened for cooling purposes or closed for better aerodynamics,” explains Sean Clancy. … Here’s something from months ago that I think we may have missed: new helmets for Texas State (from Derek de la Cruz). … Blake Pass recently paid a visit to the UNC Men’s Basketball Museum and took some good photos. I especially love those uni-numbered stirrups and the red-trimmed jersey and shorts. … Reprinted from yesterday’s comments: Kings goalie Jonathan Quick is asking fans for input on the design of his next set of leg pads (from Joe Mueller). … According to this press release, Baylor football will wear 1950 throwbacks — oh, excuse me, it says “Nike throwbacks” — on Dec. 7. No official visuals yet, but Curtis Schroeder thinks the throwback might be the green-over-white uni seen in the background of this photo. … I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show (shocker), but Ryan Patrick says Limbaugh had some uni-related comments yesterday: “He was talking about Aaron Hernandez and the stories about his gang tattoos and affiliations. … Then he said here are writers out there who write about these things, and he talked about black alternate jerseys. Specifically, he said the Detroit Lions having black alts, despite not having black anywhere in their color scheme, is designed to market to the gang crowd in addition to others. Apparently he was citing and referring to an SI article that must have just gone online.” I haven’t seen that SI article. Anyone..? … Speaking of Aaron Hernandez, this isn’t exactly a surprise, but he just lost his Puma endorsement deal (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ This is pretty great: Robert Silverman did an illustration of William S. Burroughs as a “junk”-balling pitcher for the Mets. Genius! … Tris Wykes is on the email list for the U. of Minnesota’s varsity letter-winners association. He recently received a note from the association’s president that included the following: “A young woman phoned me the other day, said she had purchased [former Gophers coach] Cal Stoll’s home in Golden Valley a couple of years ago and had finally gotten around to replacing his backyard artificial turf with real grass. Turns out the turf was taken from Memorial Stadium when it was replaced with real turf in ’77 and installed in his backyard. Well, I went over there and looked at it and there is over 1,200 square feet of the stuff in reasonable condition. I am going to grab some for display purposes in the Hall of Fame, and perhaps for my lake front deck.” … According to this page, the Wolverhampton Wanderers — that’s a soccer team — used a “fluorescent kit” for night games in 1951, sort of like the soccer version of MLB’s satin uniforms. No photo, alas, but there’s this mock-up (from Trevor Williams). … New football uniforms for Appalachian State (from Rodney Walker). ”¦ New kits for Rangers FC and Valencia (from George Chilvers and CJ Hague, respectively). ”¦ “I was watching the episode of Saved by the Bell where Screech makes a really good spaghetti sauce,” says Jared Patz. “Sylvester (played by Ryan Holihan) is wearing a tequila sunrise jersey with ‘Bad Co’ scripted across the chest! What’s up with that?!” ”¦ “Although Nike has always been one of my least favorite companies, they do deserve credit in some areas, notably in sustainability,” says Tom Mulgrew. ”¦ Check out the pitcher silhouette on the webbing of Koji Uehara’s glove. “Never seen that before,” says Jake Kessler. Me neither. ”¦ Mr. Met paid a visit to Alan Kreit’s office yesterday. “Very nice guy,” says Alan. “Here he is before he changed into his costume. Alan even got to play with the head!

Comments (114)

    Wolverhampton (Wolves) is very much a current team. Text in the ticker makes it sound like they no longer exist.

    The way Steve Morgan is running the team they could be out of the Football League in a couple seasons. He should have never sacked Mick McCarthy.

    Very famous Rugby Stadium Cardiff Arms Park is changing from grass to artificial turf (rare in the UK).
    They are documenting the process on Twitter: @ArmsParkCardiff

    The flag behind Schroeader doesn’t quite match any that I’m aware of. It is close to Kenya, though it’s missing the shield-and-spear emblem in the center that makes Kenya one of the world’s best three-stripe flags, and Kenya has a thin white band between each stripe. The pan-African flag is typically red-black-green, not black-red-green. Malawi has black-red-green with no white bands, but it has a rising-sun emblem in the black stripe. And no German state has anything even close to the flag in the photo.

    So in any event, it seems likely that someone had to have done some kind of image editing to turn a stock flag into what we saw. A lot of work to get something wrong!

    Incorrect. Both flags are the correct German black/red/yellow tricolor. The discrepancies come from one image of the flag being a patch sewn on a jersey catching the light at an odd angle and being shown on HDTV then captured with a still photo, and the other being a graphic shown on HDTV and captured with the same photo. The flags are correct.

    Seems likely, especially if the background is an actual physical screen behind the guy, rather than a “greenscreen” effect as I’d assumed.

    True, check out the portion of the flag visible under the players right arm, appears yellow there.

    What’s missing from the German flag pic? Both background and patch appear to be standard black, red, yellow. Or is that graphic not discolored due to taking a photo of a TV screen?

    what’s wrong with the german flag in that screen shot? the yellow is a little bit off – it seems to grade lighter as it gets further away from the red in the middle – but other than that it looks right to me. if anything, the red part of the patch seems to be reflecting a lot of light, washing out its color. what am i missing?

    also, while you are correct that wolverhampton wanderers is an old soccer team, they are still around. the wording strikes me as strange – would you describe manchester united as “an old soccer team?”

    Objecting to a General Custer bobblehead? Man, talk about being a sore winner. Lest we forget, Indians won the Battle of the Little Bighorn or Greasy Grass, killing Custer in the process. Plus, it’s a Civil War commemoration, not a celebration of the later Indian wars. Custer’s service in the Civil War was both important and heroic, more than justifying trivialization with a plastic trinket regardless of his later role in the Indian wars.

    Arguing that George Custer is being bobbleheaded in recognition of his Civil War service is a little like saying people remember Son of Sam for being a reliable mailman.

    Yeah, we’re gonna need to go ahead & give CortM the Quote o’ the Day award for this one …

    Clever line, but not even close to true. Custer’s Civil War service is reasonably well known, especially here in the cockpit of the war where the bobblehead is actually being given away, and especially during the 150th anniversary celebrations now underway.

    That’s like honoring Goebbels or Goring for the work they did before the Nazis rose to power. Custer was a notorious Indian-killer.

    In fact Custer was almost uniquely free from involvement in what we’d today consider war crimes, among senior officers in the Indian Wars. No doubt this is in part due to his long absences from the frontier while AWOL visiting his wife, on leave to pursue business opportunities, or engaging in political campaigns. But still, Custer’s maintenance of his men’s discipline and focus on operations against belligerents were exemplary by the standards of his day. (Also by the standards of his opponents, who, though they draw my sympathy on account of being Americans who fought to defend their homes, habitually engaged in war crimes more frequently, if less systematically, than did the U.S. Army during those years.)

    If you want to throw around Goebbels comparisons, Billy Sherman would be closer to the mark than Autie Custer.

    Or puny Phil Sheridan for that matter. Who last time I checked still sits astride his steed in the circle named after him in downtown DC.

    As best I know, Custer’s “Indian killer” notoriety rests entirely on the Washita massacre, whose victims numbered a few dozen. Which is not to minimize human life or anything, but is a pretty thin argument for characterizing him as the genocidal type.

    He was a man of his time, no more no less. Oh yeah, and an asshole.

    “… … President Obama is currently traveling in Senegal, where the military unit that welcomed him had some crazy pants striping (from Sean Kane). … Check out the cool logo for the Rosie Reds, a Reds booster squad (from Frank Bitzer). … ”

    Maybe there’s hope for the world after all. Two great looks.

    Koji definitely had that silhouette on his glove when he played in Baltimore, but I believe he used a black glove back then

    I likewise am not sure the flag is wrong – it just looks like the camera is catching the screen behind Schroeader at a bad angle, so the yellow is reading as slightly greenish, kind of like the yellow green of a hard boiled egg. if so, it looks like a standard black-red-yellow flag to me.

    Koji has his name embroidered on his glove too. Is that done in the factory before the glove is assembled or after? Is it possible to buy an already finished glove and then have your name embroidered? I was thinking of doing it to my glove (if possible), but just drew my name with a gold oil-based sharpie paint pen in that script font…a mini-DIY project. It came out pretty nice, but have to refresh it every so often as paint gets rubbed or flakes off.

    “Oh, and about that middle initial? According to the aforementioned court filings, it stands for Dallas.”

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    As a ‘Skins fan, I’d be fine with a name change as long as they kept the burgundy and gold colors in the uniform. When the Bullets became the Wizards it felt an expansion team because they discarded so much of the brand equity they had. It’s nice to see them go back to the traditional Bullet colors under the Wizards moniker. Washington could consider going through a uniform “refresh” now where they would phase out some of the native american imagery in the short term. For example, replacing the profile on the helmet with an “R” (like in the 60’s) or even a “W” in the same font. The issue at hand is more of a social issue over a uniform issue, but is does create an opportunity here outside of changing the name where the team could make some concessions. In college (probably because of limited budgets) when teams do rename themselves they still keep a lot of the same colors or style of uniforms (ex Miami of Ohio or St John’s). I’d prefer if the Redskins do initiate a change (however UNLIKELY) (hope you pick up on the joke) to approach it like that over a complete refresh like the Wizards.

    Seconded, here. A wrong can be righted without throwing away the baby and the bathwater. I would be cautious not to disenfranchise fans who have an emotional connection to Washington’s NFL squad.

    Agreed… I think part of the issue fans who “side” with the Redskins are is the connection to the uniforms, the HTTR song and the game day experience. There are ways to still find a middle ground which is why Dan Snyder saying “NEVER” was disappointing. Coming out as(for example) the “DC Dragons” is probably what a lot of the fans are fearing since a pretty bad makeover happened with the Wizards from the standpoint of making it feel like a brand new franchise.

    I think that’s a big part of it. Look at all the team branding stuff that has happened in sports in the past few years. When was the last good name change or expansion name?

    Nationals was okay, but kinda weird with them being in the National league.

    “When was the last good name change or expansion name?”

    Houston Texans was pretty solid as was Phoenix Coyotes. (I’m leaving out Winnipeg Jets and Cleveland Browns as they were just revivals of trad names.)

    Asking George if he knows of a color photo of something is something of a throwdown. He’s the master colorizer of UniWatch Weekend.

    George, given the dominance of the Magical Magyars in the 1950s (isn’t that Ferenc Puskas in the foreground?), may we safely assume that the Honved (Hungarian name for Army) encountered little difficult with the Wolves?

    As you may surmise, I’m fascinated with Hungarian teams and players of that era. Have you colourised any of them?

    As Scott says Honved met their match. In a way so did Wolves because in declaring themselves European chamions, they catalysed the bringing about of the European Cup. It would still have happened, but English arrogance about the level of English football helped give it the spur it needed.

    As for colourised photos of Hungarians of the era I actually have quite a few. is one example of the Magical Magyars, along with and

    “New uniforms for Appalachian State”….

    Yeah, this year they’re gonna wear shoes!!

    Hey Ooohhhhh!!!

    “I was watching the episode of Saved by the Bell …..,” says Jared Patz. Sylvester …is wearing a tequila sunrise jersey with ‘Bad Co’ scripted across the chest! What’s up with that?!”

    What’s up with Jared watching SBTB??!! ;^)

    (and yes I did just go with SBTB!!) Ha!

    In all the thousands of times I’ve watched Saved By The Bell, and seen that specific episode, I never noticed that

    SBTB never gets old.

    Now that I think about it, there’s got to be a lot of uni-related material from that show…Especially with Slater on the football team for multiple seasons.

    Anyone know if such a collection exists?

    Dear God!! Is that what subliminally caused me to put on all my DEVO pins this morning?!?

    the sac kings draft hat:

    they have a crown logo under the bill that i’ve never seen before

    the kings need a complete reband. keep the color scheme but change up the logo and word font.

    ‘I spent 12, but probably closer to 8, months as a mercenary on a college campus and didn’t get within a million miles of a degree or even choosing a major but Rah For Old State U anyway!’

    As for the Redskins/Indians/Native Americans ‘not going away,’ perhaps it’s because an item about it is published nearly every day? It’s known as the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

    Indeed. Those who consider it to be an important issue are going to continue to talk about it until they get their way.

    Ultimately, despite the vast majority of society having no problem with the name, the team is going to change it, not because they actually care, but simply to stop the negative press and shut everyone up about it. Someone will then make a decent amount of money selling “I’m still calling them the Redskins” shirts for a few years after the change.

    I commented above on the issue as well, but they totally could keep connection to the past and change the name. Just don’t do a Bullets to Wizards type of overhaul. Keep the colors and just modify the uniform so the fans will still have the connection.

    I think they could tweak the 1965-1969 helmet by removing the feather and call themselves the Warriors.

    I’m not certain that the Washington Redskins will eventually abandon the Redskins name, but I am certain it will take a lot more than “negative press” for current Redskins owner Dan Snyder to do so.
    I also doubt the changing the team name from Redskins to something/anything else won’t shut anyone up either.

    The cynic in me says if the Redskins merchandise sales went solely to the team and went part of the NFL splitting all $ 32 ways, Snyder would have changed them already.

    As for the Redskins/Indians/Native Americans ‘not going away,’ perhaps it’s because an item about it is published nearly every day? It’s known as the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.

    That’s an easy way to dismiss any emerging trend or storyline that you don’t care for — “It’s all just a media creation.”

    It’s a handy approach, because you can apply it to virtually anything and thereby dismiss the situation without actually engaging with it.

    Convenient, but not a very good intellectual position.

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Jay Bilas”>is discontinuing the use of its little metal buttons

    Broken link there, but still somewhat unwelcome news. I get that they’re a waste of materials and just litter waiting to happen, but my kids are developing a nice little collection of those.

    “When we were on the reservation, we’d call each other, ‘Hey, what’s up, redskin?’ We’d nickname it and call each other ‘Skins.’ We respected each other with that term. … It’s not degrading in one bit.”

    So do black people with the “N-Word”, doesn’t mean it should be a team name.

    Isn’t that just the all-star game (and d-league) ball? The wnBa uses the same ball, albeit a size 6 (28.5) and with a different color.

    From last year’s rookie photo shoot:
    “Phil Pries notes that some of the NBA rookie photos have a slightly different ball design. I’m trying to find out more from the NBA.”

    I don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh’s radio show (shocker), but Ryan Patrick says Limbaugh had some uni-related comments yesterday

    Okay, I’ll take a cookie for the team. Here’s the relevant section from the transcript:

    In addition to that, Sports Illustrated has a story on their website. It was just placed in front of me before the previous hour ended.

    “Aaron Hernandez Linked to Bristol Bloods Gang — You’re surely aware of the legal trouble New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez has gotten himself into. Part of the unearthing of Aaron Hernandez’s secret life was his gang affiliation. Aaron Hernandez was rumored to be affiliated with gangs in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut.”

    Bristol, by the way, is where ESPN is, and I thought they were the gang there. I didn’t know that there were other gangs. I thought ESPN was the gang, but nevertheless apparently there are gangs there in Bristol, and Aaron Hernandez “was rumored to be affiliated with gangs in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. Those suspected affiliations have been credited for his slip into the fourth round of the NFL draft.”

    It’s being reported that teams knew of his gang involvement, and that’s why he slipped to the fourth round of the NFL draft, rather than being drafted in a higher round. They had character concerns because he’d be a member of gangs in Bristol. “At yesterday’s arraignment it was noticed that amongst Aaron Hernandez’s numerous tattoos was a ‘blood’ tattoo on his right hand. The bloods are a famous gang that has been chronicled extensively in rap music.”

    I wonder if anybody will go get that quote of mine now.

    I don’t think they will, Mr. Snerdley.

    I don’t think anybody will dig that quote up now.

    “Now TMZ has discovered a picture of Aaron Hernandez throwing gang signs in high school. It’s worth noting that he is dressed in all red, the color associated with the gang. He was also arrested wearing red shorts, though that could purely be coincidence.” Now, that’s the kind of stuff this has descended to. You want to know something else about colors? I didn’t know this. But there are numerous sportswriters who write about this. As you know, many sports teams have their home uniforms and their away uniforms.

    The home uniform is the primary color; the away uniform is white or gray, depending on the sport. Some teams add a third, alternate jersey — or even in the primary home jersey they add a third color, and that is black. I’ve read numerous sportswriters alleging that teams are adding black to their uniforms because it’s a gang color. It is a color that is loved by gangs. Now if that’s true, why would teams do that?

    Why would teams encourage the gang mentality by adding black to their uniforms, when black is not part of the color scheme? A number of NFL teams have done it. The Detroit Lions have added black. There’s no black in the Detroit Lions color scheme. There never has been, but there is now. A lot of teams have a third jersey that’s black when black is not part of the color scheme, and there are certain sportswriters who say it’s because it’s a gang color.

    Here’s TMZ saying that red is a gang color. Now, the gangs don’t have any exclusivity in terms of ownership of the color. Don’t misunderstand. What is being reported is that because the gangs have adopted these colors, certain teams have gone ahead and put those colors in their uniforms because that’s what their players want. Snerdley said to me mere moments ago, “Rush, what’s going on here is all these guys want to be part of the gangsta culture.” You mean in hip-hop? Is that what you’re talking about?

    They all want to be part of gang? (interruption) Well, I guess there may be some of that. There may be some players that want to be in a gang, and some of the gangs want to be athletes. So there may be some overlap or crisscross. Anyway, they claim here that they have discovered… Well, I don’t know if he’s claiming it. Aaron Hernandez apparently was well known as a member of the Bloods in Bristol, Connecticut, and it led to him being drafted fourth round instead of the first or second round.

    I googled the quotes, and from what I can tell, he’s not quoting from Sports Illustrated but a blog named Fansided:

    There’s some serious intellectual acrobatics going on in that transcript there.

    I think that’s partly due to the nature of transcribing spoken words, partly due to the stream-of-consciousness nature of a monologue, and mostly due to Limbaugh’s absolute lack of conviction in anything coupled with an eagerness to pander to what he sees as his core audience.

    For everyone so quick to dismiss Limbaugh’s comments: Why do you think so many teams have gone to BFBS? It’s not to appeal to 55 year old accountants and lawyers watching games in their man-caves, or to soccer moms. Think about it.

    People have been wearing black for the sake of fashion for decades. Teams are wearing BFBS to sell more stuff, gangs have nothing to do with it.

    This is in reply to Jeff’s comment.

    Stop denying reality.

    We get it, you loathe all of ‘the hippity hop’ music, but there is a clear unmistakable undeniable connection between gangs, hippity hop/rap music and teams wearing black uniforms, and it goes back to NWA wearing BLACK Raiders gear and BLACK Dodgers hats during photo shoots and in concerts.

    My point exactly–selling is exactly correct, not just selling the stuff, but also selling the team that now wears BFBS….and just what do you think is the target demographic of that new BFBS stuff?

    That would be everyone that’s willing to wear jerseys in public and happens to think they look good in black. So… males of pretty much every ethnicity ranging from age 12 to 40 or so?

    Heck, with jerseys as a fashion statement today, you’re just as likely to see someone wearing an A’s cap with a Packers jersey because the colors match as you are to see someone wearing a BFBS jersey.

    Reggie, I’m not dismissing Limbaugh’s comments. I’m just pointing out that he’s a walking, talking pile of logical fallacies (though as Chance points out, that owes a little to the particulars of his medium).

    Now, to the actual comment, I think he and you are overthinking it. BFBS appeals to young people. There aren’t too many middle aged folks in street gangs. Which is to say, there’s an overlap between “young people” and “gang members”, but the latter is a very, very tiny segment of the former. Which is to say, if anything appeals to young people, it’s probably going to appeal to gang members too. But that doesn’t mean, say, energy drink companies are specifically targeting Bloods and Crips.

    Rush Limbaugh thinks the black Lions jersey is intended for gangs? How? If a gang doesn’t want to wear blue but wants to wear the Lions jersey, they’re still wearing blue on the sleeves and number outline

    EVERY major sports logo/jersey/cap has been adopted by a gang somewhere. You’d be surprised what some of them mean…

    Others mentioned black for Raiders/Kings… in LA wearing black in the 80’s meant you were neutral, and probably saved a lot of kids’ lives (an indirect message not obvious to casual NWA fans).

    Obviously, some gangs today wear black as their colour, but for Limbaugh to say BFBS is intended to appeal to gang members is ridiculous. Whatever you design, there will be a gang that adopts it for themselves.

    Wasn’t there some coach who knocked the official sponsor bottles off the table recently? I seem to remember something like that happening.

    Can’t say I’m surprised they’d start gluing down those bottles, then. Yeah, it’s a dick move, but I can at least understand their side of it, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it.

    What do Native Americans think about the term Redskins? That’s really all that matters. If enough lead the discussion, then and ONLY then can there be credibility to the push for change. Until then, it’s a bunch of white folks acting upon their shame.

    Frankly, the term “Yankee” is an inappropriate way to describe a person from the North. It most certainly is a derogatory term when used in context by a Southerner describing someone of Northern descent.

    But “Yankees” across the South are not calling for it to be eliminated from athletic use, simply because it’s derogatory when used to describe them (i.e., as carpetbaggers, etc.).

    Obviously, “Redskins” can be deemed a racially insensitive term. However, “Yankees” is a culturally insensitive term. Which is worse?

    When the Native American community speaks up and leads this effort … then and only then will it merit serious debate. If they don’t care, I (as about 1/8 Indian descent) don’t particularly like it, but I don’t mind it, either.

    Frankly, the term “Yankee” is an inappropriate way to describe a person from the North.

    Poor analogy. The Yankees (the team) called themselves the Yankees. They’re northerners describing themselves.

    If a bunch of Native Americans want to call their team the Redskins, so be it. But nobody else should be using that term for their team.

    Seems to me most of the guys on the yankees roster are rednecks from the south, Californians or from Central America. I count 3 guys from the North East on their roster. And Jeter is a Jerseite, and most wouldn’t consider a person fron Jersey a yankee.

    Also living in DC I will tell you I still hear yankee used as a slur.

    I’m in DC too, and I frequently argue Civil War issues with Southerners, and I’ve never once heard “Yankee” used as an actual slur. A joking insult on occasion, yes, but not a slur like, well, “Redskin'” which I have seen used as a racial epithet. But even granting that it’s possible to find a holler up in the mountains where people spit “Yankee” as a curse, so what? It’s much more commonly used as a compliment and a self-description, not just by northeasterners but by Americans generally.

    I mean, unless someone can offer a Redskins equivalent of “Yankee ingenuity,” case closed.

    You think, Paul? Hmm, let’s examine the roster of the original Yanks. Wonder how many were from the south? It’s a perfectly logical connection (just race vs. cultural).

    Most northerners living in the north don’t realize the extent of the slur.

    Not to mention, one could examine the original roster of the Redskins to determine the extent of Indian blood in the players. A wild guess: probably pretty significant. Lots have Indian blood in them a generation or two back, even moreso with those of the early-to-mid 1900s.

    Splitting hairs, because it’s not something I want to invest time in. My point is that this is a debate Indians need to lead, not us Crackers.

    And Arr Scott, you’ve got to be kidding! DC is not even remotely considered “the south.” And “Yankee” is a hugely disparaging term (with a lot of contempt attached to it). Just head another state south.

    CARY, North Carolina: “Containment Area for Relocated Yankees” Ha, ha, that’s funny. Not really. Because it’s most certainly a slur. It oozes contempt.

    I wonder how much of a priority in the every day life of Native American Indians that the Washington Redskins name is? I think they have other priorities besides a sports teams nickname.

    I dated a girl w while back who was married to a Pomo Indian. She had 2 daughters. They both love the Steelers and follow the NFL. I never once heard them complain about Washingtons nickname.

    “I wonder how much of a priority in the every day life of Native American Indians that the Washington Redskins name is?”

    I suspect that it would vary from individual to individual, but should the Redskins name be changed it will have no impact on the difficult conditions that many Americans, including those if tribal descent, have to deal with every day.

    I am kind of surprised – would have expected a Disney sort of rule, where the costumed wanderers can never let themselves be shown out of full costume.

    I just actually thought Mr. Met was real and lives in the men’s bathroom at the stadium… but yeah I thought there would be some sorta “no photo without the suit gag order”

    I asked him if it was ok, and he said it was fine, I also gave him the uniwatch blog info. He was ok with it. Super cool guy. There are 2 guys who wear the costume, as 9 innings and warm ups are a long time.

    The German flags are definitely correct, black, red, yellow, the color problems are coming from a poor quality camera shot.

    Some kid I know sent me links of foreign countries American football leagues. So checking out the unis I saw that one and thought oh boy this is for Uni-Watch.

    If you go to the Lega Nazionale American Football homepage, they have a list of all the teams.

    The best has got to be Frogs Legnano.

    Lance, I did see the Frogs team too. As I said I was getting a kick out of the team names and unis.

    There are some great ones there!
    Giaguari Torino; Legio XIII Roma and Dante Alighieri’s own Guelfi Firenze!

    Great little detail I saw at the draft last night. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo: Anthony Bennett had pink shoelaces to match his pink pocket square and the pink in his tie.

    BTW, if you are pushing 50 like me, the draftees look really young when you see them in person.

    Oops, that shouldn’t have been a reply but new comment. Sorry, it’s been a while.

    Pats are planning jersey exchange weekend for Hernandez jerseys. Any Hernandez jersey bought through the team can be exchanged free of charge.

    Is it me, or does something about the Nikelace on the new Appalachian State uniforms look like a new design? Doesn’t quiet look like the FlyWire of old.

    Perhaps Chris Dillon just needs to adjust the color on his TV. I see a hint of yellow in the bottom stripe, and the arrangement is correct.

    The Texas State helmets aren’t new for the season. They were one off auction items for Bobcat Bonanza, a fundraiser for bobcat athletics.

    What up UW bitches???

    It’s kizmet that I check the ticker on a day that my namesake, (Screech) is included!!!

    I miss all of you incredibly, even The Jeff, Phil and Teebz!

    What up UW ???

    It’s kizmet that I check the ticker on a day that my namesake, (Screech) is included!!!

    I miss all of you incredibly, even The Jeff, Phil and Teebz!

    Isn’t that just the all-star game (and d-league) ball? The wnBa uses the same ball, albeit a size 6 (28.5) and with a different color.

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