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The Only Kind of Golf You’ll Ever See Me Play

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Photo by MelBon; click to enlarge

What’s even better than mini-golf? Mini-golf with snow-capped mountains in the background and a green-sweatered girlie cheering you on (and, although it was out of the frame, plenty of beer on hand). That shot was taken on Sunday, when I was still in Washington State, and it nicely captures the good time that the New Girl and I had out there. I’m pretty sure I sank that putt. And if I didn’t, well, whatever — I sank it eventually.

Flew home yesterday from Seattle, where the TSA folks searched my bag and gave a very thorough inspection to my laminator, which I’d brought along to make Uni Watch membership cards at Monday night’s party. “We’ve never seen one of these before,” said the agent, eyeing the laminator as if it might be an incendiary device. He eventually gave it the green light. (Meanwhile, the metal plate in my arm — a result of my wrist surgery back in November — didn’t set off the metal detectors on either leg of the trip, which was a bit of a letdown.)

Anyway: New ESPN column today — the first of two back-to-back columns about the uniforms in the upcoming Jackie Robinson movie 42. Today’s installment is an interview with Ebbets Field Flannels founder/owner Jerry Cohen, whose company produced the minor league and Negro League uniforms for the movie. Enjoy.

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March Madness Pool Results: The winner of our March Madness pool, with 143 points, is Michael Ratta. Congrats to him, and thanks to all who played. Bonus thanks to Will Rausch for setting up the pool and tabulating the results.

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OMFG: My latest One-Man Focus Group column is about the best stereo equipment review site ever — or just the best review site, period. Check it out here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Key MLB change that we all missed until now: The Pirates are using direct-sewn NOBs, instead of nameplates. Ditto for the home whites and black alts (kudos to John Dankosky for spotting this, and shame on the rest of us for not catching it). ”¦ And here’s another unexpected MLB change, although there’s no way we could have known about this one until now: The White Sox played their first road game of the season last night, and it turns out that they’ve changed the piping on their road pants! This change isn’t shown in the MLB Style Guide, and there was no advance warning about it, so it’s a complete surprise. ”¦ The Titans are inviting fans to vote on the team’s 15th-season logo and patch (from Joseph Walker). ”¦ Cool 1913 throwbacks in the works for the Brooklyn Cyclones (from Jay Palmer). ”¦ Here’s the Dolphins’ new sideline cap (from Matt Lange). ”¦ Carmelo Anthony has the top-selling NBA jersey. In the NFL, it’s Robert Griffin III. ”¦ Holy moly, look what Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium looked like during a Jehovah’s Witnesses convention in 1969 (from Harry Michelson). ”¦ Burying the lede: A note at the very end of this article indicates that the Wild will have new white jerseys next season. I’ve always loved their current white design — sorry to hear it’s being mothballed (from Doug Rogers). ”¦ Here’s a photo gallery of shoes from the NCAA tourney (from Tom Mulgrew). ”¦ Someone in Texas took a fun jersey-based swipe at Josh Hamilton (from Mark Kaplowitz). ”¦ New home kit for the Carolina RailHawks (from Andy Dunbar). ”¦ Here’s a fairly comprehensive review of the new WNBA logo (from Chris Ashley). ”¦ Real Madrid went sponsor-free yesterday, because gambling sponsors aren’t allowed in Turkey. ”¦ Speaking of Real Madrid, their name/number typography this season has been rendered in multiple shades of blue. But in recent Champions League games, it’s just been dark navy (from Kenny Loo). ”¦ Interesting piece about Columbus, Ohio menu designs (from John Wernecke). ”¦ Here’s a fun circular infographic showing the NCAA tourney results (from Coleman Mullins). ”¦ New helmets for Tulane. ”¦ More soda case art, this time a Diamondbacks display made from Pepsi products (from Chris Cruz). ”¦ South Carolina baseball went G.I. Joe last night (from Joel Mathwig). ”¦ Yabba-dabba-do, look at the striped shorts and vertically striped socks for Austin Peay, circa early 1970s (from Lee Wilds). ”¦ Latest fun apparel maneuver by the Rays: varsity jackets to wear on the road (from Mike Edenzon). ”¦ Nats pitcher Drew Storen has his Twitter handle on his glove (from Mark Lackinger). ”¦ New logo for Fort Knox (from Josh Claywell). ”¦ Looks like many — perhaps most? — catchers are still wearing Cool Flos (from Matt Ryburn). ”¦ Here’s a taco shop whose T-shirt is a nifty Padres homage (from Mark Coale). ”¦ The Tigers’ scoreboard operator had some issues yesterday. “That Yankees logo was next to ‘Blue Jays’ in the line score until the 4th inning,” says Eric Sing. ”¦ What’s better than a team in striped stirrups? Two teams in striped stirrups! That’s Franklin College and Hanover College, a pair of D3 schools from Indiana (from Derek Linn). ”¦ Also from Derek: Logan Pause of the Chicago Fire wears his wedding band while playing. ”¦ Odd typo on Venus Flytrap’s jacket. “Maybe a copyright or trademark thing?” speculates Matthew Prigge. ”¦ Here are the uniforms (not bad) and sneakers (ugh) for the Jordan Brand Classic (from Ethan Sheets). ”¦ Hotel room artwork is usually bland, lame-o, or both. But Bill Kellick is staying at a hotel in the Netherlands with this hockey illustration on the wall. ”¦ Here’s a 1946 Cleveland Browns program cover with a Brownie illustration I’ve never seen before. “I think it looks great and has potential for an easy contemporary tweak — more so than our traditional elf logo,” says Brian, who didn’t give his last name. ”¦ Here’s more about the Adidas logo shaved into Iman Shumpert’s head, and the NBA’s response to it.

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    Paul…quick correction. Drew Storen pitches for the Nationals, not the Reds.

    Four years later and the Venus Flytrap “Cincinnato” mystery remains unsolved… illuminati?

    from in February 2009:

    “Was watching a WKRP in Cincinnati DVD the other night and caught an interesting typo,” writes Matthew Algeo. “In the episode ‘Fish Story’ (the one where Herb dresses up like the ’KRP carp), Venus Flytrap is wearing a Reds jacket with an obvious misspelling.”

    I remember that jacket from WKRP (I’ve been a uni-watcher for a long time ;) ). I figured it was deliberate, like “graffito” is the singular of “graffitti”, so “Cincinnato” is the singular of “Cincinnati”.

    That was the episode this cap came from. I wish I could have gotten a good angle of it when Venus is wearing Mr. Carlson’s fishing cap.

    It was like saying Daddy-o. Cool slang back in the day . Tim Reid (Venus Flytrap often referred to the town as Cincinnato in the show

    FYI – I am FAR from PC myself but wanted to point out that you used the term “gyp” which is quite offensive to some. Just wanted to point it out as I know you refrain from using terms like the football team from Washington. That’s it. Great site – been reading daily for years


    Never in a trillion years would have thought that offensive … until now. Can never use the term the same way again! Man, I love this site!!!!!

    Boo on the White Sox. Their old road pants stripes were among the best little details in baseball. The new pants look like the equipment manager picked them up at Sports Authority on the way to the game.

    The Rays letter jackets are fun, but it appears that none of the players have lettered yet. Surely some of the Rays are good enough to play varsity! Let’s see some sleeve patches. Also, looking at the chest, maybe this is less of a letter jacket and more of a glint jacket.

    I just looked at some spring training photos I took while out there, most of the younger guys I saw in the road pants still had the 2 stripe design. The starters were wearing white pants however for their game.

    Agreed. But does this mean they changed the sleeve/piping detail of their road grey jerseys? Do they even still wear the road greys? If the road grey pants have changed, the road grey jerseys have changed, unless they wear them exclusively with their softball tops.

    Alternative theory. Maybe they look like the equipment manager picked them up at Sports Authority because the manager did pick them up at Sports Authority. We’ve seen teams lose their uniforms in the past, either they made a mistake or they were ruined or whatever. Is it possible that this is a temporary necessity and not a change?

    I hope your theory holds up, unlikely as it seems that the White Sox would misplace everyone’s gray pants.

    Sorry about the bad link; I was posting from my smartphone and mobile links don’t always translate. I saw it at the Tribune’s website, in the photo gallery from last night’s game against the Nationals.

    I actually prefer the thin stripe. Especially seeing them side by side. The new piping looks cleaner to me. The old striping reminds me my HS football teams practice pants, which were the old game pants and always felt amateurish compared to the sleeker, cleaner game pants.

    The thicker striping definitely had a late-80’s early 90’s feel to it. If I had to choose to bring one design element back to Sox unis, it would be the sock logo on the grey jersey before the 2-color piping on the grey pants.

    As a lifelong Sox fan, I’m devastated (probably a stronger reaction than pants striping warrants) by the new generic road pants. As someone else said, the two-tone striping on the Sox’ road grays and alternate jersey have always been one of the best details in MLB—it sets them apart from everyone else. The pants they wore last night look exactly like what 90% of the league wears. I REALLY hope they misplaced them or wore those as a one-off and go back to the two-tone. I’m afraid to see what the road jersey would look like if they changed the cuff striping to match.

    I need a UW booster for a memory failure: When did MLB introduce the annual Stars & Stripes caps?

    Depends on what you mean by “Stars & Stripes caps.”

    If you mean wearing a flag patch on the side of the cap for certain holidays, that started in 2002.

    If you mean the caps with the flag-patterned logos, I think that was 2007 or ’08.

    Good point. I meant the league-wide template thing, not merely flag desecration caps.

    2012–camo logo
    2011–flag logo ,white front panel, blue or red bill and body
    2010–flag logo, white body, blue or red bill
    2009–flag logo, red body and bill….maybe a blue version for some teams?
    2008–flag logo, navy blue body and bill….maybe a red version for some teams?

    Thanks! I could “count” the thing back to ’09, but I was pretty sure it had started earlier. I think I recall, but am not positive, that it was mainly navy with some red in ’08, and then red for everyone in ’09. In any event, I had sort of confused those two years into a single memory.

    I never knew that gyp was considered offensive until recently. I had to no idea of its roots. But it is considered to be offensive by some Romani people, often known as Gypsies.
    gyp or gip (dʒɪp)

    v. gypped, gyp-ping,
    usage: This term, though not used as a deliberate slur, is still sometimes felt to be insulting to the Gypsies.
    – Informal: Sometimes Offensive. v.t., v.i.
    1. to defraud or rob by some sharp practice; swindle; cheat.
    2. a swindle or fraud.
    3. Also, gyp′per, gyp-ster (ˈdʒɪp stər) a swindler or cheat.

    Yeah, I don’t think I knew that until I was an adult. That’s one term that somehow isn’t widely denounced (probably because gypsies are such a small population here). Having family in Europe, I know that gypsies are marginalized to this day, and unfortunately lots of people there still think it’s just fine.

    Hey Paul, we made a trip over to the Olneyville weiner joint over the weekend, had three all the way (no fries, they seem like empty filler in a place like that). I grew up 30 mins from PVD and before last year had no idea this place and similar others existed.

    On another food related note, at least for those in New England, this time of year is great because some of the seasonal eateries start to open up. There’s one spot nearby where I went yesterday, best clam roll I’ve had, not greasy, and a nice crunchy coating that doesn’t overpower the flavor of the clams. Good stuff.

    The WNBA logo refresh isn’t bad, just a bit odd. It seems to me there should be a gap behind the player’s leading knee. Looks like an overly large white space. That aside, the new logo is an upgrade and making it orange sets the league apart from the NBA giving it its own identity.

    When “Fly” Williams was playing for Austin Peay in the 1970’s, the fans would shout:

    “The Fly is open….Lets go Peay,”

    On the Real Madrid number discrepancy:

    When Real play in the Primera Division or the Copa del Rey, they fall under Spanish League or Spanish Federation regulations. These presumably permit multicolored numbers.

    UEFA has its own set of kit regulations that apply only in UEFA competitions, including Champions League and Euro League. You can read them at:

    Article 10.02 says: “The number must be a single colour with the required minimum contrast with the background colour according to Annex D.”

    Article 10 also forces clubs with contrastingly striped shirts to render their numbers on a monotone background. Hence solutions like the one Puma uses for Dortmund’s striped kit:

    UEFA’s kit regulations are a subject all unto themselves. In previous iterations, they’ve forced the removal of shirt advertising for European matches (until the early 1980s) and later European finals (until the early 1990s), the downsizing of jersey ads, the removal of the adidas wordmark from beneath the trefoil logo (mid-1980s), and even the re-numbering of players (only numbers up to 25 were permitted until the late 1990s). It’s also only relatively recently that clubs have been permitted to place their badge in their numbers – UEFA used to require the numbers to have no logos in them between the 1980s and the mid-2000s.

    Stuttgart 2004/05, Bundesliga:

    Stuttgart 2004/05, UEFA Cup:

    It’s even more complicated that that. UEFA examine the shirts with a spectrophotometer to determine numeric values for each color. If, on a striped shirt, they are a certain value, the team need not make the back a solid color. For example, while Galatasaray needed to have a solid block of color for their numbers (a crimson and gold-halved shirt), Barcelona (and Inter Milan and AC Milan) can put their numbers on their respective stripes.

    This is a relatively recent change (I’ve seen modified Champions League jerseys for Barça and the Milanese clubs), but until I read the regulations, I had no idea that UEFA had such a detailed set of objective criteria for this. I just assumed that they went on a “case-by-case basis” and some person in Geneva said “this is fine” or “you have to change.”

    It makes sense, both Barça and Milan have two colors that are both deep, so a light-colored number shows up clearly, and I can see why Celtic’s SPL shirts wouldn’t pass UEFA’s test:×260.jpg

    Though Galatasary’s domestic league uniforms have solid backs too:

    FIFA has a similar, but slightly less specific equipment regulation:

    “UEFA’s kit regulations are a subject all unto themselves. In previous iterations, they’ve forced the removal of shirt advertising for European matches (until the early 1980s) and later European finals (until the early 1990s), the downsizing of jersey ads, the removal of the adidas wordmark from beneath the trefoil logo (mid-1980s), and even the re-numbering of players (only numbers up to 25 were permitted until the late 1990s). It’s also only relatively recently that clubs have been permitted to place their badge in their numbers — UEFA used to require the numbers to have no logos in them between the 1980s and the mid-2000s.”

    I’m 100% in favor of every single one of these things. It sounds from your post like they’re not doing them anymore… why not?

    Removal of shirt advertising: Either the sponsors complained they weren’t getting full value for their sponsorship, or the clubs complained that they were forced to discount their sponsorship fees, or most likely both complained.

    Renumbering of players from 1-25: convenience and the onset of assigned squad numbers (with player names on the back) throughout all of Europe’s domestic leagues. If the Premier League allows, say, Yaya Touré to wear 42 as his squad number for Manchester City, and he becomes associated with 42 for City, it would be stupid for him to wear a different number for City in a different competition.

    Club badges in the number fonts: It’s de minimus. I think UEFA would rather have the club badge there than another manufacturer’s logo (such as Adidas or Nike).

    re: numbering

    Now we have the opposite situation, because La Liga requires first team players to wear numbers 1-25. Diego Lopez wears 25 in the league, but 41 in Champions League since Real Madrid already had a player registered at #25.

    Lucha Libre Taco Shop is amazing!!!! I went there twice when I was in San Diego, and both times they did not have the shirt in my size! I still got one for my wife though.

    The entire place is wrestling themed, and the best little item – the iced tea dispenser on the soda machine is just a photo of rapper Ice-T. Classic!

    I went to that taco shop last year at Comic-Con and got a burrito the size of my arm. It was delicious and fabulous. Best of all, Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez (WWE stars) were there hanging out at the VIP table. Too cool for words.

    Paul (and any soccer fans) – you can see the reason for Real Madrid using different shirt number styles in this amazing UEFA kit regulations PDF:

    10.02 The number must be of a single colour with the required minimum contrast with
    the background colour according to Annex D.

    UEFA is generally way more strict about number styles – for example, shirts with stripes or panels require a solid background for the number.

    The whole PDF is a fun and helpful read for folks who obsess about uniforms.

    And when you go to Annex D, you can read the amazingly technical process which forces some clubs to change their jerseys to have a solid-colored back (on an otherwise striped shirt), and allows others to not have to do so.

    That’s great. Thanks for pointing that out.

    The measurements are to be recorded using a spherical spectrophotometer with an aperture of 6.6 mm and a measurement area of 4mm on a white-point of D65 and Standard Observers Angle of 10°. All sample measurements are an average of three readings, 0°, 90° and 45°. A spectrally neutral 18% Reflectance Grey Card must be placed under the single layer of fabric to be measured…

    ….In order to be approved, a player number must contrast with its background colour(s) in the number zone. A number must contrast by a Delta L value equal to or higher than 30.

    The Yankees logo next to the Blue Jays isn’t the only issue with the Tigers’ scoreboard–one pitch into JP Arencibia’s at-bat, they’ve still got Detroit’s Andy Dirks’ stats up there.

    In last nights Reds-Cards game, Reds rookie Derrick Robinson was wearing a double flapped Cool Flo helmet.

    Anyone who goes doube-flapped is not required to wear the S-100.

    I’m guessing Rawlings most likely doesn’t make the S-100 in doubleflap model for whatever reason, so guys like Robinson and other double-flappers continue wearing the Cool Flo.

    I think the Cool Flo is still allowed because the S-100 is too stiff to get it on a players head due to its protection qualities.

    Most depressing of all is the retiring of the unique numeral font with the “burrs”.

    I just don’t understand what the hell the Wild are doing. They debuted with an incredibly clever and sharp-looking logo, and gorgeous uniforms to match. Then it was like they couldn’t wait to mess with them, adopting that blah-red feaux-back and soon dropping the green away jersey altogether, only to replace it a few years later with another blah, watered-down and far-inferior version. I figured, too, that it was only a matter of time before the now-odd man out white jersey got the boot as well. For my money, their original home and road uniforms were one of the most underrated great looks in the NHL.

    Can’t remember where I saw this (was a while ago) but there was a concept of the white away being very similar to the current green alternate (just like Houston as mentioned above) and making the green alternate the new home. I’m sure it was just a conceptual thing, but considering the red used to be an alternate they do have a history of taking the 3rd jersey and bumping it up.

    That is a cool helmet. At first glance I could not help but think of the USFL’s Portland Breakers.

    Today requires a broad ambit. New Girl and the balls used in the miniature golf outing share happy coincidence of blue-and-green motif, the de rigeur color combo for these troubled times. 1913 Brooklyn throwbacks are gems, especially the versions being given away free to the first three thousand customers at a game later this month. [I’d appreciate it, Paul, if you could send a dozen of your staffers to stand in line and snag a few for the benefit of your most loyal and sycophantic readers.] Having designed some orange logos recently, I tend favorable on the new WNBA look, but now worry that if the WNBA does orange, then it’s time to make a switch at the office to, mmmm, maybe brown. Cool article about menus in Columbus. Speaking of blue-and-green, I mostly like most of the new Tulane football helmets. If Alabama says “Roll Tide!”, what does Tulane say? “Break Wave?” “Pound Surf?” SD taco shop guy with the friar in a lucha libre mask deserves a medal. And a plaque. Brian is right: the cute little Browns’ brownie deserves new life. Bye.

    For anyone who ends up reading this (a few days late), it’s “Roooooooooool Green Wave” and the immortal “Hullaballoo” chant:

    A One, A Two, A Helluva Hullabaloo!
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray,
    A Hullabaloo Ray Ray,
    Hooray-Hooray Vars Vars Tee Ay,
    Tee Ay, Tee Ay Vars Vars Tee Ay, Tulane!

    (from memory and internet search)

    New Orleans is complicated.

    Hey Paul (and Coleman Mullins), thanks for posting that circular bracket! I’m the guy behind that design, and I’m a huge Uni Watch fan, so I love that it’s on here!

    Unfortunately, the version that got posted is the black-background version… The design actually is transparent, with black text and credits and such. For some reason, some sites render the transparency as black, which naturally means all that disappears. Here’s the transparent version where everything is visible:

    Again, thanks for posting it! Like I said, I love Uni Watch, so it’s awesome to see something of mine posted.

    Matt, I’ll happily swap in the transparent version in the Ticker — but it’s much smaller than the black-background version. Do you have a transparent version that’s full-size, so it does justice to your design?

    Hey Matt, great job with that graphic. Im glad you saw it over here. Im even happier to know you’re glad it was posted. I checked out your Tumblr and you are very talented. Keep it up!

    Today’s “Catch of the Day” is the most timely one I’ve seen. I live in Rochester, and Batman must have seen tomorrow’s weather forecast. The Caped Crusader made me laugh out loud!

    Look at that pic of the Dolphins hat, that broncos hat below it, is that logo modified or is it just me?

    I’m not sure I understand the point of the “30 day roll out” the Dolphins are doing on their new logo and attendant merchandise. We’ve seen the logo. It’s on the Dolphins home page. What are we waiting for to see the uniforms?

    So it can drag out a story during a slow news period and maybe manufacture anticipation for the jersey (possibly debuting it at the draft)?

    It’s not that different from what the Vikings are doing – they released the new logo, and now they’re “revealing” the new uniform bit by bit.

    I guess I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to buy the polyester shirt, you’re going to buy the polyester shirt, and it doesn’t matter how long you drag it out.

    In re: the Vikings, I’m hoping the final result is simply “Look, no more crappy side panels!”

    Sorry, I just prefer the Chuck Foreman era jerseys.

    I’m thinking it’s less about the sales and more about just being able to push out multiple press releases during the offseason.

    And while I have no particular attachment to traditional looking jerseys, the soon-to-be-old Vikings jerseys were just too busy and made the players look blocky, like oversized Lego people.

    I’m fairly sure it has to do with their original plans, as my understanding is the new logo wasn’t supposed to be out yet, but repeated leaks forced their hand.

    To all the Iowa readers – Also in the article about the Wild getting a new white jersey is a note that Des Moines will be getting AHL hockey back, hopefully they will not be the “Chops” and the DM hockey team will get a new logo and a new set of jerseys.

    Latest fun apparel maneuver by the Rays: varsity jackets to wear on the road

    I love all the little things the Rays do. There’s a team that deserves so much better than the anemic support (at best) they get in their home market. Put that team anywhere else, and they’d be beloved.

    Also, how much of their fun shenanigans are Joe Maddon’s doing? He seems like he would be a great guy to play for.

    If and when Maddon gets fired, to paraphrase that blowhard Rob Ryan, he’ll be out of a job for maybe 5 minutes before teams start flooding his inbox with job offers.

    “Put that team anywhere else, and they’d be beloved.”

    Like in Tampa, for starters.

    Exactly. St. Petersburg just doesn’t have the population to support the team, but Tampa sure does.

    You need the whole bay area to support the team – Tampa, St. Pete and Clearwater. That’s why they’re called the Tampa Bay Rays, not the Tampa Rays. A nice central location would be great. Unfortunately that would be in the water.

    “A nice central location would be great. Unfortunately that would be in the water.”


    Yeah, but they’d probably have a better stadium.

    Is the John Dankosky who submitted the Pirates news the same John Dankosky as the WNPR public radio god in Connecticut?

    Looking at the 1969 Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium picture and I’m wondering if chief Noc-A-Homa was out there sleeping in the teepee when the photo was snapped.

    My memory may be incorrect, but I thought the teepee was in the LF seating section, not behind the wall (bullpen, right?).

    I’m pretty sure Orange Crush isn’t a Pepsi product–it’s owned by Dr Pepper Snapple. I’m not even sure if Pepsi still makes Slice, which served as their orange soda/grape soda/lemon lime soda for years. (Sierra Mist replaced the lemon lime variation of Slice.) But yeah, Orange Crush isn’t a Pepsi product.

    And Paul, I do have to agree with you on your golf game. The only game of golf you’ll see me play is putt-putt.

    Paul, what’s with that traitorous right-handed golf stance? I thought you were one of us.

    Oh yes. I remember the Bucks wearing those. On the warmup top, the striping was similarly horizontal, like the Astros’ jerseys of the same era.

    you know paul, unless you drop the “NEW” in “the NEW girl”, she’ll eventually decide to become the “OLD” girl…

    just sayin’… ;)

    oh those Tulane helmets are beautiful.

    I also saw on NikeBlog last night, that Nike has made Louisville NCAA Champion shirts, even though UL is an Adidas program

    Ah, the intricacies of competing licensing contracts.

    I see Nike is using its ’80s typeface. I like.

    But “I’m calling it Jabar Gaffney” just doesn’t have the same ring, does it?

    Aw crap, how did I get Rypien’s number confused with Jay Schroeder’s? What a petulant useless bum Schroeder was.

    I’ll be over here in the corner with my head hanging in shame.

    I do both regularly, but would you describe it like Uma Thurman did in the deleted “Pulp Fiction” scene?

    “For instance, there are only two kinds of people in the world, Beatles people and Elvis people. Now Beatles people can like Elvis and Elvis people can like the Beatles, but nobody likes them both equally. Somewhere you have to make a choice. And that choice, tells you who you are.”

    The Indians are represented by their wordmark rather than the Big C or Chief Wahoo (not sure which is primary and which is secondary at this point).

    Ha, Original Champions of Design. Not to make too much fun of a medical condition, it just seems appropriate that a design firm is named OCD.

    Regarding the movie 42…I am not an expert on Brooklyn Dodger uniforms, nor have I seen the movie or many clips from it. But I would be shocked if they are absolutely perfect on the number fonts. The Dodgers changed fonts at least once during Robinson’s career and added front red numbers at one point. I assume the movie covers different years of his career. Did they change the fonts and add the front number as the real Dodgers did? I would be impressed, but somehow doubt it very much. The title 42 on the movie poster is not an accurate font BTW…seems a mix of two different fonts.

    After some more research, I believe the movie ends after Jackie’s first season…so the changes won’t factor in.

    I’ve admittedly not heard much about the movie, but I believe it follows his upbringing, minor league career, and the 1947 regular season, but ends before the World Series against the Yanks. I could be wrong, but I think you are correct that it is only ’47 as far as the Dodgers unis are concerned.

    Also, the few clips I saw only had the Lip, but no Shotton or Dressen (not that we’d see much managerial stuff in clips), but Durocher was the manager in ’47 so it definitely is that season (obviously), but I don’t know about anything after that.

    Thanks Phil…I’m sure it will be better than “The Fan” starring Robert DeNiro…that one was so bad it was funny. In that movie, pitchers would throw a pitch in a home uni and his fielders would be in a road uni…stadiums would change too during a game.

    Looking at the double stripe aspects of the White Sox uniforms I got to wondering if they ever considered doing a home white version using the S-O-X logo.

    At which point I realized that if they did, they would be the only MLB team to wear a chest badge with no collar or plaquette piping whatsoever. The first since the 2001 Astros and the first to wear something of that nature full time since the 1979 Expos.

    Thanks Chris. I’m (unfortunately) aware of that, as the Phils put up a 5 spot in the bottom of the first.

    I hope that blue roadie doesn’t see the light of day or dark of stadia lights for a long time…

    Paul, you are missing a great game. I’d offer to take you out on the course, but it’s one of those things that you really have to jump in with both feet. It is not possible to dabble in golf. However, you are more than welcome to drive the cart and drink beer. The back nine usually becomes comical with such accessories. Whenever you are ready.

    I love how the White Sox never show their White Socks. They should be called the Chicago Cover The Sox

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