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Time To Go Bowling

Bowl Teams 1-18

By Skipper and Shipwreck

Yes, this is the longest post of the year — but it’s important, because it’s Bowl Season. I’ll keep my intro very short — My alter ego, “Skipper,” will be picking the bowls (against the spread) versus the Leader of Stirrup Nation, “Shipwreck.” He’s going to give you a history lesson which you should all take care to read, as the man is an evil genius. After that setup, we’ll pick our teams. The “designated home team” will be in bold, and all games will list the favorite first. Our picks will hopefully be obvious. When the curtain drops on the final BCS game, and Alabama is crowned two-time champion, we’ll tally the picks and see who really knows his college football. Now, me — I pick based on which team I think has the better uni. Shipwreck? Well, you’ll see.

So, without further ado, here’s Shipwreck with the rundown:

. . .

It may go without saying that I am a huge fan of college football. From the most insignificant game to the yearly game of the century, I lap it up like a kitten does a bowl of cream. One of the things I love is the fact that in college football, unlike every other sport college or professional, the regular season matters. I also think despite the ever-shrinking world, and our increased access to games across the nation that college football is still primarily a regional game with far too many teams to every truly crown a champion. Shoot, before long each conference will be 1/2 the size of the entire NFL.

Some may disagree with me, but I still think their is a real value in being a conference champion, going to one of the bigger bowls and becoming a bowl champion. Some of you will say it is unfair that smaller schools don’t have access to a title, and my argument would be this, is NIU upset this year because they were only allowed to win their conference and play in the Orange Bowl? Was TCU disappointed with being a Rose Bowl champion? No, when these cats are 70 and sitting on their couches with their grandchildren, they will have no regrets about their seasons.

It seems to me that the only people who really want this play-off system fall into three categories: 1) Radio and TV talking heads who need something to complain about,2) people who want to further remove the student from student-athlete by increasing the number of games, and 3) people who don’t really watch college football and don’t really care what happens to it and just automatically respond “it works in DII and DIII, it works for college basketball”.

Let’s dispel one myth right off, that a play-off will increase the access of smaller teams to a national title. While I have stated that I find the national title less important then a conference and bowl title, let’s assume it is the only goal a team can have. Would a play-off increase a team’s access? Or would a play-off system just consolidate? Since the start of the BCS, 15 teams have filled the 30 title game slots. Compare the same time period for DII and only 11 teams have held the 30 slots, and in DIII it is down to 10(!), and in DIII going into this season, the previous 7 years, that is 7 straight years the same two teams have played in the title game. Do you think that will change when applied to DI? You think SEC fatigue is real now? Just think about how much power the top 10 perennial powers will have when they sell recruits on the only way to have access to a title. You want the BCS busted, but just imagine how much you will hate USC, Texas, Ohio State, Alabama, and Florida ten years form now, it will be with the burning intensity of a thousand sons.

No, let me win the Big Ten and then go out and beat the PAC in the Rose, in that scenario, I am twice a champion. If from there the moron sports writers want to tell me my team was the best in the country, so be it, but it won’t make ice cream taste any better. Aaaaaah sweet, sweet bowl season, let’s take a look at the games, and of course the names have been adjusted.

. . .

New Mexico Bowl (Albuquerque, NM) Arizona vs Nevada Dec. 15th 1:00 (ESPN):
New Mexico (2006) is a relative newbie on the the bowl circuit with this game being the state’s first. While it is not exactly played in the badlands, if this bowl was created in back in the day when sponsorship revolved around tourism, I imagine it would have been called the Badlands Bowl promoting one of the most striking and wondrous landscapes this country has to offer. It may not have the history of some other games, but the only nationally televised sporting event in New Mexico does play for a pretty unique trophy, a piece of Zia Pueblo pottery.

The Spread: Arizona 8.5 point favorites over Nevada
The Picks:
Shipwreck (SW): Nothing like starting at the bottom. If ‘zona is blue dominant with a white dome, I will ignore the stupid fade stripes, and give them an early advantage in Zia Sun Bowl patch department….cats going away
Skipper (SK): I like the way you think, but Zona has as many combinations as Boregon. I’ll take my chances with whatever they wear, because Nevada’s unis just suck.
SW: Unless the Cats run red. The Cornmother would not be happy with that, and may strike ‘Zona down.

. . .

Potato Bowl (Boise, ID) Utah State vs Toledo Dec. 15th 4:30 (ESPN):
Originally the Humanitarian Bowl (1997), with a subtle tweak dropping the “Famous Idaho” from its current name, the Potato Bowl almost sounds like an old school bowl game. Even the games logo with a football as a potato is pretty hard to beat. If only it was not played on that blue turf it could be a favourite game of the season from time to time if only for the chance of snow.

The Spread Utah State is a 10 point favorite over Toledo
The Picks:
SK: Holy Toledo, those are some awful unis. I’m told they’ll be wearing Gray For Gray’s Sake too. FAIL. And Utah State really took a step up this year with their unis. Gimme the Aggies, you can have the points, wreck.
SW: Gray?! I was on the fence of a 7-6 matchup until you said that. We have an accord, blue/gold/grey look horrible together.
SK: And…it’s on that beautiful smurf-turf…guess this one will be as hard on the eyes as North Dakota State was last night.

. . .

Poinsettia Bowl (San Diego, CA) San Diego State vs Bringham Young Dec. 20th 8:00 (ESPN):
After 53 years San Diego revived the Poinsettia Bowl in 2005. Originally played from ’52-’54 betwixt military service teams, it was the last time two service teams not named Army and Navy were televised playing each other nationally when Bolling Air Force Base rolled the San Diego Training Centre 35-14 in the inaugural game in 1952.

The Spread: BYU is a 2.5 point favorite over SDSU
The Picks:
SW: I am taking the best cherry brain-pan in football to the bank on this one, SDS smears their former WAC brother in this game.
SK: Your brain~pan took one too many hits, wreck — SDSU’s unis make Maryland look good. This one is a no-brainer, and I don’t mean that in a good way for you. Gimme BYU and their classic unis…and all I need is a field goal to cover.
SW: If it wasn’t for that glorious dome, I would agree, but even the logo is perfect.

. . .

Cigar Bowl (Tampa/St. Pete, FL) Central Florida vs Ball State Dec. 21st 7:30 (ESPN):
While the greater Tampa area also hosts the Outback Bowl (1986-), it once played host to The Cigar Bowl (46-55) featuring smaller college teams and sponsored by the Egypt Temple Shriners to raise money for charity. Considering the current bowl (2008) also features small conference teams, let’s change the name back, pack halftime with Shriners in mini cars and raise some money for charity again.

The Spread: Central Florida is a 7 point favorite over Ball State
The Picks:
SK: Other than the slightly annoying armpit bumperstickers, UCF has solid unis. Ball State’s aren’t bad, and at least their bird doesn’t have teeth. Still, black & gold for the win.
SW: I have to disagree with one thing, the Ball State lid, it is awful with the exception of the top of the skull execution. But I nary understood that logo with the motion stripes reverse soaring…Bird down! Bird down!!
SK: OK then. Two for UCF…and we’ll give the TD plus the PAT.

. . .

New Orleans Bowl (New Orleans, LA). UL-Lafayette vs East Carolina Dec. 22nd 12:00 (ESPN):
The trophy is as meh as this red headed step-child game (2001) hosted by the same city that boasts the much bigger Sugar Bowl.

The Spread: UL Lafayette is a 6 point favorite over East Carolina
The Picks:
SW: We hit rock bottom with this game in soooo many ways. can we just say we can’t believe that we are picking ECU, and be done with it?
SK: If there is a 5 & 1 for the bowls, this will be a lock for the & 1. Bad as they are, I’m a pirate too.

. . .

Raisin-Craps Bowl (Las Vegas, NV) Boise State vs Washington Dec. 22nd 3:30 (ESPN):
The original Raisin Bowl played in Fresno featured small western schools from 46-49, later the name was revised for the current bowl that was played in Fresno from 81-91 before it moved to Las Vegas in 1992. In either location (raisin & craps) this game seems to produce blowouts more often then not with all the glamour of Reno rather then Vegas.

The Spread: Boise State is a 5.5 point favorite over Washington
The Picks:
SK: Oh Baby! The ultimate matchup where I know I will not only have the better dressed team (Boise), but I only have to give up 5.5 points for the easy “W”. Now I will duck as I await the big purple wrecking crew’s reply.
SW: You know me too well. The Huskies are the best purple team going, a favourite since i was 10. I can even except the ways they have tried to kill this uniform over the years, I can’t help but love the colour combo unless they add black, nothing makes Hulk more angry. But more to the point, Boise? you must be daft, how could you like any of their uniforms?
SK: You don’t know me well enough. Hopefully the Broncs will wear orange pants. There is only one UW I don’t like.

. . .

Poi Bowl (Honolulu, HI) SMU vs Fresno State Dec. 24th 8:00 (ESPN):
Who wouldn’t want a vacation to Hawaii punctuated by a bowl game? Well the Poi Bowl(36-39) brought PAC schools to the island to obliterate the Rainbows, and the Pineapple Bowl (1940-1, Pearl Harbour/WWII respite, 47-52) continued that spirit of giving. The Aloha Bowl (1982-2000) started bringing in a wider variety of teams, which after a year off (it’s complicated), came back as the Hawai’i bowl in 2002. That’s a lot of bowl action. With no disrespect to the Blue-Gray game and Birmingham, Hawaii via the Hula Bowl was also host to the best of the post season college all-star games from 1947-2008 when those were in vogue before 50% of the NCAA was bowl eligible. It might also be worth mentioning that beyond the usual coaches in leis sights that are always fun in this game, like the potato, pineapples morphed with footballs also make striking trophies.

The Spread: Fresno State is an 11.5 point favorite over SMU
The Picks:
SW: The colours will pop in the hawaiian sun, but there is too much red unless someone throws a change-up. I guess it comes down to penalizing SMU for ruining a perfect uni, while Fresno has the excuse of historically looking bad. Fresno in a squeaker.
SK: While I agree SMU’s use of shoulder NW stripes is a crime against the cornmother, their uni is still vastly superior. And with an 11.5 point spread for Fresno to overcome, I’ll take them in a squeaker. But my *money* is on SMU.
SW: It’s the San Diego effect that grinds me. The chargers could have the best uniform in the professional game, but by not getting it right, and only making reference to the good, look they just grind me so much i could split. Likewise SMU is as frustrating as broken glass in my shoe.

. . .

Cherry Bowl (Detroit, MI) Central Michigan vs Western Kentucky Dec. 26th 7:30 (ESPN):
In 1984 & 5 Pontiac played host to the Cherry Bowl, which other then producing Army’s first ever bowl appearance in a 10-6 win over the Spartans, did little to excite people into coming to the country’s north side in the winter. The Motor City Bowl that followed (1997-) has been a touch more successful by matching up MAC schools itching for a bowl against another like minded conference, or Purdue since even Detroit is less depressing then West Lafayette Indiana. This is still the Midwest’s only bowl game.

The Spread: Western Kentucky is a 5 point favorite over Central Michigan
The Picks:
SK: Who knew Russell could make a good uniform? Not me, not until I took a real close look at WKU. Noice! I’ll give the 5 points, cuz those gorgeous unis are worth at least an extra TD
SW: Not if the Chippewas, I love how that rolls off the tongue, come out in all gold with scratched helmets. I have to admit that WKU is solid and classic, so I can’t tell you to cram it with walnuts, but i like CMU here for some inexplicable reason.
SK: There is nothing the Chips can wear that will look better than WKU. Game, set match.

. . .

Congressional Bowl (Washington, DC) Bowling Green State vs San Jose State Dec. 27th 3:00 (ESPN):
Since 2008 this whopper of a game has featured a service academy or an ACC team fallen from grace against the likes of conf-USA. There is a slight chance of snow, but the sight of the capital dome next to the words Military Bowl have always turned my bowl bowels. Maybe if it was the USO Bowl, or if it was the Congressional Bowl and the money went to Disabled Vets of America, or even some sort of liberal media conspiracy cause that saved bunny rabbits from snow plows, I would have more affection for this game.

The Spread: San Jose State is a 7 point favorite over Bowling Green
The Picks:
SW: Yeeeeowch, they even have opposite horrible helmet stripes. Other then saying this would be a killer colour on colour game, I can’t think of many nice things to say. Has it occurred to you that lower level teams continue the tradition of awful uniforms? Since i can remember this has been the case. This game has 2-2 written all over it, give me the under.
SK: Why is there no “military” team in this bowl? Why does Bowling GREEN wear orange? Why should I care. BG blows away the shit of SJSU, sorry. I’ll gladly take those 7 points, too.
SW: Blows away? Bit of a stretch to say the least. And while your photo doesn’t show it, I do have to give three snaps to the colour of the SJS helmet…Get on your bikes and ride!!!

. . .

Queen City Bowl (Charlotte, NC) Duke vs Cincinnati Dec. 27th 6:30 (ESPN):
Golly this is getting depressing, even the sponsor sound like a wretch, Belk. Which is too bad, Charlotte is a historical town, and a pretty nice place to spend a bowl weekend (since 2008) if one was so inclined. This game is also historically very exciting for some reason even though on its surface it does not usually have the most marquee teams. I would also be remiss if on a uni-note I did not mention the Clemson-USF match-up of a couple years ago which produced one of my all time personal favourite lessor known sum is greater then the parts uniform games.

The Spread: Cincinnati is a 7 point favorite over Duke
The Picks:
SK: Belk? Should be Bleeeech…normally, this would be a no brainer, but Puke has been doing the BFBS crap a lot this season. Still, they’ll look better than Cincy, although Duke as the *home* team does increase the potential for BFBS, while Cincy’s whites aren’t totally awful. Wait, clawmarks on the pants? Yes they are. Gimme Duke & the points.
SW:Funny you should say that, I was about to say I bet Duke pulls the ultimate stupid and goes black against a team that is mostly black. Temperature rising, must bet on anger. So despite the fact that i love the Duke dome stripe, I hate the way i think they will go, and Cincinnati will wear red pants for the upset.
SK: Doesn’t matter what color pants they wear. They still have claw marks.

. . .

Holiday Bowl (San Diego, CA) UCLA vs Baylor Dec. 27th 9:45 (ESPN):
Now were talking bowl games! This has been a thriller since 1978, and for you Boise Community College fans and BCS busting types, don’t forget this game produced a national champion in 1984 when BYU bested a 6-5 Meeechigan club. Created as a place for WAC champions to land after the Fiesta Bowl changed who got their bid, it always pitted the WAC against a bigger school ripe for the plucking after an underwhelming season. This game is what the olde bowl system was all about, and seemed always to have a great game with thrilling comebacks for those who tuned in.

The Spread: Baylor and UCLA are even
The Picks:
SW: Not even the UCLA shoulder loop failure can out flop Baylor. I loved the Bears uniforms as a kid, but template pants growl, shoulder feathers (what is that for anyway?), too much black and white every week. UCLA is an easy choice.
SK: I hate it when we agree, but we agree. Unless UCLA goes with that stupid midnight navy. But they won’t, right? Gimme the Broons in a straight-up game.
SW: Don’t worry, I am sure your words will make baby Jesus cry sooner or later.

. . .

Independence Bowl (Shreveport, LA) UL-Monroe vs Ohio Dec. 28th 2:00 (ESPN):
Pfffffffft. Sorry but that was the air going out of the bowl tires as we move to Independence Bowl (1976). This was always one of those games that in the recesses of the old brain-pan feels like it was played on a cloudy day with at least one team that made you say “seriously?” against a big conference school that underwhelmed, but with none of the Holiday Bowl excitement. Well there was the snow bowl, but despite its longevity this game has typically been a dog.

The Spread: UL Monroe is a 7.5 point favorite over Ohio
The Picks:
SK: Tin soldiers and Nixon coming. We’re finally on our own. This winter I hear the drumming. Four bills on O-HI-O.
SW: Again, a lesser of two evils game, I can’t believe how bad this crap is. I’ll take Ohio, they do have the best matte helmet, even if i do find them more then objectionable normally.
SK: I want some of the crack you’re smoking, because Ohio’s unis are drop dead gorgeous.

. . .

Zombie Tangerine Bowl (Orlando, FL) Rutgers vs Virginia Tech Dec. 28th 5:30 (ESPN):
Confusing football fans since 1990, it was played in Miami as the Tangerine after the Tangerine was re-named Citrus before moving to Orlando where the Tangerine was played before it changed its name to Citrus. Unfortunately, now this bowl is known as neither, so I guess this is sort of a Tangerine Bowl brought back from the dead with a Naturum De Montum. More info on the Orlando bowls later.

The Spread: Va Tech is a 2.5 point favorite over Rutgers
The Picks:
SW: This one is tough, it’s like predicting what that Gaga gal will wear a MTV jamboree. Do they still do those? Jimminy Christmas, I think I am going to go Rutgers here, I think I might have lost my marbles!
SK: No, you lost those a long time ago. Are you serious with that Scarlet, er. Black Knights pick? Really? Even if Va Tech wears those stupid chicken feet hats they’re still about 10 miles better than the Jersey Boys. And I only need a field goal to cover? Ha!
SW: I love the chicken feet man, they’re a delicious look. If I knew VT was going talons, I would have hammered them. But here is the thing with Tech, they have like 785 throwbacks, it bugs me. It also bugs me that they will be the tenth crimson/maroon team in the SEC as of 2014, nertz to that.

. . .

Bluebonnet Bowl (Houston, TX) Texas Tech vs Minnesota Dec. 28th 9:00 (ESPN):
The Bluebonnet Bowl, later known as the Astro-Bluebonnet Bowl was played in Houston from 1959-1987, and if you were ahead of your time, or a nut case, you loved the clean uniforms unblemished by the plastic grass of the Astrodome after the game was moved from the Rice campus. But even if it was played on turf, at least the proceeds went to charity, and it did have a pretty rad name. After the Bluebonnet, there was the Houston bowl (1990-2005), and today’s sponsor game(2006-), but I will take the name Bluebonnet to the happy town bank all day long.

The Spread: Texas Tech is a 12 point favorite over Minnesota
The Picks:
SK: The Gophers actually have some decent unis this season, and they’ll be wearing white. T-Tech, on the other hand, only has one decent combo, and even still, it’s not as nice as Minnie. Give me the 10K Lakes and the points. Lots and lots of points.
SW: Son of a Mothervilkerson, I take back what I said about Ohio having the best matte helmet, the Gophers do. And CMU is a cheap Gopher knock-off, always have been. I should have studied, I will never get into Uni College at this point.
SK: There’s a line from Animal House I should use here.

. . .

Fort Worth Bowl (Fort Worth, TX) Air Force vs Rice Dec. 29th 11:45 (ESPN):
I appreciate what our armed services do, I also appreciate that maybe the rest of us shouldn’t have their weapons. My heart goes out, and I feel guilty talking about something so meaningless while you feel so much pain.

The Spread: Air Force is a 1 point favorite over Rice
The Picks:
SW: It’d be the armed forces Bowl, the Falcons will wear that grey job against Rice who will wear Mono in a colourish on colour game. Which means Rice because it rhymes with dice and that is what I am rolling here.
SK: This is actually a tough call. But not that tough. Rice is twice as nice. On ice.
SW: You didn’t just throw down the hi-fidelity microphone?!

. . .

Gotham Bowl (Bronx, NY) Syracuse vs West Virginia Dec. 29th 3:15 (ESPN):
In 1961-2 the Gotham Bowl was played to raise money for the March of Dimes before people realized that cold and outdoor events don’t mix when you could go to California or Florida for something similar. Not learning from this mistake, from 1978-1981 the Garden State Bowl in the near-by Meadowlands was revived for NYC, but also died due to weather. Unfortunately the Garden State Bowl did lead to the kick-off classic to start a season, a much better idea even if I hate the extra games it causes student athletes to play. Leap forward to 2010, and the Pinstripe Bowl which has decided to give it a go again for the warm ocean breezes that are NYC in January, and while I love the potential snow factor, I don’t like the game’s long term chances.

The Spread: West Virginia is a 4 point favorite over Syracuse
The Picks:
SK: Almost heaven, but not quite. Cuse has the juice — W-Va is blah.
SW: The Major Harris era ‘neers were great, and the sans white ‘cuse uniforms were one of my all time favourite. But now it is scribble vs backback straps, a tough choice, but the tie breaker is WV broke the golden rule, never mess with the hat.
SK: So the Orange +4 times 2. I dig.

. . .

Fight Hunger Bowl (San Francisco, CA) Arizona State vs Navy Dec. 29th 4:00 (ESPN2):
Two baseball stadium games in one day, is this spring training? This game has been played since 2002 under different names including the Emerald bo…hold on. Now I hate to be a cynic, and one meal donated to local food banks per ticket sold is a nice gesture, but if you want to call yourself the “Fight Hunger” Bowl in bold letters, as the second highest grossing food consumer products company on the Fortune 500 behind only Pepsico, don’t’cha think you could do a little better? Perhaps you could donate 100% of the proceeds like an old school bowl? I don’t know what a food pantry meal costs broken down, but I am guessing it is nowhere near the tickets costs of $25-85. So, if you want to call yourself the Kraft Fight Hunger game and really own that, shouldn’t you really have at it? There is a charitable arm for every bowl game, we hear it every halftime, but no other sponsor is so bold in their claim, only to come up so short. Way to go Kraft.

The Spread: ASU is a 14.5 point favorite over Navy
The Picks:
SW: The Midshipmen hate hunger more then something called a Sun Devil, that much I am sure of, so I’ll take an uninspired Notre Dame knock-off.
SK: You’d think this is a no brainer for Navy, but I actually really like the shocker. Especially since I’m convinced they’ll actually go maroon/maroon/gold (a/k/a school colors). So, yeah, I’m takin’ the pitchforks and giving you all those points.

. . .

Alamo Bowl (San Antonio, TX) Oregon State vs Texas Dec. 29th 6:45 (ESPN):
Played once in 1947 and revived in 1993, I remember the Alamo Bowl as what seemed to be a semi-annual Hayden Frye recruiting trip into Texas where he already had ties and always made the most of this game. Speaking of Iowa, there is the uni-notable 1996 game where Iowa wore solid black helmets as a memorial to Mike Mitchel’s mother who passed in a car accident traveling to the game to watch her son.

The Spread: Oregon State is a 2 point favorite over Texas
The Picks:
SW: As cool as the beaver mascot is, this is a slam dunk. I can’t believe I agreed with you so many times today, if you would have told me the sky was falling I would have believed it before that. I dropped the ball, i’m going to be the chimp in the morrow if I can’t turn this around.
SK: Yeah, well, you know I’m taking Texas unless they are playing Bama, so yeah…we agree. And we didn’t agree that much today. Tomorrow will be different.
SW: No, you got me today, That CMU pick was a flameout, but my first AP history teacher was a Chippewa and she was dreamy with her feathered hair. Stupid, stupid.

. . .

And THAT is the end of day one. Yes it’s long. But it’s college football. This is important. If you want to play along with us, make your picks in the comments below.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

50 Years Ago This Week

50 Years Ago…This Weekend

Last year, Rick Pearson took us “back in time” to bring us his look at the featured television college football match-up from 50 years ago. (If you’re not familiar with it, this was the inaugural post of “50 Years Ago” from last year — after that, it became a recurring feature on UW for the remainder of the season). Last year, Rick looked at the 1961 season, and fortunately for us, he “uni tracked” the games from 1962 as well, documenting the game via his “kid cards”. Each week this fall, he’ll do the same, again.

It’s Bowl Season now, so Rick has the Bowls of the Week for us:


62 Wk 15A Card

Dec. 15, 1962…GOTHAM BOWL…Nebraska 36, Miami 34 on ABC

The Bowl season begins. First, we watch the second and final Gotham Bowl on ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Played at Yankee Stadium (the ’61 game had been at the Polo Grounds), this was a brutal cold-weather game, as evidenced by the long sleeves and stirrups under crews on both teams…and the sneakers on the Cornhuskers. Miami (led by QB George Mira) had some mismatched crews. Mira’s were Northwestern-striped, Ben Rizzo’s had two equal stripes. Despite the conditions the teams put up a lot of points. Thunder Thornton went on to play six years with the St. Louis Cardinals…Rizzo didn’t play pro ball.

. . .

62 Wk 15B Card

Dec. 15, 1962…LIBERTY BOWL…Oregon State 6, Villanova 0 on NBC

It was pretty darn cold in nearby Philadelphia, too, where Oregon State (an early mono-black team, and led by Heisman Trophy winner Terry Baker) and Villanova could score only six points between them, despite both opting for sneakers (and those points came on a memorable play, starts at 3:20)… Vern Burke had a three-year NFL career, playing one season each for the 49ers, Falcons and Saints … Billy Joe played for the Broncos, Bills, Dolphins and Jets in his seven-year career.

. . .

Thanks Rick! Great job with that as always.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

Hey, everyone knows a Major Award ought to be a LEG, for pete’s sake…

12-15-12 d-Trophy

Click to enlarge

And yes, you can vote for THE Jeff

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Stirrup Friday

Stirrup Fridays…

Because we love the stirrup here at Uni Watch, this section is devoted to those of us who sport the beautiful hose on Fridays — a trend popularized many years ago by Robert P. Marshall, III. For many of us, it’s become a bit of an obsession, but a harmless one — a reflection of our times. Where we once had Friday ties, which has been replaced by Casual Friday — we now have Stirrup Fridays. It’s an endearingly simple concept — no matter where you work (or even if you don’t) — break out a fresh pair of rups to compliment (or clash with) your Friday attire.

Continuing with the special sets again, since Comrade Marshall has graciously offered the UW rup as a *weekly* prize in the Stirrup Fridays ensemble. So, let’s have a look at the selections this week, and at the end, the winner will be announced:

. . . . .

Cardinals - Chelsea Madden

Chelsea Madden:

Phil & Robert,

To celebrate Stirrup Friday, I wore my Cardinal Stirrups to a Hogwarts Christmas Party (Harry Potter).


. . .

TD7189 - Tom Denne

Tom Denne:

Hi Phil –

I’m going for the body of stirrup work with this one. I play in the Los Angeles Baseball League, one of the four adult leagues I’ve played in since my 20s (hence the mismatched helmet) and I ALWAYS wear stirrups. They’re not as flashy as some of my others from Comrade Marshall, nor are my pants bloused as nicely as Paul would prefer, but it’s a decent action shot of me leading off second.

Viva la Stirrup!

Tom Denne

. . .

James Poisso - kid

James Poisso:


Happy Stirrup Friday! Todays stirrups are Nap’s but they go nicely with my KC Monarchs jersey.

And after finding the child’s stirrups I aquired back in the summer, my son is big enough now to wear his first stirrups!


. . .

vengeance_of_she - Pete Woychick

showgirls - Pete Woychick rolled_stockings - Pete Woychick pulp_fiction - Pete Woychick breakfast-at-tiffanys - Pete Woychick

Pete Woychick:

Phil & Robert,

Hollywood Salutes the Stirrup


. . .

Early Giants - John Kimmerlein

John K:


Wearing the early Giants (1905, 1915?) today. I have two holiday parties for work, and these seem to do the trick as a festive, but stealth, option. Don’t worry–will break out the Oaks on Christmas, if not before.


. . .

Chris Ross - Blue

Chris Ross:

Hi Phil

My name is Chris Ross and I’m the Director of Game Operations for the Wichita Thunder of the Central Hockey League.

My first love was baseball, and through the education of Uni-Watch, came a love for the stirrup. How could I combine both of these with hockey? A simple email to Robert Marshall did the trick! Here are my new team color medium-cut royal blue stirrups on top of my size 18 shoes in the video-board control room of the 15,000 seat INTRUST Bank Arena.


. . .

Jelena Pantel - A's

Jelena Pantel:

Revolutionary Stirrup Party,

Playing softball in Texas (read: blistering hot) requires some adjustments to the classic baseball look. Not being size M (for Man) leads to the tragic folding observed (don’t think thigh-high stirrups is a thing nor should it be). Hopefully the mods don’t detract from stirrup loveliness.

Jelena Pantel

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And that ends today’s look at Stirrup Friday — all of you who participate, send me your pics and a brief (~50 words) description of their relevance, and I’ll run ’em here on Saturday (and sometimes Sunday too!).

And now a few words from the leader of the Stirrup Nation, Comrade Robert Marshall. Comrade?

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Hola Comrades~

Didn’t get enough of me already? let’s talk stirrups. In addition to the weekly winner below, I am going to continue my spirit of the season give away of more stirrups then I sell. In addition to our winner this week I will be giving away another 5 Uni Watch stirrups to various comrades like James Poisso and others who have shown a special dedication to the cause (I will be in touch). Also, if you buy two stirrups this week, I will throw in a a RonCo Christmas hose as my gift to you for the holidays. It’s a free for all people, these deals are so crazy, I must be innnsaaaane.

As for our winner, it was no contest this week as I have seen the perfect stirrups, and gentleman, I hate to emasculate you, but they are worn by a woman. Look at Jelena here, is that perfect or what? And if any of you tap three times and tell me her stripes are not perfect my head may explode. I think this gal has some style, and those shorts really complete the look, I am almost speechless. Wait, no I’m not, I never am, let me go on. Unlike most of you, she wears them as perfectly as a Hollywood Star. Now this not only looks awesome, which is why I wear them the same way, I am sure Jelena can tell you it also has a functionality as a sliding pad for your knee helping to cut down on the raspberries. Less raspberries and stylish to? can that be true? Yes my friends, and that is an ironclad revolutionary guarantee! Jelana, in lieu of the ring that I am sure neither of us would want, what with me being a 175 year old artist in Chicago, and you obviously being a Houston debutante. No, no, it would never work, so please let me send you 2 pair of stirrups to match that uniform colour, and offer you a lifetime* of free stirrups.

*Void in Texas and Tennessee. No, I am serious, if you ever see something you like, it is yours for as long as I run this sinking ship, perfect stirrups demand it.

As always comrades, from each, to each, Merry Christmas, see you in the new year.

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If you’re not a member of Stirrup Nation and want to join, just visit Comrade Marshall’s house of hose (and you can see the available selections here) or if you have any questions about the availability of stirrups, drop him a line at

So, comrades — why don’t you pick up a pair or three and show us your rups!


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And that will do it for today. Say a prayer for Newtown, CT.

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“There’s plenty of time to play politics and talk gun control….today is not the day to do so. Let these people mourn their losses.”
–Donte Stallworth, NE Pats Wide Receiver

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    Why under the “you might like” ad section is this the first article: Two Young Ladies Filmed Giving Blowjobs On The 6 Train? Sheesh.

    I think those search results are tailored towards things you’ve browsed in the past… mine are related only to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and unicorns and I never, ever, get any porn related headlines, I think.

    This is what I get:

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    sorry it was long jeff, it was all just in fun, but i a sure you didn’t read it anyway. to be honest, i wrote it for the ten UW’ers who are a part of champ or chimp,

    but your beloved playoff assures that your favourite ohio state gets crammed down your gullet even more, enjoy it when you get what you wish for because it is coming.

    I’m not a fan of the BCS. For every reason those folks who oppose a playoff in 1-A football I will always come back with the argument that 1-AA does it and even in Texas SchoolBoy playoffs do it. There is no difference between 1-A and 1-AA. It’s still college and they manage to have finals and play. So why can’t 1-A ball players do they same. In Texas, if a high school team is playing until mid-December then they are playing 15-16 games. Why should those folk who go to the mid- major school automatically have no shot to play for a national championship judt because they go to a smaller school some of those mid major schools are larger than some of the major schools. So yes playoff system will work, but it only happens if all the 1-A conference have a conference championship game. We are getting close in 2014, but it still will not be fair to those mid major conferences.

    Well, yes, because everyone knows Northern Illinois might actually be the best team in the country this year. (giggle)

    Didn’t at year end Notre Dame have, like, the 14th most difficult schedule? (or something like that; one of the toughest, anyway)

    Not sticking up for Notre Dame, just saying that #16 probably IS #16.

    DII/DIII play a 10 games schedule, so every team would have to drop 2-3 games, that’s one problem.

    apples and oranges. there just may be a different time commitment for a D1 playoff then a high school or lower college play-off. but if you don’t care how that effects the student-athlete, you don’t are, and i can’t convince you otherwise

    you clearly didn’t read what i wrote about DII/DIII having fewer teams playing for their titles then D1 has had in the same period. but why let the facts stand in the way.

    have you seen what the conferences are doing? there will be no what you are calling erroneously mid-majors in the playoff(that’s a basketball term). if your “mid-majors” are going to compete for a national title, with the exception of a once a decade team, they are going to have to drop back down to DII where most of them were 30 years ago to compete every year.

    again, do you really think NIU is upset with “only” getting to play in the orange bowl? they are not.

    I totally agree jedi54. And have for a long time.

    There has never been a good reason not to have playoffs in 1A. I am so glad the start of one is on its way.

    Last night I watched Mt Union win its 11th National Championship on the field. Mt Union is less than 50 miles from me. I went to a game a while ago. I always root for the Purple Raiders.

    and they have played in that game the last 8 years running against the same team 7 years running until this year. do i want to see alabama-usc every year?

    yeah, i know what you mean…i hate seeing teams like the steelers in the super bowl all the time…we should vote on who goes to that game too!!!

    enough of this ‘best team gets to play in the championship’ crap!!!

    What happened to Rowan, anyway? That was the team Mt. Union always played in the D3 championship.

    this isn’t the NFL, nor should the NCAA try to be. If you prefer the NFL, you should watch the NFL, i never do, i barely know it exists. but i would never support the NFL going in this direstion.

    and clearly we are missing the point. the point isn’t to vote so that we don’t get the same match-up. i am suggesting that the balance of power will shift even more into the hands of a few school, that is all.

    I generally agree with JEDI54 as well. The worst excuse I hear from proponents of the old bowl system is that a playof system would render other bowl games meaningless. However, those other bowl games have always been meaningless. In any given season, maybe two to three bowl games have any impact on the national championship. Then again, in the end, it’s all just a minor league system for the NFL anyway.

    When the NCAA can be certain a large-field playoff will generate enough profit to put as much money into as many schools as the Bowl system does (including alumni contributions resulting from a school’s national TV appearance), there will be a large-field playoff. Those alumni contributions are especially important to non-BCS schools who play in Bowl games.

    As of now, though, we can assume they cannot be certain of that, or we’d have a playoff.

    To suggest that clinging to the Bowls is about “tradition” is insufferably naive, considering at this time no one would be surprised by a headline reading, “Hawaii to join the Big East.”

    true. got 3 large rings from my equipment work at ysu. one of them being the first nagtional title. last ring was a loss in the finals. all on the field. all play offs.

    Comparing the tragedy that occurred yesterday to the visual aspects of a college football game? That’s pretty fucking disgusting.

    It is some play on words of the movie “Bowling For Columbine”, which was a similar massacre. Unfortunately, this explanation does not make it a justifiable title…it actually makes me even sicker about it.

    The title is one thing, our comments were directed at the comparison, that has been crossed out – concerning the Potatoe Bowl, (can it not be deleted?). I’m a big Uni Watch fan, and I realize the content is free and everything, but at the same time, we should let you know when there’s been poor judgment – I can’t remember a single other incident, it seems so out of character.

    Yeah, I’m with you guys. “…guess this one will be as hard on the eyes as a classroom in Newtown”.

    Seriously? Even cross-outed, that’s terrible. Shoulda left that idea on the cutting room floor. Fail fail fail.

    I didn’t even read that after I saw the title…in my mind this has gone from sickening to unforgiveable.

    Possibly the least tasteful article I’ve ever tried to read, didn’t finish because it was so bad. Even Barstool realized to stop blogging about, and they’re the biggest assholes on the internet. My faith in Uni-Watch has taken a serious blow. This was absolutely disgusting. Real classy guys.

    were you reading this site? i am really confused. comparing what? what are you talking about? i put no comments at all about newton in this bowl preview. hell it was all written tuesday!

    So, the article was written on Tuesday, and LI Phillip felt the need to go back and add in the line concerning the potato bowl? Unreal.

    To include such a line is fucking disgusting. I honestly can’t fathom how someone could think such a line would be humorous or clever.

    cut him some slack, it was an error in judgement, and he has apologized. we did work on the “banter” last night, and nothing was mentioned about yesterday events during that, i should say the bulk of it was written long ago.

    But we won’t know until they play. I’m all for it. The look of things right now The Sun Belt and the mid America conferences are still around. The Big Least maybe gone in a few weeks.

    Man, I loved (Miami QB) George Mira. He’s why I always tried to wear #10. Thanks for the memories…

    Jalena’s stirrups look maaaaavalous! Well worthy of the accolades bestowed. In the pic, she looks even better when compared to the dweeb in jeans playing centerfield. I’d take her and bat her lead-off on sartorial merits alone.

    The first thing that struck me was how ugly most of the bowl logos shown at the top of the article were. Maybe part of it is the company was trying to make sure there brand stood out in the logo. The Bridgepoint one was one of the better ones.

    Great job on the bowl matchups! That had to take forever and I totally enjoyed it! Thanks!

    if 5 people likes it outside of the champ or chimp’ers, it was worth it. thanks man, we tried to have some fun with it.

    I thought it was pretty fun too. Not sure, but I might be a chimp…at least I might smell like one!

    those are the delta-tau-chi names given out in the champ or chimp, so when we talk college football, we use those names. it is sort of an inside joke, but it boils down to an alter-ego.

    what newton reference? i made no newton reference!

    gramar, that’s another thing, and i am not better then that.

    I’m disappointed in the Newtown reference from today’s header. So many beautiful children died yesterday.


    I understand the Bowling for Columbine reference, but today’s Uni Watch headline displaces an otherwise interesting topic. I think it’d be best to listen to what others have expressed this morning.

    You know what, Shiphead and Skid-row, I think after all these arguments for a football playoff system, you’ve successfully swayed my opinion the other way. In fact why not scrap basketball’s March Madness and replace it with a series of bowl-esque basketball games. 37 champions is better than 1 champion any day.

    i don’t recall suggesting that every sport follows this model. but you are sarcastically apple and oranging, that’s fine, be a smart-ass, it brings a lot to the conversation.

    I’m not an easily offended person in the least, but… seriously, WTF is with your headline? What was your thought process there?

    “Hmm, I’m writing an article about college football bowl games… but everyone is thinking about the shooting tragedy in the news… which is sorta reminiscent of the Columbine shooting… which had a movie title… OH CLEVER COLLEGE FOOTBALL-MICHAEL MOORE-SHOOTING RAMPAGE TIE-IN!!!”

    Yeah, no thanks. Let’s try again?

    …and I won’t get into the idiotic “herp derp people in support of playoffs are dumb” argument you’ve presented (ugh, I sorta just did). Are you trying to get me to not read this article? If so, well done. I shouldn’t be this annoyed in the morning.

    i no way made reference to people being dumb for being in support of a play-off, i laid out why i was against it. i fully understand the argument for a play-off, i just don’t agree with it and try to offer a different take, and try to explain why it might not give people what they expect.

    Ricko, I want to thank you again for bringing us your “kid cards” of the various games that aired in the 1962 season. I’m not too sure if you can answer some questions I have. I did notice that last year (1961) the cards show ABC having the College Football “Game of the Week”, while in 1962 CBS picked up the games. I do know that that ABC would later gain the games back(I’m thinking the next year,1963)later in the sixties. I was first wondering, who were the regular announcers for ABC in 1961, and for CBS in 1962. Also, NBC did do some bowl games those years, as bowls were independent from the NCAA contracts. Who did those games.

    Thanks in advance, even if you may not be able to recall who announced. It has been a fun trip through history.

    Thank you. And, yes, the bowl games were spread around the networks.

    Announcers? My mind goes to people like Chris Schenkel and Lindsay Nelson (maybe Bill Flemming and Red Grange), but not to particular games or networks, just to the era.

    I believe there is a website (maybe more than one) that chronicles such things. Perhaps there are UWers who can provide links to any of them?

    Same here. I enjoy them every week this year and before. I miss the when they are over with.

    Maybe Ricko can retro draw them for the following years. Like 63 and 64 and so on Find old college football TV schedules and do his magic.

    Maybe go back in time and do the 50’s or 40’s, 30’s. Check radio guides. Heck I would love to see Ricko draw some 30’s football anyhow.

    One day if your bored and feel like doing a retro kids card from classic games in the 30’s give it a shot Ricko?

    Wishful thinking here.

    In 1960 and 1961 when ABC did College Football, the top crew was Curt Gowdy and Paul Christman. When CBS gained the rights for college football for 1962 and 1963, the top crew was Lindsey Nelson and Terry Brennan. Gowdy and Christman then bumped Jack Buck and George Ratterman from the A crew to the B crew for AFL coverage. Then NBC gained the rights to college football for 1964 and 1965, Nelson and Brennan slid along to NBC. And full circle, when ABC regained the college football rights in 1966, Chris Schenkel and Bud Wilkinson became the A team.

    Hope this primer is of help.

    Paul needs to phire Phil because he is a phucking asshole for the header. You just lost a Uni Watch follower.

    Paul I understand you are quite liberal, you reveal that whenever possible and as much as I disagree with you on everything I still judge your work for what it is, fantastic and interesting. You did not write this and I am not sure how much editorial latitude you have given Mr. Hecken but as a Fairfield County resident, no more than 20 minutes from the Newtown line, I find his allusions in incredibly bad taste, exploitative and inappropriate. How dare you use this tragedy to get across a political pot shot on of all things a blog about sports uniforms. There is enough partisan insanity in the blogosphere, Uni Watch is, I am sure, an escape from this for many, no matter your ideology. An apology is very clearly in order. Will it come forth? I won’t hold my breath. Shame on you Mr. Hecken.

    There are times to hold our tongues, yes.

    Ponder this…

    Last night on CBS’ special report, they told of speaking with one of the police officers assigned to a victim’s family. He had maintained his professional front in the presence of the family, but when interviewed by CBS he broke down, looking at the photo he held of a little girl.

    “This is a baby,” he said, “This is a baby that son of a bitch killed.”

    Yeah, that’s it for me and uni-watch. Pull my email out of the appreciation prize bucket. This isn’t a question of whether there’s a conversation to be had or not around the tragedy, this is just lazy writing trying to masquerade as edgy by invoking an unspeakable tragedy as clever wordplay. And to strike out the line is tantamount to saying you’re sorry we are offended (but to hell with you, I’m going to make you read it still because I’m not sorry for doing it).

    I echo the sentiments of everyone with a heart. Stopped reading after the cruel classroom joke. If I ever come back to this site, whenever I see that it’s an article written by Phil I won’t read it anymore. Unbelievable.

    Paul here.

    I had not seen today’s entry until about 25 minutes ago, when a reader brought it to my attention. (I often don’t read the weekend posts until the afternoon, just to give myself a little break from the site.) I agree that the hed and the classroom reference are inappropriate.

    Just spoke with Phil, who had been out running errands (that’s why he hasn’t responded to any of this yet). He agrees that mistakes were made, and he’s changed the hed and removed the classroom reference. I don’t want to speak any further for him, but he’ll be weighing in soon.

    I’m heading out for the day. My thanks to all who expressed their concern about this.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Couple of things real quick — First off, I’ve removed the offensive (and it was offensive, no question) line from the main article, and I’ve changed the headline.

    I apologize to anyone (and everyone). They were not only in bad taste, many could rightfully take both as insensitive at best, crude disgusting mockery at worst. Neither were my intent.

    I, like many of you, followed the senseless tragedy yesterday with nothing but dread and repulsion, and I was sick to my stomach yesterday night (very late) as this post was coming together. The headline was stupid, since I tried for (and failed) to make a play on, obviously “Bowling for Columbine” and the fact that this was a “bowl” preview. Not smart and not well done.

    I didn’t want to get into a political discussion, and don’t, about gun control — whatever your views on it, this isn’t the time, and certainly not the venue, for it. But it’s something that will be discussed everywhere and for a long time. I thought I had to say something, but in retrospect, I should not have.

    I apologize, deeply, to anyone I have offended. It was certainly not my intent, and I know nothing I can say here will change anyone’s thoughts.

    Feel free to unleash your comments upon me. I deserve it.


    God knows that I’ve made many a mistake in my life. When I do I become humble and hope that people will realize that I am human and that they will pause long enough to give me the chance to respond and react to what I’ve done before passing eternal judgment.

    I witheld posting any comments earlier this morning because, in the dealings that I’ve had with you in the past, though they may be few, you’ve never given me reason to believe that you are anything other than a stand-up guy. Further, any more negative comments at that point, however much deserved, would have just been piling on. I wanted to hold off and see how you responded…

    I accept the fact that you’re human and you made a mistake. I respect that you have come forward, acknowledged it, and apologized for it. Providing some insight as to what you were trying to go for as you wrote that, while not making any excuses for it, was also helpful for me.

    In short, I accept your apology, still hold you in high regard, and trust that your future work will be of the high quality that you’ve been known for and reflect that you’ve learned from this experience.

    well at least now i know what is up now. i couldn’t make any sense out of this, and was horrified that people might have been offended by something i wrote, and in a dead panic because i couldn’t figure out what it was that i did. i was ready for getting ripped for being on the bowl system island, and i welcomed that. but whatever the header was guys, i am real sorry it was there, i feel horrible, i honestly could cry, it was all so horrifying.

    Ooo…Sam Houston State on ESPNU at 4 EST.
    Aren’t they the ones with the “codpiece” pants?
    Oh, I DO hope they’re wearing them today.
    (serious eyeroll)

    I appreciate your response and the changes you made to the post. Your original work left a bad taste in my mouth, but I respect that you owned up to it.

    Thank you for checking in on followers’ concerns.

    Just stopped by the site, it’s almost 10am PT, so I’m not quite sure what text people are referencing. But everyone makes mistakes in judgement- heavens, I’ve made a few.

    Yesterday was yet another black day in US history- a true nightmare. Condolences to all of those involved.


    Now, onto a uni-related note. Went into the SF Niketown last night and was greeted by an epic NFL/Niners display. I was AMAZED at how much the stuff cost. They had a couple of REALLY nice parkas/reversible jackets..each @ 175/200 range. Who can afford this stuff?

    Can we add a Category 4 to those who advocate a FBS playoff: those who love the college game but would like to see a champion decided on the field rather than via a formula/expert opinion? Incidentally, you won’t convince me that, with over 100 teams in the field, the regular season would be substantially devalued by even a 16-team playoff. Heck, even if you narrowed it down to the AQ conferences and a few mid-majors, you’d still have a field much larger than the NFL, and no one with more than 2 losses in the regular season could realistically qualify. AND there would still be consequences (such as traveling across the country to play a top-seeded team on the road), such that the regular season would not be devalued in any meaningful sense. In fact, the regular season would be MUCH MORE important for far more teams over the course of the season. Oh, and by the way, nothing about the playoff would eliminate the prestige of being a conference champion, and the measure of success would simply be recalibrated so as to celebrate the fact of even qualifying for the Biggest Dance.

    That said, the minor bowls should be preserved as an NIT-like consolation prize for those who don’t qualify for the Dance.

    i appreciate what you are saying, and i understand your viewpoint. the one big thing, for me anyway, is this at-large business. you should have to win your conference to make it in, otherwise we are still looking at subjectivity. i think like everybody else that the SEC is the best conference, and should/would have at least 2 teams in any play-off that would have 4+ teams. but who is to say they really are he best? does that make sense? why replace a subjective system with a subjective system?

    i appreciate you would like to save the mid/lower range bowls, because i too think they have a value for the teams participating beyond just revenue. but i wonder if they would really survie.

    i am all for change and reform if it makes a positive impact beyond just creating a money grab. and while i am not a fan of the +1, i can accept it if they run it right, but i do miss the old system. let’s not forget, BYU did win a national title from the holiday bowl, so it was possible for a smaller school to win. maybe if i cared who was number 1 i would think differently, but i don’t really care that much, there are other story lines that grab me. and i do watch a shit-ton of college football, it is really the only sport i ever watch.

    Understand where you’re coming from and appreciate the concern about the at-larges. I, too, think the SEC is probably the best conference, but (without getting too far down this road) I also think that folks tend to gloss over the SEC’s bottom tier when anointing the conference on the whole, and there’s surprisingly little discussion as to the weak opponents the SEC powers schedule late in the season, when the games unquestionably matter more in the polls. (Unfair practice or just smart?) Finally, I find it curious how little discussion I’ve heard about how a mid-tier Big 12 program, in Texas A&M, came into the SEC’s tougher division and immediately became a power. But I’ve gotten waaaaaaay off the topic at hand…

    My bottom line is this: don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good (or, in this case, the better). Will there be argument about at-larges? Yes. Should conference champions get automatic berths? Yes. Will there be controversy over the teams left out? Yes. Is it possible that an “overrated” SEC has a disproportionate representation? Yes. All of these things happen in basketball, and we eat it up. I’d also like to think that, as with basketball, an admittedly subjective process will push teams to schedule tougher out of conference schedules, resulting in more must-see cross-conference regular season tilts. There are ways to address most of the oft-cited “flaws” in a playoff system. I’d like to see at least 8 teams involved. Do I care if the consensus “best” regular season team doesn’t win because a 2-loss team knocks them off in the playoff? Heck no. Part of being a champion is winning when the pressure is at its highest level.

    PS– I know of no convincing argument as to why the lesser bowls would disappear. In fact, don’t we even have multiple post-season tournaments for D1 basketball also-rans? Why would a football playoff, where the one current meaningful game is replaced with seven,further diminish the already limited value of the lesser bowls? The thirst for football will still be there. People will watch, at least at the same level as they do presently.

    again, you raise good points, but i would argue i am not trying to stop better get in the way of perfect, i am suggesting it would be worse. and your point about the SEC is exactly what i am talking about, why should they get extra access? Hopefully since the NCAA moves at a snails pace they will work on developing a system that can keep in mind all of D1, and not just 10 teams, or they will destroy what is the best sport going. obviously, IMHO.

    Good chat, friend. Always appreciate another perspective, even when I disagree. Helps me refine my own. With each passing year, I seem to enjoy college football more and pro football less (and this from a guy who grew up in the NYC area and now lives in Boston — two overwhelmingly pro sports towns).

    Looking forward to the upcoming two week smorgasbord of college ball!

    CWac, I’m with you. I’d love a playoff, although I’d restrict it to the winners of each conference’s title game, since that seems to be the way they’re all going.

    The quote from Donte Stallworth does not jive with your comments on the Armed Forces Bowl.

    The other bowls outside of the BCS were made meaningless by the BCS. Even the bowls in the BCS are meaningless, except one. I used to watch all the bowl games, now I don’t give a damn except the bowl game that the Big 12 champ, OU and BCS championship game. All these other bowls are nothing but glorified marketing tools. Why does Boise ID have a bowl game, in the middle of December when it’s weather is going to be at its worst?

    So shipwreck, are you telling me that class work at Bama is harder than at Sam Houston St. Also are you saying that 1-AA athletes don’t have the same time constraints as 1-A athletes. I really don’t think so hoss. College is college no matter what level you play. It’s that simple. No argument can convince me otherwise.

    hoss? okay sport…
    I am suggesting that the media and other demands are more difficult and under more of a microscope.

    the fact that you only care about you LOCAL school and then bcs is exactly my point, college football is regional first and national second, it does no good to forcibly flip-flop that perspective.

    i am not trying to convince you of anything, i am simply giving an alternate perspective.

    Virginia Tech has caught a lot of flack for the
    turkey feet helmets, but for those who Get ItTM, shouldn’t this be encouraging? The way I see it, the turkey feet helmet is a giant middle finger to all the schools trying to out-badass each other. It’s a simple, legible, fun design that wasn’t out to prove it could beat you up.

    As an alumni, I would love to see Tech go back to one helmet, 2 jerseys, and 1 pair of pants (I miss the “alternate color TV numbers” look. I even thought that the last “modern” Nike design didn’t quite get the credit it deserved.)

    But I wouldn’t mind seeing the turkey feet helmet in the bowl game because (for me) it would symbolize the ultimate “Lighten up, Francis” moment. Rutgers went out of their way this year to put silver numbers on black backgrounds and “battle scar” their helmets. VT winning the game in turkey feet would just be some poetic justice of sorts.

    Post-script: Bash the Hokiebird helmet all you want. Ill-conceived and accomplished exactly nothing that a helmet logo should accomplish.

    Agree with you on the turkey feet. If these had been the VT helmets since 1960 we’d call them classics.

    Go BearKats. I hope they go white on white today. Those britches are bad, but I still love my alma mater and love Coach Fritz.

    If the teams in the (I’m still calling it) I-A that aren’t in what are considered “major” conferences are thought of derisively by many and only given BCS bowl berths reluctantly, then why don’t they force them into the (I’m still calling it) I-AA? It clearly has to be about money. But it kind of smacks of making someone sit at the kids table at family dinner forever (or until an aunt or uncle is sick one year).

    they would be competing with schools that have like resources, that’s all. akron can not build he same facilities as oregon, and that is the biggest difference between the major school and the rest of D1. but i don’t think they should be forced into anything, just saying that they would clearly have a better chance at winning a title in DII if that is what they really want.

    “When the curtain drops on the final BCS game, and Alabama is crowned two-time champion…” Maybe if Charlie Weis was still coaching Notre Dame.

    James, most of the mid majors were at one time 1-AA schools. They made the jump to 1A because of the money. This season Texas St(formerly SW Texas St) and UTSA made the jump to 1A. They are in the WAC this year and will go to the Sun Belt next year. Boise St was a 1-AA school at one time.

    I’m saying the champion of the Sun Belt should have the same chance to win a national championship as the champ of the Big Southern Dummy conference. Right now they don’t. The BCS was and is a power play to keep the mid majors out of big money and national championships.

    Toledo’s uniforms have the numbers peeling off the them. Look as horrible as they are playing in the 4th quarter.

    Cavs now have 3 players wearing facemasks at once: Irving, Thompson, and Zeller. Is this a NBA record for most facemasks?

    There’s no mention in the artcile about the socks/stirrups. Here’s hoping that the Pirates go the extra distance (it’s not that hard) and give any of their players going high-cuffed the appropriate gear. Such a great look.

    As I went to Facebook to share the link to brag to EVERYONE I KNOW about my Stirrup Friday selection (are there any sweeter words than ‘free stirrups’??), I noticed that the Facebook preview for this entry still has the original post title appearing there. Not sure if there’s any way to fix this…

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