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Everything looks more official when it’s stamped into metal. So we’re pleased to offer our classic winged stirrup logo as a super-cool metal-and-enamel lapel pin with gold trim. Looks great on a lapel, a denim jacket, a tie, a cap (including a Uni Watch cap!), or wherever:

Each pin has the traditional butterfly clutch (that’s what it’s called in the biz) on the back side:

Update, July 27: The good news is that this has turned out to be a very popular item! The bad news is that wrapping each pin in bubble wrap (which is the recommended way to ship them) and hand-addressing dozens of padded mailers was taking up too much of my time. So I’ve arranged for Teespring — the same company that does our T-shirts — to handle the fulfillment of this item. You can order them from Teespring here.