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The Uni Watch Smart Phone Case

Matt Beahan, the winner of our recent cell phone case design contest, worked with me to make a few adjustments to his stirrup-based concept. As you can see at right, there’s now a clearer distinction between the front and back stirrup openings, and I also had him add some stitching marks along curved edges of the openings.

With those changes made, the phone case is now available for ordering on this page. A few notes:

• The case is available for more than two dozen different phone models. Use the pop-up menu on the ordering page to choose your phone. I did my best to position the artwork so in a way that works for all of the different models but, as you’ll see, the design “fits” slightly differently onto each model’s case.

• The price is $19, no matter which model you choose. Shipping is $5 in the USA: overseas shipping varies.

• The case will be available for three weeks — from now through June 3.

• If you order a case, you should receive it somewhere in the June 10-17 range (that’s in time for Father’s Day, for what it’s worth).

• As you’ll see, the campaign has a goal of 250 sales, but don’t worry about that. As long as we sell at least 10 (which I’m sure we will), the cases will definitely be produced and shipped.

Again, you can order the phone case here. If you have any additional questions or concerns, let me know. Thanks.