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The Uni Watch 2019 Press Pin Registry

I’ve created a spreadsheet registry for the 2019 Uni Watch press pins. Since they were produced in a numbered edition of 200, some people might want to trade for a specific numbered pin. So if you purchased one, you can enter your name, your email address or Twitter handle, and any notes or comments, including whether you’re willing to trade or sell your pin.

Here’s how it works:

• If you’ve purchased a pin and would like to enter it on this registry, go to the registry and enter your info on the line that corresponds to your pin’s number. (Be sure to use the number shown in the “Pin Number” column, not the spreadsheet’s line number column. Those two columns are consistently one number apart, so it’s an easy mistake to make — be careful!)

• If you’re a big fan of, say, the number 73 and see that the person who has pin No. 73 is willing to trade, go ahead and email that person and see if you can strike a deal. (Obviously, shipping arrangements, postage charges, and so on are up to the two traders — work it out amongst yourselves.)

• I suppose people who missed out on purchasing a pin could also use this registry as a way to buy one (“I’ll give you 20 bucks for pin No. 53!”). Personally, I find that notion less appealing — I’d rather encourage trading, not selling. But if it happens, so be it.

• Participation is completely voluntary. If you purchased a pin but would rather not enter your name on the spreadsheet, that’s fine.

• I realize there are privacy issues about sharing email addresses on publicly viewable documents. If you’re willing to enter your name but would rather not list your email address, that’s fine. (You may also want to consider creating a new email address just for this spreadsheet. It’s certainly easy enough with Gmail and many other services, and that way you won’t be giving away your primary address.) You can also enter your Twitter handle and let people DM you via Twitter.

• Obviously, this project will only work if everyone behaves and nobody fucks with the spreadsheet. So: Please behave and don’t fuck with the spreadsheet. Thanks.

Again, the spreadsheet registry is here. Enjoy.