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PTI Transcript, 6/24/09

Wilbon: The Philadelphia 76ers, Tony, are doing what a whole lot of sports franchises should do: they’re going retro. Back is the old red, white and blue logo and soon to follow are the uniforms that were worn by Julius Erving and Doug Collins and maybe old winning times as well. We at PTI love this and encourage others to go back to their roots. Including the Chargers, Broncos, Bills, Patriots and even the Astros. The Wizards, they should not only wear the old Bullets’ uniforms, they should become the Bullets again. Tone, you’re very old.

Kornheiser: Yep.

Wilbon: You’ve got to be down with old school right?

Kornheiser: I am very old and you are marginally old and we believe that old is good. So we agree on this. Can I just go back to this for a second?

[At this point they banter about their previous non-uni topic.]

OK now what are we talking about here? Old school unis…

Wilbon: Unis, unis

Kornheiser: You mentioned all of them. All of them are good.

Wilbon: Julius, the Doctor

Kornheiser: You know what, not all of them are good. When Cleveland wears its old uniforms they’re bad.

Wilbon: The burgundy? How you can you not like those? I love those.

Kornheiser: When the Altanta Hawks, there’s a couple of Atlanta Hawks, not real old but somewhat old that aren’t very good.

Wilbon: Yeah, I don’t like those either.

Kornheiser: So you move around, but for sure, the football helmets that you mention. The Chargers, the Bills, the Patriots..

Wilbon: The Patriots with the minutemen, minuteman

Kornheiser: The Denver Broncos ought to go back.

Wilbon: The Broncos ought to go back. The baby blues.

Kornheiser: They ought to go back.

Wilbon: But-but I’m glad the sixers are doing this. They never should have gotten out of this.

Kornheiser: This is Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Andrew Toney, Mo Cheeks.

Wilbon: Championships. Fo’ Fo’ Fo’.

Kornheiser: They have no stars now, so this is what you do.

Wilbon: You like my idea about the Bullets?

Kornheiser: Oh absolutely, 100%.

Wilbon: Name and unis, get that other stuff outta here.

When Reali came on to make corrections there was this exchange:

Reali: You said baby blues when you were talking about the Broncos’ jersey. I always thought they were the orange crush.

Wilbon: THE HELMET! THE HELMET! The helmet. Baby blue helmet. Helmet, Look it up.

Reali: Was that baby blue? I thought it was a little bit darker blue. Ah it doesn’t matter.