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Garrett’s Ticker, Unedited

Baseball News:
Yesterday, we asked if Big Papi has previously worn Day Glo-trimmed batting gloves and thanks to Todd Boyle we have our answer. In Game 1 of the ALCS, Ortiz donned red gloves with yellow Day Glo-trim
during his 0-4, 2 strikeout performance. Thankfully for the Red Sox Nation, this was Big Papi’s first time wearing them in the playoffs. In the ALDS, he wore the black with yellow Day-Glo gloves for every game except Game 1, including in his 2 home run performance in Game 2 . Even his hi fives are better! If you missed the dramatic action from Sunday night,
check out this data visualization of Game 2 . ”¦ Thanks Tyler Kepner for noticing that the Detroit Free Press ran the Detroit Tigers old English “D” from their uniforms instead of the old English “D” from their hats. It only was on the front page yesterday . ”¦ Connor was hunting for bargains at his local Goodwill and stumbled upon these baseball pants . Greg Dobbs did wear number 22 for the Seattle Mariners from 2005 to 2006 so it is possible that these are his. ”¦For Yankees and Reds fans that are hurting from their painful season finishes, here is color video footage from the 1939 World Series . Of interesting note: the GEM blades advertisement in the right field bleachers (screenshot from 33 seconds into the video) existed until at least July 13, 1946 albeit with a slogan: “O.K. IF YOU AVOID THE 5 O’CLOCK SHADDOW” . ”¦ Fun find: Who knew the Indiana Department of Motor Vehicles was a fan of the Houston Astros Tequila Sunrise uniforms. Thanks Hungry Hungry Hipster . In further Houston Astros Tequila Sunrise uniform news: thanks Steven S. for noticing how an umpire picks up a Mets hat when the team is busy celebrating its 1986 NLCS victory. .

NFL News:
Here is a picture of Colts coach Chuck Pagono’s jacket with the bucking colts logo. ”¦ Also from Monday Night Football, Ryan Mathews of the Chargers with a torn jersey , thanks Matt B. . ”¦ Danny Woodhead also had a jersey rip . ”¦Troy Polamalu delivered a crushing hit to NY Jets WR Stephen Hill on Sunday but reader Mike Korczynski noticed that his Nike sponsored cleats did not appear to be Nike-like. They are actually a pair of New Balance Low-Cut 897 cleats with a painted on Nike Logo. The bottom of the New Balance cleats look exactly like the cleats on Troy’s feet on the Hill tackle, except for the blacked out logo instep . ”¦ Charles Lane found that Vince Young, during his Preseason time on the Packers, had the unusual clip for his facemask that other Packers previously had. Eric pointed out yesterday that the front bumper is from Schutt and Eric B. reminded us he gave us that tip all the way back in February! ”¦ The Bengals did not have Captain patches on until this week. Thanks Mako . ”¦ Darius Slay of the Detroit Lions and Joe Haden of the Cleveland Browns exchanged jerseys after the Lions victory on Sunday . ”¦It is still Pinktober, ”¦ Marques Colston had a pink visor clip on Sunday.

College Football News:
Check out these gloves with the crimson script “A” and houndstooth palm worn by Alabama’s Kenyan Drake during their game on Saturday (thanks Nolan ). ”¦ Western Kentucky University will break out the black uniforms tonight . Wyoming will go brown/gold/gold in their match up on Saturday.

Hockey News:
Here is an in-depth look at back-up LA Kings goalie Ben Scrivens’ goalie mask design, complete with Shakespeare quotations. (from Chris Bisbee). The Hartford Wolf Pack (an affiliate of the New York Rangers) unveiled their alternate jerseys .

Soccer News:
Here is a closer look at the Mexico World Cup kits worn in their World Cup qualifier match against Panama. ”¦ No photo but Jeremy Brahm says: I am watching Pac-12 Network and OSU men’s soccer team must have had their uniforms stolen or lost because they are wearing t-shirts with no numbers.

NBA News:

College Hoops News:
The San Jose State University Spartans have a new uniform, thanks Ahmad Billal Samady .

Grab Bag:
Pinktober is still in full effect: The GlenOak 7th grade football team from Canton, Ohio wore pink jerseys this weekend (from Vince G). ”¦ Interesting article published back in March about Rugby referee Steve Walsh and his tattoo: He who controls himself controls the game. ”¦ In more rugby news, Racing Metro 92, a rugby team from Paris, wears their names on the back of their shorts instead of the back of their shirts. Do any other rugby teams do this?