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A Note from Mario Fontana

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Mario Fontana here. You may remember me as the guy who wrote the Wiffle Ball story a while back. This year I am once again raising money for the Travis Roy Foundation. My team, HOTDAM, decided it needed a team mascot for people to rally behind. So I hereby present you with Charles E. Goodman V, aka Buck. We were really excited with how nicely this logo came out, so we decided to create some HOTDAM merchandise featuring the logo to help raise money for and promote the cause.

We have three-quarter-length sleeves ($20) and ringer tees ($20), available in all sizes. We’ve also created Buck patches ($10). Only 100 of these patches have been made and I am not going to make any extras, so you could be a part of a truly exclusive club!

Shipping will be $7 extra for shirts, or $1 if you’re just getting a patch. Every single penny that I make off this venture is going directly toward the Travis Roy Foundation. TRF gives grants to people with spinal cord injuries who can’t afford necessities like electric wheelchairs and voice-activated computers. The entire organization is volunteer-based. Roughly 95% of all funds raised goes directly toward victims, which is a truly outstanding and nearly unheard of number for a nonprofit organization. Your purchase is going directly toward making somebody’s life much easier to live.

As a special Uni Watch bonus, if you order before July 1 and add an additional $7, you can get a uni number added to the shirt (whole numbers from 00-99 only, please). Payments can be made via PayPal to If you want to pay by check, or if you have other questions, please e-mail me.

Thanks so much in advance for your support.