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Baseball News: Remember how someone found a pair of Greg Dobbs’ pants at Goodwill the other day? Ryan Campbell thinks he knows how it got there. The website will occasionally have a blind grab bag on authentic MLB gear, from cleats to autographed jerseys. Campbell gave it a shot, paid $40 and awaited his mystery haul: a pair of Dontrelle Willis’s pants. “I should’ve known it was too good to be true,” he says. “The pants are sitting on my closet floor. I don’t know what to do with them.” Hence, a donation to Goodwill. ”¦Flip Flop Fly Ball created yet another cool infographic, this one on the sizes and designs of baseballs in MLB team logos (from Brad Iverson-Long). ”¦

NFL News: While editing photos of the 1965 NFL Championship Game between the Packers and Browns, and Jeff Ash stumbled upon a shot of Jim Brown with his number handwritten on his helmet. ”¦

College Football News: Paul is quoted in this article on UNC’s new football uniforms. Spoiler: he’s not a fan (from Elena Elms). ”¦ Texas A&M’s Trey Williams scored two touchdowns on Saturday wearing two different uniform numbers. Look for scores by No. 17 and No. 3 in this clip. Williams will wear No. 17 if he and Tommy Sanders, a linebacker who shares No. 3 with Williams, are on the field together (thanks, Randy Collins). ”¦

Hockey News: No photos, but Doug Keklak was at last night’s Oilers-Penguins game, and during one of the TV timeouts he thought he heard a tearing sound down on the ice. “I looked down and noticed one of the guys ripping off an advertisement that was put on the boards with some kind of adhesive. It was covering up an ad that was painted on the boards,” he says. “Per period ads? Never saw that one before.””¦ The Cincinnati Cyclones released their themed jersey schedule for 2013-14. Includes both a Pink in the Rink Night and a Super Hero/Military Night (from Adam Walter). ”¦ The Capitals trainer wore pink gloves during tonight’s Rangers-Caps game. Ah, Pinktober (screenshot by John M.). ”¦

Soccer News: Adelaide United has a new crest to honor its 10 years in Australia’s A-League (from Graham Clayton). ”¦

Grab Bag: 7-Eleven is updating its logo (from Brinke). ”¦ When Cam Zink did a 78-foot backflip on his mountain bike at Red Bull Rampage, he was wearing a helmet with an extra layer of expanded polystyrene on the outside of the shell (thanks to Sean Clancy). ”¦ Mashable took every outfit Walter White wore in Breaking Bad and compiled them into one image (from Anthony Juliano). ”¦