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Collector’s Corner for August 9, 2022

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And here we go with another edition of Collector’s Corner. In honor of the late Vin Scully, this is one terrific bobblehead! This one is from 2012, and is in perfect shape. The seller says “Bobblehead was only removed from the box for photos. Otherwise it has never been removed or displayed.” RIP to a great announcer, and an even greater man.

And now for the rest of this week’s picks:

• Speaking of Mr. Scully, here we have a pair of Union 76 “Dodger Family” booklets from 1960 and 1961, featuring Vin and Jerry Doggett. You’ll learn about their lives, “on-mike and off!”

• Remember the early 1970s single-bar NFL helmet school supplies line? I think Mead was one of the brands. I had an NFL binder for school, first for the Cowboys and then the Bengals. Here’s one for my current team, the San Francisco 49ers; needs a bit of TLC.

• Who Dat! Check out this 1970s New Orleans Saints gumball helmet or “pool chalk holder.” The seller says “​​Just glue your favorite chalk in place and you have a cool use for your mini helmet.” Can’t say I’ve ever thought about using one for that purpose.

• Barry Redden of the Los Angeles Rams is rumblin’, bumblin’ and stumblin’ on the front of this 300 piece NFL puzzle from the mid-1980s.

• One more for the Rams; this 1988 Unocal 76 promo helmet pin. Number #1 in the series, and this one notes that player Fred Gerharke (sp!) “wanted to jazz-up the current helmet.” Well, he did do that!

• “Brow-Dri!” That’s the name of this 1970s “all purpose head band.” One size fits all- extra absorbent, too! Approved by the NBA. (Well, maybe not anymore.) And why does the face on the package resemble everyone’s 1970s dad?

• This one’s perfect for the front grille of any Mets fan- here’s a 1970s 4″ light-up medallion. Now, I’m not sure how this works, because we can’t see the back of it. Do you put batteries in there, I guess? And then you have to manually click it on and off every time?

• Had this one! From 1973, a book titled “The Cincinnati Bengals and the Magic of Paul Brown.”

• Here we have a pair of Philadelphia Eagles “SportsSox.” Unknown era for these, but they look sorta Jaworski-ish to me.

• Hockey fans, get your game on with this 1960s N.H.L. Pee-Wee Hockey tabletop game- it’s the world’s fastest sport!

That’ll do it for this edition of CC. See you back here next week as Collector’s Corner hits the road for Southern California!

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