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For 10 months now — through the pandemic and its economic ravages, the waves emanating from the murder of George Floyd, the disruptions of the various sports seasons, the incredibly toxic election campaign, the holiday season unlike any we’ve experienced before, and more — I’ve done my best to maintain a sense of normalcy and stability here at Uni Watch. Many of you have told me how much that has meant to you during these stressful times, and I don’t mind saying it’s meant a lot to me as well.

But after the disturbing events that took place yesterday, sports and uniforms seem too irrelevant to focus on, so Uni Watch will be closed today. As our foundational institutions appear to be increasingly fragile, I think we could all do with a bit of time to think about how best to address the challenges we face as citizens. That’s certainly what I’ll be doing today.

Stay safe, stay well, stay sane. I hope to be back with standard Uni Watch content tomorrow. Peace. — Paul

(Photo taken from a post that originally ran during this website’s first month.)

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