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A joint project of Uni Watch and No Mas, the Naming Wrongs T-shirt series lets you reject the corporate nonsense that has given us embarrassing stadium names like Citi Field, AT&T Park, and Land Shark Stadium. Like, c’mon, Land Shark Stadium?!

Just because your favorite team sold out, that doesn’t mean you have to play along. The Naming Wrongs series lets you reclaim your stadium’s dignity and strike a blow for civic pride. And as an anti-corporate gesture in these tough times, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to local food banks.

Here’s what we’re offering so far:

I’m Calling It Shea: The shirt that got the ball rolling. Over 2000 sold! Available in royal blue or heather gray.

I Still Call It Mile High: Available in orange or navy.

I Still Call It Joe Robbie: Available in white or aqua.

I Still Call It Comiskey: Available in black or heather gray.

I Still Call It the Jake: Available in navy.

•  NEW! I’m Calling It Giants Stadium: Available in blue or gray.

We’ll be adding more designs soon. Questions, feedback, suggestions? Get in touch.