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The sports world features all sorts of merchandise, most of which is just boring, mass-produced slop. Here at Uni Watch, we’re not opposed to merchandise, but we like to think that ours is more interesting, creative, and fun than most of what’s out there. Here’s what we’re currently offering (for most of the photos on this page, you can click to enlarge):

The Uni Watch Classic Cap

Our Uni Watch Classic Cap, made in the USA exclusively for us by Ebbets Field Flannels, is a 100%-wool beauty featuring our “winged stirrup” logo and a grey underbrim (plus it’s been worn on TV by Oakland A’s vendor Hal the Hot Dog Guy!). It’s available in fitted sizes, or with an adjustable leather strap. You can order it here.

The Uni Watch Toque

You can call it a toque, a beanie, or just a winter hat. By any name, it looks sharp. You can order it here.

The Uni Watch Pin Club

I’m excited to be partnering with the great uniform designer Todd Radom on a monthly series of numbered, limited-edition enamel pins that will be released throughout the year in 2020. Each pin has an original Uni Watch design on the front and the month and numbering laser-etched onto the back. So far we’ve released the January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December designs. (April is sold out, sorry.) Collect ’em all!

Uni Watch Lapel Pins

In addition to the Pin Club, we have our classic winged stirrup logo available as a sharp-looking enamel lapel pin. This has been one of our most popular items! Looks great on a cap, a lapel, a bulletin board, or wherever you want to put it. They’re available here.

Uni Watch T-Shirts

Our Uni Watch Online Shop has a wide range of T-shirts (including several more than the ones shown above). Almost all of them are available in multiple color options, and most of them are also available in long-sleeved, sweatshirt, and hoodie models, so click around and explore our full product line. Plus our T-shirt shop also features coffee mugs (again, all of which are available in multiple color options). Check it out here.

Uni Watch Hockey and Cycling Jerseys

We’ve partnered with the sportswear brand Adelph Wear (run by longtime Uni Watch reader Nathan Haas) to produce Uni Watch hockey and cycling jerseys, all of which are available with your choice of number and NOB. We’re taking orders on a new round of these from now through Dec. 11. Full details here.

The Uni Watch Tequila Sunrise Deluxe Shirt

More than a mere T-shirt, our Tequila Sunrise Deluxe shirt has fully sublimated wraparound stripes in eye-popping colors. A spectacular way of showing that you Get It™! Order it here.

Update: We now have a hoodie version of this design — again, with full wraparound stripes, plus “For People Who Get It™” is printed on the inner pocket:

The hoodie is available here.

Uni Watch Color Remix

If you like our winged stirrup logo but don’t care for our usual green/yellow color scheme, then the Uni Watch Color Remix series is for you. It’s a line of caps featuring our basic design in new color combos (a lot more than the ones shown above, incidentally). are available here.

In addition, we also have corresponding Color Remix T-shirts:

The T-shirt designs are available in our T-shirt shop.

Naming Wrongs Shirts

Are you annoyed, or even embarrassed, by stadium and arena names like Guaranteed Rate Field and the KFC Yum! Center? If so, then you’ll love Naming Wrongs, a Uni Watch side project that lets you reclaim your favorite sports venue’s dignity. We have shirts (and sweatshirts, and hoodies) for dozens of MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA, and CFL facilities, and almost all of them come in multiple color options. Browse the full collection here.

Uni Watch Trading Cards

I was going to be featured on my own official Topps trading card, but then MLB put the kibosh on that, so I decided to make my own card instead. Art and design by the amazing Rob Ullman. Each card comes with a piece of the shirt I wore for my Topps photo session, so each card is a relic card. There are also 11 autographed cards — 10 signed in green ink and one in purple — randomly distributed throughout the set, so you could end up with one of those! Additional info and ordering instrux are available here.

Uni Watch Koozies

After getting loads of requests, we now have collapsible Uni Watch Koozies! They feature our winged stirrup logo on one side, our circular logo on the other side, and our magnifying glass logo on the bottom. They’re available here.

Uni Watch Cufflinks

Similar to our lapel pins, but with a higher-quality enamel finish and sturdy cufflink posts on the back. Adds a nice touch of class to any event! You can order them here.

Uni Rock T-Shirts

What do you get when you cross sports design, music design, and Uni Watch? You get Uni Rock, a series of T-shirts that put a Uni Watch spin on classic band logos. Check out the full collection here.

Uni Watch Seam Rippers

If you’re a uniform DIYer, or if you just like to remove the annoying maker’s marks from caps or jerseys, Uni Watch seam rippers are the perfect tool for the task. Full details here.

The Uni Watch Pennant

We’re excited to be partnering with the great folks at Oxford Pennant on the first-ever Uni Watch pennant! Classic design, rendered in super-soft felt — perfect for displaying. Made in the USA, too. You can order it here.

The Uni Watch Chain-Stitched Logo Patch

Master embroiderer Amy Bengtson does all the chain-stitching for Ebbets Field Flannels, and she’s been making these beautiful logo patches for us. They measure about 6″ by 6″ — perfect for sewing onto a jacket or sweater, or just for displaying. Amy makes these to order by hand, so no two are exactly the same. You can order them here.

Uni Watch Membership Cards

Over the past dozen years, we have offered custom-designed membership cards to our readers so they can show that they Get It™! Each card comes fully laminated and has the member’s name on the front and the member’s choice of a jersey-style name and number on the back. We’ve designed over 2,000 of these cards, and we’d love to design one for you. The card also entitles you to a 15% discount in our Uni Watch and Naming Wrongs T-shirt shops. Full details here. (Want to get a membership card for someone but don’t know what design to get? Purchase a gift membership and let your lucky recipient choose the design!)

Uni Watch Stickers and Magnets

We’ve partnered with the great website StickerYou to offer a nice range of Uni Watch stickers and magnets. Check them out here.

Uni Watch Wristwatches

Honestly, I’m not sure we’ve ever sold one of these. But wouldn’t you like to be able to say you have a Uni Watch watch? Say it out loud — it’s fun! The three watch designs are available here, here, and here.

That’s it. If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to get in touch. Thanks for considering our products!

We’re always looking for fun product opportunities (in the past we’ve done mini-helmets, key rings, socks, plates, gumball helmets, coasters, and a lot more). If you have ideas for new Uni Watch products, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks.