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Category: Think Pieces

Some Thoughts About NFL Color vs. Color Games

The Cowboys, Patriots and Broncos have played more color vs color games than any other teams, by a long shot.

Some Thoughts on the Mets Retiring Willie Mays’ No. 24

Willie Mays was an all time great player, Hall of Famer and baseball ambassador. The Mets retired his number almost 50 years after his playing days ended.

Greatest Hits of the MLB Pullover Era: Part II

Walter Helfer concludes his lookback at the pullover and sansabelt era and ranks them.

Beyond Black and Gold: Ranking Pittsburgh’s Other Teams

A look at the less-heralded fashions and visual disasters of Pittsburgh sports history.

Some Thoughts About Attending a Ballgame

Last week I discussed the etiquette of what to do if you catch a foul ball. Today I discuss, well, everything else.

The Surprising Thing About the New NFL Alternate Helmets

Some of the new NFL helmet developments have been predictable. But there are two big surprises that Paul didn’t anticipate.

Some Thoughts About Giving Foul Balls to Kids

I’m 58 years old and have never caught a foul ball. If I finally catch one, should I really have to give it to a child?

Some Thoughts About Institutional Service Uniforms

When I arrived in Denver last Tuesday, I stupidly left something on the plane. So I filed a “lost item” report with the airline — United — and was relieved …

Some Thoughts on the Seaver Statue Article Reaction

Yesterday I published my scoop on the surprising uni-related design flaw in the Mets’ Tom Seaver Statue. (If you haven’t already read it, I urge you to look here — …

Some Thoughts About Microphones on Memorial Patches

Click to enlarge As noted in the Ticker earlier this week, the A’s started wearing their Ray Fosse memorial patch on Monday (it’s only on their home jersey, so it …

Very Bad Sports Marketing Idea: Making Heroes Grovel for Cash

To entertain hockey fans in Sioux Falls, they have teachers run across ice in a desperate scramble for $ to equip their classrooms. We’re just a few sharpened sticks away …

What Would an MLB Labor Day Uniform Look Like?

Monday was Labor Day, the day when we celebrate the American labor movement. It’s one of our oldest federal holidays, dating back to 1894. But as usual, Major League Baseball …

Some Thoughts About ‘Real,’ ‘Fake,’ and Value

Click to enlarge Good morning! Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian readers, and happy Bobby Bonilla Day to all my fellow Mets fans. The photo shown above was taken …

Some Thoughts on Naomi Osaka and Press Conferences

[Editor’s Note: I wrote this piece on Monday night and planned to run it on Tuesday, but Kevin Pillar had other ideas. A day later, a few jillion writers have …

Some Thoughts About Baseball’s Unwritten Rules

As you are probably aware, an incident last week involving White Sox manager Tony La Russa and one of his players — designated hitter Yermín Mercedes — has led to …