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A Look at Yesterday’s Uni-Related Pranks

Lots of April Foolery around the uni-verse yesterday. The prize for the most elaborate prank goes to the Colts, who announced that they’d be going with a “white-out” uniform and went to the trouble of doing a photo shoot with tight end Dwayne Allen, who was dressed in a white jersey with white letters and numbers (shown at right), along with a white helmet with white graphics. You can see the whole photo gallery here.

Here’s more bogus uni-related news from yesterday, broken down by sport:

The Arkansas Travelers — that’s the Angels’ Double-A affiliate — are taking the stars/stripes/pandering thing to a whole new level. Unfuckingbelieavably, it turns out that this one was not a joke. Sigh.

• The Ravens will wear throwbacks, including their original flying-shield helmet, this year.

• The Bengals made fun of the Browns’ recently logo unveiling by unveiling a new logo of their own. (On the non-sports front, the Cleveland Orchestra made essentially the same joke.)

College Football
• Penn State is returning to the school’s original colors of black and pink.

• Colorado State will eliminate its football program and have the players transition to competitive knitting, where they’ll begin by knitting their own uniforms.

•  LSU is going with a purple field.

• The Avalanche are getting new minimalist uniforms.

•  The Stars are bringing back the mooterus alternate.

• The Bakersfield Condors are getting a bizarre new logo.

• The Utah Jazz are going with clamdigger pants instead of shorts.

• Everton is sewing iPods into its players’ jerseys. The iPods will be playing motivational music tailored to game situations and each player’s tastes.

• Orlando City is going with a purple soccer field.

• The UGA softball team will have a Lu’au Day promotion, complete with grass-skirt uniforms.

• The very existence of curling is in jeopardy due to a granite shortage.

• The San Antonio Police Department is going with two-tone uniforms.

• The BC Lions — a CFL team — generated controversy with an “anatomically correct” mascot logo.

Do you know of more uni-related pranks from yesterday? Post them in today’s comments.

(My thanks to all contributors, especially Phil.)

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The Bucks stop here: After engaging in some April Fool’s misdirection of their own, the Bucks posted a teaser video last night (shown above), which reveals the team’s new color scheme — green, cream, blue, and black — and also shows a new secondary logo. That logo also showed up on a cap at last night’s Bucks game, and it also looks a lot like part of this logo, which is one of the leaks that have been circulating in recent days. And now reader Conrad Burry has come up additional photo leaks. The green/cream color scheme and the typeface match what’s shown in the teaser video, so this may be legit.

We’ll find out for sure on April 13, when the team plans to unveil the new logo set. As it happens, I was already planning to be in Milwaukee for personal reasons on the 11th and 12th, so I’ve decided to extend my stay and attend the unveiling on the 13th. Intern Mike Chamernik, whose favorite team is the Bucks, will come up from Chicago to join me.

The following day, April 14, I’ll fly to Cleveland, where I’ll attend the Browns’ uniform unveiling that evening. So it’ll be a full-on Uni Watch Rust Belt Unveiling Tour, yee-haw! Then I’ll come home on the 15th.

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ESPN contest reminder ”” last call: Today is your last chance to enter the ESPN contest to name and design a team for a prospective NHL expansion franchise in Las Vegas. Details here.

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Confectionary is destiny? Here we have longtime Uni Watch reader/baker Elena Elms. In addition to sending me uni-themed cookies each December, Elena also brings cookies to her office just prior to the start of each baseball season. This year she made jersey cookies for each MLB team (some of them, she admits, not 100% accurate) and arranged them in her predicted order of finish for each division (click to enlarge):

Pretty bold to pick the Marlins atop the National League East, but whatever — anyone who has the Yankees slated for fourth place is jake with me.

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Mike’s Question of the Week
By Mike Chamernik

If you could travel back and time to attend any sporting event (without knowing the result once you get there), which one would you pick? And, which game would you choose to attend if considering uniforms?

I would love to go back and sit courtside for the Artest Melee. Not that I’d want to be the guy that Artest and Stephen Jackson thrashed, but the game would have been a sight to see, for sure. Second is the Miracle on Ice game. Third is the White Sox’s Disco Demolition Night, which my dad actually went to.

For uniforms, it would be awesome to go back to 1972-73 to see a Virginia Squires vs. Kentucky Colonels game. The afros, the tri-color ball, the old Colonels and Squires uniforms and young Julius Erving and George Gervin as teammates. I am fascinated with ABA basketball. My second choice would be to see the White Sox wear shorts.

How about you? Post your responses in today’s comments.

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Uni Watch News Ticker
By Mike Chamernik

Baseball News: The New York Times Magazine has a piece on the history and cultural significance of baseball caps (from John Money). … Yesterday we mentioned that new Mets reliever Alex Torres will wear a protective cap (a different one from last year). He’s wearing a regular cap for now, though. … Related, the Yankees’ Esmil Rogers seemingly wore the new version of the padded pitching caps yesterday. … Some Tony Gwynn memorabilia is up for auction (from Jonathan Daniel). … Might the Padres be in the process of a redesign? A recent podcast offers some clues. … New fashion items and merchandise specialty shops in Citizens Bank Park for the Phillies. … A broken bat got caught in the protective netting at the White Sox-Padres game yesterday. … A 1967 powder blue White Sox jacket is up for auction (from Matt Malinoski). … D1Baseball is letting readers rate various camo college baseball jerseys (from Ben Harmon). … Wrigley Field’s renovation has been a mess so far, but the Cubs’ new video board has been installed. ”¦ That Mets bullpen buggy, which Sotheby’s had estimated to sell for $20,000 to $30,000, ended up selling for $112,500.

NFL News: A Columbus-based clothier is providing suits for some NFL draft picks (from Jason Hillyer). … Doug Ford found a dancing Raiders bobblehead at the Goodwill the other day. The doll is what’s known as a Rockin’ Randall, and more teams’ versions are available on eBay. … Speaking of eBay, Brinke found some cool old helmet phones. ”¦ Check out the shark-tank facemask on former Raiders LB Jack Squirek (from Rudy Gutierrez).

College Football News: Yesterday we linked to a LSU-themed fire truck in Baton Rouge. According to David Britt, Chapel Hill’s entire fleet of fire trucks is painted in North Carolina’s colors. “Apparently, because they serve the campus as well as the town, the university offered to pay for their trucks as long as they were painted Carolina blue,” David says. “Given the cost of fire trucks, easy deal to accept. The FD went the extra step with several decals and even a logo.”

Hockey News: The Flyers’ Zac Rinaldo didn’t have an NHL crest on his jersey last night. … A Redditor posted a photo of the entrance to the NHL’s head office. ”¦ The Sharks’ new minor league affiliate will be called the Barracuda, thanks to a sponsorship deal with Barracuda Networks. And no, that’s not an April Fool’s Day prank. … Good story on what NHL ice crews actually do.

Soccer News: Here’s a cool piece on unusual soccer numbers (from Nile Smith). … The Scottish Premier League’s Heart of Midlothian will promote Save the Children on its jerseys (from Yusuke Toyoda).

Grab Bag: Jean-Christophe Peraud won the Criterium International cycling race this weekend, and he did so wearing mismatched shoes (from Matt Dowell). … Here’s a look at the Norwegian curling team’s pants and socks (from Phil). … The City of Minneapolis has had some setbacks in changing its logo. … David Firestone examined some U.S. Olympic memorabilia. … European rally racer Kajetan Kajetanowicz has a new Polish- and Irish-themed crash helmet. … At this year’s Rugby World Cup, the US team will wear uniforms with numbers consisting of pictures of supporters’ faces. … Ron Covert found a poster of a bunch of shortline railroads. “As you can see, many of them look similar,” he says. “That is because most shortline railroads are owned by holding companies and one, in particular, has the logo updated to the standard company logo template after purchase.” The largest holding company is Genessee & Wyoming, which redoes the logos of all its holdings into the G&W format. For instance, the Alabama & Gulf Coast railway changed from this to this, which is a generic logo with a nod to its original identity. “There are many examples of this and I thought it was neat,” he says. “I thought of Uni Watch because of how some manufacturers standardize professional team’s uniforms with maybe some unique qualities, similar to the way G&W designs their new logos.” … A high school lacrosse coach in Michigan proposed to his girlfriend by having his players wear lettered T-shirts that spelled out “Will you marry me?” under their jerseys. After a recent game, the players removed their jerseys to reveal the proposal. She said yes.

Comments (137)

    I’m not sure that an Indiana team going totally white right now is out of the question, at least if their governor has any input into these things!

    The Ravens will wear throwbacks, including their original flying-shield helmet, this year.

    Dammit Baltimore, that isn’t funny. The winged shield was a far, far better logo than the silly cartoon thing they use now. They really should’ve just payed that guy.

    The entire set was better. Helmets, jerseys, pants, socks. And that first-season numbers font was *awesome*.




    It’s like they say, “if it ain’t broke…break it.”

    Blech… and those black pants made no sense.

    Not saying their current set couldn’t be improved, but they are better than the original Ravens uniform set.


    Well even tho stripeless black pants with Wrong Sock Syndrome are wrong, the black pants with the wide white stripe didn’t look like it even belonged to the uniform set.


    Hmm…ok, that’s fair. The plain white might have been a bit stark.

    But you might like the ’97 pants; they had a much nicer stripe pattern.




    By then, however, they’d changed the jersey numbers font, so we never really saw the *best* pieces all together at once.

    Other than the “B” being embedded in the side of the bird’s head, the current logo is waaaay better than the original logo.

    Why they insist on the “B”, no clue.


    If they really couldn’t bring themselves to pay for the ‘B’ shield logo, a better replacement would have been this:


    Was Brandiose involved in the Bucks’ redesign? That “M” looks like their work. If they ever break out of the bush leagues and start getting major league work, I’m out.

    RE: UNC fire trucks, its very old but Mooresville, NC had a Dale Earnhardt inspired fire truck for engine number 3 (of course)


    Oddly enough I was discussing college-color fire trucks on an unrelated message board recently [I live next door to a Chapel Hill fire station and have seen the blue trucks for 30+ years]. I grew up in a very small western Ky. town and our one fire truck was UK blue. Someone else said they had Eastern Carolina U themed fire trucks in Greenville [NC] area.

    April Fools in the UK:
    Not entirely uni-related, but link was well done (if obvious) and MK Dons’ link was a glimpse into a dystopian future.

    So, the Bucks are apparently going to look like some kind of bizarro-world green alternate-jerseyed Timberwolves? ugh.

    re: Hearts/Save the Children sponsorship

    The cool thing about it is that there’s a group of anonymous fans donating to Save the Children *and* paying the club the going rate for a shirt sponsorship to make it happen.

    And they became the first club in the UK to pay all its staff living wage. They might be my favorite club now.

    Isn’t the back of that fake Condors logo the same as the new logo? Half maple leaf/half star.

    Paul – any chance for a Uni-Watch meetup when you’re in Cleveland?

    Would love to, but I’ll only be there for one night, and that’s the night of the Browns’ unveiling.

    I had originally thought I’d do a gathering in Milwaukee, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible either. Dang.

    Hey no worries. Let me know if you want any restaurant suggestions for your night in town. :-)

    That’s almost a relief. I’ll be in NE Ohio all week, but I’m leaving on the 12th. Sam, if by chance you’ll be at the Tribe’s opener Friday, we can meet up and critique the game!

    I would love to have gotten home opener tickets, but they sold out too quickly. I do work downtown though so I’ll be around after work, but it’ll be a madhouse downtown with the Cavs playing downtown that night as well.

    QOTW: The Miracle on Ice is number one. Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth” speech a close second. As for attending a game strictly for the uniforms, I would have liked to seen the old New York Americans Stars and Stripes sweaters in person. Oh let us dream, the Amerks versus the Canadiens in the old Montreal Forum.

    The 1920 Rose Bowl. Harvard beat Oregon 7-6. Not that the game means much to me (I’d like a little more scoring, thank you), but if you’e offering a free ride on a Time Machine, I would love to visit LA in general and Pasadena in particular in 1920. Pasadena still boasts some marvelous domestic architecture, and it would wonderful to see the whole Arts-and-Crafts trend in its infancy. Then I’d hop on a trolley to Santa Monica, stopping off for lunch in the sweet little hamlet of Hollywood, where they’re doing some very interesting things in the new medium of celluloid. Then I’d make a ton of money turning orange groves into real estate and wait a few decades for the Dodgers to come.

    I suppose they could happen. It’s just I kind of have a bias for the Nationals

    The Miracle On Ice-enough said, saw game live via Canadian TV out of Toronto when I was twelve. Unis game for baseball White Sox and shorts, versus either Phillies Sat night specials and or Pads brown tops and gold pants/socks. Talks about rubbing your eyes the whole game. Hockey –Canucks all black VICTORY unis at Kings all Gold—jerseys/pants look—not a favorite for most but—some oh the most distinctive looks ever.

    Anyone else wondering why the Sharks would need/want an AHL affiliate in the same town and playing in the same arena?

    No travel time for call ups, familiarity with arena,promoting their own product, and having more dates to the arena. The Sabres do this with Rochester having several of their home games in First Niagara….Again selling and promoting own product.

    For years the Flyers’ farm team the Phantoms played at the Spectrum until the building was demoed and they moved to Albany, then to Allentown. It is much quicker and easier to bring in a call-up when the farm team is nearby. Per the article, the Sharks’ farm team is currently in Massachusetts. Not an easy drive to San Jose for an emergency player.

    It’s all psychological.
    You yell ‘Barracuda’…everybody says “Huh? What?”.

    The Barracudas’ move to San Jose was a part of a link that will create a Western Division in the AHL starting next season.

    QOTW: The Miracle on Ice is a helluva good suggestion, but to get a little more personal, I’d hafta say Game 1 of the 1992 Cup Finals at the Igloo. Pens storm back after trailing early to win, with the old barn going absolutely insane. No slouch from a uni standpoint either, with the Pens old whites and the Blackhawks’ gorgeous red threads. And as long as I’m hypothesizing, go ahead and give me rinkside seats too!

    More April Fool’s stuff


    One other I heard, may have been an old one, NPR’s People Don’t Read Anymore – very funny.

    I would go the 1966 NCAA championship game between Texas Western and Kentucky.
    For uniforms I would revisit the 2nd game I ever went to which was the Dodgers-Giants at the Polo Grounds.

    I love that the Bucks have made the implied basketball in the horns far less subtle and that they’ve included a secondary ball-based mark to drive it home. Awesome touch.

    QOTW: You had mentioned it up in your response as 2nd on your list, but I would absolutely go to the Miracle On Ice. There really isn’t a close second for me.

    I might even actually go to that first…before going further back to kill Hitler, which I think at this point is requisite for anyone who first invents a time machine.

    Not really within the purview of this website, but has anybody anticipated “The Butterfly Effect” of killing Hitler? Just a brain fart..

    Oh yea, totally not a good idea. It would almost certainly lead to nuclear annihilation assuming someone eventually invents the bomb for reasons other than trying to end a World War that probably wouldn’t happen without Hitler. It’s just the thing everyone says when they start talking about time machines nowadays.

    In a similar vein, there was an xkcd comic awhile back where one of the stick figures is doing something that was popular in the 90s (I can’t remember what) and the 2nd character tries to mock him with “hey the 90’s called, and they want…” when he’s interrupted by the first guy who screams “DID YOU WARN THEM ABOUT 9/11?!? YOU ASSHOLE!!”

    Bud has it right about nuclear annihilation. Kill Hitler and suddenly you put some other German nutball in charge who has nothing against the Jews. Then all the smart Jewish scientists stay in Germany and Germany is first to have the atomic bomb.

    before going further back to kill Hitler, which I think at this point is requisite for anyone who first invents a time machine


    Also, killing Hitler would make him look like a martyr and further that cause.

    And you would have to do it yourself. I mean, you could tell people that you want to kill your neighbor Steve because he is going to do something horrible in five years. Tough sell.

    True. It was important to have an ambiguously evil leader to fight against. It was hard enough getting the US to help Britain even with Hitler involved.

    Plus, D-Day doesn’t happen without Hitler and Tom Brokaw wouldn’t have a second career as a scoldy grandpa/Greatest Generation booster. And that’s a loss for America.

    Why not just go back further and stop World War I from getting started?

    You’d prevent Nazism (and likely much of the other European fascism of the twentieth century), quite possibly the Russian Revolution, and maybe even the eventual rise of widespread Islamic fundamentalism.

    But then, of course, the United States might not become the dominant world power.


    Here, here. That’s the reason I’d like to go back to any Astros game in the Astrodome, circa 1972-1979, especially the early to mid part of that era.

    We made the 4-hour (5 1/2 to 6 hours back then when interstate speeds were 55 mph and multiple cars on the trip needed multiple stops) trip to Houston at least once a summer every year, and I went to games as early as when I was a baby. There are games when I was anywhere from 3 to 6 years old that I have a vague recollection being in the Dome and not much else. I’d love to fill in those blanks.

    Slight twist on that. I’d like to go to a Broncos home game in the early sixties, when I was too young to go but Dad still had season tickets. Added bonus, if it were early 1962 I could settle the blue horsey/brown horsey debate.

    Fantastic answer. I may steal this, even though my father is very much alive. The first game I’d like to go to would be The Double, Game 5 of the 1995 ALDS in the Kingdome.

    Not long before my dad passed unexpectedly last year, he told me about he and a pal taking the train up to Municipal Stadium to see Satchel Paige’s first game with the Indians. He’d have been 16 at the time. I can’t even imagine it.

    QotW: Let’s go with Anfield May 26, 1989 for Liverpool v. Arsenal. Two top teams of the First Division in the final game of the season and Arsenal have to win by two in order to win the championship.

    what the Colts actually did, was give everyone a nice clean template to work with for future uniform tweeking images :)

    QOTW: Cleveland stadium, 1977, Eckersley’s no-hitter. Or any game where Kent Tekulve pitched. I tip my hat to The Dom for scooping my favorite uniform match-up (LA vs. Vancouver), so my next choice is 1978, Pirates vs. Astros under the dome.

    Paul – welcome back to Milwaukee – hope you enjoy your time here again – will you and Mike attend the Bucks unveiling as media members? If I attend – would like to try and say hello.


    Paul’s answer is spot on. However, since I am fortunate enough to still have my father with me to attend games with, I would have to go with Game 7, Forbes Field, 1960 World Series.

    As a lifetime Wisconsinite, I love the color scheme change for the Bucks. I loved the old logo and the yellow/white/green of the 80’s, and hated when they went purple. Going back to red/green was nice, but I really think this will be their new identity for a long time.

    The logos are better than average to me. The new “Buck” logo looks so much like the Jägermeister logo, but I LOVE the secondary logos, and the Wisconsin outline logo too. I give it a sold B+. Can’t wait to see the new unis.

    I agree. I also like how the “M” is supposed to look like a deer track. Deer hunting, of course, is a big part of the culture in Wisconsin. The Bucks are trying to build their fan base in their own state.

    New Bucks “M”


    Deer track


    You decide.

    I decide ‘no’ too. Definitely chest only. It’s very unusual that the only leaks we have are from glassware.

    The thing that jumps out with the Bucks’ basketball logo is the shape of the Space Needle. Seattle should’ve gotten that concept.

    Going back to deer hunting – isn’t it unusual for the nickname/logo to be something the fans want to shoot and kill? There are sportsmen who go out to catch a marlin, but any other teams like that? Kind of like honoring a Native American by using a caricature as a logo.

    I knew a few people who thought the helmet logo of a “Buffalo Bill” was a blue buffalo with blood streaking from a head wound.

    “isn’t it unusual for the nickname/logo to be something the fans want to shoot and kill?”


    I’d imagine that’s probably how Cubs fans have felt for 106 seasons or so…

    I KID, I KID!

    I also think this is a huge improvement. Far better than the past two logos this team has had.

    QOTW: The Miracle on Ice is easy choice. I’d say 10 beer night in Cleveland. Mets/ Braves first game back after 9-11. LSU / USC at Tiger Stadium in 1979. Duke/ Kentucky 1992. KU/ OU NCAA title game in 1988. LMU/ Michigan 2nd rd ncaa tourney. Wilt’s 100 point game.

    LMU/ Michigan 2nd rd ncaa tourney.

    Good call!

    LMU’s first round game would have been awesome, too, just to be there for the reaction to Bo Kimble’s first left-handed free throw.

    QOTW: if we can guarantee my safety in exchange for my promise of being an obedient citizen, take me to the 1955 Rocket Richard Riot night. Not too often that sports can shape a people’s identity, and especially not too often on this continent, but that night qualifies. And unlike the 1980 Miracle on Ice day, nobody could have known beforehand that the Rocket Riot night would have been THE DAY that planted that “nous contre eux” (us vs them) seed in the Franco-Canadian ethos. Not that I agree with Quebec separatism, but I’d love to be such a witness to history.
    For pure comedy, take me to the Baltimore Ravens game where the crowd chanted “Bullshit” after a bad call by out-of-their-depths replacement referees.

    Correction Re: Hearts:

    They play in the SPFL Championship, the second tier, not the SPL. The SPL was disbanded in 20213. The top tier is the SPFL Premiership. Easy one to mess up on though, because Scottish Football loves confusion and flux :p

    Crystal Palace’s prank was pretty good yesterday. The team IS in the process of an US takeover, much to the dismay of many fans of the South London club. Yet, I’m pretty sure everyone would be happy about this… link

    They’re kind of American already, what with the live mascot (a link!) and the link (cleverly named “Palace Crystals).

    I’m fairly certain that *all* bald eagles are North American.

    Lots of sports mascots involve foreign animal species, but not usually those specifically unique to one particular distant land (especially not ones with such an iconic national image).

    This is like a non-Australian team having a koala mascot.

    Eh…the first two, sure.

    But camels are in lots of places, and gorillas, um…where are gorillas, anyway?

    Of course, though the very idea of having a live mascot feels very American collegiate (though most soccer teams have plush costumes mascot these days).

    Yeah, there are some exceptions, and most of them still seem a bit shady.

    Apparently, LSU sound-proofed Mike’s cage (so he doesn’t freak out when thousands of people start yelling).


    But how the heck does he breathe in there?

    Without thinking too much about QOTD, I’d have to say Game 7 of the 2001 World Series when the Diamondbacks came back against the Yankees. I was in 7th grade and went to game one, but we couldn’t get tickets to Game 7. It probably would have meant the most to me, but I’m sure there are others I’ll have to add.

    Yep,fully agree, have they ever had a turn back the clock game with that look?


    Any sporting event?
    The 1992 Hooters 500 would be my top choice.
    My second choice for a time-travel stop-over is also a game I’d watch just for the uniforms…Game 5 of the 1980 NLCS.

    QOTW: Game 1 of the 1988 World Series when Kirk Gibson ended the game with a homer. I just hope I don’t leave early.

    2nd choice would be Wilt’s 100 game in Hershey, PA. There’s no footage of the game so I don’t totally believe that it happened.

    Good answers, people. I think the Miracle on Ice is our runaway winner here.

    Another option for me would be the Fight of the Century, just because the first Frazier-Ali bout lived up to the hype.

    Another uniform one is any Turn Ahead the Clock night in MLB, or the first game where a football player wore a helmet or facemask.

    I take back what I said. Ali-Frazier I at MSG is the correct answer. The biggest sporting event of the era, not to mention the toughest ticket, by a mile.

    And speaking of by a mile, Secretariat winning the Triple Crown in 1973.

    Sporting event, Bowe – Holyfield II when the guy parachuted into the ringside crowd. Uniforms, follow the late 70s/early 80s Pirates on a road trip to see how many combos get worn. A swing through the NL West might have seen them face off against Tequila Sunrise, small-a Atlanta, a yellow-alt in San Diego and a Halloween orange clad Giants.

    QOTW: Game eight of the 1972 Summit Series in Moscow. Uniforms weren’t too bad either.

    QOTW: Miracle Mile at the 1954 Empire Games in Vancouver BC. First time 2 runners in the same race (Bannister and Landy) ran a mile in under 4 minutes. My dad was in the stands and always told us what an incredible race it was. It’s now on YouTube and worth a few minutes of your time.
    Uni game? Eddie Geidel (sp?) batting for the Browns.


    Think we are gonna need a super sized arena since my number one is
    the Miracle on Ice Game as well. After that one it’s

    2. Jackie Robinson’s first MLB game April 15, 1947. Did anyone else suggest/want this one?

    3. The Flying Bobby Orr Stanley Cup winning game, May 10th 1970

    This one is for great uniforms and a great game; 10/21/1975, Game 6, Red Sox vs Cincinnati (“If it stays fair….HOME RUN”). Side note as a young Red Sox fan, this was the first time I was allowed to stay up past my bedtime.

    1. 1928; Brooklyn Dodgers at New York Giants. Dodgers in their away plaids
    2. 1942; New York Amerks vs well anyone in the old Maddison Square Garden.

    MLB – 1971 World Series game 7
    NBA – 1976 Bullets/Cavs game 7, 1981 and 1983 All Star Games
    MISL – 1987 Finals game 7
    Olympics – 1994 Ski jumping, large hill

    Just for the uniforms? 1981 NBA Western Conference Finals, 1983 AL Championship, 1986 MISL Finals game 7, for starters.

    Has to be Game 7 of the 1960 World Series. Yes, I’m a lifelong Pirate fan. Born in 1962. Drama, unis, weather, that one has it all.

    I was there at Indy in ’77, though in the expensive seats, not the snake pit, and regard witnessing A.J. Foyt’s fourth Indy 500 win to be my greatest sports-spectating moment. (My back-in-time choice, ironically, is Foyt’s FIRST Indy win 16 years earlier.)

    QOTW: First I would have loved to have been at the Duke-Kentucky basketball game where Laettner won it. Not because I’m a fan of either team but it was exciting as a game can get.

    Next up, I would have loved to have been at Super Bowl 1. Yes it was a blowout but it was the first. Would have been awesome.

    Finally, Jackie Robinson’s debut April 15, 1947. History that was made that really shouldn’t have had to have been made meaning African Americans should have been playing in MLB all along.

    Sports event I’d go back in time to see: the Golden Anniversary 1961 Indy 500, beautiful sunny day, gleaming roadsters, special gold-themed paint jobs on several cars to celebrate the event’s 50th. For uniforms, opening day 1969, Chicago White Sox at Seattle Pilots, two great uniforms, and the oddity of the Sox using hard-to-see white numbers and name on back that were subsequently changed to blue (while the script and numbers on the front remained white outlined in blue on the light blue / gray jersey).

    It would be fun to go to just about any Pilot game before Bouton getting traded, easing down by the bullpen, and trying to see if you could catch him writing notes….

    No one has mentioned this, but how about October 8, 1856 at Yankee Stadium for the Don Larsen perfect game….feeling the tension in a jam packed Stadium?


    I scored tickets to the Browns’ unveiling. I’ll look around for you and try and say hi. Hope you enjoy your short stay.


    I could spend weeks coming up with good responses for these two questions, but I’ll make it simple, and answer both with one game: Houston-Buffalo in the 1992 playoffs.


    Biggest NFL comeback ever, and a really nice-looking uniform match-up, as well.

    I actually was there. Sat left of goalpost 30 rows up were Christie hit the game winner. Jan 3, 1993 about 3:50pm.

    Tim H —good choice with Reggie’s 3 banger game in 77 WS!

    I’d go back to either the Reggie 3 HR 1977 WS Game (fans storming the field in MLB never likely to happen again) which I watched as a kid who was allowed to stay up late a few nights that October, or the Righetti no no vs Boston on July 4, 1983. Rags was always one of my favorite Yankees and timing that on July 4 vs Boston was classic.

    As uniforms go, I also agree that the ABA games would have been a lot of fun to check out, or a WHA game. I’m fascinated with the renegade leagues of the 70’s.


    Considering I’m usually a fan of teams that rarely win it all, would have to go to the 77th Grey Cup with Saskatchewan. After upsetting in the western semi-final and final, they snap a 23 year drought with a winning field goal in the last seconds.

    Paul, just wanted to let you know that I got my JRD shirts today, and they look fantastic! Both are great, but I am especially digging the gray one.

    Unfortunately, I don’t have the means to post pictures right now.

    QOTW: I attend the immaculate reception game and point my 8mm camera at Franco on THAT play…..yet I hang onto the footage until 2014 and post it on Flickr or YouTube so everyone can wonder for a couple decades.

    QOTW: not uni related but pretty cool IMO. The last 24 hours before Elvis Presleys death.
    This legendary human created everything uniform in terms of a uniform for entertainment.

    Uniforms were not a factor for my first two choices, given that in both instances the competitors were wearing all white. First, I’d go back to 1980 to see Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe in the Wimbledon finals. Two amazing competitors, two contrasting styles, and always the chance of seeing an epic rant from McEnroe.

    For the second event, I’d stay in exactly the same seat and teleport forward 27 years to see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s epic 5-set final at the All England Club. Yes, their rematch in 2008 is considered a better match, but I like the ending of the 2007 match better.

    Third choice would be the Navratilova / Evert final of the French Open in 1985.

    If I was picking based on uniforms, I’d probably opt for the Skins / Dolphins Super Bowl in 83. I like the Skins’ unis from 72 better, but the aqua jerseys that Miami wore in 83 might give that one the edge.

    QOTW: First pick would be April 13, 1978 – Red Wings vs. Flames, game 2 of the Preliminary Round. It was the only playoff win at the old Olympia in my lifetime. Second would be any of the Wings’ Cup-clinching games in either 1952, 1954, or 1955 (all against the Habs, all at Olympia). It’d be great to see Gordie Howe in a Cup-clincher in person (he wasn’t available in the 1950 Finals). Third would be the Penguins’ 8-0 demolishing of the North Stars at the Met Center to finish off the 1991 Finals.

    I was at the Malice at the Palace and while certainly memorable it was not entertaining. It made me sick to my stomach. You had no idea hat was going to happen next and fans were not behaving well.
    My pick would be Game 6 of the 1935 World Series. Would love to be in a packed Navin Field to watch the Tigers win a title and experience the booming Detroit of th 1930s.

    My pick of the game I’d like to attend was a game I was actually at… Game 6 2003 NLCS Marlins vs. Cubs at Wrigley Field… better known as the Bartman Game. If I was there again I would have moved over to that area with five outs and blocked out Steve and saved the Cubs from the epic disaster that was Game 6.

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