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The Return of the Peyote Coyote

The most audacious uniform in NHL history made its triumphant return to the ice last night, as the Coyotes wore “Peyote Coyote” throwbacks against the Canucks.

I know what you’re thinking: “There’ve been crazier uniforms than that.” And sure, there’s Wild Wing and Burger King, but those were both one-season alternate designs that were only worn for a handful of games. And yes, there’s also the Fisherman, but the crest on that jersey was still very conventional (if not particularly attractive).

For sheer audacity, I’ll stick with the Peyote Coyote, which was Phoenix’s primary look for seven very strange-looking seasons. Let’s start with the chest logo, which really deserves a closer look:

So many bizarre visual details there. How the hell did that get chosen as an NHL team’s primary logo? And then there’s all the crazy southwestern-style trim on the collar, sleeves, and abdomen, which was unlike anything that had ever appeared on an NHL jersey (click to enlarge):

I never thought this was a “good” uniform, but it was certainly a ballsy one. And hey, the whole idea of playing hockey in the desert is absurd, so why not have an absurd-looking uniform? While I wouldn’t want to see it return on a full-time basis, it’s perfect for a throwback. I’m glad the Coyotes won while wearing it last night.

A few additional notes:

• This uniform was worn exclusively during the white-at-home era, so I would’ve preferred to see them going with a white throwback. But instead they went with black, which was the road uniform back in the day.

• They really cut back on the collar trim in order to shoehorn it into the Edge template. Boooo!

• For the first five seasons that this uniform was worn, there were two different shoulder patches: Coyotes on the right, Goals for Kids on the left (the latter was a carryover from the franchise’s days in Winnipeg). Then, in 2001, they scrapped the Goals for Kids patch and replaced it with another Coyotes patch. I was hoping they’d wear Goals for Kids on the left shoulder last night, but alas, it was not to be.

• Goalie Mike Smith wore black pads and, oddly, a black stick, which kind of detracted from the colorfest effect. Disappointing.

• Smith also had a Peyote Coyote mask for the occasion, with an Alice Cooper backplate. Cooper, a longtime ’Yotes fan, was at the game and wore a throwback jersey.

One final note: Wild Wing, Burger King, the Fisherman, and the Peyote Coyote all debuted in a two-season span (1995-96 and 1996-97). Too bad Uni Watch didn’t yet exist back then — it must have been a crazy time!

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Too good for the Ticker: We’ve all seen players wearing windbreakers under their jerseys during spring training. But as you can see above, Tigers pitcher Hal Newhouser took things a step further by wearing a raincoat. Never seen that before. Here’s an action shot of sorts.

(Major thanks to Michael Clary for this one.)

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’Skins Watch: There was a packed public meeting earlier this week in Lancaster, New York, just outside of Buffalo, to discuss whether the local high school’s teams should still be called the Redskins. … Meanwhile, the lacrosse team at a neighboring school may boycott its games against Lancaster (from Joe Pitzonka). … When legendary sportswriter Red Smith was describing the L.A. Angels’ halo-inclusive caps in 1961, he made a joke that no editor would print today (amazing find by Todd Radom).

Baseball News: Looks like the Pirates will keep wearing their matte helmets in the regular season. ”¦ The White Sox have added a Minnie Minoso memorial patch. Not yet clear whether it’ll be worn just for the spring or for the regular season. ”¦ We knew the Diamondbacks were going to be wearing purple throwback caps for Thursday home games this season, but we didn’t know which jerseys they’d be paired with. Now we do: the cream vests. ”¦ Check out some of the stirrup/sannie combos being worn this season by UGA softball (from Will Bramlett). … Seriously ugly camouflage for Central Michigan. … The Cubs honored Ernie Banks yesterday by wearing tribute caps and using a throwback logo on the lineup card. … Here’s a new one: A Florida company is doing an Orioles hanger giveaway (from Mike Nessen). … Here’s a gallery of the Twins in their new home uniforms. It’s not a bad design, but it still makes no sense to add gold to the home design when there’s no gold anywhere else in their visual program (from Nathan Gruber). … Someone connected with the A’s doesn’t know how to spell “inaugural” (rom David Gadd). ”¦ Another MLBer who wore the plastic mask attachment: Glenn Hubbard (from Andy Chalifour). ”¦ Cream throwbacks yesterday for BYU. ”¦ Todd Radom has written a good piece on the surprisingly varied headwear of the 1965 Astros. ”¦ Yesterday was the Marlins’ Grapefruit League opener, so we got our first look at Giancarlo Stanton’s mask in a game. ”¦ Latest college team going G.I. Joe: Lakeland. ”¦ “Next week there will be a baseball series between Europe and Japan, similar to the All-Star series in Japan,” reports Niek Spangenberg. “Europe’s logo and jersey were revealed the other day. More pictures at this Dutch site.” … Lots of promotional jerseys on tap this season for the Round Rock Express. ”¦ Throwbacks in the works this summer for the Reno Aces. ”¦ Red Sox P Junichi Tazawa wore a personalized base-layer mock turtleneck yesterday (from Alex Melendez).

NFL News: Cowboys coach Jason Garrett used to play for Dallas, and at one point his brother Judd was also on the team, so Jason had a “J.C. Garrett” NOB. Also, note the logo creep — that’s from the Cowboys’ short-lived Apex period (nice find by Darren Rovell). ”¦ Some serious uni number inconsistencies at the 1993 Pro Bowl. “That’s Sean Jones and Howie Long with former Raiders d-line coach Earl Leggett,” says Rudy Gutierrez. … One observer thinks the Browns are basically rebranding-proof. ”¦ You’ve heard of the Terrible Towel? Check out the Terrible Truck. “That was taken at the 1979 AFC Divisional Playoff game against Miami,” says Bill Kellick.

College and Amateur Football News: Check out the bizarre helmet in this 1950 Kansas/Oklahoma shot, sent my way by Paul Jake Jacobsen. I’ve asked Helmet Hut honcho Curtis Worrell about it, and he said, “It’s a leather helmet with a bumper guard all the way around. I’ve seen other types of protection on leather helmets. Just something dreamed up in the equipment room so the leather wasn’t taking full impact. Looks like they padded the top, too.” ”¦ Tony DiRubbo was watching an old episode of The $6 Million Man and took some screen shots of a football game that was featured. ” Both teams had identical helmets,” he notes. “Also, every player was wearing blue jeans, so was the referee.”

Hockey News: Reader Dwyane White provided some decent action shots of Bobby Hull sporting that Dungard football facemask that he briefly wore. ”¦ Star Wars Night upcoming for the Knoxville Ice Bears.

NBA News: Looks like Celtics G Isaiah Thomas slit the ends of his sleeves two nights ago (from Dirt McGirt). ”¦ Thunder G DJ Augustin was wearing an old jersey with the NBA logo on the front last night.

College Hoops News: Northwestern’s Karly Roser has been wearing a facemask (from Kenneth Traisman). … The NC State and Va. Tech women’s teams went pink vs. pink the other day (from James Gilbert). .. Whole lotta uni-notable aspects to this Oregon/Oregon State photo. ”¦ Here’s a weird one: “Tops” on bottoms! (From Dustin.) ”¦ 1988 throwbacks last night for the Nebraska women’s team.

Soccer News: Celtic’s new kit may have leaked (from Shawn Hairston). ”¦ New kits for the Carolina RailHawks and FC Dallas. ”¦ Here are this season’s League of Ireland jerseys (thanks, Phil). ”¦ New uniforms for the Korean team Seoul E-Land. ”¦ New gold away jerseys for the Colorado Rapids. New kits for the Seattle Sounders, too (thanks, Phil).

Grab Bag: Interesting article about uni numbers in the World Surf League. ”¦ Memorial patches and decals for former Notre Dame president the Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh are rippling through the school’s various sports teams. … “I just came across an article about the Nintendo Character Manual from 1993,” writes Stefan Schubert. “Not exactly a uniform style guide, but it is pretty cool. It has detailed Info on the colors of Super Mario, Luigi, and all the others.” … The Rugby Football League is keepings its pink referee jerseys after all (thanks, Phil). .. .Very positive review fot the GAA World Games jereys. … New logo for the Government Printing Office. ”¦ Here’s a list of history’s 25 most stylish cyclists (from, of course, Sean Clancy). ”¦ Nowadays, the GOP=red and the Dems=blue, but it didn’t used to be that way, as you can see in this old shot of the Democratic Congressional basketball team (big thanks to Aaron Scholder). ”¦ Here’s more about that ridiculous trademark fight over the letter W. ”¦ If you like 1970s team logos, you’ll love this piece by Todd Radom. ”¦ Yesterday I linked to this story about the growing problem of illegible uniform numbers in various college sports. That piece was based on a PowerPoint presentation by Ira Thorcheck that out here. ”¦ New logo and uniforms being unveiled by the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley athletics department.

Comments (88)

    Georgia softball stirrups are things of beauty, and blissfully not a swoosh in sight on them (at least at this magnification).

    I think today’s featured uni is the best looking uni of all Arizona-based major league sports teams . Now that’s kind of like being the best opera singer in Tulsa, but still . . .

    I don’t get the “hockey is weird in the desert” POV. Is baseball “weird” in Canada because it snows there? Is it any stranger that, despite the fact it’s a winter sport, basketball is played in the Summer Olympics (and we all know why)?

    It’s ‘weird’ because while, yes, it does snow in Canada, it is also warm and beautiful in the summer. That doesn’t quite work the opposite way in the desert. You don’t get a lot of frozen lakes where the local kids play pick up games in January in Tempe or Tuscon or Phoenix. That’s pretty much the sentiment there.

    Also, maybe because of technology, we seem to think of basketball as a “winter” sport simply because that’s when the NBA plays. But for the majority of Americans who play pick up basketball (and where the sport is far more accessible to the public), it’s on public courts in the spring, summer and fall. Not so much in winter in many areas.

    Same thing with hockey. It’s played outdoors on frozen ponds and lakes in the winter.

    It’s nice that some folks are blessed with the ability to afford to play hockey anywhere in the country at any time due to indoor rinks. But that’s not how the sport developed and why we think of it as a traditional winter sport.

    And this:

    ” despite the fact it’s a winter sport, basketball is played in the Summer Olympics (and we all know why)”

    is a curious statement. “We all know why”? Could you explain?

    despite the fact it’s a winter sport, basketball…

    Basketball is not a winter sport. A winter sport is one that requires snow or ice as an integral part of the competition. Basketball does not require either.

    Also, it’s worth noting that baseball was codified in New York City, a cold-weather city. And grass grows in Canada, but Canyon Lake in Arizona does not ice up.

    While basketball CAN be played year-round, it was originally conceived to be a winter sport. It was an indoor game that filled the gap between football and baseball seasons.

    Ok, so according to the Wikipedia, it was created to provide an “athletic distraction.” But regardless the reason, it was designed as a winter game.

    The NBA probably plays in winter because the colleges have always played in winter. Because the game was designed to be played in winter.

    True that James Naismith created the sport specifically to be played indoors when baseball and football weren’t realistic options. But sport played in winter =/= winter sport.

    I do agree that it’s more appropriate as a Summer Games sport.
    I guess that’s the beauty of basketball, huh? And a reason why it’s so popular. Just need a ball, some shoes, shorts, and a hoop.

    It was designed to be played indoors. The winter thing was incidental, an accident of history and the state of HVAC technology at the time. Just as it’s a happy myth that baseball “has no clock.” Baseball absolutely had a clock: The sun. Until outdoor electric lighting, the approach of sunset was a countdown that was very much part of the strategy of the game, just like the clock in football or hockey or basketball or the referee’s watch in soccer. Anyway, Winter Olympics sports are those that are designed to be played either outdoors in winter conditions or indoors on ice. Since basketball is neither, it’s naturally a Summer Olympics sport regardless of when any given pro leagues actually play their seasons.

    Definitely strange playing in the desert, however, one of the probably less well known benefits of this type of expansion, the current favorite to be selected first in the NHL’s 2016 amateur draft, is a player born and raised in Scottsdale Az. i.e. the geographical area that the NHL is getting players from is rapidly expanding, which improves the overall quality of the game.

    I would add that the crest logo is more appropriately called the Kachina Coyote since the designed was approved by the Hopi Nation.

    Absolutely true. And I’m pretty sure Paul (or whoever was doing the ticker) referred to it as such when the throwback was announced, and then again when the date was confirmed.

    But Peyote Coyote is much more fun to say.

    The flat logo is actually quite good. When reproduced on the sweater they overkilled it (in many ways).

    1) The shadows. Should’ve kept it flat.
    2) All the ornamentation of the sleeves/stripes, etc.

    I think had the kept it flat, and been more reserved with the accompanying ornamentation, there’d be a remarkably different outlook on that sweater. Lovely work, just complete overkill. K.I.S.S.

    Those aren’t printed shadows, those are actual shadows caused by the satiny material on the crest wrinkling.

    Coyotes’ locker room decor evokes that of the boardroom of a Fortune 500 company.

    Newhouser raincoat…..

    In the second photo he is also wearing long sleeves under the raincoat!

    How’d he get all that tucked in his pants??!!
    (That’s what she said! Hey oh!)

    I thought guy wore windbreakers under their uniforms during spring training back in those days in order to help themselves lose weight and get in shape.

    Looks like a mostly sunny day in the Newhouser picture.

    I share Paul’s disappointment with the collars on the Coyotes’ throwback. All to maintain that stupid-ass triangle with the NHL logo… though, if they’d done a proper wide collar, they’d have had more than enough room to put the logo on the point of the collar itself.

    Well, at least they made the effort to make the shoulders pointy.

    Part of the appeal of the old uniform was the care they took in mitering the V-neck.

    Nice piece on the Coyotes today, which certainly deserved the coverage. Agree with all points on how unusual this look was, even for the ’90s.

    That kind of detailed trim seldom (if ever) works, I’m thinking of the Vancouver Grizzlies who tried a similar trim and to me it just never looked right – too busy.

    My fave part of the logo is the half vintage goalie mask on a non-goalie, including the vent holes over the mouth.

    I’d still throw the Canucks V in there as the most audacious hockey jersey though – at least the Coyotes observed some hockey jersey traditions. The V threw everything out the window, including logo placement, sleeve number placement, striping, etc. Oh, and the colours.

    Yes, the Canucks famously threw aside any preconceived idea of what should appear on a hockey uniform; for good and for bad. The skate-on-a-plate-of-spaghetti insignia failed the most basic test of a logo; from a distance, it was an incoherent jumble. The TV numbers were shoved inside the gloves, at first. After all this, it’s still my favorite uniform.

    I’ve always loved this Coyotes logo and was pissed when they changed it. …The uniform is a separate debate. The current logo stinks in my opinion. (And the colors.) The original Coyotes logo always gave you that Arizona/Southwestern feel.

    I couldn’t agree more. I always thought the Coyotes logo was one of the most distinctive and regionally significant sports logos I’d ever seen. I wish they still used it. But maybe they could dial back the color scheme from, like, eight to three or four…

    I love the 6 Million Dollar Man football game!!! It had me laughing – can you imagine that being done today???

    I loved the Coyotes uniforms and own both a home and away from when I was growing up. I do think some of it is nostalgia for the folks my age (late 20’s early 30s) and it’s hard to understand for someone not in the generation. The detail was great and it did flow. Today’s Coyote’s uniform is eh, boring.

    Phoenix had two great uni sets at the time – the Diamond Backs Purple and Teal were amazing to me. Suns not so much.

    The quality of the jerseys then were much better than today. Even the replicas were 10x better. Reebok makes terrible replica jerseys, they are thin and snag.

    I’m with you. I must prefer the Diamondbacks original colors. Ugh. I can’t stand the “desert reds” (or whatever they’re called) that both teams switched to.

    I never minded the Coyotes’ original home and road unis. Yes, they were a bit garish, but they also gave the team a unique character. The only uni I didn’t like at all was the green alternate, because that was just an ugly mess that took things too far.

    The 2003 redesign resulted in a uniform design that reminded me of the link, though the logo was pretty “meh”. The Edge tweak that removed the waist stripes was a downgrade.

    Love the 70’s logo slide show. I noticed some things….

    Astros: The orbit path of the ball changes from white to orange as it passes over the (white) Astrodome.

    White shoes on the A’s logo!

    The ball Mr. Philly is tossing is oriented at the same angle as the one in the logo.

    It’s the little things in life that entertain me. clearly.

    Phillies: I can’t think of another American pro team logo with a female player or character. I lived in Philly at the time of that logo, yet I’d never before noticed that it’s a boy and a girl.

    A’s: Man, there’s a lot of black in that logo. But mainly, I’d never noticed that the crossbar in the letter A doesn’t connect on the left side to the vertical stroke. I don’t think an A with that opening in the crossbar ever appeared on an A’s uniform or cap. I wonder why it appears in the logo that way?

    “I can’t think of another American pro team logo with a female player or character.”

    How about Rosie Red?


    “I can’t think of another American pro team logo with a female player or character.”

    How about Rosie Red?


    I guess she’s not really part of a logo, although they’ve used her on programs and other merch.

    Team Europe’s jersey script is beautiful, but it’s also one of the least Europe-y bits of design I’ve ever seen.

    Watched most of the Twins-Red Sox game last night. (Glorious day for sports: Twins and Nats played and won, Wild played the Caps in DC, and work was shut down by snow so I could watch Canadian curling all day.) Anyway, that new Twins home uniform is godawful. Ugliest thing the team has ever worn. And the gold isn’t even an issue: It’s completely invisible, even in batter or pitcher closeups on a large HD screen. As much as I didn’t like it when it was unveiled, I honestly didn’t expect it to look this bad on the field. I love the Twins, and I really want to like anything the Twins do, but man, I’d take Miami’s unis over this garbage.

    The Insanity Pepper Coyotes unis were not “good” uniforms. They were great uniforms. The only demerit that holds them back from being on the shortlist of NHL all-time greats is the black. Too much black, and the black just doesn’t work, as a color, alongside that muted burgundy and muted green. But in all other ways, that is an excellent uniform. Nice to see it back in action! If only they could bring it back with a refreshed color scheme and send their current uni down to the ECHL where it belongs.

    “Ugliest thing the team has ever worn”


    Nope. That honor belongs to…(you will find out Monday)

    Yeah, no, this is uglier. I’ve lived through every Twins uniform except their 1961 originals, which they basically wear every week now anyway. As bad as link or link or link were, they all had at least some redeeming qualities. The new Twins home unis? There’s absolutely nothing to like about them. They combine the taste and class of the Calvin Griffith ownership with the aesthetic charm of a bank lobby.

    Those last two linked unis had no redeeming qualities. The Carew one, OTOH, was nice.

    That Carew Twins uni was terrible. Easily the worst Sansabelt-era uniform in baseball; it had the design quality of a rec-league softball team that bought remainder unis off the shelf. (An accurate reflection of the attention and money the Cal Griffith front office put into things like uniforms and marketing.) The repeated red-white-blue striping element, for example, with different proportions among the colors in literally every single instance. An undergrad design student who submitted such work as a first draft in a class would be taken aside by the professor and encouraged to look into a different career.

    But its terribleness at least had a touch of whimsy going for it, as well as the accurate reflection of the team ownership’s contempt for things like “looking good” and “respecting the fans.”

    “… Team Europe’s jersey script is beautiful, but it’s also one of the least Europe-y bits of design I’ve ever seen…”

    They missed a great opportunity for an image of a beautiful naked woman riding on the back of a big white bull…

    I can’t stop looking at what I assume is a grown-ass man standing next to him. That dude is tiny.

    The Coyotes uniforms could have been toned down but the basics of it (SW patterns, colors) were extremely appropriate for the area. Same goes for the logo. It has a lot going on sure, but its still fairly clean and well done. I prefer when a logo ties into the locality more than putting the city name above the word mark. That logo couldn’t live outside of the southwest. Its perfect for a team called the Coyotes in Arizona.

    Were there any images of the Twins new uniforms from behind?
    I was interested in seeing how the numbers looked officially, puzzling why they only took pictures of the front of the jersey.

    Re: Cleveland Frowns item about the Browns being “rebranding-proof”:

    Yeah, what he said. He put it in words everyone can understand. He gets it, like all Browns fans get it.

    Thanks for the schedule of alternate jerseys for the Round Rock Express. I live in Round Rock and catch a few games a year, and now I know which days not to go.

    Those throwbacks that Nabeaska’s wore last night are sharp! That word mark should be theirs for everything.

    As a Jets fan who was living in the ‘peg when we lost the team, those uniforms will always stick in my throat. I look at them and I don’t see the aesthetics, I see how I felt when we lost the team.

    I love that Coyotes era jersey. My mother was in outside sales and one of her customers actually gave her a Keith Tkachuk authentic jersey from that era to give to me. I grew up in the Amish Country of Ohio so we never watched hockey ever. That jersey made Keith Tkachuk instantly my favorite player and led me to watch hockey(admittedly I don’t watch it hardly at all now but for a time in my youth I loved it)

    I didn’t know Tim Kazurinsky worked for the Cowboys after SNL (JC Garrett pic, right).

    That is a damn good question. I would expect a guy in a hard hat, dressed more like a steel worker or coal miner, not someone who looks like a cattle rancher.

    At first glance I thought he almost looks like a lean Charlie Daniels.

    There’s a good chance that Charlie Daniels sang the anthem at that game. I don’t remember for sure, though.

    There was no official Steeler mascot at the time. The truck was just a vehicle that the grounds crew used, and they could have given Charlie a ride.

    I thought so too. And I’m pretty sure he’s a Steelers fan, so that would make sense.

    Google’d it and found that he’s a monster Steelers fan. I guess that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s him though?

    How lazy is it that Nike had three contracts in the League of Ireland and somehow managed to give two of those teams the exact same jersey? Ok, the badges and sponsor logos are different but otherwise Cork and Bray are identical. I understand that the League of Ireland is not a major competition and Nike consequently are not going to waste any more time than they have to on it, but this is just farcical.

    The Coyotes throwbacks were fun for a night. I agree with a previous comment in that the lack of a hem stripe makes the current jerseys incomplete. But even still, I remember just how stark the change was from Kachina to Gretzky. The striping, the fonts, the crest, and the “n and white” coloring that only the Red Wings and the Maple Leafs employed.
    I don’t have Photoshop, but I’d love to see how the following tweaks would look:
    Go to the jerseys exactly as they were when Gretzky took over. Add some of that green into the new jersey striping. San Diego numbers, maroon on white on green. Black gloves with some maroon and green on them (basically, unchanged from Kachina), black helmets, and black breezers. DONE.

    By “San Diego numbers” you mean traditional outlined block numbers, as opposed to the funky fonts the Coyotes have used for both uniform sets, right?

    Y’know what? What the hell… CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

    (We’ll see if I can get it done in time to submit for Phil’s Sunday column or not – I do want to apply a fix to the throwbacks they wore last night, too.)

    Oops. Not necessarily. Just three colors, with the floating outline. Fonts can stay as they are. And I definitely had the white jersey in my head when I was thinking out loud there.
    We’ll see what happens! Thanks in advance!

    It’s amazing that when the Ducks wore their throwbacks this year, they had aged so well. I use to hate the old Ducks jerseys. Now I love them. I was hoping the Coyotes throwbacks would have the same affect on me. Unfortunately, they are as ugly as ever. The logo isn’t terrible. But the colors and southwestern trim are downright awful

    I wonder if they ever considered wearing just the crescent moon depicted on the Coyote’s sweater in the same vein as the Dolphins wearing an “M” on their helmets like the logo did.

    Well, the crescent made for a nice base on their “Decade in the Desert” patch (with bonus points for NOT taking the obvious cliche route with a Roman numeral X).

    When I hear the phrase “peyote coyote” this is the first thing that comes to mind


    The Coyotes should have kept the kachina coyote and do something even more gutsy-make brown the primary color. I have never seen brown as a primary color in hockey and the secondary color could be black or grey.(Yellow or gold would be too much.) The Coyotes should use colors that are more reflective of a real coyote not the brick red.

    Can’t the Cubs do ANYTHING right? The #14 Ernie Banks tribute number doesn’t match the Cubs #14 numeral font.

    The Cubs honored Ernie Banks yesterday by wearing tribute caps and using a throwback logo on the lineup card. Wrong 14.

    Correct 14.

    The Cubs and New Era could have done a much better job with the Ernie Banks tribute caps; how about using a font closer to what the Cubs wear, or wore in Ernie’s day? Instead, you get a generic looking 14.

    The more I look at that Coyotes throwback, the more I want to fix the Edgeified details.

    I might even submit one this weekend… if I don’t get lazy!

    Regarding the Pink ref jerseys mentioned the last 2 days.

    NRL and RFL are 2 different leagues, one in Australia and one in England.

    What’s up with Hal Newhouser’s belt loop in the front center of his pants? Huh?

    Interesting article on two boyhood friends who grew up to start and run a company that now does much of the rebranding (including logos, mascots, graphics, etc.) of minor league baseball teams:

    I know I’m going to be in the minority here, but I think the Coyotes should go back to that design. It’s a unique design and it’s reflective of the area they play in, as opposed to the boring “Red Army” look they’ve had afterwards. And if there was a team that came nowhere near to playing up to the level of the Red Army, it’s been the Coyotes……….

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